tagBDSMJack's ex, Jack's slave Ch. 05

Jack's ex, Jack's slave Ch. 05


Thank you all for the feedback. I should let you know this story takes much of it into consideration. I have never been in a relationship like the one I describe in my story, and had no idea about the motives and behaviours that are involved. Please let me know what you think of this story. Not much sex involved, more setup for the rest of the story as I have changed direction a bit. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to your comments.


The next morning, Jack was once again woken by his Slut's soft lips and agile tongue on his morning glory. He enjoyed her work, and shortly, he was ready to explode. After cumming deep in her throat, they showered, then Jack brought her back out into the bedroom and hunted through the drawers to find the toys from his bag of tricks. He wasn't sure where Semmi had put them, and it took him a couple of minutes to find them.

He pulled out the largest butt plug he had bought. He bent the cunt over a chair and dropped a large glob of lube onto her anus. He used the tip of the plug to work it into her ass and then started to push the plastic intruder into her asshole. It was slow going, but Jack wasn't looking to hurt her, just start to loosen her up so he could have easier access going forward. After he finally got it in, he admired his handy work. The plug's handle would be a bit awkward, since it stuck out from her ass a little bit when she stood up, and would push the plug in deep when she sat down.

He hit the tablet on the side of the bed to bring Semmi up to the room. No more than 30 seconds later, she walked in naked in heels, as she had vowed to do yesterday.

"Semmi, I need you to arrange to get a half dozen butt plugs for my Slut here. Make sure they are big enough to train her for my size, and that they have those jewels on the end. They should be designed to be worn all day."

"Yes sir. I will have them for you by the end of the day."

He told his slut to get dressed casually for the day, panties and a bra would be required. He had a few business meetings today, and wanted her to be presentable since he was handing over his company to his staff, and didn't want to ruin their chances at success.

She wore a lacy purple bra and matching thong, and slipped on a casual yellow sun dress. It was the last of the clothes that Laura had prepared for them, and he was looking forward to having all the clothes come in later today. But for now, the dress would do fine. His slut put on the high heeled sandals she had on when she left the store on Saturday, made with a gold material that crisscrossed up her legs till mid-shin.

She tied her hair into a ponytail, and the innocent look was complete. If only anyone knew what she got up to when her Master ordered her.

He got dressed in a dress shirt and pants, and put on a sport coat to finish the business casual look. He then headed out to the dining room where breakfast was served by the naked Semmi. The look on his Slut's face when she sat down brought a smile to Jack's lips, and the obvious discomfort during the meal had his Slut shifting from side to side trying to prevent the plug from digging into her ass. He figured that wouldn't do for the rest of the day, so he ordered Semmi to remove it from her.

His slut got up and bent over the table, and Semmi lifted the dress over her hips. She took the dental floss that was supposed to be the back of the thong out of the crack of her ass, and pulled gently on the plug. His Cunt's ass was so tight, it wouldn't budge with such a soft pull, so Jack got up, came over next to her and unceremoniously yanked it out. The Slut screamed in pain, but judging by the dark spot that formed on her thong, she wasn't going to complain much. He handed the plug to Semmi and went back to eat.

"Semmi, please have the car brought out to the front, we should be ready to leave in a few minutes."

Semmi straightened out the Slut's thong and dress, then walked over to her phone. Jack finished his last bites, and so did his pet, and then headed down to the car.

They drove to his office, where he had her sit at the reception area. He had never hired a receptionist, since he rarely got client's at the office and had an auto-attendant for the calls that came in, but he did have a seating area and a desk in case it was ever needed. He told her that anyone who walked in was to be brought to the conference room, unless the previous person had not left yet. In that case, they were to be seated in the waiting area. She was not to leave her desk unless escorting a client, but she could use the internet to browse for clothes or accessories she thought he might enjoy for her.

He then went into the small conference room and got everything ready. He brought out some water and put some coffee on, and waited for his new business partners to arrive. The first appointment was with a long time client, one of the first that Jack had got.

Jack explained that he was leaving the company in very capable hands, and would still be available as a consultant to the new team. The client was happy for Jack and looked forward to working with the new guys.

