tagFetishJack's Bully Ch. 01

Jack's Bully Ch. 01


*Everyone in this story is at least 18 or older*


Jack couldn't wait for the bell ring so he could go home and masturbate. He hit snooze too many times this morning so he didn't have time to rub one out before walking to school and his cock had been aching all day. To make matters worse it seemed like every girl had worn leggings that day and while it provided him with plenty of jerk off material, it didn't help his throbbing erection.

Jack stood 5 foot 8 had dark brown hair with matching eyes and most people wouldn't even notice him. He could've had a girlfriend if he wasn't so awkward and shy around people. But the fact was he was so quiet he didn't really have any friends, let alone a girlfriend, merely acquaintances.

As he was daydreaming about Emily, the brunette girl who sits in front of him and has big boobs with a large ass. Today she was wearing a low cut shirt and smiled at him when he walked in, he nearly missed his history teacher explaining that their final project was going to be a group poster board that would have to be completed within a month before the school year ended. The more people in the group the harder the topic will be. Jack smiled at this because as a senior he knew what it took to get an A and this should be a breeze if his group actually got the work done in time and he would be able to get an A like he was used to.

The bell finally rang signaling the end of school and he hurriedly got out of his chair and out of the classroom. As he tried to get out the door he went through the same time as Matt and they bumped into each other. At first he was scared because as Matt used to be a football player and stood a whole head taller than Jack. Plus Matt has a reputation of being a dick to practically everyone around him, and for some reason Jack couldn't figure out, the girls loved him. Luckily for Jack, Matt seemed to be in a hurry as well and just pushed Jack into the door frame out of the way.

"Are you okay?" Jack turned around to see Emily standing behind him.

"Yea I'll be alright." Jack replied trying not to stare down Emily's shirt.

"I'll tell Matt he has to be more aware of his surroundings when we go on our date later."

"Thanks" Jack said, feeling a slight pain that Matt was going on a date with someone as hot as Emily while he was going to go home to jerk off thinking about her.

"Then again, maybe you should also be more careful too," Emily pauses and glances down noticing his erection and an small smile crosses her face "he's SO much bigger than you so it might be best not to provoke him".

"Thanks for the advice" Jack said, his face turning red. Trying to think of anything to change the subject he asks "what are you guys going to do on your date?"

"Oh we're gonna go on a drive out to the lake then go see a movie."

"Sounds fun" Jack's face stays red as he knows there's only one reason to drive out to the lake.

"We should do the project together?" Emily said, changing the subject completely "Schools almost over so I don't feel like doing a lot of work and I know you like to get A's on everything so I figured it would work out well if we were in a group together."

While Emily was asking this question she folded her arms, making her breasts stand out so there was no way Jack couldn't notice them.

"Sure" he said.

"Great give me your number and I'll be in touch. I have to get going so I can get ready for my date with Matt later." Emily said handing her phone to Jack.

Jack quickly put his number in and stared at her ass as she walked away wishing it was he who was going on a date with her later. He started to walk home, almost running with his dick hard the whole way from his short conversation with Emily. As he was walking down the middle of the street he was startled as a car came speeding out of nowhere. He jumped out of the way and saw Matt laughing, yelling "Get out of the road." His dislike for Matt grew even greater.

He opened the door and ran up to his room, knowing his parents wouldn't be home for another couple hours and whipped out his cock. At 4 and a half inches hard he knew he would disappoint most girls but hope he could satisfy them with other ways to make them feel good enough that eventually one would put up with him. He pulled out his phone and he started watching porn as he stroked his cock thinking of Emily and her low cut shirt and the way she pushed her boobs together, picturing he was going on a date with her instead of Matt. He knew she was using him so she could get a good grade but as long as he was close to her he didn't care.

As he was getting close to cumming the thought of Matt pushing him came up in his mind but he was so close he didn't want to stop stroking. The next thought that entered his mind was of Matt and Emily on the date. He knew it was weird but he didn't want to stop. He pictured them alone in the car as Emily leaned over and kissed Matt's big dick. He knew Matt's dick was at least 8 inches from gym class, it made his own cock look like a little nub. He started moving his hand faster, picturing Emily not being able to fully take it in her mouth. Gagging on Matt's dick as Matt put a hand on the back of her head making her deepthroat him. She comes up from the deep throating Matt gasping for air as strands of salvia trail from her mouth to his glistening cock. She grabbed his dick again and before sucking it, brings all the salvia in her mouth to her lips so it bubbles before spitting on his cock and try's to deepthroat him again. Matt let's this go on for a couple more minutes before telling her to turn so he can fill her pussy up with his cock.

