tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJackman Breaks Loose Ch. 04

Jackman Breaks Loose Ch. 04


Pressure builds, and he bolts. Where can he find some peace and quiet, and someone who doesn't know who he is?

Hugh Jackman finds an oasis of calm and hot sex, away from the spotlight.

This is a fantasy, and in no way reflects a real incident, nor do I wish to cause concern or upset to Mr Jackman and his family in anyway with this erotic story.

However if you are the sexiest man alive, you must realise you are the centre of many a persons erotic dreams.


Laying back, his well toned body spread out on the soft white sheets, his arms flung up over his head, his eyes closed, he luxuriated in the hot wet feel of her mouth as she took his hard and throbbing shaft inside the glorious cavity, moving up and down, sucking hard she worked him, making the tight hot feelings gather in his groin, and his body hum.

Her small pink tongue swirled around the velvet skin, feeling every vein and bump, then over the glistening glans, sweeping up the pre cum that gathered there. Then back down again to take the whole long pole into her mouth, until he could feel the back of her throat, pressing down, deeper, taking him down to that point of pleasure where there is no turning back.

Lifting his hips to join her movement, moving up as she moved down, he fucked her mouth, muscles straining until he could feel his balls start to tighten, the buzzing in his head increasing, he peaked, climaxing into her mouth, his salty hot sperm shooting down her throat, and then his body spent, he lay there relaxed and content.

She crawled up the bed to lay her head in the crook of his arm, and the two of them cuddled there, taking comfort in the feel of each other, hands gently stroking skin, tranquil in the after glow. After a while she asked him, "You said you find it hard to deal with all the demands on your time, can't you say no, delegate, or just manage the amount in a better way."

"Delegation is not an option, it's expected of me, and therefore I do it, and I tend not to say no, which I should. Maybe after this I'll, cut back and not do so much. It's just that I love my work, and there is a lot of supporting stuff I have to do. It's complicated."

"Nothing is complicated Hugh, you either say yes, or no. Life is about choices, you have to take the decisions and stick by them. Maybe you're making the wrong decisions in life."

"Part of the reason I say yes is I want to please, its left over from my childhood. I was brought up by a single father with four other siblings after my mother left. I was taught by my father that the work ethic is all, and until now I've never worried about it. It's just at the moment I need some space, maybe I've sold out. I'm not sure anymore."

Laying back, the quiet and peacefulness surrounding them, he lay thinking on what she had said. It was true; he had made many decisions in life, agreeing to do things he should have said no to. Trying to please, and in doing so he had made his life a madhouse with no privacy, no anonymity and no way of evading the press and the fans that followed him with mobile phone cameras, even when walking his children to school. His every move, followed, recorded, watched.

Her small hand lay upon his chest, and her small body nestled against his. Was this another bad choice he had made, this moment of madness? He had never in fourteen years of marriage been unfaithful, and here he was, with a perfect stranger, laying in bed, discussing feelings he had held inside for so long. Was this his middle life crisis? How did he feel about being unfaithful, and how would this affect his relationship with Deb? What would he do when he returned to his real life, in the public eye?

Drifting into sleep, he lay, his dilemmas in his mind unresolved.

* Sunday Morning found him in the field, early, the mist rising up from the wet grass all around where he sat, crossed legged, back straight, hands relaxed on his thighs, eyes closed. Chanting the mantra in his head he took himself into his usual state of meditation, looking for some answers.

After thirty minutes he had his answers, and walking back to the cottage, found Grace as she sat brushing her hair at the end of the bed. Sitting next to her and taking her hand in his he told her, "Grace, this weekend, your kind gift of affection and peace has meant so much to me. But I know I have to now go back. The space you've given me has allowed me time to think and realise that I need to make my choices in life a lot more realistic, not just for me, but for my family. For that I thank you."

Smiling up at the sound of his voice and cupping his face in her hand she smiled, "I hope you find the harmony and serenity you yearn for. I'll always treasure this memory."

Kissing each other, they said goodbye without words.


Walking back into the hotel, people pointing at him as he walked by, he strode to the lift, and up to his room. Picking up the phone he dialled his wife, waiting for her to pick up the phone at her end, back in New York.

"Hi, have I woken you up?"

"No. How's it going?"

"Pretty much the same as usual. Can you get an earlier booking and come over tomorrow, instead of next week?"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, except I'm missing you and it's a bit crazy here."

Smiling to herself, she revelled in the fact that her handsome husband missed her. "I'll see if I can get one for tomorrow. How is England?"

"Raining. Same as always."

"How's the promo going?"

"I'll tell you when you get here. Miss you babe."


He watched his wife as she walked into the Hotel Suite, the kids running towards him.

"Hi," he smiled a sexy smile, eyes twinkling, "I've missed you, think we can grab an early night tonight?"

Laughing and throwing her head back, she replied, "Desperate are you?"

"Mmm..." and winking he told her, "Like when we were first married, so brace yourself Deb, I think your luck's in tonight."

Her throaty laugh echoed in the room, and the familiarity of two people who know each other so well gave them an excited warmth that pooled between them, as they both imagined the coming night.


The woman sat in her little office, the phone by her ear, as she listened to the Editor of the Sunday paper that specialised in printing sensational stories about well known figures.

"Yes, for two nights and two days." Listening to the man at the other end, she exclaimed, "How much?"

Smiling to herself at the price quoted for her story, she agreed for a reporter to come up and interview her. "If you come on up for tomorrow, I'll have the bulk of the story prepared, and I can assure you it will be a hot one. I'll get my Lawyer over to witness the contract."

Re-dialling she waited until Dave picked up the phone, and told him, "They've agreed, thanks for telling me who he was. Your cut is a grand, and they would like some proof."

"No problem Grace, I can bring over the credit card receipt, and confirm to them who it was I met there at your place this weekend."

Putting down the handset, Grace sat back, her sightless eyes staring out, a big smile on her face. Twenty five grand, just for fucking over the weekend.

It was well worth it.


Sitting back in chair, Mike looked up at his Editor. "Your joking, Not Mr Squeaky Clean?"

"Seems even he slips now and again."

"Wow, what an exclusive, I can see the headline now, 'Wolverine and the blind passion he found,' should move a load more papers, 'sexiest man in the world fucks up by being found out'."

"Yeah, well and truly fucks up!"

The sound of raucous laughter could be heard throughout the news desk as the two men contemplated the exclusive they were going to print next Sunday exposing the famous Mr Jackman and his sexual exploits with the nubile Miss Grace.

If he wanted some peace and quiet, he went about the wrong way of trying to find it!

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