This repeated itself till about 3PM, none of the clients being too upset at the change. Jack had always delivered excellent service, and as long as that continued, they would be happy despite a change in management. After the last appointment, he called the lawyer, who said the paperwork would be ready for the next day. Jack spent a few minutes talking to the new owners, and left with his pet.

In the car, he asked his pet:

"So, how was your day? Find anything interesting?"

"Oh yes, master. At least a handful of things you might have liked." Jack handed her his smartphone, and told her to look up the items. He gave her his credit card and told her to order them. He told her they should all be express shipped to the hotel.

They arrived at the hotel and went up to their room. Semmi was waiting just inside the door, as was her usual place.

Jack asked her if she took care of his request, and Semmi showed them the selection she had laid out on the table in the living room.

There were 7 plugs, all of the same size. Each was one as big as the girth of his dick at it's widest, but narrowed before the base. Each one was also a different color, made of a soft touch material. The base of each one was capped with a jewel, in a contrasting color from the plug itself.

"I bought one for each day of the week, sir. I hope that is ok?"

"That is great, Semmi. Can you take my pet into the bedroom and insert 'Monday'?" Then turning to his slut, he added, "We are home, so get changed. Corset and boots."

They stepped into the room, and he sat down at the couch. He received a text message from Francine just as he turned on the TV. It was to say that the offer had been placed, and the answer should come in sometime this evening. He called her right away, and told her he might be away from the phone, so if there was a counter-offer, to match it up to $750,000 or make them wait till she could get a hold of him.

He sat down and watched the news. About 15 minutes later, his Slut came in wearing what he asked. Her feet and legs were in leather boots that went up past her knees. The boots had platforms and stiletto heels, reaching a height of over 6 inches and the leather was a shiny black, that clung to her till about mid-thigh. She had chosen a black corset, and had skipped stockings considering the length of the boots. She had undone the ponytail, and her hair draped down in red waves over her shoulders. The tips hung just above her nipples. She had a black head band on to keep her eyes clear, and had added a black choker. He didn't remember giving her the choker, so assumed Laura had thrown it into one of their bags.

He had her twirl around to show off her look. He reached up when she had her back to him and cupped her ass. He liked how cute the jewel in her crack looked. He gave each cheek a good squeeze before lightly smacking it. Her ass was amazing, and he couldn't get over how firm it was. It reminded him that he should do something to keep it that way...

"Semmi, does the hotel have a gym or sports facilities?"

"Yes, sir. We have a full gym on the 11th floor, and a pool on the 12th. There is a whirlpool with saltwater and a sauna on that floor as well. It is open to all our guests."

"Thank you, Semmi." He looked at his pet who had taken a seat next to him, "You will need to hit the gym everyday."

"Yes master," she said, and added with hesitation, "but I don't really have any clothes or shoes for that, master."

"That's something I'll worry about." He replied.

He was thinking about this when his phone vibrated. He had received a text from Francine, informing him that the counter-offer was much higher, at $850,000. He decided this was the perfect opportunity for him to get out and get his pet some workout clothes. He also wanted to see Francine's stunning body again.

He got his slave's measurements. He knew Laura would arrive soon, so left an envelope with a tip of 500$ for the delivery, and left Semmi with instructions to have a week's clothes put away in the bedroom, and store away the rest for checkout. He let his pet know she could choose what she wanted to wear all week, but she would need clothes to go to work 2 more days this week, and would need some clothes for going out in the evening.

He left the hotel and drove to the building he was trying to buy. Jack had decided he wouldn't pay that much, but was hoping to negotiate it down. When he arrived, he found Francine waiting downstairs. She wasn't wearing casual clothes like on Sunday. Tonight, it was all business. She was dressed in a tight business suit, dark red in colour. Underneath was a low cut, silky, cream coloured blouse. She was wearing a skirt that went past mid thigh, and red heels to finish the ensemble.

She briefed him on the situation. Apparently the owner was desperate, because the bank was going to hold him liable, and he would be bankrupt if not for the sale. He was trying to squeeze more than he needed out of the property. It would be easy to convince him to come to $700K with only a little pressure. She would do the talking, if Jack agreed.

