tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJackie's New Job Ch. 03

Jackie's New Job Ch. 03


The plane landed n Houston without incident, but still my heart hammered as if we were crashing thousands of feet into the ground. When the forward hatch opened with a whoosh I was both relieved and even more terrified. This was it! I thought that maybe I could stay on the plane and use my return ticket right now, never leaving the seat. I knew that I couldn't do that and slowly pulled myself together and to my feet.

I was the last of the First Class off the plane and made my way slowly up the ramp to the terminal As I entered the concourse waiting area I heard my name called and turn to see David standing there. Evidently in Houston money and power buy you security clearance. I guess it does everywhere. I swallowed, gulped is more accurate, and made my way to him.

He looked good, tall, fit and kind of handsome in a rugged way. He had the look of a man who had worked hard, without care if he got some dirt on him, then did his best to clean up for the show. I already knew he had strong rough hands that could touch you as lightly as a feather, and arms that could fold you to him with unbreakable strength and not disturb a hair. I knew that he would be equally at ease in a bar room brawl, or between silk sheets.

He looked happy, as if greeting a long gone friend, not an employee he had met and hired only a week ago. Ok, so I wasn't the normal employee, and this wasn't the conventional job, but still he really did look glad to see me.

I felt like a teenage girl, nervous, unsure and blushing. I was surprised I wasn't wobbling in my four-inch heels. I made my way to him holding my head high and smiling in return. He took my hand when I reached him.

"You certainly look happy," I greeted him.

"I was just congratulating myself on my good taste and judgement," he replied, "shall we go?"

I fell into step beside him as he led me through the concourse and out to the waiting car area. He held my hand and we walked close enough that my flouncing skirt brushed his leg. I could feel the free movement of my breasts under the blouse and I was very aware that my nipples were again firm at the tips of my breasts.
"Damn this guy gets to me!" I thought as we stepped along.

I knew that we were drawing the attention of others. Those approaching glanced at us repeatedly, eyeing my legs striding under the short skirt and the little circles drawn by my nipples in the blouse. I knew as they passed they turned to watch from behind. I could feel the stares and sense the pleasure that many of them took from looking at me. I guess I made a nice distraction in an otherwise hectic afternoon for them.

The limousine was waiting at the curb with David's rough-cut aide, Mel, standing at the back door ready to open it for us. As we approached Mel opened the door wide and smiled a warm greeting at me.

"Welcome back Ms. Jackie!" he said cheerfully.

I tiptoed up and gave him a reciprocal welcoming peck on his cheek, "Thank you Mel."

David held my hand as I slid into the car paying careful attention to my skirt. I wasn't trying to keep it down, just the opposite, I wanted to insure that it rode high.

The smile on his face told me my mission was accomplished. I slid over the leather seats and David slipped in next to me.

Mel drove expertly, slipping gracefully through traffic with almost no upset for the passengers. Soon we were out of the airport and moving along smoothly over the freeway toward Houston and my new home.

"You did really well Jackie," David said as we rode along, "your nails look great and I like the color you picked."

"When the girl in the salon asked what color I wanted I just couldn't resist," I told him with a grin, "I told her Whore Red."
His laugh was real and deep, and contagious. Still laughing I told him the rest.

"As for the other request I had to get my roommate to help me with that."

"Marianne, isn't it," he asked surprising me a little with his knowledge of my life.

"Yes, she was really great to me, a good friend."

"Well from the little I've seen so far it looks like she did a good job for you," he teased.

"Oh she did that alright. Now I need to go back and change my answer to one of your interview questions though." I knew I had to tell him about Marianne and now was as good a time as any.

"Oh, what question is that?" he asked.

"The one about having ever been with another woman," I said quietly.

"Oh, so you and Marianne said goodbye?"

With more than a slight trace of sadness in my voice I replied, "It was more like I just met her for the first time."

"Don't be sad, Jackie," he said softly, placing a hand on my shoulder, "you'll be seeing her again."

"I know."

He continued, "The thing I am most pleased with is that you picked the right clothes to wear today."

