tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJackie's New Job Ch. 04

Jackie's New Job Ch. 04


I woke gradually from a wonderful sleep, the kind of soft and complete sleep that leaves you rested, comfortable and fresh. As I opened my eyes the reality of my situation returned with the strangeness of the room. This was not the sofa of Marianne's small apartment. I was in my new room at David's opulent Houston home. There was no fear in the awareness, no apprehension, but more of a surrendering to the circumstances that brought a calm with it.

I rose slowly, stretching my way out of bed and into the bath. My body felt wonderful, alive and tingling as I padded nude through the rooms. I ran my hand over my skin as I stood in front of the mirror and my flesh responded with quivers in the trail of my fingers. My nipples jerked erect at the touch of my palms and my newly shaven pussy did a little contraction of its own. I didn't really feel horny, not in any way I had even known before, but my body was alive and needy.

This was my first morning at my new job. I had been in Houston less than 24 hours and I knew that my life had already changed in ways that I had never dreamed. I had woken yesterday in New York as a down and out money manager, discredited and unemployable. This morning I was the paid toy of a strange man in a strange city. Last night David had exposed me to a taste of my new life, first by exposing me to a bunch of horny men in the Veterans Hospital, then later at the nightclub.

I didn't wake up this morning feeling guilty or shamed as I had feared I would, but rather exhilarated and alive. I knew that David would push me farther and things to come would surely embarrass me and maybe frighten me, but somehow, oddly, I was excited by that idea.

On the sink counter I found an envelope addressed to me. Opening it I found a Christmas card! It was Christmas morning. All that the card said was to meet him in the living room when I woke.

As soon as I finished the morning necessities I headed for the door. I looked around for a robe and of course found none. I did hesitate at the door for a second, the idea of parading nude into the rest of the house, not knowing who may be there, was still foreign and frightening to me

"Well," I told myself, "a job is a job, and this one sure pays good!"

I opened the door and headed down stairs.

I didn't encounter anyone on the trip from my quarters to the living room. The house was quite, but not empty, you can tell the difference. Entering the living room I spotted David relaxed in an easy chair reading the latest Chisham novel. I was sort of surprised to see this successful man reading fiction. He had been a surprise to me since our first meeting and I guess that I should have expected the unexpected from him. "Good morning!" he called as I entered the room, "sleep well?'

"Wonderfully!" I replied with a smile.

Wearing only the heels that he requested I wear at all times I swayed over to him and gave him a chase peck on the cheek.

"You look great, almost radiant," he said with a grin.

"Thank you, you don't look half bad yourself this morning."

He didn't, he was wearing a silk lounging robe tied about his waist and his bare feet and legs were propped up on the ottoman. He had already shaved and brushed his hair. He looked fresh and ready to face the day doing whatever it is rich oil tycoons do in Texas.

"There is a box under the tree for you."

I looked at the Christmas tree. I hadn't seen it yesterday when he had given me the tour of the house and I know we had been in this room.

"When did you put that up?" I asked in wonder.

"It had always been our families tradition that the tree goes up on Christmas Eve night. Mom always did it for us as kids and I guess that I just can't break the habit. Get your present, I've been waiting for you to get in here so I could give it to you."

I took the gift box and admired the gray and black satin textured wrapping paper. This stuff cost a fortune to buy and it looked professionally wrapped, all tight corners and a fancy bow.

I tore the paper from the box excited as a schoolgirl and drew from it a beautiful black and gray silk robe. The gift matched the wrapping paper. I looked to David and he nodded his approval for me to try it on.

The silk slid like a feathers caress over my arms and across my shoulders. As it wafted over my already firm nipples they pinched themselves into hard tight points under the fabric. Of course there was no sash to hold it closed and the robe fell over my chest and hung open to mid thigh revealing my bare pussy and belly. It was fabulous! It felt like pure sex hanging over me and I found that I was even more excited wearing it than I had been naked.

David rose from his chair and I could see the bulge of his erection standing under his robe as he got up. I thought he was going to take me in his arms but he bent to retrieve another package from under the ornate tree. He handed it to me and I looked with questioning eyes at him.