"Not yet" says Emily "I don't want our first time together to be in a car, at the very least it should be on a bed."

"Fine, but since your making me wait to fuck you your going to have to wear my cum on your face like a whore" Matt grunted. She just smiles and greedily goes back to sucking his cock.

All the while Jack his stroking his cock he can't get out of his mind Emily's voice saying, "he's so much bigger than you" over and over again. This causes Jack to lose control and he starts to shoot his load thinking of Emily sucking Matt's dick. After coming down from his orgasm he looks down and smiles. One of the benefits of having a small cock is shooting small loads so it's easy cleanup he thinks to himself. He cleans up and starts to wonder why he would get so turned on by thinking of Emily sucking Matt's dick but just shrugs it off to him just being really horny and in the moment.

Just then he gets a text on a phone saying "Hey it's Emily, Matt's gonna join our group for the final project. It'll give him and I a chance to spend more time together before schools over and get good grades. He doesn't have to join if you don't want him to but I already told him he could so you would have to be the one to tell him no."

Jack feels a wave of dread come over him as now not only he would have to do all the work by himself, the attention he would get from Emily would now being going to Matt. He stares at his phone before replying. "No problem, Id love to have the two of you as my partners, can't wait."

He looks at this message over and over again thinking about how much this is going to suck before hitting send. He looks down and is shocked to see while thinking about how much time the three of them are going to have to spend together his cock had gotten hard again.

The next day was Thursday and this day seemed better than the previous. That is except for his run ins with Matt. Jack seemed to run into Matt everywhere he went and every time he would make eye contact, Matt would stare him down until he looked away. This continued until gym class when everyone was leaving after getting changed Matt seemed to be taking his time. Jack hurried like normal but before he could leave he heard Matt say "Hey Jack come over here and wait for me."

Jack was startled somebody actually called his name and automatically replied "But I'm already dressed and about to go out."

"Did I ask you if you were ready, I told you to come over here and wait for me. I need someone to hang my clothes so they don't get wrinkled."

All eyes were looking at Jack waiting for him to respond. He looked down and took a deep breath and said dejectedly, "okay" while shuffling over. At this sign of submission all the boys started smiling and talking about Jack in low voices. As Jack got next to Matt he felt pain on the backside of his head as Matt slapped him.

"The proper answer is yes sir."

"Yes sir" Jack replied, scared of getting hit again.

At this the remainder of the boys in the locker room broke out laughing before leaving Jack and Matt alone together. Jack was grateful for this, as this display of humiliation had started to get his dick hard and there was no way to hide it with the shorts he was wearing. He quickly sat down waiting for Matt to get done and leave before he noticed his erection. Matt took off his shirt and threw it on the ground and told Jack to pick it up. Jack froze staring at Matt's toned body, memorized by the way his abs looked. He quickly got slapped again and heard Matt say "I don't like repeating myself when I tell you to do something I expect you to do it right away, do you understand me bitch?"

"Yes sir," Jack replied, getting up to get the shirt as Matt took his shorts off.

"What the fuck dude, are you hard right now!?"

Jack looked down and to his horror realized he forgot about the state of his dick and had just revealed it to Matt. And to make matters worse was when he turned around to face Matt he couldn't take his eyes off the outline Matt's dick made in his boxers.

"What did staring at me and getting hit turn you on?"

Struggling to find words Jack let out a weak "no it's not that."

Matt just laughed and took his boxers off before throwing them at Jack's face "sure it didn't cuck, but let's find out. Put these on your head and do it quick before I make you regret it."

Jack without thinking put Matt's boxers over his head and was immediately hit by the smell of Matt's scent.

"Can you smell that, I didn't do laundry so I had to wear a dirty pair today."

Jack could smell it, it was so powerful he let out a moan as a took in the smell and felt his dick start leaking precum like never before. Subconsciously he started too rub his dick as he was entrapped by Matt's smell. He froze though when he heard a phone camera click

"God your so pathetic." Matt said "who would've known how much of a bitch you are."

"Please delete it," Jack said "I'll do anything you want."

