tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJacki's Story Ch. 02

Jacki's Story Ch. 02


Jacki's daughters contemplated, fascinated their mother being fucked successively by Dee than by Abbie, Tyrone, Al and Justin in front of them. They had learned the guy's names from their small talk but what really surprised them was that their mother seemed to enjoy their bestial caresses. She screamed in pleasure, stopping only to beg them to fuck her harder. Their mother had seemed in love with their father Bill and now she used similar words of endearment to these four men! Her daughters' minds were now spinning out of control.

Laura was the most exposed : she was Jacki's eldest daughter and she was no more a virgin. So now her mother seemed totally enslaved, they would most likely turn to her... It was impossible : they must have drugged her mother! Everything had changed since Jacki's goddamned trip to Vegas for a family meeting with their grand father. When she had returned home, Jacki had searched a long time their father's office but she seemed not to have found anything. When their home had been invaded by their aunt and a gang of four large men, aunt Debbie had also searched the same room but, this time, her search seemed to have been successful. Dee had drawn her sister to show her what she had found. Her mother had gone back, totally defeated, but she had told nothing to her daughters. She had wept a long time, closed in a desperate silence.

Dee had organized something like a trial with their father as the accused and Dee as the public prosecutor and the judge. Jacki didn't reply to Dee's accusations, keeping her head down. Laura had supported totally her father. It had been quite courageous but completely silly as it made her and her sisters avowed accomplices of their father, whatever his misdeeds. Laura had thought that Dee would call the Police. Her father knew some of the best lawyers in England : He would be freed of any allegations in a few days!

Instead, Dee pronounced a verdict, something so weird that Laura couldn't believe her ears : They were to become whores in some far away country, just like Dee and her daughters after some harsh training. The training would start with their branding, yes old fashion branding with a hot metal iron, on their pussies! Dee announced they would be shaven and later depilated to exhibit their brand to their patrons! The shame would be unbearable and her studies at a famous law school would never come to their end! She would be marked for life as Dee's whore! She didn't really care about her sisters and her mother was nothing but a cash dispenser whenever she needed any! But the young brat was only concerned by herself!

A deep hatred against her mother made her groan in frustration : Jacki would be just tattooed on her pussy! Why Dee had been so lenient with her sister and so unforgiving about her nieces? It was just unfair! She didn't know it at the moment but Laura was an unbearable brat and the new orientation of her career would be a largely needed reformatory for Laura!

They were forced to attend some stupid ceremony that marked the formal enslavement of their mother. She didn't seem to be really furious of being reduced to the lowly status of whore. It seemed that Dee had forced her to service several men on the road to the tattooist and apparently she had enjoyed it. Laura was aghast when she realized her mother had entirely submitted to Dee : it was simply disgusting! She had always thought her mother was a dominatrix like her husband and she discovered that her sister had enslaved her in just a couple of hours! She would have expected Jacki had tried to kill Dee or herself but nothing of that kind! Shit! Jacki couldn't be her mother!

The gang members fucked Jacky in front of them. The gang comprised two white men, white trash as they agreed to obey a black man. The first one fucked Jacki's cunt. She opened her legs for him, pushing her crotch forward to offer herself to him : it was horrible but when the guy pulled out, letting a pool of white semen ooze from her pussy, the second man ordered Jacki to turn on her belly and wait for him on her four. She hastily complied. Yes, her mother was a whore without the least self respect! The man plunged his cock into her back passage. He was rather violent and her mother accompanied his entry with a loud scream but Laura noticed that pain was intricately mixed with pleasure. As the man fucked Jacki faster and deeper, her screams changed progressively with the pain disappearing, the pleasure becoming the main component until Jacki started to beg him to fuck her with more energy!

When the man had cummed in her mother's bowels and her unworthy mother had cummed with him, the man pulled back. The gang leader took off his garments and lay on the bed. He had the biggest cock Laura had ever seen! It was long, thick with protruding veins... and very black! Laura had often mingled with racist groups in England and for her, any man who wasn't a pure white was simple trash, even Italian and Spanish men were inferior stuff, unworthy of her attention!