They walked in and headed up the elevator to the top level. The owner and his agent were sitting there waiting. He seemed like a nice guy, offered them some coffee and was generally jovial, despite his situation. Jack was sorry for him, to be stuck in such a jam. They sat down at the table, and Francine started discussing the counter-offer.

Jack interrupted her after a minute.

"Look, sir, I want this whole building. I assume that you have contractors lined up and know people for materials and all that, right?"

"Call me Tim. And yes, if I had the money, I would be ready to start work tomorrow."

"Ok, I'll make you a deal. I'll give you seven hundred grand for the building, and hire you to manage the contractors and materials for my construction. I would pay you an extra hundred thousand for the work. Is that something you might be interested in?"

Tim sat there for a moment. "Jack, do you mind if I call you Jack?" Jack nodded, and Tim continued, "You should know, this project might only take a couple of months, 6 at the most. Are you telling me you are ready to pay me a hundred grand for such a short period of time?"

"Yes Tim, that's what I am telling you. I want to live here, and I don't have any experience with this type of thing. You look like a nice guy, just a victim of the economy. This way, the bank is paid, and you have some work and a bit of money lined up right away. I'll even give you a quarter of the money upfront, and the rest paid out when we reach some fixed milestones."

Tim needed to think this through. "Ok, give me a minute with the agent. I'll meet you downstairs." He said.

Jack and Francine went downstairs and Jack thought about what he could do with the space. He was considering dividing the building in two. One half for himself, and the other half to make some condos. He was thinking about his plans when Tim and his agent came down the stairs.

"I think I like your deal, Jack. I'll take it!" The owner, or rather the ex-owner, had the agent draw up the paperwork right there. The payment was due in the morning, along with the keys.

Jack discussed his idea to convert half the building into condos and leave the rest for himself. Tim didn't see much of a problem, since he had the plans and materials to get started on the condo construction right away. Jack scheduled an appointment with the architect that had done the designs, and left. He had just enough time to get to the sports equipment store. He picked up a bunch of workout clothes and a pair of sneakers for his pet and headed out.

He couldn't believe his luck. On Friday, he was sitting in his apartment, wondering what his weekend plans would be. Now, he had a woman who had scorned him at his beck and call, staying in the best room in the best hotel in town, and had just bought a building.

When he arrived at the hotel lobby, he wrote an email to his bank manager to prepare the check and that he would be in in the morning to pick it up. He checked his schedule on his way up the elevator. It was close to 8:30PM, and he was getting hungry.

He wasn't expecting what he saw when he walked in. There was his slut, on her knees, ass up, face buried in between Laura's spread legs on the sofa. Semmi greeted him at the door, and he handed her his bag. He was gobsmacked by the audacity of his slave.

Jack cleared his throat, standing right behind his pet. "May I ask what the fuck is going on here, Slut?"

The girl turned around and looked up at her master. He looked calm, but she knew she had messed up. He was angry, she could see it in his eyes.

"Laura came to drop off the clothes. She helped me choose the clothes for this week and since I was trying on some of them, she also wanted to. We were switching clothes back and forth and we started making out and one thing led to another..." Her voice trailed off.

Jack lifted his slut up by the chin, lifting her head to look him directly in the eyes. He didn't even look at the other girl, and said:

"Laura, please leave. I need some time alone with this bitch."

Laura quickly got up and grabbed her clothes and purse. She had already grabbed the envelope, and was out the door in just a few seconds.

He was still staring his pet in the eyes. "I don't remember including eating her out in my instructions to you before I left..." He growled.

"And to add to it, you didn't call me master once during your explanation. I am very upset. Why did you decide to act on your own?"

"I'm sorry master. I was just so horny. The butt plug was driving me crazy and Laura noticed how wet I was. She started to kiss me and I was really enjoying it. I just had to taste her pussy again, master. I couldn't resist. I'm so sorry, master."

"Not yet you aren't." He grabbed his cunt by the hair, and dragged her into the bedroom. He yelled out for Semmi to hear:

"Semmi, please arrange to have some food brought up for me. I would like a sandwich and some fries please. And a few beers as well."