"Yeah," I scolded him, "your note was a little ambiguous! I figured if I was going to have to guess what you wanted I would err on the side of caution."
I moved to the rear facing seat in the large car and sat directly across from him. I place my knees outside his, knowing it would please him. I reached across his lap and took his hand in mine.

"David I have only known you a few hours really. I can't read you yet, tell what you want or need. A month from now you will only need a word or two for me to understand you, and in six months I will be able to predict what you want, how you want it and be there when you need me. In the meantime please bear with me if I seem a little dense, ok?"

"So far you have done wonderfully, but yeah, I understand. That brings up another thing we need to talk about," he went on. "The way I see it there are two ways we can go about this. I can let you ease into things and take your time adapting over a few weeks. Let you get used to your new job and duties a little at a time."

I cut him off, "David, that won't work, That would be like tiptoeing into cold water. There is only one way to get wet, jump in head first!"

He smiled, "That was the other option."

He went on, "Seeing as how you mentioned head and first. I have been thinking since we went to dinner last week what it would feel like to have your mouth on me."

"Jump in girl, the waters fine!" I mumbled and slipped to my knees between the seats. Slowly I undid his belt, then snap, then zipper. I pulled the slacks down to find no underwear, just a very hard David that honestly I had been wondering about too.

"You told me you had a big sex drive," I said looking up at him, "you damn sure weren't kidding were you?"

"Close the divider please Mel," he said.

"David you don't have to do that for my sake," I told him.

He looked at me for a couple of seconds, then said, "It's more for our safety then your privacy Jackie. I want Mel watching the road, not us."

"Oh, good idea," I replied and lowered my head to him as the dividing window rose separating us from Mel.

I took as much of him as I could in one long slow glide over his warm flesh. I hadn't been teasing, he was big, larger than any of the boyfriends I had in the past. My best guess at that time was over seven inches and later proved to be seven and a half.

Again I looked at him. "You can tell me when to stop, or not," I said, giving him permission.

I placed my hands on his bare thighs and felt the hairy strength of them under my touch. He threaded his finger into my hair and very gently described the rhythm that he liked. I slipped up and down him in steady motion and soon his hands just lightly followed my bobbing head.

I heard the whine of an electric motor and felt my hair lift and flutter in the wind. He had opened the side window. The comforting presence of privacy glass was now tucked down into the door. The wind rushed in and I knew it carried the gaze of passing spectators with it.

I was well down in the car and no one could see who I was, just what I was doing. I hesitated as the realization overcame me, but just briefly. David's hands offered a gentle nudge and I resumed my steady pace on him.

I really wanted to just go wild on his hard dick. Remember it had been a year since I had sex with a man, and this was one hell of a man. He was as hard as life and as warm as love under my mouth. I wanted to gobble him up and devour him whole. This was for him though, not me, and I held myself in check.

I felt the car slow and take an exit from the freeway. It slowed some more and then stopped at what I assumed was a traffic light. The open window hadn't been forgotten, just put to the back of my mind. Now it raced into my thoughts screaming at me. Moving down the freeway at high speed was one thing, now stopped at an intersection there could be a car pulled up next to us, or even a pedestrian on the sidewalk watching my handiwork.

David didn't say or do anything to indicate that I should stop. I know he could feel my gulps around his dick and maybe he liked them. I was beginning to shake now, from fear and from my own pent up desires. The public exposure was part of it I am sure, but that scared me more than excited me I thought.

As we pulled away from the light David's hips began to rise and fall from the seat. He soon matched the tempo of my bobbing head with a rhythm of his own. I felt his thighs tighten under my hands and his hips rise, not falling again. Then he flooded me. I kept just the tip of him in my mouth and let him fill me. I swallowed, he refilled my oral depository and I swallowed again. The warm and sharp taste of him almost made me choke, but I held on and managed to finish without losing any of his seed to the expensive upholstery.

I rose from my place on the carpet and took my seat again facing him. He was leaning his head back on the seat top and had a look of satisfaction on his relaxed face. "He should have," I thought.

"Why don't you fix us a drink," he said sounding a little breathless. "The bar is in the back of the front seat on the other side. You could probably use on and I know I could."

