Jackie Ventures Out


As Jackie played with herself, I rubbed her ass gently. Reaching behind her once more with the other hand, I pulled at the thin string, loosening it.

Her top slid down slowly, revealing the tops of her nipples. Her huge tits moved and swayed, lolling heavily with her own self-teasing.

The woman watched Jackie's top ride lower and lower, as if waiting for the inevitable conclusion, which came a moment later.

Jackie shrugged, and it fell off...leaving her totally nude.

I retrieved it and stuffed it into my pocket with the bottoms.

Taking Jackie by the hand again, I led her, still playing with herself, towards the door. The couple followed, walking behind us.

As we reached the door, a female employee spotted us from behind a cash register. She yanked her head around and stared in shock at the group: two men and two women...one completely naked...walking through the store.

I waved at her as we exited.

Once in the parking lot, we stopped.

"Give me your sandals babe," I said.

Holding on to me for support, Jackie leaned forwards, stepping out of them.

Her bared tits hung heavily in front of her as she leaned over. The other couple simply watched, still in disbelief...though it was more than obvious that they were both turned on.

I picked up her sandals and held them, along with the shirt, as my hot wife walked totally naked and barefoot through the parking lot in broad daylight.

Her breasts swayed from side to side, and her luscious bare ass moved teasingly as she went.

My cock felt harder than it had ever been, and I feared that I would cum in my pants at the sight of her.

Several cars passed in front of the store behind us, but Jackie never hesitated, walking on bravely towards the car.

When we reached it, she could take no more.

Standing between our car and the one next to it, my wife dropped into a squatting position, spreading her knees wide.

With one hand, she reached between her legs and fingered her dripping, horny cunt, fast and hard, while tugging and pulling at her engorged nipples with the other.

The three of us stood in front of her, as she masturbated, totally nude in the parking lot.

"Oh god...jeezus fuck," she moaned loudly, slapping at her clit and pulling hard on one hanging breast, twisting and pinching it.

"Yeah," the woman said, fascinated, "play with yourself..."

"I'm naked..." Jackie moaned, "I'm totally naked..." as she crouched in front of us, sliding three fingers quickly in and out of her hot, wet, box.

"Yes you are," the woman said again, her own breathing coming noticeable faster. "You're totally naked, right here where everyone can see you..."

Jackie's tits shook wildly as she fucked herself with her hand, spreading her knees as far apart as she could get them. She moaned loudly, not caring that she was in the middle of a parking lot.

The man was totally mesmerized, as his wife's hand gently rubbed at his outer thigh through his jeans.

"Oh god....oh god, I'm gonna cum..." Jackie said, moaning and rubbing herself furiously, after only a few moments of masturbating.

With one hand she reached between her knees and held her swollen cunt lips open. With the other, she pinched and pulled at her clit, tugging herself towards orgasm.

Unable to help myself, I reached down and squeezed along the length of the outline of my cock at the front of my jeans. I could hardly breathe, and I felt like I was going to explode.

Turning her face up to me, Jackie licked her lips and spread her legs lewdly at me while slapping at her clit and jamming her hand into herself. Her tits hung like pendulums, swinging in front of her.

Suddenly, she, jerked, moaning loudly. Pressing her palm into her mound, she bucked her hips against it, fucking herself, and came...hard and loud...moaning as if she were alone at home.

"OH GOD!" she yelled loud enough to be heard across the parking lot.

As the couple watched, Jackie slid two fingers into her horny cunt, and turned them over, pressing upwards into her g-spot, squirting hot, cum-juice a couple of feet out in front of her from between her knees.

She bit into her lip and pressed harder, squirting again and again, long jets of hot juice, whimpering and shaking in pure, naked ecstasy.

A car passed in front of us, and stopped, but nobody noticed or cared, as my nude Jackie fucked herself to the heights of orgasm.

I came, squeezing at myself through my jeans, filling my shorts with hot cum...a wet spot formed at my crotch, and my jeans stuck to my right leg.

The couple watched, glued to Jackie as she soaked the ground in front of her. The woman's hand squeezed her husband's cock through his jeans. His head was back, eyes closed, and he moaned softly.

Finally, Jackie was finished. She fell back against the car, exhausted and breathing hard.

Coming to her rescue, I helped her to her feet and kissed her, holding her up a moment, for the entire parking lot to see.

I noticed a man sitting in the car in front of us, staring dumbfounded at what he saw, before dropping it into gear and driving off.

Opening the passenger door, I piled my naked, exhausted Jackie gently into the seat and kissed her...tossing the shirt and sandals into the backseat.

Turning to the couple I smiled.

It was obvious that the man had come in his jeans as well, and was recovering. The woman had a strange, wild look in her eyes, as she tugged at his arm, urging him to leave.

I waved at them as they left in a different direction and climbed in next to Jackie.

She lay back against the seat with her eyes closed, still naked, trying to catch her breath as I backed out and pointed the car towards home.

"That was incredible babe," I smiled, placing my hand gently on her bare thigh.

The feel of her soft, hot flesh was exciting, and soon my cock was climbing again. I couldn't wait to get her home, and imagined pounding her naked ass on the dining room table.

She'd given it everything she had this time...and I couldn't help wondering if there would be more...and if so, I also wondered how far she would take it.

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