"That's yours too, Santa left it for you."

More gorgeous wrapping paper flew as I tore into the second gift. I was astonished to find inside the small box a Rolex Lady Oyster identical to the one I used to have. I looked at it closely and was flabbergasted when I realized that this was the same watch I had pawned more than six months ago on my downhill slide from glory.

I started to cry. What else could a girl do in a situation like that. I slipped slowly to my knees between David and the awesome tree and clutched the gift to my silk covered breast and cried at the kindness and thoughtfulness of the gift.

"One more thing for you under there, " came the soft voice above me.

I turned back to the tree and dried my tears before they could fall onto the robe and mare the silk. I found a long thin box, again magnificently wrapped. This one I opened slowly, giving myself time to recover before being confronted by more of his generosity. Inside I found a gold and diamond choker. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I burst into tears again at the gift, at the generosity and the kindness of the man.

"Oh David I have nothing to give you in return! I didn't even think about Christmas and gifts when I left home and there is no way I could have gotten you anything like this. No way in the world!"

David took the box from me and removed the choker from it.

"You are my gift," he said.

He took the choker from the box and walked behind me.

I didn't speak, I just bent my neck forward and exposed it to him. I couldn't speak.

As his hands touched me a fire rushed through me and I knew that whatever reservations I had about the job I had taken with this man were long gone.

With his task done he moved back from me and sat on the ottoman. He opened his robe and let me see his hard cock standing in front of him, waiting for me. I didn't get up but walked on my knees to him and parting his legs with my hands lowered my mouth to him.

I have never been squeamish about giving head, in fact I usually like it. This was a new experience for me though. I took him in my mouth and felt the need, the overpowering urgency to give him as much pleasure as I could. I started slowly, letting my mouth get used to the size of him as I traveled up and down his hard shaft. I could feel the heat rising from him as I moved my tongue over the veins of his cock and felt the thing grow harder and longer in my mouth. I cupped his balls in one hand and surrounded the base of his shaft with the other and the trinity of hands and mouth began a dance on his hard cock. I took him deep into me and twirled my tongue around his pulsing prick as I looked directly into his eyes. A dozen slow descents of my mouth over him were followed by a dozen rapid ones mixed with the strokes of my hands on him. I began to taste the flavor of him as he leaked pleasure into my mouth rewarding my efforts. I pulled off and flicked the head of his enraged cock with my tongue then leaned forward to kiss him on the flaming head of his manhood. He was wet, hot and throbbing in readiness for me.

His hands took my head and guided me up to his face. His tongue touched mine as our mouth came together in heated desire for each other. I slipped unto his lap, my bare pussy wet and hot against his hard shaft. I reached between us and guided him into me. He filled me in one motion, un-resisted and welcome inside me.

I began to move on him, rising and falling on his cock, taking it deep into me then lifting almost all the way off only to fall back onto him. The pace was slow and steady as we fucked. His hands covered my tits through the silk of the new robe and the slip of the fabric over my nipples was outrageously stimulating. My hands griped the side of his head and held on for dear life as my body climbed to orgasm.

"Mr. David?" came the call from the doorway.

I froze in mid stroke and my eyes darted to the door to see Mrs. Costner standing there.

I started to scramble off of him but his hands firmly pushed my shoulders down holding me impaled on his cock. I could feel him pushing up, burying himself deeper into me as he turn to answer.

"Good morning Mrs. Costner," he said in a voice that trembled slightly. "What can I do for you this morning?"

"Mel wants to know what time you want the plane ready and when he should have the car out front for you," she replied in her normal tone.

His hands had moved to my waist under the robe and now lifted me slightly. I followed his hands only to have him push me back down. I understood. He wanted me to continue fucking him as he talked to her. My body shivered as I began for my first time to fuck someone with a witness in the room. I rose and fell slowly, deliberately riding his cock the full length. My tennis players legs flexed as they pushed me up to the top of his cock and then slowly let me back down. David's hands on my waist had pushed my robe open and my breasts were bare to her sight. My nipples were hard and my chest flushed with desire as we met and parted our sex.

"Well Mrs. Costner I need to talk to Mel so why don't you send him in if he's available."

