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Jack's Women Ch. 03


I realize that I switched from third person to first person after I submitted Chapter 2. That's how I normally write, as if I was the main character and I'm telling the story. I do apologize for that.

This never happened and the characters don't exist. This is a pure work of fiction.


Terrance got back around six in the morning. Sonya was the only one up. Terrance knew what these women had been through so he kept a slight distance, knowing that they also knew he worked for Darrell and that made him the enemy of sorts. Sonya though was polite and even fixed him breakfast.

They sat and talked idly as she sipped her coffee and Terrance ate the perfect breakfast. When he finished, his only response touched Sonya deep.

"Damn girl! That was amazing! You really should be a chef or something!" He said as he drank the last of his orange juice. She smiled, blushing lightly as she looked at the big black man. He was handsome with dark eyes that she knew held secrets. But he was gentle, not rough like the others, thinking just because you worked as a hooker that you had to give it up whenever. He didn't ask nor did he speak to her or even look at her in any other way than as a normal person, sitting there having breakfast with him. That touched her, that and his comment about being a chef.

I woke up around noon. Jade wasn't laying on me anymore. There wasn't anyone in the living room. I heard voices and smelled coffee, so I pulled the blanket off and proceeded to stumble into the kitchen, not realizing I was naked. Everyone but Sonya and Terrance was sitting around the table or about the kitchen. Gina smiled as she saw me, looking like death warmed over.

"Good morning!" She said with a smile. I tried to smile but my face wasn't cooperating. I needed coffee. Jade came to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, laying her head on my chest.

"Are you hungry Master?" She asked, tilting her head back to look into my eyes.

"Yeah. I'm so hungry I could eat a buffet line!" I said. Susie brought me coffee with sugar and cream in it. I didn't know I had cream.

"We had to go out and get a few things. You don't have much in here." Gina said as she sipped from her cup.

"Terrance make it back?" I asked.

"Yeah. Around six. He's in the other bedroom with Sonya. She's taking quite a liking to him." She said. I smiled and looked down at Jade.

"Do we have enough in here to feed us all?" I asked her. She smiled.

"We have plenty Master." She said. Placing her head back on my chest. I smiled and looked up, placing my hand on her head, caressing her gently.

"Looks like you have a fan!" Jess said with a smile. I smiled back.

"We need to get things organized. Need to find out how much money we have, how many and what kind of guns and what drugs we have." Jack said to no one in particular. Jess and Gina looked at each other.

"We can help, Jess and I." Gina said. Jack smiled.

"Good. I need to detail and itemize what we have." He said as he ran his hands up and down Jade's back. She quietly moaned into Jack's chest.

"What's the order of the day Sir?" Terrance said as he came in.

"Hello Sergeant. How'd we make out last night?" Jack asked, then he saw Sonya. She looked like she was rode pretty hard, her smile giving it away.

"We did good Sir. I thought we were looking at just over a mil, turns out we got much more." He said. Jack looked at him with a questioning look. "Five and half Sir." He said, his smiled getting bigger as Sonya sat on his lap.

"Fuck me!" Jack said in surprise. Instantly several of the girls heads turned. "Not literally! Settle down you bunch of hookers!" Jack teased. Laughs erupted from around the kitchen. Just as he was about to say something, Susie brought him a plate filled with eggs and bacon and sausage. He looked up at her.

"Baby, you didn't have to make all this for just me!" He said. She smiled.

"I want to thank you, every way I can. If cooking for you makes you happy, then I do it." She said. I pulled her to me, trying to squeeze her in next to Jade.

"Darlin' just knowing that you're safe, out of their hands, all of you, knowing that you are all safe, that's thanks enough. I'm glad I was able to help out, although, the fringe benefits are pretty nice!" Jack said with a smile on his face. Susie smiled and bent down, whispering in his ear.

"Jade and I want to know when it our turn?" She asked. I looked into her doe eyes.

"Tonight my beautiful Geisha, tonight." He said. She smiled wide and went back to the stove, fixing more.

"Sir, Sonya is quite the cook as well. She fixed me an amazing breakfast this morning when I got back. You might think about having her as you're chef." Terrance said. I looked at her and she smiled.

"So, you do have other hidden talents huh?" I asked.

