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Jack's Women Ch. 06


Thanks to all those that have submitted responses, they are very much appreciated. I've had a few about grammatical errors so I've gone over this chapter a couple times, if I missed some, I'm sorry.

I've gotten a few suggestions as to direction or extra plots lines and I'm thinking about them even now. Thanks again to everyone that submits a response good or bad!

This never happened, it's a total work of fiction and none of the people in this story exist.


Clean and out of the shower, Jade gave me a pair of clean boxers to put on and a robe. She then placed my house shoes on my feel and held my hand as we walked out of the master bedroom and into the kitchen. The girls were all still there talking, now with Terry and Sonya by his side. I slapped him on the back.

"Welcome back Terry. Everything okay?" I asked. He smiled.

"Yeah, everything is cool. I took everything out of my apartment and put it in Jess's storage until. I can figure out what to do with it later." He said. Sonya couldn't stop smiling as she looked at Terry. I could tell he was gonna have his hands full with her. Gina came up behind me.

"Hey baby! I couldn't get us a tour bus for the day." She said. The girls all groaned. "But, I was able to get a small passenger bus that will hold about thirty people." She said.

"Well, there's only thirteen of us, so there will be plenty of room for all your purchases." I said. She smiled.

"That's what I was thinking." She said and handed me a slip of paper with the information.

"Okay, Ladies! Listen up. This is how tomorrow is going to work." I said, getting their attention. "Tomorrow, we will split up into two groups. Easier to manage that way. Terry will take half and I will take half. We'll do some shopping, take our stuff to the bus and go back in and do some more. We'll take a break around noon for lunch and then get back to it. We might not be able to get everything you need tomorrow. But that's okay. I'll get a computer for the house and some internet service and we can order things off line. So, if there's something you want and you don't see it in the stores, make a note of it and we'll search for it online." I said. Smiles from them all.

"Who goes with who?" Terry asked. I smiled.

"Well, I'm guessing Sonya will be stuck to you like glue, but it doesn't really matter. What I do want though, is a minimum of ten pairs of socks and underwear each. That means ten panties and ten bras. I don't care if they match or not. Even if you don't want to wear them, you will have them just in case. Pants, five pairs. Shorts, five as well. More if you desire. Remember, these are minimums. Get more if you like, I think I can cover it!" I said with a smirk.

"Any questions?" I asked. The girls were already into small conversations and I got no response. I looked at Gina and nodded, she came to my side.

"Grab Terry and meet me downstairs." I said. I took Jade's hand and pulled her with me. We went down stairs and I went to the bag with Darrell's books. I started to flip through the pages until I got to his contacts. Gina and Terry came down shortly after.

"What's up Boss?" Terry said as he slid up next to me.

"Well, I was thinking. Darrell had all these contacts. Lets see what we can dig up on these people. Maybe in some way, we can do business with them." I said. Terry looked at me, same look as Gina had.

"Why?" He asked.

"Profit. Yes, we have money now, but how long will that last? It's a lot, but with thirteen people in this house and no income, we're gonna burn through it." I said. Terry nodded and put his hand up to his chin, thinking.

"Is there any way to make money legally? I really don't like the idea of you dealing with the people in that book. If they're in there, they aren't good guys." Gina said. I smiled.

"Gina, there was a time when I wasn't a good guy. Ask Terry." I said. Terry looked at me and then to Gina.

"In the war, Jack was a legend. He did things no one else could or would. Rumor has it when he got out, he went to work for the CIA." Terry said. Gina looked at him.

"Is that true? You worked for the CIA?" She asked. I looked at her.

"I would rather you didn't ask me a question I'm gonna have to lie to give you an answer." I said. I couldn't outright tell her, that goes against Company rules. Terry smiled.

"That means yes. And once you're in, you're always in. When was the last time?" He asked, looking at me.

"A month ago." I said. I loved and cared for these people that lived in my house. I didn't want to lie to them.

"You still work for them?" Gina asked. I couldn't tell if she was getting upset or just thinking things through.

"Until they say I can retire or until I become less effective." I said.

"Why would you do that?" She asked. Terry looked at her, cautioning her. "Don't look at me like that! I want to know who Jack is. I don't care that he did that or still does that. I just want to know." She said. I held my hand up and smiled.