Jacki didn't wait for an order before straddling the black man. His big cock nuzzled her bellybutton. Jacky lifted her hips as high as she could to lodge the tip of the black cock at the entrance of her love tunnel. She rocked her hips around until the cock head appeared to reflect the light, glistening with her love juices. When she had covered it with a thick coat of lubricant, Jacki bore down slowly on the unyielding shaft. The bulbous cock head disappeared in her cunt and the shaft followed line after line. Jacki was wiggling her hips to ease her impalement and reduced the pain. The man's cock was bigger than Laura's arm. God if he decided to enter Laura's pussy, he would stretch her out and she would become just another white slut for big black cocks for the rest of her life. She jumped on her feet and tried to escape through the door.

Dee tripped her on her way to the door. Laura fell in Al's powerful embrace... Abbie had continued phlegmatically to skewer Jacki. When he bottomed out, pressing on her cervix, she moaned. There were about four inches of Abbie's black cock waiting to enter her.

- Dee, What shall I do : stop there or force the entry into her womb? I may endanger the baby the surgeon has implanted there, from what you told me!

- No, Abbie, don't smash her cervix open! I don't want Jacki ruined! But I've no such qualms with that little minx here who just tried to escape! Before sunset, I want you to discharge one or two big loads of your potent seed directly in her fertile womb. I want her knocked up by a black man as soon as possible. Listen, Laura, you're going to be pregnant by a black man and you'll keep the baby! It will be the ultimate shame for you, don't you think so?

- I don't want it, bitch. I sincerely regret uncle Archie has not killed you!

- Better and better, slut! Now, Abbie, finish Jacki and teach this stupid girl to behave!

Abbie had stopped to allow Tyrone on board. His friend had copiously lubed his cock and Jacki's ass hole. He plunged his manhood into her bowel. He wasn't as big as Abbie but he was considerably bigger than the white man who had fucked her back passage a short time before. The white and so tiny frame of Jacki was now sandwiched between two large black men. It was such an exciting image that Dee took several photographs to immortalize the moment. She was planning to send prints to Bill in his prison. A video of the deflowering of his youngest daughters and Laura being gang banged by colored men would also be a nice additional punishment for him...

Jacki had never been double penetrated and she never had such big cocks inside her. Abbie and Tyrone had been very careful and had lubed her perfectly but the experience had been painful at the beginning. Fortunately, they had left her ample time to stretch out until she had been ready to accommodate them. Her moans had gradually ebbed down as her pain had subsided replaced by a delicious feeling or being filled to capacity. She screamed again as she felt the two cocks beginning to stir in her belly. Dee could have told her sister that having such big cocks working in perfect unison in her bowels was an experience most women would pay to discover... In no time, she felt a gigantic climax building in her belly. She screamed her pleasure aloud but Abbie didn't stop there and continued ploughing into her pussy while Tyrone was drilling into her ass hole. Jacki was now screaming continuously, jumping from a climax to another until they melted into an ocean of bliss. Jacki fainted from sexual overload soon after. Abbie pulled out without having discharged into Jacki's thirsty pussy. He turned toward Laura :

- Your turn, now, cunt!

Laura's heart missed a beat. Al was still holding her in an armlock that forbid her to move. He pushed her toward Abbie. She shrieked when she felt his powerful arms closing on her. She tried to bite him but he grabbed her hair in his right hand and yanked her away from his neck that was clearly her target. Laura howled in frustration. She hated that man! He was probably responsible for the death of Uncle Archie, the man she respected the most in the world, much more than her own father. He had told her that he wanted to restore the honor of the family by eliminating that slut of Debbie. She was the shame of the family!

Laura's only regret was that her father Bill had chickened out when he had the opportunity of fucking Dee's daughters. She had scolded him when he had contented himself with simple caresses on their breasts and a little mauling of their buttocks under their skirts. She would have liked him to take their cherries, especially that haughty Janet! He should have raped her on her wedding day when she had been alone with him as Laura had told him to do... If Dee had had any remorse about Laura and had divined her thoughts, she would have been sure that Laura was unworthy of any pity!

- You're lucky I am not a brute, gal! Al and Justin will fuck you to grease your cunt and arse. You'll have then to service Tyrone and myself. If we had chosen to use you without preparation, you may have finished in the emergency ward of some hospital!

