tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJack's ex, Jack's slave Ch. 02

Jack's ex, Jack's slave Ch. 02


In the last chapter, Jack's ex showed up at his doorstep, out of the blue, with an interesting request. Please read it if you can. It's mostly setup for this story, but isn't necessary to understand this chapter.


When Jack woke up in the morning, he heard the soft breathing at the foot of his bed and it took him a moment to fully realize what it was. Last night his ex had shown up at his door and told him about what had happened in the last year since they had seen each other. After that little conversation, she handed him a cheque worth everything she had, and then handed him her life. Now he was a multi-millionaire and owned a slave.

After their breakup, he had been quite angry, and took her in. as an opportunity to have a little retribution. After her offer last night, he promptly tied her up and fucked her, then throat fucked her till she was almost comatose. He tossed her on the floor at the foot of his bed to sleep, and then he went to bed on his pussy juice dampened sheets in his bed.

The soft breathing and slight movement brought his memories back and he suddenly felt overwhelmingly happy. It was amazing. He owned her. He could take out all his pent up anger and make her do whatever he wanted. His sick and perverted mind started racing. He didn't know what to do next, or rather, he couldn't decide.

As he thought about this, he decided he could use a shower before getting his day started. It was Saturday, and early, only a quarter past eight, so he knew he could have a nice long day with her. He got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom and turned on his shower. As the water warmed up, he got undressed and looked at himself in the mirror. The smile on his face surprised him, realizing he hadn't been this happy in a long time. He didn't know if he could even make a stern face when dealing with her.

He took a quick shower, making sure to get all of last night's residues washed off.He dried off and walked out of the shower, still towelling his hair. He poked her in the ribs as she lay there curled up into a ball.

The feeling of being poked in the ribs woke her. She suddenly popped her eyes open and sat up. She wasn't sure what was going on. She hadn't slept very well, the floor was cold and hard. There wasn't even a carpet, just the cheap hardwood. She spent most of the night tossing and turning and only after the sun came up did she feel like she had gotten any rest. And now she realized her master was standing over her, towel in hand and hair still damp, completely naked. Jack waited for her to get her bearings, and got started, in a semi-growl:

"Cunt, you look like shit. Get the fuck up and go get washed. We need to talk and we have plenty to do today." As she stood up, he pinched a nipple between his thumb and index, and added, "You have 1 hour to come back in here, hair dry and body absolutely clean. You will be inspected. Leave the makeup and hair styling off."

She walked into the bathroom with a grimace. Her back was hurting from the way she had been tied up last night then having to sleep on the floor. Her legs hurt from wearing the heels all night. And her pussy was sore from the rapid penetration. She also felt a dull ache in her jaw and her throat felt dry and irritated. And her nipples definitely looked as angry as they felt. She got to the bathroom and turned on the hot shower.

While the room filled with steam, she literally peeled off the tight corset, leaving an imprint in red. It almost looked like a skin tight corset was left behind. Her boobs dropped only slightly; she was proud of her firm D cup breasts with almost no sag. Then she bent down gingerly and untied the leather boots and sat down on the toilet to remove them. When she had unclad her legs of the boots and stockings, she tried to flatten her feet to stand up and felt a sharp pain. She had to stay on her tip toes to get in the shower. After a couple of minutes of the hot water cascading on her calves, she was finally able to put her heels down and start to get clean.

She was in pain, but still happy. This was what she was looking for. Someone to use her, make her do whatever they wanted. She didn't want to think, make decisions, or even care about anything but pleasing her master. She luxuriated in the shower and let the heat and pressure of the water soothe the aches away.

Jack got dressed. He knew she had no concept of time. They used to fight because she could never be anywhere on time, and he hated being late. He was sure she would take too long in the shower and wouldn't have enough time to dry her hair. Especially since there was no clock in the bathroom. He wanted her to screw this up so he could punish her.

