Jack's Women


This is my first attempt at submitting a piece of my work. If this is received well, I'll add more.

This story is a total work of fiction, it never happened and the people do not exist. I hope you enjoy.

Jack's Women

Chapter 1

He sat in the alleyway, drinking from a bottle of Jack, pissed and tired of all the bullshit in his life. All he wanted was someone that would just love him. Every woman he got with used him. His anger was rising now. Pain and hate filled him as he thought about all the women that had treated him badly.

He had intended on getting drunk there in the alleyway and just shooting himself in the head. Alcohol to numb the pain, the gun to end it. He watched as the people walked past the entrance to the alley, not even looking in his direction. Then, a woman stopped and looked. A hooker. Last thing he wanted. She started walking to the car. His window had been open, flicking cigarette butts out of it while he drank from the bottle. The closer she got, the better she looked. Maybe it was the Jack. He didn't care.

"Hey baby, you want some company?" She asked. He smiled weakly at her.

"No. Just want to be left alone." He said as he took a swig from the bottle.

"Aw come on baby, I can make all your troubles go away!" She said as she reached in and placed her hand on his crotch. She rubbed him, making him hard. "Wow! You've got a big one!" She said with a smile.

"Look, I'm sorry, I just want to be left alone." He said. She looked at him. In her line of work, she learned how to read people.

"Being alone isn't what you need baby. How 'bout I get in there with you and give you a head job? Your cock wants it." She said as she stroked him through his pants. He looked at her, seeing her lips, bright red from the lipstick. Why not? He asked himself. Might as well get one, even if it's the last one!

"Sure, okay." He said. She smiled and got in the car.

"It's twenty for a blowjob. If you want more, that'll cost more." She said. He looked at her.

"I'm dying. How about one on the house?" He said as he looked at her. She pulled her tube top down, exposing her 36D tits.

"Sorry sugar. No freebies. My pimp will take it out on me." She said. He looked at her and instantly felt more sorry for her than for him.

"Well, tell you're pimp I just drove off, pushed you out of the car or something." He said, trying to get something for free.

"Not gonna happen. Either you pay me, or I'm out of here. And when he hears what you said to me, he'll beat me, then come here and beat you." She said as she played with her nipples.

"You might as well get out then. I've never paid for pussy and I ain't starting now." He said. She looked at him.

"You mother fucker! Now I'm gonna get beat!" She said as she pulled her top up and got out of the car, slamming the door. He hated it when people did that. It was a brand new car, only had it for a year. She stormed off. He drank from his bottle. She came back five minutes later, a big black guy in tow. "That's him!" She said as she pointed her finger accusingly at him. He grabbed his gun and cocked it, holding it at the ready, knowing this would end badly.

The pimp pointed to the other side of the car. She came back and got in. He came up to the window.

"What the fuck? You turning down my pussy? Trying to get it for free? Who the fuck are you?" He asked. His voice menacing.

"I told her I wasn't paying for it." The driver said. He held the pistol in his left hand, down between the seat and the door so it wouldn't be seen.

"Give me you're money mother fucker!" He said as he pulled a small revolver out and trained it on the driver. The driver started laughing. "What? What are you fucking laughing at?" He said as he cocked the small plinker.

"You. You think that's gonna scare me into giving you my money? Even more, letting you're little whore suck my dick? You must be just as stupid as she is!" The driver said. This infuriated the pimp.

"Mother fucker! I'm gonna kill you!" He said. Famous last words. The driver pulled the silenced Beretta up and pulled the trigger, letting a round loose and into the pimps chest. It was so quiet he never saw or heard it. The pimp flung back against the wall and slumped to a seated position. The hooker looked at him, realizing what he just did.

"You just killed him!" She said, starting to get hysterical. The driver reached his hand out and slapped her across the face.

"Shut up and get a hold of yourself!" He said, calming her with his slap.

"You just killed him." She said again, the realization that she was now free of the pimp lording over her.

"Get out. Go through his pockets, take everything." The driver said. She opened the door and went around the back of the car. In the dark, no one saw or heard what happened. She pulled everything out of his pockets. She looked up at the driver. "Hand it all here and get back in." He said. She gave him everything, even the pistol. She went back around behind the car and climbed back in.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked, realizing she was the only witness to the murder.

"Don't know. Why don't you suck my cock while I think about it?" He said. She looked at him for a moment. He saw her hesitation and reached over and grabbed her by the neck, pulling her close.

"Don't hurt me please! I wont tell anyone!" She said, fear filling her mind now.

"You just saw me kill a guy. You're the only other person that knows. You want to live, do what I tell you!" He said as he pushed her head down into his lap. She grabbed frantically at his zipper. Once his dick was out, she attacked it. Sucking it deep, fearing for her life if she gave him a lousy head job.

While she sucked his cock, he filtered through the dead pimps things. A wad of cash around three grand, gold jewelry he could pawn, a key to a storage locker at the train station and other keys. Mercedes key, a couple house keys. He pulled the hooker off his cock.

"What do these keys go to?" He asked her. She looked at him, spit on her lips and chin.

"He has a couple places where he keeps his girls. The big one is for his house. The other three are shitty apartments where we all live." She said and went back to sucking his cock.

"You know where they all go to?" He asked. She muffled yes around the shaft of his cock. "Good. I want you to take me to them all." The driver said. She lifted up, wiping her chin.

"Now?" She asked. He smiled.

"Yes, now." He said. He turned the car over and she sat back, looking at him.

"Why?" She asked. The driver looked at her.

"Because you just stopped me from killing myself. The gun was meant for me, not him. So, now I have a new reason for living! Take me to the three apartments before we go to his house." He told her. She directed him to the closest one. He put the car in gear and drove off, her giving him constant directions as they went.

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