tagBDSMJacki's Story Ch. 01

Jacki's Story Ch. 01


To understand the events of the present story, you must have read "A new life for Debbie Ch.13". Jacki's story is an off shoot of that series

Jacki was scared having been knocked up by Callum, a friend of her incestuous father. She couldn't agree to have an abortion but her husband Bill would never accept the future baby as he had been on a business trip for two months! She brooded all the Sunday morning in her bedroom when she heard someone knocking at the door. She opened it and found her sister Dee with a defeated face.

- What's the problem, Sis?

- My daughters and me, we shared what we remembered of the action in this house. Joan dropped inadvertently a bomb about Uncle Bill.

- He is such a nice, gentle and helpful man! I love him dearly. That is the reason why I'm brooding. Eli's action has drawn me to cheat on him. He didn't deserve it! Is there a problem with him?

- Yes, I think so, Jacki. I think he deserves a severe punishment! My daughter Joan told me of "uncle Bill" making passes at her and her sisters and grabbing at them!

- Impossible : Joan must be inventing : a side effect Dad's drugs.

- That was what I thought at the beginning but Janet and Samantha confirmed it. When we were in Guilford, he often went with them for student parties and outings or at the opera and he took every opportunity to snake his hands under their skirts or their bras! My daughters had to wear Jeans to be quiet!

- The bastard! I never thought he would debase himself to such a level! Hitting on his nieces, maybe already when they were young! What a shame!.What do you intend to do? If you tell it to the Police, he will be surely condemned but we aren't very rich : my own daughters wouldn't have enough money to go to university. We would be ruined!

- I had another idea and it would also solve your present problem. You certainly know that I've been enrolled by an underground organization that manages whore houses through out the world. I'm presently working in the Chinese brothel in Singapore.

- Where would I fit in?

- I've noticed that you would make a fine whore even without daddy's drug. If I spirited you away from your husband, I would consider to be even!

- You're right ; I often dreamed about becoming a whore, too. It certainly is a very common girl's fantasy, I think. But that would leave my daughters alone with him if what you tell me is true. I cannot agree! It's true I was jealous of your adventurous life but I need to take care of my daughters!

- So you want to let him continue his life unscathed?

- Why bother me with your problems : you're nothing but a whore, a debased woman, rejected by the whole society. You should be locked in a prison cell and not allowed to wander throughout the world and become a problem for my family!

- But that would make you an accomplice of your husband. He may continue his crimes!

- He has always been mean to me. I would support him even in Hell. I don't care about the other people, including you, my dear twin sister turned harlot! Dad had told me that you have been kidnapped and kept cloistered in a prison whore house. What defiling compromises allowed you to leave your cell without supervision?

- Jacki, we have better stop here. Otherwise, we'll have to fight and I wouldn't like it!

- Yes, Dee, go back to your brothel and never come back!

Jacki didn't accompany Dee and her daughters to the airport. Eli and his two sons did, of course. Eli had told Dee to sit in the car next to him. He had shoved directly his hand under her skirt and went straight to her pussy. It was protected with the knickers she had worn when Eli had driven her to Callum's clinic. It was strange that she had been given knickers but her daughters hadn't... Maybe it had been some sort of a test for Callum and he had passed it with honors! Eli told her he expected her visit in ten days at his home in England. He hadn't forgotten his decision to breed her... Janet came to discuss with her mother as they were flying above the Pacific Ocean.

- Why do you stay alone, Mom? The family meeting was finally a success! All the old feuds have disappeared...

- Yes but new ones appeared : Jacki doesn't want her husband to be punished. I don't really understand : with the nasty trick of Eli, Bill will surely sue for divorce in a few months. What does she hope to gain?

- Hide the fact that the father of her daughters is a sexual maniac, maybe?

- I think you may be right on target, Janet! But I know how to solve the problem and now I need to have the criminal punished but also his accomplice!


Eight days later, Dee was in England. The night was dark with a splendid view of the Milky Way, unhindered by any clouds or light from nearby cities. There are few polluting industrial plants in Devon! There was a house just thirty yards in front of her. It was in the middle of a little wood, more a copse, in fact, at a distance from the nearest houses, a perfect situation for her plans. Dee had arrived two days before and had noticed that Jacki often walked in a lane in the wood just before going to bed...