Laura found some comfort thinking that, at least, Al and Justin were white men. Her attempt to bite Abbie had ensured they would not try to rape her mouth with their big cocks, a small victory for her as she knew already that when they would have broken her, her mouth would be put to good use, too! Laura felt dizzy : she had so often advocated forbidding any foreigners to settle in England : black, yellow, Spaniards, froggies and other invaders and she was about to be raped by a gang led by two black men! The situation was absolutely humiliating...

The worst was that her periods had still not settled in a regular rhythm so far. She didn't know whether or not she was in a fertile period! Her obstetrician had told her than everything would get in line when she would be expecting her first baby. Maybe it would be conceived on the bed Al and Justin were pushing her to but nothing was likely to get in line, afterward! On the contrary, everything was awfully wrong!

Justin lay on the bed. He had freed his cock that was now standing like a vertical proud pole waiting for a girl to impale on it. Tyrone and Al seized Laura by the shoulders and her feet and scooted her up. She was fighting fiercely but they were just too strong. Justin was commanding their moves until her pussy was hovering just above his swollen cock. When her pussy was perfectly aligned with his cock, Justin gave them the signal. Like a wedge, the tip of his cock buried immediately and completely into her slit. She screamed in hate : her rape had just started. Justin's cock felt like a steel rod. Al and Tyrone were rotating her hips to drill it inside her pussy. With all their strength and Laura's weight to help them, Laura felt the irresistible pressure building up in her belly. Somewhere she understood now why her mother had not resisted too much when the four men had fucked her : having a big cock up her twat was really enjoyable!

When she felt his balls touching her buttocks, she knew she had taken all his length inside her. She had never serviced a man that big and somewhere she felt proud of it but she dreaded the next steps. She knew she couldn't expect any pity and didn't want any from them all! She screamed in surprise when she felt something cold touching her buttocks. She turned her head to discover Al who was applying a thick layer of KY jelly on her butt hole. God, it was impossible : she had never taken anything in her butt! A double penetration would surely rip her apart : her little cunt was already overfilled! Al didn't seem affected by her pleas. Justin just drew her to him, forcing her waist to curb and offering her pert buttocks to Al's lewd assaults. Justin grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands and parted them open. Her rosette appeared, stretched out. She was unable to defend herself against him.

Laura's pleading stopped suddenly when she felt Al's cock pressing on her back passage. Al wasn't a brute but he applied a steady, gradually increasing pressure. Something was going to yield... and it was Laura's sphincter. She screamed when the head of Al's cock passed through her resistance. The cock was so slippery that a good half of the shaft glided into her before he stopped. It wasn't her resistance that stopped him, just a friendly concern for Abbie and Tyrone : if he ruined that girl, she wouldn't give them any real pleasure! Better allow her some respite to get accustomed to her new job. She was young and healthy : she would make a perfect pleasure slave!

Laura thought for some time that her ordeal was finished. Al wasn't pushing his cock inside her any more. She resumed pleading with him that he pulled back, that he was too big for her tight butt... Al was waiting in fact to feel her grip on his cock to loosen somewhat. He humped her a few times experimentally. His cock slided effortlessly inside her! That was the moment! Disregarding her frantic pleas, he plunged his cock to the hilt inside her! She screamed quite loud before discovering the pain had disappeared : the cock moving in her anus was just a discomfort, not a pain in the ass for sure!

The two men started soon to really fuck Laura. She was tossed around by their ample thrusts. She was in shock and barely noticed when they cummed at the same time inside her. They disengaged calmly and left the bed for Tyrone and Abbie. Laura's heart was beating madly as these two men had considerably more girth than Justin and Al. Laura had been amazed of being able to accommodate Al and Justin and now she was expected to service much bigger cocks. It was simply impossible! Her holes were gaping open. Abbie added a copious amount of lubricant inside her.

Laura tied to keep her legs closed but Tyrone, laughing, used his vastly superior strength to force her thighs apart. He drew her to him on the bed and positioned her for mounting. His eyes locked to hers and a broad smile illuminated his face when he grabbed her hips and pushed her down in a slow but steady move. She felt his cock invading her already out stretched cunt. She had thought that Al and Justin had reached her limits but Tyrone was pushing them further! Maybe the initial heavy pounding she had sustained had loosened her tight sheath but she realized that Tyrone invaded her pussy without the pain she had feared. She even surprised herself when she began panting and moaning more or less incoherently :

- Ooohhh! You're sooo big!... It's terrible! You are splitting me open.... Please stop... Oh nooo... It's too much! Aaargghhh... It's so goooddd!!!

