tagNovels and NovellasJack's Education Ch. 06

Jack's Education Ch. 06


Note to reader: The stories previously posted in the series "Jack Awakens" and "Jack's Exploits" were originally the opening chapters of a book which I had started writing over the last few months. I have now decided to post the entire book, which traces the sexual development of a high school boy during his senior year, hopefully at the rate of one chapter each week. The stories previously posted have been retitled as "Jack's Education" in strict chronological order, under the "Novels and Novellas" classification, as the book covers a variety of sexual behaviors and experiences.



Jack slept late next morning and was awakened by his mother calling him from downstairs.

"Jack! Jack! Breakfast will be ready in five minutes!"

He gathered himself to sleepily answer, "Thanks, Mom!" forgetting the changes enacted the previous day.

Covering his nude body with a robe he went into the bathroom to freshen up. As he peed he was glad to see that his dick felt normal, except that it seemed larger and fuller than before. Perhaps it's the extra vitamins found inside pussies, he joked to himself. He went downstairs and, realizing it was Sunday, was surprised to find his mother in her business suit. "Going to work today, Mom?" he asked.

"Only for a short while, Jack. I need to get some details sorted out for the San Francisco case. While I'm at the office, I'll try to find out the name of a plumber we can use for our little project, and you can start thinking how you want to arrange things downstairs."

"OK, Mom."

"Jack, did you forget? You don't have to call me Mom all the time!"

"Oh, right! Thanks for reminding me, - Maria!"

They sat down to breakfast and Maria asked him, "Did you have a good time last night? Where did you go?"

"Yes, it was great. We went to a birthday party for a classmate's sister."

"That's nice. Did you meet any nice girls?"

"Yes, a couple."

"That reminds me," his mother said, as she got up to go to the kitchen phone. She came back with a little note and gave it to him, saying, "Someone by the name of Angela called for you this morning and left her number. Do you know who she is?"

"Yes, she's in my class at school. Probably needs some help with her homework!"

"OK. Don't forget to call her, then."

"I won't forget." You bet I won't forget – she wants me real bad, he thought.

"Good. OK, Jack, I'm going now. Be an angel and do the dishes for me, OK?"

"Will do. When will you be back?"

"I'll only be a couple of hours. I'll fix dinner when I come back, OK?"

"Fine, Maria. Take care!"

"Bye, Jack. Now don't forget to call Angela!"

"I won't forget. I'll call her soon."

Jack started clearing the dishes and was loading the dishwasher when the phone rang.

"Hello, Jack? This is Angela!"

"Well, hello, Angela. My mom told me you called earlier."

"I did. I should be mad with you for running out on me last night! I really wanted to dance with you, you know!"

"I'm sorry, Angela. I was really pooped, so I didn't feel up to it."

"That's not what I heard."

"What do you mean?"

"Someone told me you and Suzie were getting it on pretty good!"

"I don't know who told you that! Anyway," he said mischievously, "perhaps that's why I was pooped!"

"Anyway, I didn't call you about that."

"What, then? Need help with your homework?"

"Kind of. My parents have gone out for the whole day, so I'm here by myself. Care to help me out with something?"

"Sure. When?"

"Can you come by in about an hour?"

"OK, I'll be there!"

He started the dishwasher and then remembered he needed to get out his dad's camera to make sure it was ready for Monday night. He found it in his bottom drawer, dusted it off and opened it up. The batteries seemed OK and he found two fresh rolls of film in the drawer. He loaded one roll and took a couple of test shots looking out into the street and he was satisfied that it was working fine, so he put it back in the drawer. He took a quick shower and decided he would visit Angela prepared to go into action at short notice, so he selected a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, under which he wore nothing else. He slipped on a pair of sandals and headed out of the door.

Jack rang her doorbell at just after twelve. Angela opened the door, dressed in a tight low-cut blouse and a miniskirt. Jack felt his cock spring to life, as he was now certain why Angela had invited him over. They went upstairs to her room and turned on some music. They started to talk, but after a while the talk dried up and she turned to face him. Their lips locked in a deep kiss, seeming to last for hours, but in actuality was no more than a minute. Angela reached down to feel his dick and found that it was extremely hard.

