tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJack's Needs Ch. 02

Jack's Needs Ch. 02


I urge you to read part one of Jack's Needs. It might help explain some of Sophie's feelings towards Jack prior to this story.


I sighed in frustration as I flipped through the pages of my literature book quickly. The library was close to empty, left with the remnants of college students trying to finish a bit of last-minute homework. Unfortunately, I was one of them.

After the previous weekend, I had been trying my hardest to stay away from my apartment. After Jack had forced me to have sex with him, I had to deal with my confused feelings about the whole situation. Nobody knew about the incident except for my best friend and roommate, Lisa. She had walked in on me, laying on my bed and covered in sweat and a large amount of Jack's cum on my face.

Lisa had told me to just let it go and move on. But it was always nagging me in the back of my mind, a fly buzzing in my head. I almost had an orgasm when Jack was fucking me, I thought. If he had just done it for a little longer... No. I couldn't have. Could I have?

And what about afterwards? Jack had forced me to swallow all of his cum and then left. While I was alone in the time immediately after, I couldn't help myself and masturbated until I came, giving myself what Jack had deprived from me. But I liked it. I liked how Jack had forced me to pleasure him against my will. It was the hottest thing I had ever experienced, but also the most disturbing. For the last few days, I had made myself go to class and avoid Jack's staring, not looking at him once.

I glanced at my phone and was startled by the time. Grabbing all my things and putting them in my bag, I walked out of the library and into the hall. The place was deserted, save for the janitors who silently cleaned the school. I walked at a fast pace, avoiding eye contact and looking at the floor. I turned the corner and stopped. Jack was standing there, an amused look on his face. I looked at him with horror and stepped back.

"Jack? Umm... What do you want?" I asked hesitantly.

"I just want to talk," Jack said, stepping closer and closing the distance between us a little.

"I can't right now. I have to go," I said desperately.

"You enjoyed what happened, didn't you?" Jack asked.

"I- no, I didn't, Jack."

"I think you did." Another step. "And you want it again, don't you?"

"No, I don't."


I turned to run, but before I could move two steps, a hand clamped over my mouth, taking away my ability to scream for help. Jack was dragging me backwards, pulling me fiercely. I tried frantically to get his hand off of my mouth, but his grip was as strong as iron. I heard a door open and saw that Jack had taken me into the men's restroom.

"It's a good thing that the janitors already cleaned these restrooms, huh Sophie?" Jack said, relishing the look on my face. He finally let me go and I tried to get past him to the door. Jack easily blocked me and advanced.

"Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way, Sophie?" Jack demanded. For some reason, I felt my vagina throb and felt a flash of heat at his words. Don't even think about it, I silently told myself.

"Please just let me go Jack," I whispered. I must not have sounded very convincing. Jack smiled and shook his head.

"I guess it's going to be the hard way. It's a good thing that I come prepared," He said, reaching into his pocket. After a few seconds, he pulled out a roll of duct tape. I looked down and gulped at Jacks already hardening cock in his pants. Then he pounced.

I felt Jack grab my waist and slammed me into the wall. My purse and bag fell to the floor, the contents spilling everywhere. With surprising speed, Jack taped my hands together despite my struggles. Electricity shot through me and I felt myself getting wet. Why am I getting turned on by this? I thought incredulously. A moan of pain and lust escaped my lips.

"Shhh Sophie. Be quiet," Jack whispered in my ear. Panic rose in me.

"No!" I said, raising my voice. Jack quickly took a strip of duct tape and pushed it to my lips, silencing me. One of his hands slipped up my shirt and searched for my bra strap. I silently struggled with him, but secretly let him stop me easily. My heart was pounding frantically as Jack unhooked my bra and let it fall off me. His hand then moved from my back to my chest, pinching my hard nipples.

"Will you be my little whore now?" Jack asked me quietly, putting his hand on my boob and squeezing gently. I shook my head and attempted to maneuver around him. Jack angrily pushed me to the ground and got on top of me. Pain erupted in my back and I felt the breath knocked out of me. I tried inhaling but could never seem to get enough air.

"You're always so fucking difficult about this Sophie. You always act like a tease in class and never look at me. Now you have to be punished," Jack hissed while unbuttoning my shirt. I had never been so turned on before in my life, yet so scared. My open and revealing chest made Jack moan with lust and unzip his jeans.

"I can't wait to cum inside that little cunt," Jack said. I brought my taped hands up to my mouth, indicating that I wanted to talk. Jack took off the tape slowly and let me take a breath.

"Please don't Jack."

"Why not?"

"It's not safe. Please."

"What will you do for me instead?"

I hesitated. I really didn't want to do anything for him out of my own will. But I didn't want him to cum inside me. Jack seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. Tearing off another strip of tape, Jack pressed it back to my lips and resumed pulling his cock out of his pants.