I really could use the drink, or mouth wash, whatever he had. I fixed a couple of straight bourbons and handed him his.

He looked around and said, "We'll be home in a few minutes."

We passed a sign that said River Oaks and turned into a secluded and high priced neighborhood.

"I used to live in Tanglewood, but that got to be a real hassle with George and Martha Bush living just down the street. The Secret Service was all over the place. When GW came to visit the place turned into a zoo."

"Don't get me wrong," he continued, "I like George, but it is a real pain in the ass being friends with someone whose life is always under a microscope."

"You know the President?" I asked incredulous.

"Yeah, in fact we are having diner there next month."

"Where, at the house in Tanglewood?" I asked hoping I was right and the other house was not the destination.

"No, at the White House," he said simply. "Don't worry, you will be the best dressed lady there. I wouldn't want to do anything to embarrass the President"

He was telling this to a girl he just had give him a blowjob with the windows down.

We were pulling through a gated entry in a high stone fence and up a short circular driveway. We stopped at the front entry and Mel quickly came around the car to let us out. David held my hand as I made my exit and once again I was rewarded with a great smile for my effort at the lack of modesty.

As we climbed the short entry stairway David was telling me, "I am sort of making the rules up as we go along here. There are quite a few things that I already know, some I have told you. The rest I will let you know about as we need them. I don't want to overwhelm you or scare you off."

That sounded ominous. Just inside the foyer the house opened up into a great open living room. There were massive windows on the opposite wall overlooking the landscaped yard. The house led off to either side in windowed hallways that opened onto other rooms. The staircase was an open curve of carved wood and marble steps. It was a fabulous house by any standards.

"The first rule of the house Jackie," David began, "is that whenever you enter it you take off your outer clothing. The only exception to this is if I specifically tell you not to. Most times you will be wearing little or nothing under them. I told you I like to look at beautiful women and this is part of it."

Mel had gone upstairs ahead of us with my travel bag and I assumed he was taking it to my new room. We were alone in the foyer.

"You mean all the time," I asked.

"Yes, here and at my other houses too," David replied calmly.

I shrugged off my blouse and stepped out of my skirt. "What about shoes and stockings?" I asked him.

"I like a girl in heels," he smiled, so those can stay on. Actually I prefer that they do, and that you wear heels whenever I am around."

I gave a start when I heard a voice from behind me. "Good afternoon, Mr. David."

I turned to see a woman about twenty years my senior standing there in a housekeepers dress.

"I'll take those for you Ma'am," the Southern accent volunteered. "You must be Ms. Jackie."

Feeling more naked than ever before in my life I handed the prim woman my two articles of clothing.

"This is Mrs. Costner," David began, "she has been my housekeeper for years."

He continued the introduction, "Mrs. Costner, this is Jackie. Jackie, Mrs. Costner will see to most of your daily needs, meals, laundry, that sort of thing."

I stood there unable at first to speak, finally I managed a "Pleased to meet you."

"Come on I will show you your new room," David said starting toward the stairs.

My room was magnificent. It would have qualified as the master room in most homes. The center of one wall was taken up by a huge, canopied four poster bed. The rest of the furnishings were obviously first quality and expensive. The adjoining bath was just as nice. The tub was big enough for two, the shower even lager and it had multiple shower heads, four of them to cover every inch of you at once. The vanity was a long granite top with good mirrors and lighting.

"This is your room Jackie. No one will come in here but me, and I won't enter it unless you invite me. This is your place, your sanctuary."

David walked to the dresser and opened one of the nine draws. This one was filled with stockings, all colors, all kinds. The next draw held panties. There was twenty or maybe thirty pair in there of all designs, none with modesty as the first requirement. The next was bras. They all shared a common quality, they were ultra sheer, or only half cup. Everything was eye candy for a horny man.

In the armoire he showed me negligées and lingerie like teddies and bustiers, garter belts and body stockings. Last he led me to he walk in closet. It was bigger than most apartments. There hung an assortment of blouses and skirts, tank tops and dresses. One wall section was a shoe rack and it was partly filled with high heels of various types. Slippers, sandal and pumps in assorted colors lined up waiting for me.