"When Mary left me, I was lost. I had no direction and the Military gave me that. Then it was time for me to get out. They didn't want to let me re-enlist, so, I did the only thing I could do. The only thing I was trained to do. Fight. Win. Get the job done." I said.

"Do you kill people?" She asked. Again, I couldn't tell her the truth, but I couldn't lie to her either.

"I do what is necessary to get the job done. I don't hurt innocent people." I said. She took that the way it was intended. Yes.

"Are we safe with you Jack?" She asked. I smiled and went to her.

"Gina, you are safer with me, than out on the street. I would never hurt you or anyone in this house. Never. And if I did, you can be the first one to pull the trigger." I said. She looked at me.

"I love you Jack, like the rest of the girls. I just want to know we are safe and you aren't gonna go nuts on us." She said, concern in her eyes. Terry started to laugh.

"Nuts? That's the only thing they called him over there! But I'll tell you this, I didn't serve with him or anywhere close to him. But his unit, they had a reputation of being crazy ass kickers and life takers, but they were the ones that were more sane than anyone. If you want to trust your life in anyone's hands, he's the one to trust." Terry said. I smiled at him.

"So, people really thought that?" I asked. He started laughing.

"Man are you kidding? Didn't you realize that people went on the other side of the street when you guys walked by? Everyone thought you were walking death and they didn't want to get near you!" I smiled.

"Then we did our job. We were supposed to have that air about us. It may have made our own troops fear us, but what do you think it did to the enemy?" I asked. He smiled.

"Shit their pants when your name was mentioned!" He said. I smiled and looked at Gina.

"With my heart and soul, I promise you, you are safe with me." I said. She looked at me for a moment and smiled.

"Okay. If you scare me just once, I'll kick you in the balls!" She said. I placed my hand over my boys and I crossed my heart. She started to laugh.

"Okay, so do we want to keep this for future reference then?" I asked. Terry nodded.

"Best if we do. It just might come in handy somewhere." He said. I smiled and closed the book, placing it back in the satchel.

"Good deal! So, now the money. I know this place is big, but it's old. Should we try and buy a bigger place or just fix this one up?" I asked. Jade tugged on my arm. I looked at her and smiled.

"Here. Stay here. I like it." She said. Gina nodded.

"Yeah. This place has character. We can add on to it, fix up the problem spots, redecorate, add a few girlish touches." She added. I smiled.

"Yeah, this place really does need a woman's touch. So, You pick out what we need from Jade's list. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna leave you two in charge of the renovation of this old place. You figure out what it needs, hire the contractors, interior decorators, do what ever you want. This is your home now." I said. Jade smiled up at me hugged.

"How about our own rooms?" Gina asked. I smiled.

"That's why I was asking about getting a new place. Find out what it would cost to add on to this house. If it's even possible. If it's cheaper to just add on, we'll do that." I said. Gina smiled and reached for Jade. Jade leaned in and gave me a quick kiss and then ran upstairs with Gina. I looked at Terry.

"Got a serious question. Do you have a wife or another woman out there somewhere? Kids? Something that would keep you away from here, from Sonya?" I asked. He smiled and looked down.

"I wondered when you were gonna ask. I was married. She cheated on me and got pregnant. I was gonna raise the kid, but then I got into the gambling and drugs real heavy and she ended up leaving me. I don't have a girl out there nor do I have any kids. And I swear upon my life, I would never hurt Sonya." He said, holding his hand up in mock Boy Scouts salute. I had to laugh.

"Okay. I just wanted to make sure. Have you two fucked yet?" I asked. He smiled big.



"Amazing Jack, just fucking amazing!" He said. I smiled.

"That-a-boy!" I said and clapped him on the back. We went back upstairs and sat at the table. No one said anything about us going downstairs, their conversation consisted of shopping and how much they missed it. I looked at Terry, instantly we both felt bad for them and us as he and I abused that ability to just go shopping when we wanted. I decided to take an interest in listening to them talk about what they wanted to buy and the kinds of clothes they wanted to get. Outside clothes, inside clothes, going out on the town clothes, going to bed clothes, teasing Jack clothes. It was all talked about.

For most of an hour, neither Terry or I said anything as we listened to the girls talk and write and talk some more. Jade was ever present at my side as was Sonya with Terry. Gina was the first to speak so that everyone could hear her.