"Yes sir," came the timid reply from the other room.

He wasn't that angry that he caught her with someone else. He was angry that she didn't think she needed to ask for permission.

"Lie down on the bed, face down." Jack told her as he pushed her onto the floating mattress. He went to the drawers and pulled out his ropes and his bag of goodies.

He took out a long rope and tied it to her left wrist. He then went over the top of the mattress and back down below and across the bottom, coming up and over and tying her right ankle. He then took another rope and repeated with her right wrist and left ankle. He grabbed the pillows and inserted them below her hips and lower abdomen, raising her hips up and pulling her arms and legs taut. He pulled out a gag, one with a large red ball, stretching her jaw and causing her a bit of discomfort. He could hear her trying to complain about the pain, but a quick slap to her ass took care of that.

Now she was ready. He didn't plan to hurt her much, but he wanted her uncomfortable. He then pulled out the paddle he had bought. It was black, made of leather. The actual paddle part was about 2 and a half inches wide, and about 5 inches long. He picked this one because it had a design that was embossed in red on it, a simple XOXO. It looked playful as well as severe.

He brought it out in front of her, and he waved it in front of her, and brought it down on his hand. The noise was loud and sharp. In fact, not that she knew, but it was designed more for noise than for inflicting a lot of pain. He placed the paddle in front of her on the mattress, and proceeded to remove his own clothes. He took the paddle when he was done, and went behind her.

He swung it around in the air for her to hear the whistling sound. Without warning, he brought it down lightly on her ass. She tried to scream, but the gag helped muffle the noise. She had pushed her hips down into the pillows when he smacked her.

"Now now, that was a light tap. Don't try to avoid the hits, I want you to keep your ass up. You know the punishment is deserved, so I don't want you avoiding it at all." He told her as he slapped her again.

He smacked her ass repeatedly, going from the top of her thighs to the bottom of her back. The goal was more to make noise then to inflict pain. Her ass would be red and feel like it was on fire, but she wouldn't have any trouble sitting in the morning. He was actually starting to think she was enjoying it, especially considering the wetness around her pussy lips. He counted out fifty strokes. Then stopped. He stepped behind her to admire his handy work.

Her ass and upper thighs were red, but there was no bruising or welts. He was impressed. He had controlled the strokes perfectly. He walked around her, and pulled her head up out of the mattress. She had drooled around the gag, and her eyes were only slightly open. He bent down and kissed her forehead, then walked out of the room. He grabbed the robe as he was exiting, and put it on as he arrived at the dining table.

His supper was sitting on the table. He quickly ate the roast beef sandwich and had a few fries. He opened a beer and drank it down with his supper.

As she lay there, tied down, she thought about her predicament. She knew she should have asked permission first. But she got carried away. Laura was so beautiful, and she was flirty and touchy. She couldn't resist. The last few days were so charged with sexuality, it just came to her naturally. She didn't think her Master would be so upset. Although maybe he wasn't...

To be tied up so tight, and have her ass spanked, had her in state of horniness she hadn't experienced yet. She could feel the pillows under her get clammy from her pussy juice. She almost came, but because of the gag, she wasn't able to ask permission, so she fought it. It put her in a state of trance almost, trying to resist the urge to let the pleasure explode, while still feeling more build up, like water behind a dam.

When he kissed her forehead, she felt shocks fire off from his lips and through her scalp and down her spine. She could actually feel the hair on the back of her neck rise up. She took the time he was out of the room to calm down, and waited eagerly for him to come back in.

When Jack walked back into the room after his meal, he realized his pet was trying to say something to him. He came over and listened carefully. He understood after a few tires that her jaw was hurting her. He undid the buckle and carefully pulled out the gag. She opened and closed her jaw, trying to relax the tense muscles.

Jack grabbed the lube from the stand. He spread her ass cheeks and grabbed the plug that was firmly lodged inside her. He pulled slowly, trying to get it out without tearing her open. She was incredibly stretched out. He worked slowly. He twisted and he pulled and he twisted some more. He had to add some lube around the edge to help it along. After considerable effort, he released the bulbous object from it's tight prison.

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