"Very good Mr. David, and Merry Christmas Ms. Jackie!"

As she turned to leave the room I felt an unexpected rush of excitement released through my body and I shivered in my first climax of the day.

David laughed, "I hope there is more where that came from!"

"God yes! Don't you dare stop now!" I told him in a husky voice.

"You wanted me Boss?" Mel called from the doorway as he entered the room.

David made no move to stop me so I just kept riding his hard cock.

"Mel we'll leave about noon from the airport so lets have the car out front about 11, can you do that?"

"Sure thing Boss! Think you'll be done there by noon?'

"Mel I don't think I'll ever be done here!" he said, "but we can always continue this in the car and plane if we need to."

His hands moved to my shoulders again and pushed back the robe. I lowered my arms and let it slither over my hot flesh and fall in a puddle at his feet. I was truly naked now in front of Mel as David slipped in and out of me. The room was deathly quiet and the sounds, the squishy noises of sex could be heard in the silence.

Oh god it felt so good! I began to just bounce on the top inch or so of him and let the ridge of his head play over that sweet spot inside me. I thought that this is how I wait for the serve at the baseline, bouncing on the balls of my feet in anticipation. Of course I had never played tennis naked or in high heels, but I wouldn't be surprised by anything that happened now. I began to laugh at the thought of awaiting David's serve into me.

He looked at me quizzically as I laughed loudly and completely.

"Love all!" I said in a horse whisper and plunging onto his cock exploded into orgasm. I wrapped my legs behind him and clamped his body tightly to mine as I shivered and moaned through my climax. Just as I was finishing he came and the hot gush of him lifted me back to the height of my own cum and I came again, or maybe still.

"Jeez!" I heard Mel say behind me, "that was hot! Merry Fucking Christmas Jackie!" he left the room shaking his head as he went, "I've got to get out of here, you guys are killing me!"

I just sat there feeling David's dick slowly shrink inside me to eventually slip out of my soaked cunt and the combined cum of our sex leak across me onto him.

I finally rose and went into the hall bathroom to fetch us a warm wash cloth. As I stood there washing myself Mrs. Costner stopped in the doorway.

"Would you like some breakfast now Ms. Jackie?"

Naked and freshly fucked I stood in front of this odd woman and realized that I was ravenously hungry.

"Yes, thank you, whatever David is having."

"That is a lovely necklace dear, Mr. David has such good taste."

I wondered if she included me in that statement of taste. I returned to Davis and cleaned him up then asked if he was ready for breakfast too.

"You can wear your new robe if you like," he told me.

"I'd be too afraid of getting something on it, it is so beautiful, besides, don't you like what I am wearing?' I did a pirouette in my heels and necklace for him.

He fastened his own robe then took my arm and led me to the kitchen.

I had assumed that Mrs. Costner served as cook too, but when I entered the kitchen I was greeted by "Madre Dios" from the old Hispanic cook working at the large commercial stove.

I did a stumble step and looked to David.

"You are so cute when you blush," he smiled at me and continued to lead me to the table.

David introduced Enrique who had been cooking for him since his wildcat days in the oil field. I am sure that in his 60 or 70 years on earth Enrique must have seen at least one naked lady before, but he sure didn't act like it. His face threatened to break from the sheer size of the smile across it and his eyes never left my body even as he flipped eggs and buttered toast.

I was embarrassed of course, but made no move to hide myself. I breathed deeply and let my chest show in all its hard nippled glory. Yes, my nipples were hard again and that should have told me something about the changes coming over me.

"Stop staring you old meskin pervert!" Mel's gruff base voice bellowed from the hallway as he entered the

kitchen. "I told you she was a beauty didn't I?"

"Si, Senor Mel, but I think you must be drunk again. How could such an ugly man see such a lovely woman except in his tequila dreams?"

I felt the flush spreading through my body as these men talked about me and saw the twinkle of pleasure and excitement in David's eyes. I also felt the flesh draw tighter on my nipples and the moisture begin in my pussy.

Mrs. Costner placed a glass of juice and a cup of coffee before me, and then another service for David. Mel took a seat at one of the bar stools by the tall counter top and sat facing me and David.

