tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJacki's Story Ch. 03

Jacki's Story Ch. 03


From an idea by real life Dee.

Jacki and her daughters had flown on a freight plane to Morocco, hidden in blue plastic drums that should have contained sludge for reprocessing. They were transported unconscious to their destination : a small valley deep in the Atlas mountains. When the lid was opened and they were awakened with a caffeine shot, they had the surprise to find a group of men watching them. Jacki, Laura and Emily had traveled with light manacles, just to prevent them from hurting themselves during the travel but Julia, Jacki's second daughter was fettered, blindfolded and gagged. Abbie had even wrapped her in a plastic film, mummified as he had called it. He had pierced holes to facilitate aeration but she had been perfectly secured. The three other girls were already perfectly tamed and didn't require such precautions.

The people watching them extracted from their transportation drums wanted mainly to watch Jacki. Rumor was running that she was Dee's twin sister and everyone wanted to see how much she looked like her sister who had left a fond souvenir as she had entertained the whole base for two days with her daughters. Dee had been a born whore and after just a week of intensive training by an expert such as Abbie Whitaker, she had been able to prove her impressive abilities to the top management and the whole staff. Since then, most of them went for a short holidays to Singapore to fuck either Dee or one of her daughters. If the new recruits were of the same quality, they would be a new source of deep enjoyment!

Dee's report was very detailed. The medical staff was informed that the two youngest daughters were still virgins. They were immediately photographed on all angles and the images were sent to all the prospective customers ready to pay huge sums to pop the cherry of a new whore and breed her for the first time. In the present case, they would have to wait a few months more as Julia, Jacki's second daughter was still restive. Both sisters would be auctioned on the same day in order to maximize their prices.

A commission hastily studied Dee's suggestions and endorsed them. It was viewed as quite subtle and may help to train new whores faster. Dee would have to wait for the final result to get a new commendation for her proposal. Emily and Julia received their chastity belt, stainless mail mesh knickers. The girl could pee through the mail or take a bath but her buttocks were totally unprotected. They could have their ass and mouth fucked at will. The organization wanted just to protect their pussies. Despite her fierce resistance, Julia was photographed for her file and measured. The director of the base had her pinned on her bed and fucked her ass despite her terrible but ineffective rage. The doctor noted that her cunt was dripping wet. She was quite eager to be fucked, just hated to be taken against her will! Julia would make a very good whore when training would have forced her to abandon her fight!

Dee's first suggestion was to have the new recruits service a bunch of poor and not very clean guys. Her discussion with Kira, an Indian friend she had met in Mumbai, had been the base of her idea. Kira had visited a cousin of her husband living in Oman who had restored a former cheik's fortified house complete with its own small harem. Kira had lived a week there with two female friends, living the cloistered life of a traditional harem. She had loved the very special atmosphere there with the moucharabies obscuring the view but allowing the girls to discover the outside world that was forbidden to them...

Jacki and her daughters were ferried to Oman in the same drums in which they had traveled from England. The drums were hauled in a lorry that deposited them in a small village in the middle of nowhere.

The drums were rolled under a big tent. Someone opened the lids. Jacki and her daughters discovered Dee and a woman they didn't know. She had a lither and less buxom figure than Dee. Their aunt presented her as Kira, a woman she had met at a medical congress in India. It surprised a lot Jacki : to her knowledge, Dee had never worked in the medical field but they didn't even try to explain anything. Laura, Jacki's eldest daughter noticed Kira and Dee were wearing Arab outfits and other ones were waiting on a coffin. The low status of Jacki and her daughters became immediately quite evident : while Dee and her friend were wearing red and violet silk djelabas with intricate embroideries made with gold or silver threads with a gauze face veil and a silk scarf on their head in matching colors, Jacki and her daughters had only to their disposal black heavy cotton clothes covering them from head to feet, named burqas.