"Yes. I was going to cooking school in France. Ready to graduate when I was kidnapped." She said, thinking back to those days.

"Well, if you want to go back to that, I'll pay for the tuition. Graduate, get you're cooking diploma or degree or what ever the hell they give you and get a good job and live a normal life." Jack said as he looked at her and then to the table.

A normal life. What the hell was that? HE was ready to kill himself just twenty-four hours ago, and now here he was sitting in his lonely house with eight beautiful women, hookers no less. And they were all here for him for saving them from that malcontent and miscreant Darrell. He smiled at the turn of events and picked up his fork.

"Terrance, let's you and I go rent a truck and grab everything out of the storage unit?" I said as I ate, Jade helping to feed me. I loved the attention, but I started to wonder if her really looked at me as her Master, her lover. Would she always be this clingy or was this something that I needed to stop. I would have to talk to Susie, she knew Jade better than anyone.

"Not a problem Sir." He said as he drank from his freshly filled coffee cup, thanks to Sonya. She had really taken a liking to him.

"Jess, You're gonna have to go with us. It's you're unit. We're gonna grab everything and bring it back here. All of you're stuff too if you want." Jack said. She looked at him, a smile creeping across her face.

"Really? I mean, you fucking with me aren't you?" She asked. Jack smiled and shook his head no as he bit from a piece of toast. "God I love you!" She said as she came to him and hugged him. Jade wasn't moving. Jess looked at her. "Baby, I know how you feel, but you're gonna have to share him!" She said. Jade lifted her head and smiled.

"I can share." She said. She looked at me. "I can. If you want me to Master." She said. I looked at her.

"First, stop calling me Master. Jack. Call me Jack. And yes, I want you to be able to be with me but you gotta share me." He said to her. She smiled.

"I can share." She said and slid off my lap. I held her hand so she wouldn't go far. Jess bent down and placed her lips on mine, not being shy or anything as her tongue snaked out.

"Thanks for last night!" She said as she pulled away, her hand sliding off my cock. I was still a little tender and she knew it.

"No, no! Thank you, you and Gina, and you too Jade." He said, making eye contact with each girl Gina just smiled, she knew she'd get him alone later. Jade sat back down on his lap and placed her lips over his. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and gently licked. She licked everything, giving him one of the most passionate kisses he'd ever had. Jack had to pull her off him.

"Okay, off me you sexy little minx! I've got work to do." He said and stood, taking a last bite from the plate. Susie smiled, she knew she fixed too much, but she wanted him to be happy and a full stomach on a man makes him happy.

"Gina baby, can I trust you to clean this place up? We need to get some newer furniture in here but it needs cleaned so we can look at what we're dealing with." I asked her. She smiled.

"Yeah. Michelle and I will make sure it's cleaned. We'll recruit the rest of the girls to help." She said.

"Good. I also would like Sonya and Susie to go through the kitchen and the pantry. What ever we need, be it food or cooking utensils, write it down. Make a list of what we need. For the whole house while we're at it." Jack said. "Anyone here know anything about first aid besides Terry and I?" Jack said, shortening Terrance's name, it was easier.

"I do." Aimee said. I looked at her really for the first time since taking her out of Darrell's house.

"Aimee. I want you to look after Leslie. She still has drugs in her system. Care for her. I'll pick up things from the drug store to stock the house. Anything in particular you need?" I asked her.

"Nothing just yet. Anything I might need, you'd have to get from the pharmacy and that requires a script." She said. I smiled.

"You just let me know what you need, let me worry about how to get it." I said. She nodded "anyone know anything about interior decorating and fashion?" I asked. Jade smiled up at me.

"I do Mast.... Jack." She said, correcting herself. I smiled down at her.

"Good. I want you to go through the house and write down a list of things you feel would liven this old place up a bit. Then, I want you to talk with each of the girls and find out what they like to wear. New clothes for all of you. Make a detailed list, with sizes and measurements. Can you have that done before I get back?" I asked.

"It will be done." She said. Smiling up at me, thanking me for giving her a task, she was the last one.

"When you're done, get with Gina. Go over it with her. I want you both to have input on this. We'll figure out who's gonna sleep where later and then we can decide on how to do up each room. If you guys are staying of course." Jack said.