He started to plan the day. While in the shower, he decided he would reiterate last night's rules and add only a couple more. That way he could be flexible and not have to change anything later. He then made reservations at noon at an upscale hair salon and beauty parlour. He wanted to dress her a particular way, so he reached out to a high end designer clothing store. They were used to this type of request, and offered to let them spend a couple of hours with their top "fashion consultant" after they closed that evening. He booked an appointment for 5PM and called the bank. Thanks to his business flourishing, he had his bank manager's cell number. Jack told him he recently came into some serious money, and wanted to meet him around 12:30PM. He would drop off Tamara... no, wait, he couldn't think of her as someone with a name... He would drop off his bitch at the salon, give the hair dresser instructions and then head to the bank a couple of blocks away.

As he expected, the water turned off about 40 minutes after he gave her her time limit. Her hair typically took over half an hour to dry with a good blow dryer, and since he had no women in his apartment, his was a crappy one he kept for emergencies. She wouldn't be ready, and he planned to make her feel it.

For the next twenty minutes, he waited. He heard her start the blow dryer. Good, it would be nice and warm for what he had planned.

As soon as the hour was up, he went to the bathroom and opened the door. There wasn't a lock, so he caught her standing there, in front of the mirror with her hair blown out into what looked like a red lion's mane. It was still visibly wet at the tips. She was stunned by the intrusion, and the look of surprise gave way to a look of questioning.

"Fucking whore, still can't tell the time, can you? Useless." He said, calm but definitely looking angry. He grabbed the dryer from her hands and yanked it out of the wall. He grabbed her arm above the wrist and pulled her into the hallway.

"Last night, I warned you that disobedience would be met with punishment. Looks like you forgot already." He punctuated that with a firm application of the warm blow dryer to her left underboob. It must have hurt, because she tried to scream, except with her throat still recovering, it was more a loud raspy noise. He pulled her hair back and raised his voice, "And your hair is still soaked. Well, now we need to punish you. I had things planned for this morning, and now everything is going to be late." He lied, he had factored the time to punish her into his plans. It was just passed nine-thirty. There was at least an hour to take care of this before they would leave for breakfast.

"Go stand in the middle of the living room. Move the table out of the way. I'll need some room," he ordered her. He then went to his room to get some rope and a ping pong paddle. This was going to be fun. He loved her ass. It was a perfect shape, a bit on the bigger side, but only barely. Just enough that a pair of jeans or yoga pants would be well stretched and there was only the slightest crease at the bottom of her cheeks. He was going to make her remember to keep time every time she sat down for the rest of the day.

She promptly went to the living room. She slid the coffee table to the side, making space in the centre of the room. She stood there and decided to go a step further and placed her feet shoulder width apart, arms behind her back and looked at a point a few inches ahead of her toes. She enjoyed last night's pain. She was almost looking forward to it this morning's punishment.

When he entered the room, he was pleasantly surprised by her pose. He decided this deserved a small act of positive reinforcement.

"Well done, cunt. I like that you took some initiative and assumed a correct position. For that, I give you a choice. Either I tie you up standing, or on the ground. Which would you prefer?"

She thought about it for a second. "Whatever you prefer, master." Her voice was rough, like she had laryngitis or something. He found that incredibly sexy, knowing how she got it. And he really liked her answer. She would get one more gift from him.

"I will allow you to choose, cunt. You are pleasing me despite your morning mistakes."

"Thank you, master. I will choose to remain standing then." She wanted to put on a bit of a show, really make him happy with her. It was so funny, she never cared for other people's approval before, but now, it was all she had on her mind.

Jack went behind her and pushed on her back till she was bent at 90 degrees. Her exquisite tits were hanging down and he had to hold her so she didn't lean forward and fall. She was careful not to unlock her knees or even try to compensate for the angle. He tied her wrists together, then ran the rope down between the crack of her ass and to her neck, where he fashioned a collar with it. In this position, if she pulled her hands up her back, she would pull her neck down. The rope also was tightly lodged in between her pussy lips, and stung her clit a bit with the rough pressure. Then, Jack pushed her legs in close and tied her knees and ankles together. She wouldn't be able to stay standing unless she was held up. He then took another rope and made a harness around her tits, and attached yet another rope to the back of the harness and put it through the hook in the ceiling holding up the hanging lamp.

