For any straight man who occasionally visits websites like Chat Roulette or Omegle, there are two things you hope you're going to see but know, in your heart of hearts, that you're almost never going to happen across: a willing woman or an exhibitionist couple. But that doesn't stop thousands of people clicking and clicking and clicking through with hope and anticipation before settling for something a little less interactive.

The first Chat Roulette jackpot is a woman willing to show herself off and play while you do the same. I have encountered such a woman once, and was so surprised that I messed it up. It was a slow Friday evening and - being far from my partner and horny - I thought I'd fire up the browser in search of a remote connection. After clicking through what seemed like a thousand hard cocks being stroked by men in the same boat as me, finally there was a woman. Head not visible, as is common, body wrapped in a clean white fluffy towel and, it seemed, little else.

I stared for a moment, barely believing I'd hit on a real, live woman before finding my brain and typing 'Hi' into the little chat box.

She wasn't interested in small talk. She wrote: "Show me your cock."

With no hesitation, I pulled my dick from my boxer shorts and began stroking it.

"Mmmmm. Looks lovely," she wrote and started to unhitch the top the towel to reveal her breasts and, I hoped the rest of her body. With one hand on my cock, I leaned down to hit the full screen button with my mouse and, on accident, clicked the button which rerolled the Roulette wheel and connected me to someone enthusiastically splashing semen onto his own stomach.

From this encounter, I realised that among the mass of exhibitionist wankers, there were women out there willing to expose themselves (and in my own experiences with my partner, that there are couples willing to perform, but more of that in another tale), and it only took dedication and perseverance to find them. One in a thousand is enough of a chance to keep you coming back.

The other jackpot happened last night, and is the reason I decided to write this down. This time it was a service similar to Chat Roulette, but the method is the same. You go to a website, hit Chat or Connect, enable your webcam and begin the process of clicking through all the cocks in the hope of finding something interesting to watch as your once stiff dick wilts slowly towards boredom and you give up and find some standard porn to jerk off to.

I was getting to this point when the screen was filled with the edge of a mattress, a sheet and the outstretched body of a naked man. Draped over the chest of this man was what could only be a woman's leg. The man's leg were spread a little and I could see small movements of a hand going on in the region of his bollocks. As the hand move, the body dominating the screen responded with small jerking movements.

He turned onto his side exposing his arse to the camera. As his legs split again, allowing his partner better access to his testicles and perineum, I could see her face. Eyes heavy lidded and lips parted in ecstasy. The man was leaning forward and I imagined his tongue slipping into her sopping wet cunt, twirling around her clit and nibbling her labia, each action pushing her closer to an orgasm.

Through the gap in his legs, the woman came forward, pulling his cock towards her and opening her mouth to take it in. By now my own cock was straining at my underwear and I released it, fearing that I would come too quickly to really enjoy the spectacle going on within the window onto their bedroom.

She sucked slowly, stopping regularly to concentrate on swirling her tongue around the head of his swollen cock and occasionally licking his balls. Most of the time her eyes were either closed or looking up towards the face of the man she was sucking, but on one or two occasions it felt like she looked directly at me, acknowledging my presence in their lovemaking, and maybe even enjoying the effects of her attentions on my cock.

Too soon, she pulled away, the man rolled onto his back and she climbed on top of him. He had turned very slightly towards me, and when his hand reached down to guide his penis into her I could see her lips stretch wide to accept it. She started slowly moving up and down his thick cock, the juices from her cunt glistening on his skin, her pussy lips flexing in and out as they fucked.

As the screen was filled with the silent vision of this couple making love for their own pleasure and mine, I began to feel the familiar sensation in my balls. I began to stroke faster as the couple also began fucking harder.

I was transfixed on the screen, and took my eyes away onto to direct the thick ribbon of semen into my waiting hand, my toes curling in the pleasure of my orgasm. While I had finished, they had not, and so I decided to switch off and give someone else the chance to hit the jackpot.

Before signing off, I typed 'Thanks' closed down the browser and went to clean up.

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