"It's time to break this up. Tomorrow, the bus will be here early, around eight. So, I suggest you all start winding down, get your showers tonight if you can. Double up for time. Get some rest, tomorrow is going to be a long and fun day!" She said with a smile. My sentiments exact. She looked at me and smiled. I grinned. Terry nodded my way as he and Sonya got up and retired to a bedroom upstairs. Gina looked at me.

"Where am I sleeping?" She asked. I smiled.

"If you and Jade can fit in the bed with me and Leslie, that's where you can sleep. If not, I'll sleep on the couch." I said. She smiled.

"We all aren't gonna fit in your bed." She said.

"Well, I guess we'll have to stop at a furniture store and get the biggest bed we can then huh?" I asked. She smiled.

"It's okay. Jade can sleep with you tonight. She's been craving you like mad." Gina said. Jade dropped her head, her cheeks blushing like crazy. I lifted her head up by her chin and looked into her eyes. She was craving me, I could see it. I smiled to her and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Okay. Wake me in the morning will you?" I asked her. Gina smiled.

"Yeah. I'll go sleep with Jess. I'm sure she'd like a hot body to lay next to!" She said as she shook her tits at me. I sighed and rolled my eyes to Gina's laugh as she went upstairs. I looked at Jade.

"Come on baby. Lets go lay down." I said. She smiled and got up quickly.

In the bedroom, Jade stripped me and allowed me to strip her before crawling in bed. I slid into the middle next to Leslie who was still sleeping soundly and Jade slid in next to me, pushing her ass up against my cock before settling down. She grabbed my hand and pulled it over to rest on her tit. Together, spooning, we fell asleep.

Jade woke me up around three in the morning with her mouth on my cock. She wasn't deep throating me, just kissing it and licking it lovingly. I pulled her up gently by her hair, she rubbed her tits on my body as she slinked her way up.

With her pussy holding my cock captive against my belly, she lay completely on me, her face over mine as she kissed me deeply. Her tongue slid into my waiting mouth and like before, her tongue made love to me. Gently and lovingly we kissed. My hands roaming from her shoulders down to her ass, rubbing and kneading her muscles and tight flesh. Eventually, she started to respond to my touches and her pussy started to grind on my cock, her clit rubbing the shaft.

She lifted her lips off mine and looked into my eyes, hers clouded with lust and love.

"I love you Jade, you know that right?" I asked her as I stroked her hair away from her face. She smiled.

"Yes Jack. I know. You complicated, but I know." She said as she bent back down and kissed me some more.

Slowly, through the night, we made love. Kissing and fondling each other as she slowly pushed her pussy down over my cock, sliding me inside her. Each inch she moaned and squealed until I was completely inside her. She didn't move for a brief moment as her pussy got used to the stretching. Then, she took off like wildfire. She lifted up, bracing herself with her hands on my chest as she rocked back and forth, fucking me slowly and gently.

She came on my cock about half an hour into our session. Her body convulsing and shaking as her orgasm ran through her body. I had my hands on her tits, holding her up as much as squeezing them. When she calmed down, she smiled and started to ride me slowly again. She was good, very good. She kept me at bay when she felt me getting close, slowing until it felt like she had stopped only for me to realize I was deep inside her one moment and then feeling cool air on my shaft another.

Leslie had waken and was watching Jade intently, watching what she did, how she moved, how she flexed her muscles to prolong or encourage her own orgasms. Leslie's hand slid over and touched my arm, letting me know she was awake. I smiled to her, breaking my concentration momentarily as Jade sped up. She was reaching another orgasm, this one bigger. Her thighs started to shake almost five minutes before she came, coating my cock with her slick juices.

This time, she stopped, collapsing on my chest. Her breathing was hard, ragged as she tried to catch her breath from the intense orgasm. She looked up into my eyes and smiled that goofy smile chicks get just after getting their nut.

"You're turn." She said as she rose off my cock. She grasped Leslie's hand and pulled her down to my cock. With both of them in position, Jade took my cock in her mouth and swallowed it whole, taking me into her throat on the first plunge. She pulled off quickly, knowing I couldn't take it. She looked at Leslie.

"Here, relax here." She said as she placed her fingers on Leslie's throat gently. "Cock get to this point here." She said, holding her finger higher. "You relax. Open your throat, like you breath in big." She said. She placed her mouth on my cock and Leslie's finger on her throat. Leslie felt Jade's throat as she slowly lowered onto my cock. Leslie smiled when she felt my cock stretch Jade's thin throat. Jade pulled off and looked at Leslie.

