tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJackman Breaks Loose Ch. 02

Jackman Breaks Loose Ch. 02


Pressure builds, and he bolts. Where can he find some peace and quiet, and someone who doesn't know who he is?

Hugh Jackman finds an oasis of calm and hot sex, away from the spotlight.

This is a fantasy, and in no way reflects a real incident, nor do I wish to cause concern or upset to Mr Jackman and his family in anyway with this erotic story.

However if you are the sexiest man alive, you must realise you are the centre of many a persons erotic dreams.


He watched as she stood by the big soft bed, the room in shadows, lit only by the moon and stars through the window. In the gloom her skin looked silver, her hair a rippling gold. The smell of lavender surrounded them, the only sounds in the room the rustle of material as she undid her blouse and his breathing as he watched, fascinated.

Button by button she undid the soft white silk, revealing the pure white lace that gently held the two small swells of her breasts, curved and moving with each small breath she took. Undoing the buttons at the cuffs, she then reached down and pulled out the hem from where it was tucked into the waistband of the black straight skirt, shrugging it off her shoulders, all the time looking towards him with her sightless eyes, as if she could see him standing there transfixed and unsure.

"Is this your first time?"


"Your first time being unfaithful to your wife?"

His face frowned and a hot flush ran up his cheeks, "How did you know I was married?"

"Your ring, I felt it as I held your hand walking up the stairs. Is this your first time?"


Smiling she told him, "It won't count. It's just a moment in time, two people coming together for a small giving of pleasure, then going their separate ways, never to meet again."

Stepping around the bed towards her, he ran his fingers through her hair, feeling its silky texture. "Why me? Someone you don't know."

"Because I believe in taking pleasure where I can, when I can. Life is too short to worry and prevaricate. Each person has it in them to give and take. I believe tonight Hugh I want to give you pleasure, and ease the pressure I sense within you. Relax and enjoy." Raising her arms up to encircle his neck she lifted her face up towards his as his mouth came down to join it in a kiss, soft, slow, deep and wet.

She felt his prickly stubble on her face, as their mouths and tongues entwined, sensuously getting acquainted in the age old dance, following each others lead, to explore the warm wet caverns.

His muscles tightened as he gave way to the wonderful feeling of her lithe body pressed up against his. Arms holding her, one hand sweeping up to hold her head still, buried in the waterfall of her hair, he deepened the kiss, pressing hard upon her lips, groaning deep in his throat as their taste buds tasted the sweet nectar of each others passion.

Slowly breaking the kiss, she stepped back, and undoing the fastening of her skirt, slipped it down her thighs to let it drop around her ankles, showing him the long lithe swell of her hips, soft flat belly indented with her navel, her womanhood encased in a small white silky throng, sensual and inviting.

Swallowing deeply, he stared at her as she reached behind her body and undoing the bra, letting it slip down her arms to fall on the floor, revealing breasts that were perfect, unblemished and pert. Dark pink tips pointed up at him, hard and inviting, they stood out against her pale skin, like rose buds waiting to be plucked.

Kneeling in front of her he kissed her belly, his hands resting each side of her hips; and lowered the skimpy throng, to kiss the silken curls that it barely hid. Feeling her hands run through his hair, he buried his face into her mound, smelling the musky scent of her sex, intoxicating, exhilarating and sensual. His head pounded as the excitement built inside him, and rising to his feet, he pulled the black polo shirt up over his head, throwing it behind him to land somewhere in the room, uncaring about where it fell.

Her hands rose up, her long slender fingers touching his chest, the tips burrowing into the wiry hair that covered the hard and well defined muscles, and then moved, feeling and 'seeing' his body, as they roamed. Across his pectoral muscles, to the tight small nipples where her short nails scrapped, causing ripples of pleasure to explode in the sensitive nerve endings, his chest tightening with the delicious feelings.

On and on her hands roamed over his strong body, mapping out her 'sight', following the dips and swells that he worked so hard to achieve in the gym each day, and that was demanded of him to maintain for his roles in the competitive hot house of the entertainment world. Down his torso they roamed, feeling his ribs, his six pack, his shoulders, his arms, and then she stood back, feeling for the bed, where she lay down, wantonly, her body open and waiting, legs slightly apart and knees slightly raised, arms up above her head, she offered him access to every part of her, open and freely given, un-judging and un-judged.

Removing the rest of his clothes he knelt on the bed, his hands starting at her ankles, they glided up her long smooth shins, feeling the silky skin against his palms, until he reached her knees, and moving them more apart he lowered his head to sip at her most private place. His tongue reaching out to lick between the folds, finding her hard pearl inside its hood, he teased it with the warm hard tip of his tongue, swirling around, the musky taste and smell of her invading his senses, pulling him further into her web of desire.