For sure, Julia declined to put on such outfits. Dee's friend pointed out that the camel drivers that would drive them to their destination would dismantle the tent soon. They were mountaineer, rather crude, men. If they found a naked girl under the tent, they would surely rape her wherever she would be found and there were a dozen of them! Julia hastily put on the remaining outfit without further discussion. Dee added just for Julia a long leash about eight yards long attached to her wrists that were kept manacled to her front. Dee's daughter soon discovered the reason of this leash : Dee and her friend would travel on the back of a camel under pointed palanquin Kira named pods that would protect them from the heat of the sun but Jacki, Laura and Emily would travel on a crude saddle in the heat of the day. Julia would follow on foot.

Walking under the sun with little water and a thick black outfit, drawn by a camel can be something rather unpleasant. Julia like her sisters and mother was naked under the burqa. It had no importance for the girls traveling on the back of camels but Julia had also to fear tripping upside down and exposing her naked buttocks and pussy to the eyes of the camel drivers. Always being afraid to be exhibited to them had the desired effect : she was walking and running when the camel sped up but she always thought to their male faces and beards, their muscular chests and their sturdy arms. Soon her thoughts drifted to the big cocks they were surely hiding under their clothes. She never would recognize it but before she had walked half the distance to their destination, she felt horny and ready to service one of these hawk faced men with his calloused hands!

Kira seemed to know each of these men as she addressed them with their names. They stopped around noon for some lunch. Kira and Dee stayed in their pods. One of the men prepared food while the other ones rested. Jacki, Laura and Emily were ushered to the cook who put plates in their hands waving to the other men. They clearly understood they had to serve food to the camel drivers. They feared to be manhandled and they hasted to do the required job. To their surprise, Julia took her place in the line and brought food to three of the camel drivers without being forced to do it.

The cook was also preparing some more elaborate recipe in another cooking vessel : it wasn't a pan, nor a simple tin but at least it was clean. He gave plates to Jacki and waved toward the pods of Dee and Kira. So she was to serve food to her sister and her friend... Jacki found it rather humiliating. She prayed she wouldn't be expected in the future to serve her sister in public, wearing some frilly and very revealing French maid outfit! She had been told that Dee was a highly respected whore in one of the busiest whore houses of the Organization. She was rather wealthy now and allowed to travel abroad on occasion. She could perfectly hire her in the future and have Jacki service her : it would be her absolute shame!

After they have served everyone, Jacki and her daughters were allowed to feed on the leftovers. There was no better way to show them they were the lowliest scum of the Earth! Curiously, Julia seemed not to mind ; she even loved to be despised and treated awfully bad! One of the camel drivers named Hassan went to Kira's palanquin, asking her for her orders. He spoke rather fluently English interspersed with a few Arab words. Jacki gathered that Kira had come once already there and had entertained with two of her friends the camel drivers at their destination. This time, it seemed that Jacki and her three daughters would be expected to provide the entertainment during the travel! Kira explained that the eldest woman was the mother of the three youngest and that two of them were virgins. It seemed to have heightened the general excitation to impossible levels.

Kira invited Hassan and another man named Ali in her palanquin, telling him that, this time, she wasn't tied to the wall. Neither Dee nor Jacki understood the meaning of that sentence but Hassan laughed quite loud. Kira also asked Dee if she was interested to have some man keeping her company for the second half of their travel. Dee seemed quite eager to find some solace to a boring travel. The pod was rather comfortable but the gait of the camels was so slow! Kira told Mohammad, another camel driver, to climb into Dee's pod with Abdul. Kira added a few words in Arab language for the attention of the two men who climbed into Dee's pod with quite eager faces... Jacki was tensed, fearing and wishing together that Kira gave orders concerning the four prisoner girls.

- Nassir, designate two men for each of the four girls with the black niqabs; Use condoms and don't hurt them in any way! Two of them are virgins. They are not to be molested or hurt! Otherwise, use the four of them at will! You've half an hour before we leave.

When Hassan entered Kira's pod, she was waiting for him, with her hands behind her neck, reclining on her couch. During her first visit, Hassan had discovered she had the most lascivious mouth he had ever explored. Her other holes were also quite appealing. She wasn't a normal woman but a volcano of lust, an insatiable houri! She welcomed him by reminding him with a mellow voice of their first encounter :

- Hello, Hassan! Your Indian bitch would love to have you pump your cock in her mouth. I want to see what a good fuck you are!