When Jack's cock was in full view, I stared at it, dumbstruck. It's huge! I thought. Jack pulled down my panties and put the head of his cock on near my glistening vagina. Without protest, I let him slide his cock into me once again, only this time slowly. Halfway in, he stopped. I closed my eyes and waited for him to push in more.

More... I begged.

Jack grinned and didn't move. I pushed my body closer to him, showing him that I wanted more.

"I knew it, you little slut," Jack said. He proceeded to slide in and out of me at a rapidly quickening pace. My chest was heaving as I tried to inhale enough air through my nose.

"You like when I pound that pussy?" Jack asked breathlessly. I nodded and let him slide his hands to my ass. Jack's head went down to my boobs and he bit my nipple, causing me to inhale again loudly. I pushed my chest harder and harder into Jack's face, letting him lick and suck on my boobs eagerly. A small smacking sound resonated through the bathroom every time Jack buried his cock completely inside of me.

I felt myself nearing my orgasm.

Just a few more seconds...

Suddenly, Jack pulled out. NO! I thought angrily. Jack was jerking his cock off near my boobs quickly, a concentrated look etched on his face. I shook my head and tried to point at my vagina.

"You want me to fuck you more?" Jack asked, disbelieving. I nodded. Jack picked me up and lifted me into the air. I put my taped arms around Jack's neck and felt his cock invade me again. I couldn't believe I was being fucked by a stranger in a bathroom while he was holding me in the air. I moaned in happiness as Jack slammed my body against a stall and shoved his cock deep inside of me mercilessly.

I'm about to cum... oh my God... I'm going...I'm going to... cum!

I felt my vagina clenching on Jack's cock as I screamed through the tape and let my orgasm wash over me. Jack let out an anguished howl, trying to hold his cum back. I let myself go limp, waiting for Jack's hot cum to fill me up.

Instead, he pulled out. I looked at him with questioning eyes.

"I won't cum in your pussy. I want something else," Jack said. He set me down on the floor and turned me over, making me kneel. Jack positioned his cock behind me and I felt it touch my asshole. I realized what was happening and immediately tried to get my ass away from him. Jack held on and tried to force the head of his cock in. I shook my head and clenched as hard as I could, blocking the massive probe. Jack growled.

"I let you cum. Now it's my turn," Jack said. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it towards him, thrusting at my asshole at the same time. With pure force, Jack got his cock in my asshole and grunted in excitement.

Pain. Never had I felt so much pain in my life. I screamed as hard and as loud as I could as Jack ravaged my asshole selfishly.

"Holy shit! You are so tight! It feels amazing Sophie."

I closed my eyes and waited for Jack to stop. The pain had subsided to a throbbing sting every time Jack tried to work more of his cock in my ass. One of his hands reached my vagina and started fingering me.

For a few minutes I felt Jack force his cock in and out of me. My ass felt numb now, and all I could feel was my vagina throbbing excitedly. My brain had disconnected from my body as I felt myself seconds away from my second orgasm.

"You like when I fuck your ass? Yeah, you dirty little whore. Take it all down," Jack said into my ear. I felt the tension build up inside me, begging me to release it.

As I started to cum, my back arched and I screamed blissfully. Jack put both of his hands on my throat and squeezed as hard as he could. With my lack of oxygen and Jack still shoving his cock into me, my orgasm multiplied tenfold. For an entire minute, Jack kept strangling me, sending me to heights I had never imagined.

After what seemed like forever, Jack let go of my neck, letting me breathe. I gasped as loud as humanly possible and let my head drop to the cold tile floor.

"I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum in you, whore!" Jack yelled. I felt hot cum shoot up inside of my asshole, creating a strange sensation. Halfway finished, Jack pulled out of me and squeezed his cock a few more times, shooting the rest of his cum on my boobs. The warm splatter of Jack's cum on me made me sigh happily.

"Damn... That felt amazing," Jack said. "Lick my cum off of my dick."

When I didn't move, Jack grabbed my head and pushed his softening cock into my mouth, making me lick it clean. After he finished, Jack stood up and began zipping his jeans up and fixing his clothes. I laid there and waited, my hands and mouth still taped shut.

"Well that was amazing," Jack said. "What should I do with you now?"

Jack took off the tape from my lips. I looked at Jack standing over me.

"Just... Let me go home, Jack. Please."

Jack looked at my semi-naked form. My hands were bound and my shirt was open, revealing my boobs. They were still glistening from Jack shooting ropes of his cum on them. My shorts were unzipped and my throbbing vagina was still visible. All of my books and things were still all over the ground. Jack smiled at his handiwork.

"Sure, Sophie. You can go home now. I'll see you soon," Jack said, smiling wickedly. He winked at me once and left the bathroom.

I moaned as Jack left me, still tied up and half naked on the floor of the school bathroom, so satisfied, yet so frustrated.


Please feel free to comment on the story and I encourage you to vote! I'm always open to advice to improve. Thank you!

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