In the dark near her but invisible to her eyes, Dee knew that there were Abbie and the rest of his team waiting to jump on Jacki... Dee had reported that her sister would make a nice addition to the Organization work force and that Jacki's daughters could become good earners, too! Knowing Jacky's ideas, she knew that her daughters would never disown their father even in front of undisputable evidence... The top management had endorsed her proposal and decided to send her to fetch the future whores. As she had been given a recruiter's status, she would accompany the capture team. She would get all the bonus for their enrolment and theoretically the owner's fee as the four girls should be branded with her name but she was mainly interested by Jacki!

The light under the porch was switched on, the door opened and Jacki went out in the summer night. She was accompanied by Emily, her youngest daughter. They had just had a family party for her eighteenth anniversary : she was an adult, now! Dee had planned her ambush in the middle of the grove. When they passed a big tree, the two girls felt suddenly hands grabbing their arms while a gag was pushed into their mouths and secured with scotch tape on their mouths. Abbie and Tyrone then manacled their hands in their back, tying their wrists to the opposite elbows. It was rather painful for the girls but neither of the men cared... Dee approached her sister and niece. She had a hunting knife in her hand. She ripped completely her sister's blouse and skirt. Underneath, she was wearing black knickers and bra. Dee cut the straps and the knickers waist band on the hips. She watched the bra and the knickers fall down. Jacki was nude! It was her first humiliation : there would be plenty of other ones in the coming months.

Dee searched the shredded clothes to find Jacki's keys in her pocket. When she found them, she signaled to Abbie to continue according to their schedule. They had done black hoods not to be recognized by Jacki and her daughters. Jacki was not a problem as her fate was already sealed : she would be all her life a whore totally at the mercy of her patrons but her daughters might not be aware of the vagaries of their father. Then Dee had decided she would investigate their cases. Either they would share their mother's fate or be freed on some nearby road. It would be better for them not to be unable to give any description of Dee and their captors.

The two other daughters of Jacki were already asleep. They jumped when their bedroom door was violently pushed open and two hooded figures jumped on each of them. The two girls in their pajamas were herded to the main room where they found their sister in jogging outfit and their mother stark naked. She turned crimson just with the idea of being naked in front of her daughters! Justin questioned Jacki's daughters. Laura, Jacki's eldest daughter didn't try to elude his questions taking pride to explain her relations with her father :

- Do you know your father is a pervert, trying to have his hands in young women's knickers or caress their boobs on any pretext!

- What is wrong with it? The girls were totally willing! None has ever complained!

- So you were aware of his acts and didn't report them!

- Certainly, we even served as beaters for our father, inviting our friends to sleep at home and giving them some aphrodisiac drug to make them horny and ready for my father... We took photos of our father fucking the girls and used them to blackmail the girls into submission to our father, coming back to be fucked by him or by a few of his friends! We were taking the money the guys paid and divided between us three. It was a nice addition to our pocket money!

- So you admit you pimped your friends : a nice friendly feat, indeed. What about Dee's daughters?

- These uptight haughty sluts! They were always scornful when we bought clothes : theirs were always more classy, less expensive and looked more elegant on them. We went to the trendiest shops in London but the guys seemed to prefer Janet, Samantha and Joan. When Mom told us that they had become whores in a far away brothel, we celebrated with a bottle of Champagne. Bill had very bad words for Dee, saying that her husband Tony was fed up with her...

Justin turned toward Dee who had stayed mute in the background.

- I think I've heard enough. These girls perfectly knew their father's acts and they even helped him to lure other girls in his den. They are showing absolutely no remorse. I suggest you take the toughest measures against them!

- I must agree quite reluctantly with you : they are my twin sister and my nieces, after all!

- Have no pity, they had none, helping their father to trap their friends and blackmail them!