"Aha!" she exclaimed, "a hard man is good to find!" His tongue licked at her lips and she yielded to him, causing her to part her lips a little and when she did Jack's tongue went right into her mouth. As he probed her mouth with his tongue he placed his right hand behind her head. This held her head in place, as his tongue became even more insistent. With the fingers of his left hand he slowly caressed the side of her neck where it met her shoulder, and continued kissing her and licking at her mouth. He licked her lips, then licked her teeth, caressing her neck the whole time. Angela began breathing heavily, as she began to feel totally turned on by his kisses and caresses.

"Oh Jack!" she managed to moan. She didn't think it would be like this. She thought she was going to be in control and now she knew it was the other way round! As he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth he moved his left hand down and caressed her right boob through her blouse. The sensations were so intense she hardly realized the reality of what was happening. He slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, then caressed her exposed tit, as he discovered she was not wearing a bra. She writhed to his touch, and as he placed his left hand over her bare right nipple he paused his kissing just enough to smile at her.

"Let's get out of these clothes," Jack suggested, and without waiting for an answer, stood up and shed all of his clothing, leaving him standing in front of her totally naked, with his hard cock just inches from her face! He leaned forward just a few inches, allowing the head of his dick to brush against her moist lips. She let her tongue trace a line all over his cock, and it jumped every time her tongue flicked over it, until finally, she opened her mouth and let it slip into her warm mouth, caressing it like it were a rare piece of china. Her pussy flooded with moisture with the big cock in her mouth, as it had been a while since she had done this, and never with a dick as nice as Jack's. Although she was anxious to feel it inside her pussy, she couldn't help herself, and soon had Jack moaning as his cum flooded her mouth! She savored the warm sticky fluid, swirling it in her mouth until finally swallowing it all down, leaving a warm satisfied feeling in her belly. Her pussy, however, still needed to be filled, but now she would have to wait a while longer!

Jack was surprised at the skill that Angela had shown at sucking his cock. He had thought that she was probably inexperienced and he was surprised at the level of her oral skills. He felt like this could have been the best blowjob he had had, although he hadn't had many to compare it with. They had all felt great to him, each in their own way! He bent forward slightly, pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply. When he did he could taste his own juices, slightly salty, yet also sweet and an unfamiliar flavor.

"The clothes!" he said, as he broke from their kiss. It was a command rather than a statement, and she understood. Her blouse was hanging loosely from her shoulders and she slowly peeled it off, in a sort of striptease. Jack could not believe how firm and round her tits were, even though she was not wearing a bra. She smiled at him, before slowly, teasingly, starting to remove her miniskirt. As she pulled it slowly down over her hips, he saw first her smooth white stomach, then the first sign of the fine curly hair on her pubic mound. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the skirt fell free of her hips and fell to the floor. He was amazed to see the beauty of her body exposed so freely to him and it was especially surprising to see such unexpectedly large tits on a girl not yet fully grown. Her orbs were creamy white, with dark brown nipples that were standing erect. His eyes moved down her body to the patch of barely visible fine curly hair crowning her female slit, which was showing pink and glistening with moisture.

"Angela," he whispered to her, "you are so beautiful!"

The effect that her brief striptease had on him became obvious as his prick started to expand and rise proudly once again. He took her by the hand and led her to her bed. They lay down side by side and Jack kissed her again tenderly. Remembering everything Tina had taught him, he began fondling Angela's creamy globes, massaging them gently. Angela responded with a low moan as Jack continued to build up her excitement, teasing her nipples, making circles around them without touching them, moving in slowly in ever decreasing circles, until finally his mouth opened wide and he took first one nipple then the other into his mouth. His tongue heated them up, and then he drew back and blew on them, cooling them before sucking them once more. His hands pushed her tits together, enabling him to take both nipples into his mouth at once. She groaned, her back arching to push her breasts closer to him. Her body squirmed under him, her legs opened wider, and she could feel his hard cock gently brushing against her, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her skin. The ache spread, and she moaned once more. "Fuck me, Jack!" she hissed. "Do it! Do me now!"

"Oh, yes, babe, I'm going to, but I'm not ready yet," he murmured as he smiled up at her, his eyes blazing with passion kept barely in check.

Thinking that he meant that he was not hard enough yet, Angela reached for his dick and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was as hard as steel! "Jack, you're so hard! Come on, put it in me!"