Tyrone grinned fiercely when his cock bottomed out, reaching her cervix. She half expected him to fuck her and fill her with his sperm but he pulled back completely and pushed her away. Laura didn't understand until Abbie took Tyrone's place on the bed. Both men forced her to move her hips until her cunt was again hovering above Abbie's mammoth prick. They forced her down and Laura who was exhausted by her long struggle plunged on the cock waiting for her. The pain came back soon. Abbie was really dilating her. Her sphincter seemed about to burst open. Her skin was so stretched that it got shiny. The black man's body pressed against hers as his hard cock conquered her tight cunt.

Abbie immediately started to hump her in-and-out with his gigantic black cock, burying himself deeper and deeper into her. When he reached her cervix, just like he had with Jacki, there were about four inches of his cock that hadn't penetrated her. Abbie just increased the pressure on her hips and the force of his humps. Her cervix was pounded as it had never been. It was painful but Abbie continued to drill into her. Laura thought that her internal walls would be smashed down when she suddenly felt the pressure drop down. Incredulous, she felt Abbie's cock sliding slowly into her. Abbie was now much more gentle with her, not exerting any pressure on her hips as she slid down his erect pole. She realized that her cervix had opened in front of the intruder and was making a tight ring around his cock. Laura was totally impaled to the hilt on Abbie's big cock. It was the first time she was totally fucked by a man. She knew that her cervix would be loosened but a baby would have been much bigger and women were rarely seriously injured during delivery of her baby.

Abbie waited a few minutes for her heart to calm down before resuming his moves that would culminate into an unavoidable conclusion. She felt Abbie's cock throbbing inside her. She was so stunned by what she felt that she responded when Abbie kissed her on the mouth, opening her mouth to receive his tongue. Abbie caressed her breasts while he moved his cock deeper than Laura had ever imagined a man could go. She let him explore her mouth at will. There was no acrimony left in her mind : she was tamed! She already knew in her heart she would be thriving to be a good whore to please her owner, Dee, of course but her first trainer, Abbie!

- Do you want my cream in your womb, lass?

She heard a voice asking him to fill her with his seed and realized afterward that she had begged for it herself!!! Abbie didn't wait for any second thoughts : she felt something like a gallon of cum splashing against the walls of her womb, something she had never felt that make scream but there was no pain there, just pure bliss!

A big hand shook suddenly her shoulder. It was Tyrone who wanted to join the fun.

- Laura, you were a good fuck and you will get a reward for it : I leave you the choice. Shall I pull out and leave Tyrone to bugger you with his big cock or are you ready to receive both of us together at the same time. It would be a step further in your initiation. I think you're ready for it but it's up to you!

As she didn't reply immediately, Abbie started to withdraw but Laura blocked his move by crossing her legs in his back and drawing him into her again completely. She groaned and took him in her arms.

- Abbie, I feel safer when I'm with you. You're my master!

- No, Laura! Dee is your owner. She is your mistress! You belong to her and soon your body and soul will be totally hers.

- Oh it's impossible : I'm not a lesbian!

- Neither is Dee, just somewhat bi as any complete whore must be : you must be ready to service anyone : a man, a woman, a dog or a donkey if your owner commands it to you!

- I don't want to be fucked by some animal!

- Who does but real perverts? It will just depend on your final posting. The organization has a brothel in Abidjan with a night club. There are plenty of attractions: I've seen a girl peeling a banana, shoving it completely into her twat before pushing it out with the sheer force of her cunt muscles and cutting it in pieces with her cunt sphincter. It's the muscle girls contract to clamp on a man's cock. I have been told it's a trick that was practiced in Vietnam during the days of the French colonies there. A girl with that ability can do wonders to a man! She is always in high demand! Another famous attraction is a girl serviced by a donkey every evening. The poor lass has been so totally stretched out that she can't be of any use to a man. I could put my whole fist inside her without feeling any friction! Don't worry, it would take months but she would resize to normal girth. After the show, she spends most of her time on the straw with her donkey. He is the only one that can give her pleasure and make her cum!

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