Now she was trussed up, she wouldn't fall, but couldn't avoid the spanking he was going to dish out. He also knew that any movement of her neck or hands would rub the rough rope on her clit and through her slit. It would be painful, yet pleasurable. And the way she was bent over and her legs were tied, her pussy was on display when looked at from behind, the rope causing her lips to turn red.

Without preamble, he whacked her hard on the left ass cheek with the paddle. She shrieked, or rather made that noise that passed for a scream. He then swatted her right cheek. He wasn't going to make her count her punishment or anything of the sort. But he was going to reinforce the rule she broke. "Whore, tell me why you are being punished." Jack said as he swatted both cheeks one after the other quickly.

"For..AH..For..Ah..For taking too long....AAAHHHH!!" He had just delivered a pretty hard stroke to her upper thigh. The cheeks were a pretty shade of red, and he wanted her to finish her sentence without causing any bruising. He did love the look of her pale skin.

"Hurry up cunt, I don't have all day..."

As he levelled some light swats to the back of her thighs, she finally said:

"I am being punished for taking too long in the shower, master." She blurted it out quickly, in one stream.

"Yes, stupid hole!" He said as he delivered a hard smack. The sound was loud. She was trying to avoid moving, the rope causing a burning sensation in her delicate folds. It was just enough pain to offset the pleasure it gave her. But the spanking was making her horny and wet. She could feel the rope getting wet, and wondered if her master noticed.

"And?" He asked. Smacking her just as hard on the other thigh. They were nice and red too. There was only one more thing to do before her punishment was over. He wanted to delay it so he asked a question.

'Why else?' she wondered.... He kept smacking her, not as hard. The net effect was to have her feeling even more wet and horny. The pain wasn't enough to block the pleasure, and she was getting close to an orgasm.

"Because my hair was wet, master?" That's all she could think of. "My, my, I have a smart cunt here..." He said. "Ok, you get a present for being so good, I give you permission to cum," and after a second, he whispered into her ear, "if you can," as he brought down the paddle right on her pussy lips.

She couldn't believe it. She was cumming from the pain and pleasure of her predicament. The sharp sting on her pussy lips, from the paddle, sent shocks into her clit and up her spine. Her legs started to tremble and her feet slipped. As she tried to get her footing, the rope between her lips started sawing back and forth, pushing a tiny orgasm into a full throttle climax. She just hung like a pendulum, unable to stop her body from shaking, and unable to stop the stimulation because of it.

After about 45 seconds, Jack grabbed the rope from her wrists and slid his fingers between it and her skin. He pulled it taught to stop her swinging, and kept sliding till his hand was separating her cunt from it's harsh embrace. Her cunt was again dripping, and the rope was soaked for several inches in both directions. He was impressed. He hadn't done a lot of damage, and sensitivity in her ass and thighs should subside in a day or so, and there would be no marks. He released her knees, ankles and let her get a footing before untying her wrists and neck. Last, knowing she would be able to support her weight, he removed the rope holding her up and undid the harness.

"Cunt, I am proud of you. But you should know, this was almost a loving gesture compared to what I will do next time. I still want to enjoy some of your unblemished body. But once I am through, I won't be afraid to cause some real damage. Will you be late again, or forget to complete what I asked?"

"No, master, I won't."

"Good. Now go get cleaned up and come back here. You have 5 minutes. Put the hair in a ponytail and don't bother drying it now. We are running late."

He left her to take care of that, knowing he didn't have any elastics and she definitely didn't have any.

Three minutes later, she walked back in, hair in a pony tail, all traces of her cunt juice cleaned away. He was impressed. She tore off a piece of her stockings to make a small rope to tie up. And she did it quickly.