He made Kira prone on her knees with a thick pouf under her belly. Her face was just in line with his beautiful cock. Ali meanwhile had lifted the back of her caftan, revealing naked buttocks that her crouched position delineated perfectly. Hassan gave the signal and they skewered her from both sides like a poultry impaled for a barbecue. Her screams and groans were perfectly muffled by Hassan's big cock but it was quite obvious that Kira loved that brutal entrance! Hassan told her to take his balls into her hand and massage them. He was already ramming his proud cock into her mouth while Ali's prick was ploughing her cunt.

- Time to suck me seriously, Indian slut! You aren't on vacations!

Since their first encounter, Hassan had loved speaking her nasty and offensive words and Kira had found it quite exciting. She obediently opened her mouth and tried to swallow completely his hard cock. As usual, he tasted awful : a mixture of sweat, dirt, pee and cum. Perhaps he hadn't washed seriously since their last encounter! He mustn't have taken a bath for weeks, that was sure! Trying not to throw up, she worked it down her throat. She cleaned him with her tongue and swallowed hard to get rid of the foul taste. She had a compassionate thought to Jacki and her daughters who had lived so far such a prissy life. How would they cope with such an awful smell?

Kira started bobbing her head up and down along the whole length of his shaft. Hassan knew how expert the mouth of this Indian slut could be! He started moaning soon. She knew he really loved when she deep-throated his cock and just after licked his cock head. He could never withstand such a caress and cummed rather fast. After a few minutes of playing with him, Kira felt his cock grow in her mouth and start throbbing. She prepared to receive his first salvo of Arab cum in her mouth with pleasure. Hassan erupted violently as she had expected it. He wasn't wearing a condom. She swallowed all his balls gave her. He turned toward his friend Ali who was still ramming her cunt with all his strength. He pulled out and clapped his hands in rhythm to encourage the two of them.

When Mohammad and Abdul entered her pod, Dee was somewhat scared : she had never fucked Arab men and even less sturdy mountaineers, quite different from the big cities men she was used to. She was more than pleased when they undid their clothes and uncovered their bulging muscles and meaty cocks. Mohammad was the first to strip completely and Dee discovered a long and sinewy but quite appealing cock. Kira had told her she couldn't expect to find the same cleanliness that she considered normal in her country. These men had rarely enough water to shower seriously and even more seldom the occasion to take a bath except in the sea!

Dee bent down and, hiding a disgusted grin, she took him whole in her mouth, cleaning him thoroughly in her mouth before putting on a condom. Her ministrations made it longer and harder if it was possible. She looked down to it with lust in her eyes :

- You've a splendid cock, Master! I wish you can bury your big cock deep in my tight pussy! You're going to split me open!

In reality, she was quite sure she would have no problem accommodating him even if he was longer by two or three inches but it was always interesting to flatter somewhat a male. Telling him he had the biggest cock the girl had ever seen was the best way of attracting his sympathy! Mohammad pushed his cock into Dee's pussy in just a few seconds. He had the impression he was plunging into wet clay. He had his whole cock stuffed into her quite wet pussy quite fast. He humped her forward fiercely and she answered by shoving her cunt back at him. She started immediately moaning and screaming as he fucked her as if it was the most important thing for him in his life.

- Abdul, let's ride this slut hard together. I fuck her cunt ; you can take her ass. Fuck her as hard as you can. She is a good whore for Arab zobs (cocks) , just like princess Kira!

While Mohammad and Abdul enjoyed Dee, the eight other camel drivers had swarmed around Jacki and her daughters. Even Julia was put to use. When she tried to push back the men grabbing at her breasts and buttocks, one of them slapped her back on her cheek, punched her belly with his clenched fist and took from his belt a long knife. He placed it on her throat and whispered to her with a suave voice.

- First and last warning : either you act like a good slave and open your mouth and your ass to our cocks or I slit open your throat. The life of a lower slut is of no importance to me! You have no alternate option : behave or die! Just tell me what you've decided!

