tagBDSMJack's Life Darkens

Jack's Life Darkens


The first time, it was a weak, tentative swat on the behind that didn't even register as a smack.

"Did you just..." she started.

"Sorry", he said.

She narrowed her eyes and let her gaze linger for a second before raising her hips up and resuming her rhythm. He put his hands back on her ass and squeezed as she rode him to her eventual release.

When she was done, he rolled her over and took his turn, pounding into her until his body shuddered and he exploded. He could never get there with her on top, despite how much he lusted after her beautiful body.

The slap on her ass was never mentioned again, and the crazy urge to hit her and the rush he got from thinking about doing it receded into the darkness from whence it came. His cheeks burned a little as he let that delicious surge of electricity slip away and they both pretended it never happened.

But it did happen.

Several years, one wife, and two kids later, it would creep back into Jack's mind. Barely perceptible at first, it would buzz in his brain if the movies he watched with his wife had any hint of sexual violence. He didn't notice the buzz at first, but a little while after the movie, the scenes would hold his interest longer than he expected, trapped on the edges of his thinking mind, and breaking free here and there to hold his attention for a moment or two. Sometimes, after a really nasty scene, it would happen for days.

Jack was raised on tv and rumours as far as sex was concerned. His family was not religious, but sex wasn't something they talked about openly, so Jack's formative notions of sex arose from the occasional bare breast in a movie, theatrical sex scenes, and the vast wisdom of his peers. Thus, his early assumptions about a woman's body were anatomically hilarious to modern day Jack, and the foggy concepts of what sex consisted of were equally off the mark.

He learned over the course of his childhood that a man is never to hit a woman under any circumstances. That information was as close to fact as anything he had ever known growing up. Violence against women was an outrage and a sickness in the world, and he was not part of that sickness.

Over the years, Jack spent a lot time reading about sex. Before he'd ever done the deed, he possessed an understanding that good sex required a man to put a lot of time and energy into his partner's pleasure. He understood his own pleasure was all but guaranteed, but to really excel in bed, the mysteries of the female orgasm had to be solved.

Jack became very good at pleasing women in bed, after the first couple of clumsy attempts of course. He cared so much about pleasing his partners that his own satisfaction depended on it. He would have orgasms every time, but that wasn't all it took to satisfy Jack.

A few years into his marriage, with buzzing brains and darkening thoughts, Jack's satisfaction begn to falter. His wife enjoyed three to four orgasms at least every time they had sex, and Jack always took pride in that. Slowly, that wasn't enough any more.

Something lived in him that whispered dark things that forced blood into his pants when he let those whispers take him. Someone stronger and more confident took over his body when he accepted the darkness into him, and by god he loved that new man.

Jack hid from the darkness as much as he could bear. Lately the urges had become stronger and Jack fought them back with less and less enthusiasm. Come out and play, Jacky boy. You know you want to.

He did want to. He really wanted to...

In his mind, the conversation with Monique would go something like this:

"Baby, can I I talk to you about something?"

"Of course", she'd say.

"I want to hit you when we have sex. Hard and repeatedly."

"Get the fuck out of my life, you sick fuck!"

Or some variation on that narrative, with some added crying and wondering how she had married such a psycho. He would lose his kids, his wife, and everything he had. And rightfully so. A man should never hit a woman under any circumstances. Only wife abusers do that, and wife abusers go to jail.

He could take up hookers, but hooker abusers get beat to death, and then publicly shamed for all eternity. And they can be quite expensive, raising questions about why he was making cash withdrawals and going out at strange hours. No thanks.

For a few months, he satisfied his appetite with poorly staged porn like any respectable man would do. None of it looked like what he wanted, and it was all so blatantly contrived that it barely did the job, until he discovered some homemade videos. These clips showed real people doing real things to each other, and BOTH of them liked what was happening.

Holy shit! There really are women, real women, who like being hit during sex. Who like being manhandled and used. Jack's darkness took a permanent seat in the cockpit of his brain from that day forward. It was out now, and it would not be denied much longer.

The conversation with Monique went like this:

"Baby, do you have any sexual fantasies you want to fulfill?"

A moment or two of awkward silence...

"Umm...I guess I do...why do you ask?"

"Because I want to be the best husband and lover you could ever imagine, and I want you to live out every fantasy you have."

A shorter but still awkward silence...

"You are already both of those things. But...since you ask..." Monique paused for a second and Jack's heart pounded in his chest like a gorilla trying to get out of a shipping box. "I'd like to dress up and role play sometimes," she said. "Is that weird?"

Once when Jack was a kid, his father suspected him of breaking a lamp, and he was going to get a bare ass spanking for it, and also for lying about it. Luckily his brother spoke up and took responsibility for it. The wave of relief at that moment was exactly the same as the one that washed over him at that moment.