"When did you have time to do all this shopping?" I asked him amazed.

"I didn't, Mrs. Costner did."

That embarrassed me even more than standing nude in front of her. She not only knew the nature of my job, but the tools of my new trade.

"Let me give you a tour of the house," David said.

On the way back down the stairs we came across Mel. With a sly grin he said, "Did I tell you how nice it is to see you again?"

What else could I do under the circumstances, I laughed. "Yeah, thanks Mel. It looks like you will be seeing a lot of me around here!"

David led me around the house showing off the great kitchen, the game room, his bedroom and study, the library and the guest rooms. We ended up at the patio doors off the main living area and from there he took me outside to see the wonderfully crafted back yard complete with pool and out door kitchen.

He sat at one of the wrought iron patio tables and I joined him. Mrs. Costner came with drinks.

"She can almost read my mind," he told me. "She claims to be related to Kevin, but I don't believe her."

"Anything else Mr. David?" she asked giving him a sour look.

"No, thank you Mrs. Costner, you can go if you like."

Turning to me he added, "She is the only one who calls me Mr. David. Everyone else uses David or Mr. Scott. She won't call me David and I won't let her call me Mr. Scott so we compromise. She's a tough bird."

The afternoon December air in Houston was in the 70's and very comfortable after the frigid New York weather. Sitting naked in the cushioned chair was relaxing. I couldn't remember the last time I had been outdoors nude. Probably when I was talked into skinny dipping in high school.

"In all the excitement you might have forgotten that this is Christmas Eve," David said.

I hadn't, but I had put it aside for now thinking that things would take care of themselves.

"I've got you a special Christmas ensemble to set the mood and celebrate the Holiday. Tonight we will go out to eat and then come home to wait for Santa. Why don't you take a little nap and I will wake you in a couple of hours."

I left David sitting there and made my way toward my new room. Through an open doorway I spotted Mel and Mrs. Costner leaning against the countertop in the kitchen. I knew I would have to face them without David sooner or later so I turned in there.

"Mrs. Costner," I said on entering the room, "Could I have a small glass of water please/"

"Of course you can Sweetie," she said cheerfully. I had expected anything but that.

She handed me the glass and smiled. "Me. Jackie you are by far the prettiest woman that Mr. David has ever brought to this house. I bet that you are a real lady too. I don't know how or why you got involved in his silly game Sweetie, but don't let him frighten you. He is really a good man. He has just been hurt in the past. The last two Mrs.'. Scott have been, if you'll pardon the expression, real bitches."

I felt such a relief knowing that I wasn't going to have an adversary in her.

"As long as you treat him right Mel and I will do all we can to help you. Of course Mel, being the MAN that he is, thinks Mr. David's new game is great. I'm not so sure."

Mel just smiled without denial. I was I a stranger in a strange city, naked and involved in something I didn't fully comprehend, but I had found two friends. Life was good. I expressed my thanks and went up to my room.

The phone next to my bed rang. I looked at the clock and noticed I had been sleeping four hours.

"Hi Jackie," I was David's voice, "when you've had a few minutes to wake up would you join us in the living room?"

Instinctively the words came from my mouth, "Naked?' Then I thought a second and continued ,"never mind, that was a silly question. I'll be down in a few."

I brushed my teeth, washed my face and took care of the other necessities then entered the closet and found a pair of heels I liked. I slipped then, crossed the room and going through the door walked back into my new life.

Walking down the open staircase I had no idea who or how many people were in the room below me. I felt a rush of excitement and fear as I stepped lower and lower.

"There she is," I heard David say, "come on in Jackie, Mel will get you something to drink. Juice or tea ok with you?"

Mel rose and crossed to the kitchen as I moved to David and bent over to kiss him on the cheek.

"I thought you might have company," I said with relief.

"Just Mel and me right now," he said, "Do you think I'd let you walk into a room full of people in your birthday suit?"

I looked at him grinning like a kid at a birthday suit party, "Of course I do." I told him.

I loved his laugh, he was free with it and when it came out it was always real.

"You're probably right!" he laughed.

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