tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJacking for Friends

Jacking for Friends


It was a gorgeous summer evening. Kay and two of her girlfriends had spent the afternoon lounging around our backyard swimming pool. I arrived around dusk and was pleased to see they were still in their skimpy bikinis and all slightly buzzed from the daiquiris they'd been sipping.

Kay is forty-two years young and works out regularly to maintain her fantastic figure. She looked great in her little white bikini. She is 5'-7" with beautiful auburn hair, big brown eyes and the face of a fashion model. Her friends, Patricia and Nancy, aren't quite as pretty as Kay but both fall squarely in the "milf" category. Patricia is a petite blond with a slender but pretty figure. She was wearing a solid black thong bikini that left very little to the imagination. Nancy is about the same height as Kay. She is also a brunette with a very pretty face but she struggles a little with her weight. Her small red bikini revealed a little tummy and some love handles to go along with her very large breasts.

I greeted the girls, gave Kay a quick kiss on the cheek and asked if I would be intruding if I took a quick dip in the pool. They assured me they would enjoy my company and Nancy offered to make me a drink. I accepted her offer and stepped inside to put on some swimming trunks. I always wear a tiny Speedo or nothing at all when Kay and I swim alone but usually a more conservative pair of trunks when we have company. However, since the girls were all in their tiniest bikinis, not to mention a little drunk, I decided to throw caution to the winds and slipped on my smallest Speedo.

I stepped back outside and I knew Kay noticed my choice of swimwear immediately. She didn't say anything but gave me a knowing look and smile.

I dove into the water and swam a few quick laps. When I climbed out of the pool Nancy gestured to the drink she'd set on the bar for me and Kay said, "Why don't you sit with us for a while?"

I thanked Nancy for the drink and pulled a chair around to join the group.

"So," I asked, "what have you ladies been talking about?"

I was a little surprised when Kay said, "Just now, we were talking about how great you look in your little Speedo."

I laughed and said, "You're just teasing me."

Nancy said, "No, she's not teasing. I've always said you have a nice ass but in that suit it looks even better."

"Thanks for the complement." I replied, then jokingly asked, "Just how much have you had to drink?"

Patricia giggled loudly and said "I've had just the right amount to drink," she paused for another sip, "and your ass isn't the only thing looking good in that suit."

Kay laughed and said, "Patricia, are you looking at my husband's package?"

Patricia's reply was, "Yes, and I'm trying to imagine what it looks like when he's hard."

Nancy then chimed in with, "Ooh, now it's getting interesting."

"Sometimes I think he's hard more than not." Kay said, "We have sex three or four times a week and he still jacks off in between. Watch this!"

And with that she pulled off her bikini top. I looked at her gorgeous tits and my cock immediately started to stir inside it's tight thin enclosure.

"See", said Kay "he's getting hard already. We had sex yesterday but one look at my tits and he's ready to go again. Why don't you two show him yours and we'll really drive him crazy?"

The other girls didn't need convincing. They both reached up and removed their tops with no hesitation. I was sitting there in my Speedo looking at three topless women. I was quickly hard as a rock and wondering what was going to happen next when Kay stood up and announced, "I have to go pee. I'll be right back."

As she walked past my chair she gave my balls a little squeeze and said, "Don't go anywhere, Stud."

I assured her I wouldn't and smacked her lightly on the butt. While Kay was in the house I went back to admiring the other girls' breasts. Nancy's are large and full with big nipples and huge areolas. She saw me looking so she held them up to me. "What do you think," she asked, "are they too big?"

"Absolutely not," I replied, "I think they are beautiful."

Nancy looked over at Patricia's much smaller pair and said, "I like hers better. They are so perky."

And indeed they were perky, probably a B-cup with small areolas and long nipples.

I asked, "Patricia, are your nipples always hard like that?"

She looked down, pinched each nipple in turn and said, "No, only when I'm horny." Then she winked and giggled again.

I asked if they wanted another drink and they both did so I stood up to collect their glasses. I still had a raging erection and they both stared at through my suit as I stood in front of them and reached for their glasses. When I turned to walk to the bar Nancy whistled and said, "There's that ass again."

I had just finished making three fresh daiquiris when Kay came back outside. She was still topless and she was carrying the small basket that usually sits in our bedroom. She winked at me as she placed the basket on the deck beside my chair.

While I distributed the drinks I saw Kay untie the sides of her bikini bottom. She pulled it off casually and sat back down in her lounge chair completely naked. Nancy and Patricia looked at each other then shrugged their shoulders and followed Kay's lead. Now all three women were nude and I was enjoying the view. Patricia was obviously a natural blonde. The little bit of hair around her pussy was fine and blonde like baby hair. Nancy had a thick black bush and big protruding lips. Kay's pussy was completely shaved for the summer season and all three women took a moment to look and comment on each others pussy.