"That's not weird at all", he said. "Like cop arrests naughty criminal kind of stuff?"

"Yeah," she replied. "Or cheerleader sleeping with the quarterback. Or teacher and bad student in detention."

"Who would be the teacher and who would be the student?" Jack asked with a smirk on his face.

"We can take turns," she purred.

"I like it," Jack said.

"Oh good! I've never told anyone about that before. I was worried you'd think it was stupid or something."

"Not at all, baby" Jack said. "We should be able to tell each other anything."

"I agree,"she said. "What about you? Do you have any fantasies you haven't told me about?"

This moment was a long time coming. It was his chance to finally let the darkness out, to test the waters and he was so excited and scared he naturally froze and didn't say anything for a few long seconds.



"I told you mine, now it's only fair that you tell me yours. We should be able to tell each other anything, remember? You literally just said that ten seconds ago."

His fear of losing this opportunity began to overwhelm his fear of telling her, but it held on enough to say "I'm a little nervous to say this..."

Monique reached out and held his hand. "You can tell me," she said. "I promise I won't laugh."

Laughing wasn't even close to what he was worried about.

"Ok...I want to hit you during sex," he blurted.

His face started doing things he couldn't control, and from inside his mind he hoped it wasn't making things worse.

"What do you mean when you say hit me?" She asked.

At this point in his imaginary conversations, Monique had already blown her top and kicked him out of the house, so he was completely unprepared to carry on the conversation. He'd never put a lot of actual logical thought into how to explain himself.

"Well, uh...like I want to bend you over and smack your ass for instance," he said. That would be the ignition point for sure, he thought.

"Like, with your hand?" She asked.

"Yeah...and maybe some toys..."

Monique looked at his face for a moment. She studied him like he was something new to her and it made Jack nervous.

"Ok," she said, almost nonchalantly.

This wave washing over him was relief like the other one, but also disbelief.


"Yeah," she said. "When you said hit me, I thought you meant punch me in the face or something."

"Uh, no," Jack stammered. "I want to smack you in the face though."

Now who the fuck said that? Jack's brain screamed. The darkness smirked.

"Oh, well...maybe we'll start with spanking," Monique said smiling.

"Ok," Jack said tentatively. "Since it's out there now, I should tell you it's not just the spanking that I have in mind..."

Dammit! Why couldn't you just leave it alone? We were lucky to get out of the hitting part with our life intact, now you gotta push it, his brain screamed.

"Oh really?" Monique replied. "And what else do you have in mind?"

Jack searched for the right way to say that he wanted to hurt her. He wanted to hit her because he wanted to inflict pain, but for some reason his brain seemed unavailable at the moment.

"I want hurt you," he said quietly. "I want the spanking to hurt. I want to pull you hair and squeeze your nipples until you can barely breathe. I want to choke you, to leave bruises on you. I want ropes and gags, I want to OWN you and use you however I see fit. I want these things and I feel like a monster for it. I understand if you don't want any of that, but I just had to tell you and get it off my chest."

Jack was terrified by the words that just poured out of his mouth. The next few moments would decide how his life would go, but along with the gut wrenching fear of Monique's reaction, he also felt a great weight lifted off his shoulders. Letting the darkness out was like taking off a lead jacket and standing tall for the first time.

Monique's face was a picture of thoughtful beauty. Somehow, she didn't look revolted, or disgusted, or even afraid.

Jack's face was up to no good again, he was sure if it. Also, he needed to resume breathing soon or he would pass out and smash his face off the coffee table.

Jack took a deep breath.

"So...I guess that's not what you expected to hear," he said.

Monique did something then that almost caused Jack's bladder to release; she smiled. She smiled at him so bright fear ran rampant through his body and he stopped breathing again.

"I can see that was really hard for you to tell me," she said.

Getting dizzy, Jack started breathing again. "It was."

"Some of those things sound crazy," she said. "I don't want to end up in the hospital. That would be pretty hard to explain to my parents."

"I'm sorry I said all that," Jack said. "I —,"

"No, don't be," Monique cut in. "I assume when you say you want to hurt me, you mean pain, not injury."

"Yes, no. I mean yes to pain, but no to injury," Jack stammered. "Exactly."

"Well, I have some reservations, but if we take it slow...ok," Monique said with a smile.

Jack was dizzy again. Am I breathing? I really have to get a handle on this, he thought. Wait...did she just agree to let me ...

"So...you're not going to run screaming out of the house and report me to the police?" He asked.

"Not unless you get carried away and break my arm or something," she replied. "We need to go over what you want specifically and I mean it when I say we need to go slow."

"Absolutely," Jack replied. "I was so scared you would think I was a psycho. I've wanted to tell you for a long time."