Next he wondered what she should wear. He was hungry, and wanted breakfast, and knew she couldn't go to the restaurant and salon naked. He brought her to the bedroom and pulled out a t-shirt from his drawer. It was tight on him, so he figured it would fit her well enough. It was dark blue, and had a v-neck opening. When she put it on, it was loose, the v-neck revealing a nice chunk of her chest, and hanging off her tits. The shirt ended just below her pussy, not long enough to be decent in public. He needed to add something. He rifled through his closet and cupboards, and found exactly what would work, a red silk scarf. He had bought it for her when he went on vacation, but never got a chance to give it to her. It was a square of a reasonable size, perfect to wrap around her waist. He told her to tie it around her hips. It actually looked kind of like a skirt. It was passable enough. She looked slutty, and would get a few stares, but wouldn't get them arrested.

"Go put your boots on, we are going out." He got his wallet and the check. He paused a second and looked at it. The exact amount was twenty one million, two hundred and seventeen thousand and six hundred and three dollars. It was a draft, not a check. The money was already held in that piece of paper. He now knew what that amount of money felt like.

As she walked back into the room, he asked her, "Did you close your accounts? Your credit cards, everything?"

"Yes I did, master."

"No surprises hiding, some bill you might have forgotten or anything like that?"

"No master, I double checked."

"Ok. Let's go."

He walked out of the apartment, and she followed right behind him. He turned and locked the door, then walked to the elevator. Once inside, knowing they had at least thirty seconds till they arrived at the garage, he slid his hand under her makeshift skirt and squeezed her ass cheeks, making sure his fingers were in her crack and thumb on the outside. She could feel the cool air touch her asshole, and she blushed from the embarrassment. She never let anyone touch her like that. She even avoided spreading her self open during doggy style. Her asshole was something she didn't want seeing the light of day, and he was spreading her out in the elevator.

The door chimed, and he released her as an old lady with her laundry got on a few floors before the garage. He wanted to have some fun, so he kept rubbing her ass with the lady standing behind them. He could feel the heat from the spanking. It was like she had a fever.

She was feeling even more embarrassed. This old lady could see that he was rubbing her, and then she realized her labia were rubbing against each other with ease. Was she getting wet from this too? She was more depraved than she realized, first discovering pain, now humiliation.

The doors opened at the basement level, and they all got out. He felt bold, and before removing his hand, and in plain view of the old lady, he lifted the back of the scarf and exposed half his slave's ass. The old lady made a sound like "harrumph" and stepped into the laundry room. He walked next to his bitch till they reached the car, then got in.

As soon as they sat down, he saw her jump up a bit in surprise. She felt a sting just from sitting. The spanking had made her ass and thighs extremely sensitive. Not missing a beat, he told her to take off the shirt and remove the scarf.

She hesitated, knowing that they would be out in public. He noticed this, and told her:

"This is the last time I expect to repeat myself. If I have to tell you something twice again, I will make you walk behind the car naked instead of sitting comfortably inside."

She noticed the look of anger on his face, and promptly untied the scarf, and then pulled the shirt off over her head.

He was angry that she had hesitated, and wanted to inflict a bit of torture on the way to the restaurant.

"Turn sideways and face me."

As soon as she did, he smacked both her tits quickly, from the top. They both stretched down slightly and then sprang back into place. A nice red hand print starting to form on the top of both breasts. These were pretty good smacks. They would sting for a little bit.

"I'm in a good mood this morning, thanks to your good behaviour, so this is the only punishment for your delay."

"Thank you, master."

He pulled the car out of the parking spot and drove it out of the garage. She hadn't noticed because it was dark in the garage, but his windows were tinted. She was also starting to find the soft leather of his luxury SUV soothing on her bare butt. She relaxed and leaned back in her seat.

The restaurant was in the same area as the salon. He would get some food, and explain the rules. Then they would walk to the salon and he would head to the bank. He figured she would need almost all 5 hours he had blocked off before the shopping appointment.

As they pulled into the parking area, he noticed there were a lot of cars, but not too many people. He parked under a tree, in a corner of the lot. He also noticed it was just 11:05AM.

"You will get out of the car and then put your scarf and shirt on. In that order. Now!"

She couldn't believe she had to get out of the car, in only her leather boots. Was he really making her do this? Could she do it? She knew she would, her pussy had made the decision for her. The possibility of being seen was flooding her cunt, and she moved quickly to avoid staining the leather.

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