It was amazing to sit there and listen to these women discussing the features and grooming of their most intimate parts. But the attention quickly turned back to me.

Kay said, "Dee, surely you've noticed we're all naked and you aren't. C'mon, show these girls your dick."

I wasn't about to argue so I stood up and removed my Speedo. My hard-on slapped against my stomach as it was freed from the tight suit. My cock is about average in length but thicker than most with very large balls hanging below.

Patricia stared at my turgid member for a moment and said, "Very nice, Dee."

Nancy added, "Wow, you really are hard."

I laughed at that and said, "What do you expect? I'm looking at three beautiful naked women at the same time. Of course I'm really hard."

At that point Kay took charge. "OK, ladies. You said you wanted to see Dee's cock so enjoy the show."

She stood up, put her hands on my shoulders and said, "Now, sit down right here." Then she reached into the basket she had placed by my chair, pulled out our tube of K-Y Jelly and handed it to me with a wink.

"I know you didn't jack-off today. Now you can do it for my friends and me.

I sat motionless in the chair for a moment with a tube of sex lube in my hand. I was a little dumbfounded. We had never done anything like this before.

Nancy was on my case almost immediately. "Go on Dee, I want to see you jack-off."

"Yeah", said Patricia, "start stroking that cock."

I certainly didn't want to disappoint my audience so I squirted some lube into my left hand and started to slowly stroke my cock. I was determined to make this last as long as I could.

Kay asked, "What do you think girls? Do you like his cock?"

"Oh, yeah!", Nancy replied, "I've never watched a guy jack off before. Not even my husband. He isn't comfortable doing it in front of me. It's really pretty sexy isn't it?"

Kay responded, "Yeah, I think it's very sexy. Of course, I've seen Dee do it so many times it's like a normal thing for me. I knew he would like to have an audience though." Then she looked over at me and said, "Right honey? You like having an audience, don't you?"

I just smiled and kept stroking.

"He likes to look at my pussy for extra motivation." she said, as she spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips apart so I could see her wetness.

I said, "That's beautiful honey." Then I looked at Nancy and Patricia and asked, "What about you two? Do you want to show me your pussies too?"

Nancy and Patricia spread their knees apart and showed me their pussies. Now I picked up the pace and my hand was quickly bringing me near orgasm.

Kay noticed my sense of urgency and said, "He's getting pretty close girls. I bet it's going to be a big load too."

Nancy said, "Does he ever cum on you when he does this?"

"Sure," Kay replied, "He cums on me all the time. Would you like for him to cum on you?"

"Well", Nancy said, "if you're OK with it. I'd love to see what it's like."

"Let's see," Kay said while pretending to think, "I asked him to jerk off for you so I don't see any reason he can't cum on you."

Kay walked over to Nancy lounge chair and said, "Move your legs off the sides of your chair so he can kneel on it in front of you. That way he can cum on your tits."

Nancy did as Kay instructed but she also moved sideways and said, "C'mon Patricia, sit next to me and we'll share."

I stopped what I was doing while they got settled then I knelt on the lounge chair in front of them. They both sat up straight. They positioned themselves side by side with their tits thrust forward invitingly.

Kay moved behind me and said, "OK Dee, go for it. I want you to come on their tits." Then she wrapped her arms around me and started lightly pinching my nipples while she rubbed her breasts against my back.

"Your balls are so big." Patricia said as she reached up and grabbed them with her right hand.

"That's good Patricia," Kay purred, "he loves to have his balls squeezed."

Nancy then ran her left arm under her heavy breasts while pulling Patricia's smaller pair up next to them, and begged, "C'mon Dee, we want to feel your hot cum."

My orgasm hit like a tidal wave. My first shot hit Nancy on the lower lip. Her eyes widened in surprise before she smiled and lapped it up with a flick of her tounge. I twisted slightly and the next shot hit Patricia on the cheek. She was ready for it and grinned at me while she continued to squeeze my balls. The rest of my load was sprayed liberally across all four of the waiting breasts. When I finally stopped cuming I let go of my shaft and Patricia released my balls.

"Wow!", said Nancy, "That's a lot of cum."

"Yeah", Kay replied, "That ought to hold him for a little while."

"Not too long, I hope." Nancy moaned as she reach between her own legs. At this, Patricia leaned over and started cleaning Nancy's breasts with her long supple tounge and said, "Yeah, we may need another load soon."

too be continued....

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