"I'm super happy you were honest with me when you were so scared," Monique said. "I want you to be that honest with me all the time."

"Ok, baby," Jack said. "But I should warn you, there's some weird shit going on in my head."

Two months later, after some seriously kinky topics had become normal, Jack came home from work one afternoon to find Monique dressed in a school girl costume holding a book and wearing glasses.

"I'm here for detention, Mr Klein."

Jack dropped his briefcase and let the darkness take over.

"Miss Baker, you have been very disruptive," he said, loosening his belt and moving toward her.

"What are you going to do about it?" She said defiantly. "Give me a bad grade?"

Jack's last two steps brought him close enough reach out grab Monique's throat. He pulled her close to him with enough force she dropped her book on the floor. He saw a beautiful flash of fear cross her face for just a second, and it ignited a fire in him.

"You're going to learn a lesson today," he said.

With his other hand, Jack grabbed her hair close to the scalp and pulled her head back so she was looking up at him. He released her throat and delivered a solid slap across her face. She cried out at the shock of it, but then a look of defiance took over her features.

"Is that all you got, old man?" She taunted.

Jack's blood surged through him like liquid fire. He slapped her again, harder this time, then clamped her left nipple between his thumb and the middle knuckle of his right hand. He pulled her head back even harder and squeezed her nipple as hard as he could until she squirmed in his grasp. She held her breath and tried not scream as the pain in her nipple took over every part of her mind.

"Now you little bitch, you're going to get what your daddy should have given you years ago," Jack hissed through clenched teeth.

He released her nipple causing her to scream with the new pain of blood rushing back into it. He spun her around and bent her over the desk. Her short school girl skirt barely covering her perfect ass. Still holding her hair, Jack pulled her skirt up exposing her slutty black panties and smacked her ass so hard the sting in his hand made him hiss.

Monique cried out at the sharp sting. Jack pulled his hand back again, this time hitting her other cheek, harder this time than the last. Over and over he smacked her ass until it glowed bright red and tears streamed down her face.

Jack let his throbbing hand rest for a second and asked her if she'd learned her lesson.

"If you were trying to show me what a pussy you are, then yes, I suppose I have," Monique replied.

Jack's raging hard on raged a little harder as he took off his belt. He pulled Monique's panties off roughly enough to rip them on one side, putting her beautiful red ass on display. He had never been so in love with this woman in his whole life. He grabbed a fresh handful of hair and brought belt down across her glowing ass.

Monique screamed as the belt lit up her skin. Jack lashed her again and again until he couldn't take it any more. He dropped the belt and his pants on the floor and stood behind her, admring his work. Her ass showed every hit with the belt like a stroke of a painter's brush. It was breathtaking and arousing like nothing he had ever seen before.

"Now Miss Baker," he said as he held his hard cock against her soaking wet pussy lips. "I'm going to give you one last lesson before I throw you out of my classroom."

Without any further warning, Jack grabbed her hips and slammed his hard cock into Monique hard enough to move the old desk a few inches. Monique's screams weren't from pain any more as Jack rammed his cock into her soaking wet pussy hard and fast. He fucked her like she'd never been fucked before, and after only a few hard thrusts, her body exploded with such force she thought for second she would pass out. Her pussy gushed and her juice dripped onto the floor.

As he pounded into Monique's pussy, Jack grabbed her hair again and used it fuck her even harder, pulling her back onto his cock as he rammed into her. His cock started to build up pressure and with each hard punishing thrust he got closer and closer until his whole body shook with a violent and volcanic orgasm that almost took him off his feet. He locked up for a second or two, but Monique took over and thrust herself back onto his cock hard and fast while he blew load after load deep inside her.

Jack pulled his still hard pussy soaked cock out of Monique and told her to get on her knees. She knelt in front of him and stared at Jack's big wet cock. "Suck it clean, you little bitch," he said and shoved his cock in Monique's mouth. She sucked it in as far as she could and Jack again almost fell to the ground it felt so good. She sucked and licked the cum and pussy juice off his cock until it finally went limp.

Jack stood her up kissed her deep, tasting both of their fluids on her lips.

"Now I hope you learned your lesson, Miss Baker," he said. "If not, you'll get detention again tomorrow."

"Promise?" She replied.

Jack looked at her like he'd never seen something so beautiful in all years. She had set him free and he loved her so much more for it.

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It's not like that

IT'S NOT TRUE that "a man should never hit a woman under any circumstances"!HE COULD HIT HER VERY WELL if it's necessary,for example is she becomes violent and attacks him or to calm her if she becomesmore...

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One of the best pieces of writing on the site for ages. Thank you.
This is a very tough subject and you handled it amazingly well. It's so much more erotic when thought processes are involved.
I'm notmore...

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by evaq2404/07/18


Please continue his story. I'm in Love 😊

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