tagGay MaleJacking in the Bathroom

Jacking in the Bathroom

byJohn Hamilton©

Hi my name is John. This is a true story that happened to me my sophomore year in college when I was about twenty. I had been completely strait up until then and this was the first encounter that made me curious about guys.

* * * * *

I used to masturbate a lot in college. Since I lived on campus and had an ever-present roommate I had to go someplace public to relieve my tensions. There were several rest rooms on campus that no one frequented that provided some privacy. Sometimes I would smuggle porn magazines in there and sit in the stall and stroke my meat to pictures of naked oriental women spreading their pussies or white girls sucking and fucking until they got a nice messy facial. At other times I would go in the computer lab and have cybersex with some random female in a chat room or browse through all the free porn pictures I can find getting my cock into a hard-on frenzy. My erection would rub against the material of my pants until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I would go to the bathroom, whip out my cock, and quickly shoot my cum into the toilet bowl.

One of the prime locations to do this was in the campus library. It had a small bathroom downstairs that few people know about. There were wooden stalls without doors in there and one old-fashioned urinal that stood on the floor. The urinal was around a corner in front of the stalls so in order to piss the guy has to face the stalls without doors.

One day as I sometimes do, I printed out pictures of two naked black women and decided to take them to this bathroom and masturbate to them. But when I went in there the bathroom was occupied. Sitting in one of the stalls was a black guy with a book on his lap. I was surprised someone was actually in there and I just pretended I came in there to wash my hands and left. I heard a sound similar to someone jerking a wet cock while I was washing my hands but I couldn’t be certain. I waited outside the door for a bit but he just never came out. I figured he must be masturbating in there and that I was just going to go in there and have a seat in the next stall and wait for him to leave.

And so I did. I pulled the pictures our of my back pocket and looked at them so my dick would get hard while I was waiting. The sound of wet meat being slapped was getting louder from the stall beside me. I didn’t think he’d ever leave so I decided to start stroking myself quietly. I reached down between my legs and slowly ran my hand up and down my six-inch erection. I tried to hide it between my legs since there happen to be a small hole between the stalls about the size of a quarter. I could tell the guy was looking through it. Then I heard him stand up. The wet jerking sound continued.

Then I saw the head of a black cock at the front of my stall. Slowly the glorious black erection inched forward with a large black hand furiously stroking it. It was about eight inches cut and very thick with a large head. It was shiny from the precum. It was the first time I had seen another man’s dick. I fascinated.

He asked to see mine which was pointing down between my legs towards the toilet. I took my hard white cock and held it strait up so he could see it. My naked cock was exposed to another man and it really turned me on. He asked if he could touch it and I refused, it just seemed like too much at the time. A big drop of milky white cum formed on his head and dripped to the floor. That drove me over the edge. I pointed my dick back down and shot my load into the toilet. He wiped up his cum from the floor with toilet paper and I got out of there quickly.

A month or two passed and I didn’t think too much about it, though I did start to look up gay porn involving group masturbation, hand jobs, and blowjobs. I was especially interested in ones involving white guys servicing black cocks. I started to have cybersex with random guys in chat rooms when I couldn’t find girls to cyber with. Then I went in that rest room again and found the same black guy masturbating. When he saw me, he stood up and showed me the huge erection he was stroking. I immediately walked back out. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was nervous. I had mixed feelings of guilt and longing after the last encounter. I thought about it for minute and the longing won out. A part of me really wanted to cum with this guy.

So I went back in. He stood up again showing his wet eight-inch erection in all its glory as he stroked it furiously. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I rubbed my cock through my pants as I watched him. Then suddenly I unzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down showing him my semi hard dick. I swung it around a little and then took my naked dick into my hand and held it firmly. I started to stroke it rapidly making my cock harder and harder until I had a fully erect penis.

Suddenly we heard the door to the rest room’s small “waiting room” (it’s an old restroom) open. He got in his stall and I hastily zipped up and turned on the sink. A security guard from up stairs came in. He took a quick piss and gave us both a funny look. Then he left without saying anything.

Then we quickly whipped our cocks out and proceeding to watch each other masturbate once more. I stroked myself over urinal while facing his stall so I could watch him stand at the stall door jacking that beautiful black monster between his legs. We quickly got off. I was first to cum shooting massive streams of thick milky cum into the urinal. I was shaking from the ecstasy so the last several drops got slung unto the floor. My jack off buddy didn’t shoot but he once again dripped some massive amounts of cum unto the ground. After that I quickly left.

And that’s it. That’s all my experiences with the same sex. I’m still greatly curious about being with a guy. When I watch a strait porn videos the cocks in it turn me on as much as the girls they’re fucking. I love to look at the big cocks in those videos. I’ll pretend I’m the one giving the blow job when the girl starts sucking cock and that I’m the one getting their faced splattered in cum during those delicious facial cum shots. My masturbation is now a combination of gay and strait porn, which ends with me coming to gay porn, once I’ve been sufficiently turned on by the cocks in the strait stuff. I fantasize about giving hand jobs to guys with big black cocks and I wonder what it would be like to have a big hard cock in my mouth. I’m newly married now and wife doesn’t approve of such fantasies right now but maybe one day I’ll get to experiment further.

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