Mrs. Costner took a place next to Mel as Enrique placed platters of eggs, ham, hash browns and toast in front of us. The aroma of the food almost overcame my awareness of my nudity and I dug in with gusto. When a drop of yellow egg yoke escaped my fork and fell onto my bare breast I was glad I had decided not to wear the beautiful robe. Without thinking I licked a finger and scooped it from my curve. As I sucked the finger clean I looked up to see David staring at me, grinning. A quick glance told me that Mel and Enrique were also riveted to me with their mouths hanging open. Mrs. Costner wet the corner of a napkin at the sink and handed it to me. Bless her.

"New way to serve eggs? David asked.

"Very young breast of chicken," I smarted back to him, "but you have to bring your own sausage."

He choked on his coffee and I got up taking my now empty plate to the sink. I was really enjoying the attention I got being nude in the room and while at the sink I did a long stretch and yawn, just to show off a little.

"Mrs. Costner, could you stop by my room later when you have time, I have a few question you might be able to help me with?"

"Of course dear," she replied sweetly.

I walked over to Enrique and standing on my toes placed my hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, "Great breakfast, thank you!"

"Oh it was my pleasure Senorita. Anytime you want something from the kitchen you just call me."

"David if you don't mind I am going to take a shower and relax for a little bit, unless you have something else for me to do?"

"I'll send Mel to get you when it's time to leave," he replied casually.

I had my shower and was working on my nails when Mrs. Costner knocked on my door an hour later. Still wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around my wet hair I let her in.

"You seem to be taking this all in stride Mrs. Costner, I mean a naked girl running around your house, sex in the living room, Mel and the cook drooling over my body all morning. What's the deal? Are you and David lovers or something?"

She looked at me and I wasn't sure if she was mad or just sizing me up to decide if I was worth even talking to. "I just want to see Mr. David happy. He's been happier than I can remember since his first interview with you. He warned me about this and told me that if I objected he would move to another house and I could stay on here.

I'll tell you something Jackie," she continued, "if I were 20 years younger I would have applied for the job myself. I would gladly trade places with you!"

My face must have betrayed my shock, my words surely did, "Mrs. Costner!"

"Oh hell girl, neither my imagination nor my body had dried up yet!"

"I'm really going to like you," I said and took her into a hug.

"So what's the big question you needed answered?" she asked breaking loose from me.

"Oh yeah, where are we going today?"

"I thought you knew, we're headed to Key West."

Just like that we were going to jump on a plane and cross half the country to spend the holiday in the Keys. Ok.

"Look I have this whole closet full of clothes and have no idea what to wear. You bought it all, what do you suggest?" I asked her.

"Well it's pretty cool outside here, say about 50, so you'll need a coat for the trip to the airport."

"Hell that's 20 degrees warmer than where I was yesterday at this time." I quipped.

"Yes, and it's about 25 cooler than it will be where we are going this afternoon, so you'll need something for that weather too."

She entered my closets and came back a minute later with her hands full. She handed me a soft leather jacket with wide lapels and a sash tie. Then she handed me a string bikini bottom and a short tank top.

I fiddled with the bikini and saw that the material slipped on the string so it could be adjusted to cover more or less, as desired at the time. Even in it's most modest adjustment it covered little and one tug of the string would release that.

Mrs. Costner smiled at me, "At least you don't have to worry about a stray hair sticking out and embarrassing you."

Without thinking I ran my hand over my bare pussy, then realizing what I was doing blushed and stopped. "I guess every cloud has its silver lining," I tried to sound nonchalant.

"Oh it takes a little getting used to but I think you will find you like it. I do, I've been shaved for years."

Once again this strange lady had surprised me, shocked me and her giggle confirmed that she knew it too.

I tried the top on just to do something and found that it just barely covered my breasts. The hem hung loose in the air under them and the plunging neck bared the tops. The points of my nipples stood out clearly and they weren't even hard yet, well at lest not very hard.

"Yes," she nodded, "David will like that. Wear the jacket when you leave here over the other stuff and then in the plane take the jacket off."

"Can I ask you something else?"

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