tagMind ControlJack's New Skills Ch. 02

Jack's New Skills Ch. 02


In the second part of this trilogy, Amy's sister Jenny has just walked in on her and Jack in a very compromising position.


To say I was shocked is a bit of an understatement. She had finally seen Jack for the loser he was, and just that morning she had been mocking the size of his dick. And yet there she was lying underneath him, gazing into his eyes and grinding her hips into him like a randy teenager. Jack looked up at me in horror, and damn right too, since I was about to pull him off her and throw him out into the street. But then he stood up and walked towards me – well, I turned away instantly at the sight of him naked but he pulled me towards him and looked deep into my eyes.

I was about to land a well aimed knee right where it would hurt the most, but a glance into those chocolate-brown eyes made me think... perhaps he wasn't such a loser after all. And a quick look down confirmed that Amy had been making it up when she had said that his penis was... I blushed and looked away, embarrassed to think that he might have seen me looking. He gently turned my face to look at his and spoke softly. "Jenny, honey, you've caught me and Amy at rather a bad time. You're going to go upstairs and leave me alone with your sister." I was about to tell him that that was certainly the last thing I was going to do, but one momentary look at those gorgeous eyes and I was melting.

"OK. Sorry to disturb you. I'll be upstairs if anyone needs me." I turned away and started to go upstairs and heard my sister begging for Jack to come back to her. I was a little uncomfortable at the thought of them having sex in the room below me but for some reason I didn't mind too much. I was halfway up the stairs when I heard Jack's commanding voice.

"Jenny." I stopped, turned, and waited for him to speak again. It seems ridiculous but it was almost as if I was waiting for my orders. "Come down here a minute." I was in front of him almost immediately. "You know, I think I've changed my mind." He paused thoughtfully. "You see, Jen, although I was dating your sister I've always found you very attractive too. You likewise find me almost unbearably sexy, don't you?"

He ran a hand through my hair and stroked my back with the other as he spoke and I have to admit that his touch sent thrills of electricity through me. "Your golden-honey curls, your intense green eyes... and you have an amazing figure for a woman in her thirties." He paused again and I waited with bated breath to hear what he would say next. "I think you should join us. Do you?" I nodded – I couldn't help myself. "What do you want to do?"

"I want to join you." He didn't say anything and I thought that maybe he wanted a little more from me. "Please can I join you, Jack?" The thought that he would send me away again was not a nice one, so I was very relieved when he grinned and led me into the front room.

"Of course you can join us. But I'm afraid there is a little rule we have here."

"What is it?"

He looked deep into my eyes again and I felt that dream-like state wash over me. "No clothes allowed." Eager to please him and obey his orders, I started to pull my shirt over my head. "Stop, Jenny." I did so, again, waiting for him to direct me. He clicked his fingers. "Amy." Amy who had, so far, been lying on the sofa panting, stood up an moved near him quickly. "Amy, you remember how you want to please me?" She nodded eagerly. "It would please me very much to see you strip your sister like you did yourself a little while ago." She moved towards me and I took a step back. OK, I was willing to see Amy naked if it meant I got some time with Jack but that was taking it a little too far.

Jack must have seen my hesitation because he put a hand out to stop Amy. "Don't you want to let Amy undress you? You do really, don't you. Because it will make me happy, and you want to do anything to make me happy. And besides, it's a big turn-on to have your sister undress you." Somehow, he was right. I looked into those deep brown eyes and I knew that he was right. He picked up the remote control for the stereo and clicked on the music. I recognised it as the CD that I had helped Amy pick out earlier for her date. God, what had I been thinking?

Mike sat down on the sofa and watched as Amy came towards me and slowly pulled off my shirt. We were both swaying slowly to the music and the smell of Amy's perfume mixing with mine, the feel of her naked body on my clothed one, was sensuous beyond belief. I was suddenly very glad that I was wearing some of my prettiest lingerie today – matching dark red lace underwear. Amy slid down my body and, with one hand on my ass, used the other to unbutton my jeans.

Having her face so close to my private area was mind-blowing, and when she pulled my trousers off she smiled cheekily at the evidence of my lust – the dampness in my panties. She glided back up my body and reached behind to undo my bra, one hand tangling in my hair. Her mouth was so close to mine and those ruby red lips were too tempting to resist. When she tilted her head closer to mine I took my chance and captured her in a kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth and we were locked in an embrace more passionate than I had ever before experienced.

She broke away and I looked at her in disappointment which quickly turned to unbridled desire when she got back down onto her knees and pulled my panties down with her teeth. Our job done, I desperately wanted more from her, but we both knew that we had to wait to hear what Jack wanted us for next. He was lying back on the sofa looking very pleased with himself, his arrogant smile only serving to turn me on even more. "Good girls."

He got up and put an arm around each of us. "That's just what I like to see – two gorgeous girls doing their best to please the other. Unfortunately it's a little lacking for me. You see, I can watch, and believe me, that's fun. But I'd like a little action myself. What do you think we can do about that?" Amy and I looked at each other for a moment, anxious to get the answer right, and he sighed.

"Amy, on your hands and knees." She moved into position faster than I've ever seen her move before. "And Jenny, lie beneath her. I think you know where your head goes." Realisation dawned and I nodded fervently, moving so that my head was underneath Amy's pussy. He knelt down behind Amy and I could see his throbbing cock come into view above me. I could feel Amy trembling, knowing what was coming next. "Go on then girls."

I felt Amy's tongue inside me almost at once and I moved to do the same. The sensations were overwhelming, and I knew my sister must have been feeling it as well – I stroked her clit with my tongue, gently nibbled on it, sucked her pussy lips, and then started to ease my way into her actual opening. The taste of her desire, the smell of her lust, was turning me on easily as much as her tongue – no, her entire mouth, which was working on me in the same way.

I inhaled deeply, revelling in the luxurious pleasure that I was both giving and receiving. She gasped in pain and pleasure as Jack thrust into her ass for the first time, and as soon as she was used to the sensations, she found her rhythm, rocking into Jack's cock and my tongue at the same time, then driving back into me, kissing my clit and fingering my opening at the same time as I did the same. The rhythmic motions made me breathless and we started grinding into each other, driving our orgasms forwards, moaning in pleasure.

The knowledge that we were both exploring new places was intensely erotic and I soon felt the climax building, sparkling inside me. I could tell from Jack's quickened pace and panting that he was nearing a climax as well, and with one final thrust all three of us came together. I lapped up my sister's juices as she lapped up mine and, as a final contribution Jack pulled out and shot his load all over Amy's pussy and my face. Her taste mingled with his in my mouth and I closed my eyes as the after-glow washed over me.

Amy rolled over and moved up to meet us. She pulled me towards her and we kissed, all three flavours mixing in our mouths and turning us on again. She licked Jack's cum off my face and moved her hands down, gently rubbing between my pussy lips again. I was too exhausted to come again, and so was she, but it was a great feeling, her fingers massaging me, occasionally slipping into my opening. I did the same to her and we lay on the floor, relaxed, kissing and feeling each other. I don't know how long we were there like that but I heard Jack speak to us at some point. "Well girls, if you want to get down again then I'm not going to stop you, but I'm beat."

We watched him go over and sit on the sofa a hesitated, not sure if he was happy with us. "Oh, don't let me stop you. Go ahead until I tell you to stop." He lounged on the sofa and watched us for a while, then clicked the music off and the TV on.

I think it was some time until the doorbell rang and since Jack hadn't told us to stop, we ignored it. He got up and walked to open the door.

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