"You relax while you suck. When you ready, you go down farther. If you gag, lift off and relax again. Go down again. Keep do this until he go into throat with no gag." She said in her broken English. Hearing her words like that sent a shiver down my spine to my cock, making it jump in her hand. She looked at me and giggled.

"He like it. Like a lot!" She said as she looked back at Leslie. "You try?" She asked. Leslie smiled and looked at me. I nodded.

"Okay." She said and got into position. Jade placed her fingers on Leslie's throat, rubbing gently. As Leslie took me into her mouth, Jade coached her.

"Relax. Loosen muscle." She said. Leslie tried, but was concentrating too much. Jade pulled her off.

"I just can't." Leslie said.

"You think about it huh?" Jade asked. Leslie nodded. "Stop! Don't think, do!" She said. Leslie smiled at Jade's enthusiastic teaching method. Slowly, Leslie put her mouth back on my cock. As if on autopilot, she lowered her head and gagged slightly as the head of my cock popped into her throat. Jade smiled as she felt my cock through Leslie's throat.

"Relax more, don't think about him in you, think about you pleasure him." She said. Leslie looked up at me, my cock still in her throat and forced herself to go down farther. With a couple slight gags around my shaft, she kept pushing until her nose was in my pubic hair.

Jade looked at me and smiled. I couldn't see anything. I was blinded by the feelings of Leslie's tight throat around my cock. And just as much as I was blinded I couldn't speak to let Leslie know I was about to cum. Jade sensed it and pulled Leslie slowly off me.

Only then did I look at the two.

"You're gonna kill me one day!" I said. My balls were aching for release.

"You do good. We practice more tomorrow. I put him out of his misery!" She said. Leslie giggled and moved back, allowing Jade to get back into position. Leslie slid up to me, her eyes never leaving the juncture of Jade's lips and my cock. Jade lowered herself until her nose was being tickled by my pubes.

At this point, like every time so far. I couldn't speak, blink, breath, move, anything. The only ability I had was to cum. So I did, filling Jade's throat with my cum. When I stopped convulsing, Jade pulled off me and smiled as she licked her lips. I was in a state of distress, again. Jade giggled as she saw me.

"It fun to do that to him. He no move!" She said as she slid up my body. I looked into her eyes and as if she released a spell over me, I blinked, then breathed, then moved. I relaxed, feeling my body melt into the bed. "It fun, but I like him cum on my tongue. He taste good!" She said as she looked at Leslie.

"Yeah, he came in my mouth twice." She said. "I liked it too." Great, now I had two very able cock suckers fighting for my dick. Jade, fell to my left and snuggled up. Leslie pulled the covers up, covering us all and snuggled in on my right. Two hot young chicks trapping me between their hot bodies, why would I ever complain? I just smiled and closed my eyes.

"I love you both." I said as I drifted off to sleep. Jade and Leslie giggling was the last thing I heard. Put me out of my misery, yeah. Good terminology for that I though as I drifted in a dream filled sleep.

In the morning, Gina slid in next to me and put her naked body against my skin. The difference in her fuller body versus that of Leslie's tighter and smaller one along with Jade's but with bigger tits, woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked into her green ones.

"Morning sleepy head. Everyone's awake except you. Jade and Leslie told me what they did to you last night. You poor thing!" She said with a laugh. I smiled and pulled her to me, feeling her big tits press into my chest.

"I gotta get a bigger bed. I want you in here with me, saving me from those two!" I said. She smiled.

"Who said I'd be saving you? I just might join them in putting you out of your misery!" She said as she lowered her head to mine, placing her lips over mine as her tongue slid into my mouth.

We kissed for a short period before she pulled back.

"C'mon. You need to get up. The bus is here and everyone but you is ready." She said.

"Just gotta get my clothes." I informed her. Then she informed me.

"They're at the foot of the bed. Get dressed mister and buy me some shit!" She said with a laugh as she dressed and walked out of the room.

The girls all dressed appropriately even though it was a little on the sexy side, I know I wasn't complaining. Terry and I sat at the front of the bus talking while the girls all giggled and laughed and talked in the back, excited to go shopping, the first time for many of them in a long time.

I leaned over to Gina sitting in the seat next to me.

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