Abbie locked the girls in the basement while they searched the house. Usually such maniacs keep souvenirs of their captures. The whole team put on a plastic coverall, boots and gloves not to leave any evidence. It was Tyrone who hit the jackpot in Bill's office : One of the walls sounded hollow. He discovered that a book shelf could rotate, giving access to a cabinet with rows of cardboard boxes with names, photographs and souvenirs such as knickers, bras and blood stained bed sheet fragments. It was probably the trophy Bill kept whenever he popped a cherry... Dirty brother in law! There was a computer on a table. It was filled with hundreds of photographs showing many girls and women in various obscene positions, servicing Bill. He had always his head masked but the girl was easily recognizable. It was the perfect blackmailing tool!

Abbie, as he did it in Dee's home, looted the house of its most valuable objects, a couple of bronze statues, some paintings, Jacki's jewels including her marriage rings, her marriage license and her wedding dress. Dee put them carefully in a wallet : she would need it in the near future!

Abbie left in Jacki's car to sell the things he had chosen and came back with a nice wad of money. Dee declined to receive her share of it. They took Jacki and her daughters out of the basement and pushed them into the car's trunk. Before leaving, Dee phoned to the police station, telling them Bill was a pervert maniac, blackmailing girls to obtain their sexual submission, telling them she left the door to the evidence ajar in his office... They left quietly, leaving the keys on the door. Bill would have terrible problems when he came back from his business travel! The worst for him would be that he would never hear of his wife and daughters!

In the cottage they had rent for a month, Dee confronted with her sister and nieces :

- I told you, Jacki, that I would find a way to retaliate on your husband. I(ve found all the small boxes where he kept meticulously the fetish objects he kept of his victims with a note saying how his daughters had helped him to trap the girls. I alerted the police, leaving the computer presenting all the photographs used to blackmail the girls. Bill will spend a few years in jail and so are you, my nieces. Needless to say, your hopes for a good University degree course and lucrative jobs have been cancelled. You are going to be employed as slave whores in some brothel far away! I promise you will be treated quite harshly, you don't deserve anything mild!

Dee turned toward her sister :

- It seems you weren't aware of your husband's acts! So I've decided you'll be treated better than these worthless sluts : You'll share their initial training but I've already found a suitable post for you. I'll have a discussion with your future owner in two days! If we agree on the conditions, you'll be in your definitive quarters in three months!

Dee turned back to her nieces :

- Before you're dispatched to our assessment center, there's a preliminary step for you. We call it the ownership ceremony. I will fuck you with a big strap on dildo, cunt and ass. Is one of you still has her cherry?

Jacki's two youngest daughters Julia and Emily replied in a chorus :

- Me, aunt Dee!

- Then the ownership ceremony will be postponed until your cherries have been auctioned off in an international bid. But otherwise the treatment will be the same for you all : Laura, Julia and Emily will be really branded with a hot iron on their pussies while Jacki will be just tattoed with the same pattern.

The four girls wailed with the perspective of being marked for life.

- Your cunt will be shaven before the branding. It will be laser depilated later as long as all your body hair. Your mark will be a circle with inside the words "Dee's whore". You'll learn to wear it with pride! Your training will get you accustomed to service more and more men and women : one or two at the beginning than ten, twenty, fifty and finally one hundred in your cunt, mouth and ass or between your tits. Emily and Julia, you have small B cups. You'll get enhanced to D or more probably DD cups, I think you'll attract plenty of amateurs with big melons that won't need really any support!

Emily fainted while Julia sobbed desperately. Laura was scared to death by the prospect of being branded just like an animal. It was something preposterous for a modern young woman. Dee added another layer of terror for Julia and Emily. She ordered them to present their pussies for her inspection to verify they were really virgins. Her finger touched their intact membrane. She told them :

- You are very tight. The lucky guy who will win the auction of your virginity will make you scream a lot until he has stretched you out sufficiently to accommodate him. Usually the guys taking part to such auctions have very large and long cocks in the 10 inches range or longer. They may be quite infrequent but they really love bursting through such a tight cherry. Ah I forgot to tell you : your defloration will be in public and immediately posted on Internet...