"Not yet, not yet," he replied and he moved slowly down her body, his lips caressing her skin. Reaching her stomach, he made her giggle as he flicked his tongue out on her belly button, and then proceeded lower, outlining her frothy hair. He pressed against her thighs, and she opened them wider for him. "Beautiful," he whispered once more. The ache in her loins became greater, and her hips rose up, begging for relief. She gasped as his tongue flicked out to touch the outer lips of her sweet cunt, and then he raised up to look into her eyes, looking for the spark of desire in the deep blue pools. "Tell me what you really want!" he commanded.

"You know what I want!"

"Say it! I want to hear you say it."

She laughed as she felt the blush stealing across her cheeks. She gasped as his tongue touched her again, above her clit, not quite touching. "I want to feel your tongue on me. I want you to eat me. I want to come all over your face. Then I want you to plunge your big hard dick into me and fuck me! I want to watch your face as you enter me. I want to watch as you feel me squeezing around your cock and as you finally come deep inside me. Oh, please, Jack! Fuck me! Fuck me now!" Her words were almost incoherent with lust, starting slowly, but they were distinct enough for Jack to realize she was hotter than a pistol!

It was his turn to gasp as her words caused immediate reactions in his body. "That's what I want too, Angela. You are so hot!" He lowered his face to her pussy, and his mouth opened on her. His tongue knew exactly where to touch, how to touch, and it drove her wild, even wilder than before. One hand reached up to caress her tits, and the other went down to her cunt, and his fingers entered her. He twisted his fingers slowly, making her hips buck upwards in response. His tongue swirled circles on her clit, his lips sucked gently inward, making her clit grow and protrude even further. His fingers moved faster inside her and his mouth explored her, sucking in her outer lips, making circles on her clit, coming down to drink up the juices that were flowing out around his fingers, teasing the area below her opening, then back up to lick and suck on her clit. She ached for release, she begged for it, and his tongue pressed a bit more, concentrating completely on her clit now. Her legs wrapped around his head as she felt herself being pushed closer and closer to the brink. Angela was moaning continuously now, louder and louder, shaking, quivering, on the edge of orgasm His tongue pressed just a bit more, moved a bit faster, as the hand on her tits moved down to hold her closer to him, and she felt herself falling over the edge, almost screaming as the first wave of orgasm hit her. She was squeezing his fingers so tightly between her thighs they began to ache from the pressure. Her legs closed tightly around his head as she jerked from side to side. Jack stayed in that position as she came, right through the aftershocks, until she finally began to calm down, then he chuckled as another slight flick of his tongue started her off again. She cried out, almost in shock, as she felt the orgasmic waves renew themselves. At this stage her feelings were so intense that she wondered if she was going to faint. Jack let his fingers slip out of her and placed a last kiss on her pussy, licking up the juices that had flowed out of her. Slowly he kissed his way back up her body, until he was face to face with her. He kissed her mouth and then, poised above her, he looked into her eyes, telling her, "Watch me as I put my cock into you."

Their eyes locked as he hovered above her. He pressed the head of his pulsing cock against her cunt, and she gasped slightly as he pushed in the first inch. Her eyes started to close in reaction, but he called her name, and her eyes again opened fully to watch him. His eyes blazed with passion and need as he plunged fully into her for the first time. Her breath escaped her in a gasping sigh. "That feels so good, it's incredible!" she cried out.

He chuckled, cut short by a moan as her legs wrapped around him and he began moving in and out of her. He felt her squeezing rhythmically around him as her hips rose and fell in response and her fingers dug into his back as she felt herself moving again along the path to orgasm. He lay fully on her, his lips taking hers once more, his fingers feverishly exploring every inch of her body that he could reach. Faster and faster their movements became, fuelled by the passion raging between them. He moved, his lips descending to lick at her nipples as he plunged into her once more. He slipped a hand under her, pulling her to him, gently squeezing and probing, adding to the intensity.

She clutched at him, on the brink once more. Minutes passed and then she was there, once more poised on the edge, till he moved his hips in a sideways motion as he pressed down upon her. She cried out as her whole being became concentrated on those inches between her legs, as her world exploded in a kaleidoscope of colors, as she shuddered, as her inner muscles squeezed around him. "Come with me!" she begged, looking into his eyes as he sat up a little to ride her better.

