They all arrived around the same time. The greedy s.o.b.s who had more money than they could use, but wanted more. They knew when to come and they came in droves. This particular casino did not stand alone. They stood united, with all the other casinos, in the way they function. Very rich people, paid handsome sums of cash to find out when the jackpot pay signals would be sent and to which machines. Poor sad sacs would lose every day, all day long, but when sitting at the right machine, at the right time, money would just pour into their hands. Soon people found out about this. Word spread, via many sources; the internet being one, close friendships being another. It attracted people with a nasty combination of greed and anticipation in their blood. The fee was hefty, and the secrecy was beyond stringent. Each person had a little book with the date, machine number and an approximate time the machine would pay off.

It was a perfect time for feeding, Jasmine thought. It was a long holiday weekend and the casinos were full. Jasmine had her plan arranged ahead of time, for tonight she must eat. She admired the prey available tonight. Each slot machine had a person sitting transfixed in front of it. The promised pay signal is what they craved. They had paid richly to guarantee it. Jasime didn't care about money. Although, it was fun to spend. Being a human shape shifter had it's rewards, except for tonight's feeding. She hated this ritual. It made her uneasy. Tonight in particular Jasmine had a very uneasy feeling. Like every other year, she would need to decide if she would kill her prey, or spend the next year teaching and transforming him. He could look like anyone he desired. Being a betting woman, Jasmine decided to let fate decide. If he hit a jackpot, it would be certain death, if not, she would take him as her mate for the year and train him to enjoy an existence as a human shape shifter; a man who could assume any human identity he desired.

Tonight she decided to be a stunning 22 year old, curvy blonde with Marilyn Monroe features, a tight skirt showing every curve, and voluptuous breasts that spilled out of her skimpy little see through lite purple blouse. A tight fitting white bomber jacket hid her gorgeous tits until the time was right. Jasmine strolled up and down the isles, watching the mesmerized gamers. She usually found her best prey at the dollar machines. Often they were rich, dressed in suits, and with handsome features.

Jasmine was about to give up hope looking, when there he was. He had a twinkle in his eye. She pegged him for mid forties. He was very attractive and looked like he was well built and worked out often. Innocently, Jasmine sat beside him while inserting a 100 dollar bill into the machine. She idly wondered if he was a member of the millionaire club or just an innocent player trying his luck. She decided she would soon find out. The usual time for a scheduled jackpot win was anywhere within a half hour or so and usually around 11:30 pm. Was he an innocent gambler or a greedy little fuck who liked to prey on the weak gamblers and basically steal their opportunities? Little did he know it would be the difference between life or rebirth for him. She sat there smiling while admiring her mark. The anticipation was intoxicating.

Jasmine adjusted her legs so her skirt rode up her long gorgeous thighs. She noticed her mark, glancing and smiling as she sat down at the slot machine beside him. He smelled good. So did she. Jasmine won right away, having picked one of the winning machines that everyone so eagerly paid to play. She jumped up excited grabbing a hold of the arm of her prey. Her see through blouse revealed his big, gorgeous breasts. They mesmerized the man beside her. He looked absolutely ravenous. Jasmine watched him lick his lips and squirm in his chair. She knew she was amazingly gorgeous and totally irresistible and she loved working it. Shyly, Jasmine sat down covering her amazing breasts with her jacket again and continued playing.

" Sorry to have grabbed you like that," she said to the man.

He smiled at her. "No problem," he said looking at her with a sparkle in his eye.

They both noticed that neither of them had a ring on. They caught each other looking and grinned.

"I'm Jack," he said.

They held each other's hand for a lingering moment. She felt his electricity. He would get use to the idea of being a human shape shifter, perhaps even thank her for it, she thought; if that was the route that fate would take.

While inserting another $20, Jasmine dropped the bill and leaned over in the handsome man's direction. Her jacket spread apart and revealing her luscious tits and rock hard nipples that presented themselves so ripe under her blouse.

"Let me help you with that," Jack said.

They both leaned into each other with their mouths inches away. They lingered seductively as if in a trance. She broke it off first sitting back up. Jasmine noticed his slot machine still hadn't won and was happy to treat him well and not torture him like her contempt made her do in previous years.

" Follow me," she said.

The sway of her seductive charms raged in full force. Like a lust filled fool he followed her and grabbed her hand. They rode the elevator in silence. Her room number was 3301. She took out her key and opened the door. Meanwhile, back at the casino an innocent player put a 20 dollar bill into the machine Jack had been playing and hit a ten thousand dollar jackpot.

As they entered the room they stared at each other with lust discarding their clothes fast and furiously. Her tits was big and round like ripe melons with big delicious looking nipples. The rest of her body was so perfectly shaped Jack could start feeling the shift in his pants. Gawd, he wanted to fuck her. He wanted to devour her every way possible, enjoying every wild thought and desire he'd ever imagined. Walking up to her, his sexy smile gone now he kissed her viciously and fiercely biting her bottom lip. Jasmine winced. It hurt. But it hurt in a good way. Okay she didn't figure him the type, what what the hell. Throwing her on the bed, Jack took off his pants and shoved his penis in Jasmine's mouth. Jasmine nearly choked from the shook of the ferocity of his manner. She sucked him as best as she could but he kept shoving his cock deeper and deeper, making her gag. She tried to move away but he grabbed her and held her in place forcefully, whispering, " C'mon baby make me cum. You make me so fucking horny."

Before she knew it he was moaning and his hot sticky cum was spilling into her mouth, on her tits and in her hair.

"Now to take care of you," Jack said.

She moaned loudly when she suddenly felt his mouth eating her pussy, He licked and lapped, and then when finding her hot little button his tongue maneuvered skillfully in that direction; driving her wild with intense stimulation.

Okay, she decided. He's not dangerous. He's just wild in bed. Jasmine allowed herself to the enjoy the skillful way he licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. She rubbed his cum into her lusciously big tits making them glisten. She then grabbed his hair and rode his mouth wildly while he licked and licked. She closed her eyes and he shoved something thick and strong into her wet cunt while he continued to suck on her clit. Jack pulled it in and out. She bucked. Jasmine felt herself begin to feel dizzy. He kept fucking her with it. The blood poured out of her. She felt weak. Then, she passed out. Jack pulled the object he was fucking her with out and looked at it. The razor dildo did it's job well once again. The puddle of blood that poured from her pussy rendered her unconscious. Jack began feasting, starting with her tits. He needed to devour her completely before sunrise. His annual feed needed fulfilling. Too bad she won that jackpot.

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