The shaving of the four girls took a long time : they had a very important mane there, large and very thick, the kind French men call "tablier de sapeur" (sapper's apron). None of them had even trimmed their fur.

- A job well done! Now you'll be able to put on the smallest G strings, provided your patrons allow you to wear any undies, but I really doubt it!

Abbie had already lit up the barbecue when Dee had started to shave her nieces. He put a branding iron in the embers, blowing on the fire until the iron was red hot. Dee declined to mark her nieces herself, leaving the task to Abbie and Tyrone. Laura was secured to a very thick table by dozens of ropes. She had her legs wide open. A pillow under her head provided some comfort and enabled her to watch her outstretched body and the fire in which the branding iron was heating. Dee helped her head up and made her a full glass of what she named a pain killer. Then she added a few bonds to secure her wrists to the table legs.

Laura was naked, completely offered on the table, unable to move a finger. Two leather girth straps buckled tightly around her immobilized and flattened her on the table. Dee had placed a thick pillow under her back forcing her cunt upwards into exposed prominence. Dee had also secured her ankles as wide as she could to complete her restraints. Abbie had started to suck Laura's clit. He was an expert at it and in no time he had her on the verge of a climax.

Tyrone had already marked cattle in Australia, a few years before. He was the expert. He stirred the iron about in the red-hot coals. Then, he held it just above the glowing bed of ambers, carefully twirling it for several long minutes until it had the color he wanted : too cold and the mark wouldn't be beautiful and too hot, it would make too deep burns, reducing the interest of the girl. He wanted just to scorch the skin, nothing more. The knack of it would be to rub repeatedly the scar to eliminate the scar tissue. The scar would progressively get deeper and more precise. Otherwise the mark would completely disappear in a tear or so. Occasionally Tyrone tested the temperature on a steak, closely examining the mark it left into the meat. When satisfied that he had reached the optimum temperature, he nodded to Abbie who threw his tongue inside Laura's love tunnel. She climaxed as never in her like. Abbie pulled away hastily. Tyrone immediately pressed the hot iron to the center on Laura's defenseless pussy.

A puff of white smoke and a hissing sound burst forth as Laura's skin was marked for life. Her scream of agony was somewhat muffled by Dee covering Laura's mouth with hers and it mingled with the pleasure emanating from her well sucked clit. She couldn't sepate the waves of pleasure coming from her cit with the waves of pain coming from her brand. Abbie resumed his licking of her clit until she cummed despite the pain. Tyrone seemed really satisfied.

As quickly as it came the pain retreated, and Laura collapsed in her bonds. Dee quickly poured scented oil over the brand to kill the pain.

Julia and Emily were treated in the same way. Dee's pain killer had been quite efficient and a quarter of an hour later the three girls were asleep on their beds. They were just chained to the bed to prevent any escape. The scars healed in just four days. The only painful moment was when The scar tissue was rubbed away. The girls screamed really loud then!

After the three branded girls had left, Dee asked her sister Jacki whether she was ready to be tattooed in the same way. It could be done only at a specialist. Would she agree to go there willingly or was it better for it to be done at the Organization Headquarters in Morocco? Dee questioned her sister : she had been scared when her daughters had been branded but it went much smoother than she had expected. The burns weren't that offensive, just shallow groves in the skin. Dee had warned them : it would take two or three weeks for the skin to heal and a few months for complete healing but they would already be able to proudly show off their brands to stupefied patrons. Usually they became sex crazy.

Dee chose in Jacki's wardrobe clothes suitable for the first outing to a trainee whore : it had to be revealing, offensive, flashy but not obscene or able to attract the professional eye of a policeman. Dee chose a very short red denim skirt that Jacki usually wore above thick leggings. It was eight inches long from the waist line, that means it barely covered her crotch that wasn't protected by any knickers. Her décolletage was wide and deep and her top was cropped, leaving a large part of her flat belly on display.

To complete the outfit, she chose, of course, the highest heels of Jacki's wardrobe : Six inches platform sandals. Dee hadn't expected her sister to wear such slutty shoes but Jacki told her she had bought them to see how she would look on the street in whorish outfits.

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