"I'm definitely staying!" Gina and Jess said in unison.

"I would like to stay too." Sonya said as she looked at Terry. He smiled and pulled her close.

Michelle nodded as did Aimee. Susie and Jade smiled big at me, letting me know their decision.

"We'll figure out what to do with Leslie when she's healthy. Just know, you can leave any time you want. Go back to you're families, you're friends, your former life. You're not being forced to stay here. I just wanted you all out of that hell hole." I said as I looked at each one. Jess cam up to me and placed her hands on my face.

"Jack Darling, I think I can speak at least for seven of us. The things we've done, were forced to do, we can't go back to what life was. Too many people will want to know where we've been, what we've been doing. It's easier this way just to stay with you, at lease for a while. If you don't mind." She said. I looked down into her beautiful brown eyes.

"You all can stay as long as you like." I said. She smiled up at me and winked. I knew why she was staying, her and Gina as well as Jade and Susie.

Terry and I got into my car with Jess. I wasn't sure about taking the Caddy, knowing the owner was dead. Nothing had come across the news yet about their deaths, so I wondered if it would be possible to gather up the rest of their vehicles if it was worth it. We had several sets of keys to vehicles and residences. It might be worthwhile if we checked them all out before anyone was reported dead.

We drove into the city and rented a moving truck to get the rest of the stuff. Shortly after, we were backing up to the storage unit and loading things quickly. Terry was in the back of the truck while I placed the numerous bags on the tail. He situated everything to ride. When we had all of our things in the truck, we concentrated on Jess's things.

When it was all loaded, we didn't even fill up half. We had only been gone for three hours, it would take Terry two to get back to the house, that might give the girls time to complete their tasks.

"Terry, go ahead and take the truck back to the house. Start unloading if you want, I got a workshop in the basement, you can put it all there or wait till I get back and we'll go through them as we unload them." I said to him. He nodded.

"I'll wait till you get back, that way we can do an even inventory. Where you going?" He asked.

"I got something I want to check on. I should be there about half an hour after you get there." I said. He nodded and climbed into the truck and rolled out towards the house. Jess looked at me.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"Well, I took a key off of Darrell after I shot him. Its for a storage locker I think at the train station. I wanted to see if there was anything in it." I said to her. She looked up at me.

"Wanna do something dirty on the way home?" She asked, that twinkle in her eye. I smiled.

"Let's check the locker first." I said and pulled her to the car.

At the train station, we found the lockers and found the number same as the one on the key. I had been looking for anyone suspicious as soon as I walked into the place, finding no one, I proceeded to the locker. I put the key in and turned it. It clicked and the door popped open.

Inside there were two big black briefcases and a small leather satchel. I handed the satchel to Jess and grabbed the briefcases. I closed the locker and pocketed the key. We walked out just as innocent looking as we walked in. In the car, Jess turned to me.

"Wanna open them?" She asked. I looked at her and thought for a moment.

"No, better wait till we get back to the house. I can check them to make sure they aren't wired, bugged or booby trapped in my workshop.

The ride back to the house would take two hours easy. Jess knew this. She looked at me while I drove and slowly undid the buttons on her shirt, opening it to reveal her naked titties. I saw them from the corner of my eye and smiled.

"You're such a dirty girl!" I said to her. She giggled and opened her shirt, tucking it to the sides of her fantastic tits.

"I know. I just can't help it. Whenever I'm around you, all I want to do is be naked. You have a raw power you know. Anyone ever told you that?" She said as she played with her nipples.

"No, can't say that I've ever heard that." I said to her as I stole quick glances.

"You do. Gina feels it too. So does you're little Geisha girls. Why do you think they want to make you happy so badly?" She asked, sliding her hand down into her shorts.

"Hadn't really thought about it. I just thought it was because, with you and Gina's help, I rescued them and they feel the need to return that in some sort of rewarding love or something." I said, trying to make it sound like some psychological babble.

"No. They feel you're raw power too. Jade feels it strongly. That's why she keeps calling you Master." Jess said as her fingers came into contact with her clit. I looked over and watched her hand move in tiny little circles.

"Watching you do that is dangerous to our health." I said with a smile. She looked up, her eyes filling with that lusty look she wore so well.