"I don't know cuck, you have to convince me." Matt replied.

"Anything, I'll do all your homework for you for the rest of the year."

"Tempting offer, I might take you up on it but for now get over here and get on your knees." As ifin trance Jack dropped to his knees and crawled over to Matt.

"That's a good little bitch, you should always be on your knees around me. Luckily for you I'm feeling generous today I'm not even going to tell you to suck my dick, you'll do it all on your own like a true sissy. You can get up at any point but we both know you won't."

Jack just stared at Matt's cock, deep down knowing Matt was right. Jack's dick felt like it was going to explode at any moment as this was his first sexual encounter of any kind. He felt himself getting closer and closer until his lips parted and he took Matt's dick in his mouth. He let out a moan and almost passed out as a wave of euphoria came over him. He knew he was hooked on Matt's cock and immediately tried to deep throat all 8 inches but ended up gagging and almost throwing up .

Matt just chuckled and said "Careful, you have to work up to deepthroating me. I knew you were a sissy the first time I saw you and knew it wouldn't take much to make you my personal bitch." Jack just let out a moan as Matt grabbed his head with both hands and started fucking his mouth. "Just relax your throat for now while I fuck it so I can hurry up and cum."

Jack was in heaven. He never felt so submissive before and the fact anybody could walk in and see him being humiliated just turned him on even more.

"I'm getting close cuck" Matt yelled, pulling his cock out of Jack's mouth. "Do you want me to cum down your throat."

"Yes!" Jack moaned.

"Well if I'm giving you my cum you should give me something in return since it's only fair, how about I get to keep the picture of you and any further pictures and videos I take of you."

"You can do whatever you want to me as long as I get to taste your cum" Jack replied trying to get Matt's cock back in his mouth.

"Not yet, I want you to look up at me and say that again." Matt said.

As Jack looked up he saw that Matt had his phone out and was recording him " I'll do anything you want, even be your personal bitch as long as I get to taste your cum." As Jack said this he had to stop himself from cumming right then in his shorts because he didn't want it to be over just yet.

Matt put the phone away and really started fucking Jack's mouth "here it comes" Matt yelled as Jack felt Matt's cock enlarge and cum start shooting down his throat. At the same time he felt his own cock go off and as they came together. Matt was shooting so much cum Jack couldn't swallow it all and it started to leak out of his mouth. As they both started to come down Jack looked up with cum all over his face and said "thank you sir."

Matt laughed again and said "no problem, and don't worry I'll train you to be able to take me all the way and not spill a drop."

"I can't wait master."

"Master? You really are submissive, tell me something have you ever thought of me before?"

"Yes" Jack blushed thinking about the night before, "I thought about Emily sucking your dick and you making her a slut."

Matt just smiled and said "you're not wrong she is a slut for me, but it took more work to convince her to suck me off then it did for you to do it but I've yet to fuck her. How about you help me with that and I'll let you keep on sucking my cock."

"Yes sir" Jack replied.

"Good now go clean yourself off and hang up my clothes." Matt said before throwing on his gym outfit and leaving the locker room.

Jack sat there for a minute before hanging up the clothes. Then walked over to the sink and seeing the remaining cum on his face used his fingers to lick it all off before exiting the locker room.

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by Anonymous

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by CuckyJimmy09/23/18

Coming to Terms

I wonder how many smaller guys come to terms with themselves, realizing it is better to suck cock than trying to satisfy a woman. Great cucky references!

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by Rwa476808/16/18


I loved your story, I am a little submissive and a cocksucker too. I love stories where the alpha male makes the weaker man get on his knees and suck his cock
I can't wait to read more chapters.

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by badkarma1st06/19/18

more, longer and harder

A good start, but waaay too short. Love bully stories, especially when they come back when the wimp has a new gf/wife, etc. Bully takes mom, wife, sister, secretary, etc. Good luck, good writing.

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by Mymantoy99905/24/18

Good story

The only 2 issues I had would be that the story moved a little to quickly for me. And that by definition, Jack can't possibly be a cuckold. For him to be a cuck, Matt would have to fuck Jack's wife ormore...

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by donaldelliott1105/22/18

Please continue-

I enjoyed reading "Jack's Bully". I particularly enjoy stories about "straight" guys who get bent over and go gay. I'm double-hard if their sexual humiliation is witnessed by others - spouse, family,more...

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