- Yes, you can do whatever you want with me, dog!

- Not so easy, slut! I want you to tell your mother and sisters that you want me to fuck you as hard as I can!

- Fuck! I'll never do it...

- So you prefer to be killed?

- No... Please, no, Master! Mom, Sis, I... I want this man to fuck me as hard as he can while that man fucks my ass!!!

Jacki was already servicing the two men who had chosen her. They were really enjoying her quite recent abilities. She nonetheless stopped in her tracks, disbelieving what her ears reported her : Julia publicly accepting to fuck two men! She discovered the knife on her throat and had a grim smile : at least, Julia was afraid to die. Dee listened to Julia's words but she wanted more than that : Julia's complete surrender. Then she could organize both sisters' public defloration and their ownership ceremonies. Then and only then, they would receive their definitive postings and they would start to exercise their new job for real, at last!

Jacki had found normal for years to be fucked by her husband once or twice a week with never any complaint. Since her kidnapping, several men fucked her every day and she had discovered she really enjoyed it! She woke up every morning, knowing already that several men and maybe a few women would approach her that very day, caress her nipples, shove their fingers or their cocks into her twat and her ass or explore her mouth with their tongues and their cocks. There was nothing she could do to prevent them but she had discovered it was so pleasant to abandon herself to their lewd ministrations! Now even watching her daughters and her friends being fucked and enjoyed by strangers stirred desires in her belly that only a torrent of hot cum could quench!

The eight men may not have been very gentle with the girls they were assigned to but they weren't brutal. None of them received even only a slap, with the exception of Julia's initial revolt but as soon as she had stopped her struggle, she was treated with the same deference as her mother and sisters! Teaching her that revolt would be severely punished but compliance and obedience would be rewarded was a good politic. The lesson must have been properly learned as the man cut the bonds pinning Julia to the ground. She turned on her belly immediately, parted her legs and lifted her buttocks as high as she could. She even leant on her elbows and turned toward her suitors.

- Now, Master, you can play with my young breasts while you fuck my tight ass! Enjoy me, Master!

No man would have resisted to such an invitation. Husseinyi didn't even try! This girl was like a wild cat, not tamed, reluctant to service a man but as soon as she discovered she was in the power of a strict man, she became instantly as mellow as a kitten! God! He would like to have such a girl with a volcano in her belly in fire as his wife!

Before their arrival, Kira and Dee rearranged their hair and clothes, cleaning their cunt and ass with jasmine water and their mouths with scented almond oil. It was impossible to be presented to Dhanraj reeking with sex odors.

Dee discovered the rather impressive building with the elegant mucharabies on the third floor and the wide windows just above. Kira had explained her that the mucharabies marked the harem level where she would be cloistered for a week. She had wanted to follow the progress of Jacki and her daughters' training. She perfectly knew that the price for it would be to service the lusty needs of the owner of this sturdy building and of some of its inhabitants but that was nothing to disturb a seasoned whore as she was proud to be. She would have been ready to service all the twelve camel drivers but she was just a spectator. What was really important was the reaction of her sister and her nieces and specially of the most troublesome in the group, Julia!

A woman walked out of the building. She was carrying two Burqas identical to those worn by Jacki's family. Kira had told her the girl's name was Leila and she was Dhanraj's mistress of the harem, completely devoted to him. She climbed in priority into Kira's pod and they exchanged prolonged greetings. She left kira who already knew how to put on a burqa to walk to Dee. Leila climbed into

her pod and kissed Dee on the cheek. She helped her to put on her new outfit. It was covering her from head to toe with just a narrow slit at the level of the eyes. There was an opaque face veil, it was very long, falling down to her belly. She had never been so completely concealed to men's eyes and it was a new experience for her. Leila helped her to exit the pod with dignity. Kira was waiting for them quietly in the heat of the sun. They walked with a brisk pace to the big and very thick door.

- Don't forget you must never speak to any stranger especially males. You must always be accompanied by myself or Hassan or Muhammad. From the moment you have entered the house, you'll be just another of the master's concubines, to use, discard, offer or give as he wants!

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