He smiled down into her eyes, then he plunged deeply into her once more. One second held still on the edge and then she rippled around him, and he cried out, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" She felt his cock pulse inside her, and then his cum exploded into her. It felt so intense that she screamed as she came once more around his swollen dick. They moaned as they climaxed together, almost simultaneously, one triggered by the other. Slowly they came down from their peak, holding each other, the sheen of sweat making them glow in the soft sunlight filtering through the drapes. He kissed her, gently, lingeringly, not wanting to withdraw from her. Minutes passed, and she felt him soften within her, reluctantly slipping from her. He rolled over, pulling her into his arms. They lay together, satisfied, and she sighed. He smiled, sitting up just long enough to pull the covers up over their bodies, still glistening with sweat and then they lay not moving, just content to hold each other tight, basking in the after-glow of their fuck. After a little while Jack said, "Angela, I have to tell you have the greatest tits I've ever seen! They are so beautiful! How come they're not like that at school?"

"Actually, I keep them bound and that is what gives them bounce!"

"Well, they're great! Hey, that was the best blowjob I ever had. You suck cock real good!

"Thanks, Jack. But, boy, you fuck real good! That was one of the best fucks I ever had!"

"Thanks, Angela! Have you done it a lot?"

"Quite a bit, actually. I had a steady boyfriend until a couple of months ago, and we used to fuck a lot, but actually this was the first time I've had sex since we broke up."

"Really? So why did you break up?"

"Well, he was quite a bit older than me, I guess about twenty-five or six, and I guess he was looking for someone closer to his own age."

"So how did you feel when you broke up? Were you upset?"

"I was sad at first and felt used, but then I realized I was still very young and probably not mature enough to handle a steady relationship. After that, I was kind of glad I was free and able to pick and choose who I went with?"

"That's the best way to be Angela. You're too young to be tied down to one person. I feel sorry for those girls who get married in their teens."

"Yes, me too! I don't know how you can decide that you want to spend the rest of your life with one person at such a young age. So, Jack, how about you? I guess you probably have lots of girl friends, huh?"

"Actually, not really. I think this afternoon is the longest I've ever been alone with a girl."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm serious. Can you keep a secret?"

"Sounds mysterious! What is it?"

"Cross your heart?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die!"

"OK, then. The fact is, until yesterday I was a virgin."

"Shut up! That can't be true! You fuck too good not to be more experienced than that! So it was true about you and Suzie? She was really your first?"

"Yeah, it's true that I fucked Suzie at the party, but she wasn't my first!"

"Wait a minute, I'm confused. You say you were a virgin until yesterday?"


"But Suzie wasn't your first?"


"So, Jack, who was it that got your cherry?"

"I can't tell you who it was, but let's just say that it was an older, more experienced woman that showed me what to do."

"But, how........"

"She's the mother of one of my friends and I just happened to go to his house yesterday afternoon not knowing he wasn't home. Before I knew it we were both naked on her bed and she was showing me that sex wasn't anything to be afraid of, once you know what you are doing."

"So she knew you were a virgin?"

"Yep. She overheard my friend talking about me with his sister and decided to take matters into her own hands. They seem to be a very enlightened family, very open about everything."

"So she taught you how to do everything you did with me?"

"Yes. It was a great experience, and I was very lucky to have someone like her to show me."

"I agree. Most of the time we have to fumble around trying to learn on our own."

"So how about you? Was your boyfriend the first guy you had sex with?"

"Not really, although he was the first to give me an orgasm. I lost my virginity when I was fourteen and playing around one day with my cousin Justin. We were alone in my bedroom one afternoon watching wrestling on TV, when I told him I believed I could outwrestle him. He took me up on that, telling me that even though he was one year younger than me he could still whip my ass. We were only wearing t-shirts and shorts, and he stripped off his shirt so that I wouldn't be able to grab him so easily. He dared me to do the same, but my boobs were already well developed by then, so I didn't want to expose them to him. We circled each other for a while and then I made my move, grabbing him around the waist. I got a good grip on him and was able to pull him down. I was about to jump on top of him when he grabbed my leg and twisted it so that I fell to the floor. I was on my hands and knees and was trying to crawl away from him, but before I could get very far he lunged at me and grabbed at my waist. I still tried to get away and the result was that he pulled my shorts right off!"

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