"So pull over." She said. I grinned.

"We don't have time. Things need to be done." I said as I let my right hand leave the steering wheel and move as if on it's own to her thigh. She jumped as my fingers came into light contact. A sigh escaped from her lips.

"God I just want to feel you're touch!" She said as she slid her ass down in the seat, moving closer so my hand would touch her pussy.

"Take you're shorts off." I told her. They were off in a flash, her legs spread wide as I slid my hand up her smooth thigh, the flesh getting warmer the higher I went. No more words were said as I touched her. She moaned out as my hand replaced hers. Her hand going back up to her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples.

I played with her outer lips, pushing and pulling the puffy folds before sliding my fingers in deeper to rub her clit. As soon as my fingers touched the little button, Jess's body went rigid.

"Oh God!" She moaned as her orgasm swept through her. She came instantly as my fingers danced lightly across her clit, pushing her higher. "Put them in me!" She begged. I smiled and did no such thing, teasing her mercilessly.

I ran my fingers up and down her slit, spreading her fuck juice all over her lips, using the fluid to moisten her clit, sending more stimulating impulses through her body. She shook, her thighs quivering as I touched her, keeping her orgasm at bay, yet letting it crash at the same time. She was in a constant state of almost cumming, her orgasm building higher and higher and yet cumming at the same time.

It was an intense feeling she'd never felt before, she was cumming yet not cumming. The feelings were sending mixed messages to her brain. My simple light touch had her begging for mercy, begging me to slide my fingers inside her and let her cum.

"Please baby! Please let me cum!" She said, her skin taking a bright pink hue, her breathing so ragged and rough she was almost hyperventilating. She moaned out, her voice high pitched as sensations ran through her body, begging to release the flood of euphoric feelings building up inside her. She was writhing in the seat, barely able to sit still as I lightly touched her heated sex. Over and over, she begged. "Please!" She said. I'd never had this effect on anyone, certainly not my ex wife nor any girlfriend I'd ever had.

It was something that must have been purely psychological. I rescued her from a life of slavery, this was her minds way of thanking me I guess.

Slowly, I let my fingers slide in between her lush fat lips, into the smooth insides of her pussy, barely inside her spasming hole.

"Oh God! Yes, yes!" She moaned out, my touch finally hitting what she begged for, yet still not quite where she needed it.

I was having a hard time concentrating on the road as her hand gripped my forearm, trying to pull my hand closer, driving my fingers deeper into her sex. Her chesty was heaving, her boobs rising and falling. I wanted to suck on her nipple. I had to pull over. I drove another mile until I found a wide spot on the shoulder. I pulled off and had the car in park before it came to a stop and was leaning over for her nipple.

She arched her back, offering her tits to me. I licked her left one gently. A moan escaped from her lips, low and guttural. I licked it again and she hissed.

"Yeessss!" She said through her clenched teeth. I was driving her insane with my gentle touches, keeping her at bay, not letting her cum. I leaned over and licked the other as her hands instead of pulling me into her, slid up and down, jacking my arm off.

"What do you want?" I asked her, teasing her.

"I need you! Please baby! Let me cum!" She said. I smiled. Never had I had this much control over a woman. It was exciting and I was rock hard, now feeling the need to be inside her as much as she wanted me inside her. I bit her nipple and her eyes opened wide, edging closer to her rising orgasm. She looked at me and I smiled. She was almost to the point of going crazy with lust and need.

I slammed my finger inside her and crooked it up and back, hitting her g-spot in one move. Her body tensed and shook as her orgasm finally peaked. She sucked in, her breath catching in her throat for a second before she let it out, her whole body shaking and vibrating. As she let her breath out, because of her shaking so badly, it sounded like a machine gun. One long low yes, the only word she could say.

She came all over my hand, soaking me and the seat as her flood gates opened and her juices flowed wildly. She gripped my arm now, holding my hand in place as my finger slowly rotated inside her, forcing her pussy to contract on my one single finger as if it was a cock.

"Thank you baby! Thank you so much! I love you!" She said over and over as her head tossed one way then the other, her eyes closed as the feelings of her massive orgasm swept through her body. Slowly, her grip on my arm eased and I was able to pull out, though her pussy wanted to keep me inside her.

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