As her body arched, allowing him more access, her golden hair spread around her head, her sightless eyes stared up at the colours that pleasure brings inside her head. His hands reached around to hold the firm globes of her buttocks, holding her still, as he licked and nipped and sucked at the hard bud. Small gasps escaped her lips, her arms thrown up above her head grabbed at the headboard above her, dislodging pillows as she started to climb towards her first release.

Hearing her pant, he left the place between her thighs, leaving her hanging part way up the pull of completion, his mouth wet with her moistness, and worked his way up her body, kissing a line from the golden curls, past the small indent of her navel, up her long lithe belly to her high, firm globes, capped by the dark hard peaks, and taking the enlarged and swollen nipples into his mouth repeated the actions that he had given to her clitoris..

Nails clawed at his back, her legs wrapped around his hips, inviting and insistent, but still he ignored the silent plea. Cupping her breasts in his hands he suckled and kneaded the rose petal soft mounds, squeezing the firm flesh, pushing the pointing tips higher into his mouth, where his teeth worried the hard buds, pulling at them, grazing them, biting them, feeling her writhe under his body, under his mouth, and inside his senses.

They rubbed against each other, bodies entwined, kissing deeply, hands rubbing skin, squeezing and cupping, sweat glistening, muscles straining, they gave each other pleasure, moving closer towards the moment that they both needed, the freedom of animalistic letting go.

The sounds in the room resonated with the two people, desperate and needing to connect. Two strangers, one blind, but seeing the isolation inside the other, the other that could see, and sensing the need for touch and connection within the woman under him, and willing to give to each other what was required.

Hot sex. A moment's passion. That exhilarating high that tells each human we are alive, and our bodies working at the most primeval level.

Pure and utter release, that most desirable of all our emotional highs.

Her hand reached between the two bodies taking hold of his hard shaft, and rubbing it, so that the pre cum spilt out of the small eye at the head of the crown. Raising himself up, he arched his body, allowing more access. "Yes..." a deep avowal escaped his mouth, as she worked his rock hard member. He couldn't remember being so hard and excited so quickly for years, his erection stiff, his veins standing out and the tightness in his groin pulling at him, the complete focus of his attention, "Yes..."

Lifting her hips up, she guided the solid cock to her tight wet hole, and with her legs pulled his hips down, so he entered her with a long deep sweep, stretching her inner walls as the muscles inside her ,welcoming him in, as if they knew him as an old lover, perfect and tight.

Settling in, he threw back his head, absorbing the wonderful feeling of being inside of her, before he started to move, slowly at first, almost leaving the grabbing pulsing entrance before thrusting down, deep and true, his crown pushing up against the entrance to her womb, and then repeating the movement, time and again.

On and on they went, climbing higher and higher, her hips moving in rhythm to each of his thrusts, faster and faster they danced, joined as one, the wet sounds of the movement as his manhood pummelled her soaking wet cunt joining in with the gasps and the moans that the man and woman made into the dark night surrounding them.

Breathtaking, the dance of love seemed as natural as breathing, as the two lovers rose higher and higher towards orgasm, bodies straining, muscles tightening, lungs gasping, the pull became stronger until exploding, they came, his hot seed pumping into her, her muscles milking him, his balls tight and hot, all other thought lost except the one of utter gratification.


Later, laying languorous and replete besides her, his breathing returning to normal, he felt a small pang of remorse. Looking sideways as she lay, body lit by the moon, relaxed and calm, he pushed away the feelings, and curling to his side, his hand resting on her stomach, asked, "Tell me how you feel, is it different for you? Does your blindness make a difference to how you experience making love?"

Smiling up at nothing, she laughed, "I don't know. Is it different? I'm not sure. I was born blind and know no other way or feeling. My other senses are very acute; my body feels the slightest touch, so I compensate for my blindness in many ways. How about you? How do you feel?"

Hugh thought about it for a moment before answering. "I feel good. Better than good. Relaxed. For the first time in a few years, I feel relaxed and free. Thank you."

"My pleasure......No regrets?"

"No. No regrets."

A gentle silence settled on them, as they lay luxuriating in the calmness of the room, until it was broken by the shrill sound of the ringing of the phone.

Reaching across she felt for it on the bedside table, and picking the handset up and placing it to her ear listened before offering it to him, telling him, "It's for you. Dave the mechanic. He's back at the recovery garage."

Taking the phone, he put the handset to his ear and with a heavy heart said, "Hello, is that Dave?"

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