tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJaclyn's Bitch Receives a Gift

Jaclyn's Bitch Receives a Gift

bylusty Vamp©

The big night had finally arrived and Greg was so excited he could hardly stand it. As he laid out Jaclyn's outfit for the evening he winced in pain as his little penis pulsed against the confines of his cruelly spiked chastity harness.

"Damn this fucking thing." He said out loud as he grabbed it and tried unsuccessfully to make it at least a little comfortable. "I can't wait to get it off."

It was Jaclyn and Greg's anniversary and Greg knew that it was the one day of the year his voluptuous and sexy wife allowed his pathetic little pee pee access to her pussy. He had been counting down the days for the last month. That was also the last time his wife had allowed him to orgasm. She had made him beg for release after watching her fuck one of her well hung lovers. She had made him lick her ass for 30 minutes before she finally took his pencil dick out of its cage and allowed him to cum into the toilet.

"Look at that pathetic excuse for a cum load. You are so fucking useless. Now you know why I need to have all these real men come over and fuck me. You couldn't even satisfy a virgin." She spat at him. Then walking away, she told him. "Put that hopeless little thing away, our anniversary is in a month and I want you to have a respectable load ready for my pussy, so no cumming until then!"

Greg had done as he was told. The days had passed at a snail's pace awaiting this day. His little wiener had been in a constant state of arousal for the last couple weeks from lack of attention. This week it had hit him that although storing up cum would make his wife happy at ejaculation time; the length of his abstinence would also mean he would not last more than a few seconds. Not wanting to disappoint his wife, Greg had been trying everything the last couple days to orgasm. However, with the cock cage on, it seemed impossible. The shaft of his dick was completely covered, so stroking was out of the question. No matter how much he massaged his balls, it was not enough to bring on an orgasm. He had even tried to shove his finger up his own ass to massage his prostate and make himself cum. Nevertheless, he could not get the angle he needed and could not find that spot his wife seemed to hit when she was savagely pounding his ass with her strap on. He was allowed to take the device off when he showered, but his wife would warn him each time that if he came, he would not get to fuck her when their anniversary rolled around. In fact, the last few days she had been the one to wash his genitals when he showered because she didn't trust that he would behave himself.

"Don't you dare cum you fucking little fagot." She would tell him as she slowly rubbed the soap all over his balls and shaft. "If you cum on Momma she will be very, very mad, Loverboy."

Greg would have to stand there and think of anything but what was happening to him so he would not spunk all over his wife and have to face her wrath. In fact yesterday she had taken her soapy middle finger and shoved it up his ass while she washed his dick.

"My little fagot boy loves Momma's finger up his little fagot ass doesn't he?" She rhetorically asked. "Don't cum you little cock sucking pussy boy." When she finished washing his package, she would have him rinse it off with cold water and she would lock him back up before letting him finish his shower.

Jaclyn had a plan of her own. She knew that the hornier Greg was the less time he'd be able to fuck her hungry pussy before exploding, and the less time she had to endure his amateurish fucking, the better. She informed Greg about a week before their anniversary that they would be having a nice romantic and intimate dinner at home. She told him what she wanted him to prepare, and then she handed him a piece of paper. "Call and invite these guests as well."

Greg looked at the paper. It had three names on it, Dave, Kevin and Zane. Each one had a phone number next to it. "I don't understand, My Love." Greg said. "This is our night, why are other people joining us?"

"Let's face it, Gregory; you know I am too much woman for a pathetic little pussy like you to satisfy. Momma will need some real lovin' after her studly lover boy gets done fucking her, don't you think?"

"Yes Ma'am." Greg replied sheepishly.

"That's right, Loverdoll, and you want Momma to have a good hard fucking on her anniversary night don't you, Sweetums?" She asked in a little baby voice.

"Of course, My Love." Greg replied.

"Then do as you're told and invite these real men with their real cocks to come over and fuck your wife like the horny little slut she is on her anniversary night." She ordered him flippantly.

"Yes, Dear." Greg replied as he headed for the phone.

"Oh don't be so sad, Babydoll, Momma's little pussy boy will get first crack at her fine as wine fuck hole. You will get an opportunity to show those big mean men what a stud I married."

Greg had done as he was told and invited everyone over for dinner and "entertainment".

On the designated evening, Greg stood back and admired the outfit he had chosen for his wife, his little pee-pee pulsed again. Jaclyn had allowed him to choose her outfit as a kind of anniversary gift to him. He had chosen the dark purple silky lingerie, including a half cup bra, garter-belt and thong. The black dress he had chosen fit snuggly to all her curves and the plunging neckline showed all of the cleavage of her DD breasts. The black seamed nylons and the 5" spiked heels finished the ensemble and made Greg's little penis stiffen with pain inside his cock cage.

As Greg finished putting on his "fagot" outfit: Pink heels, nylons, garter-belt and bikini panties, Jaclyn entered the room naked. Greg rushed to the dresser to get her body cream. He opened it as he approached his wife. In a flash she snatched it from his hands.

"No, no, Loverboy, you just watch." She told him, pointing toward the bed.

He sat on the bed and watched as his wife applied the cream to every inch of her big beautiful and curvy body. His cock throbbed in pain against its restriction as he watched her dress as well. When she was done, she stood at the mirror.

"What do you think, Gregory?" She asked

"You look fantastic, My Love."

"Come here, Sweetcheeks." She commanded.

Greg raced to her side.

"On your knees, Pussyboy!"

Greg silently complied.

"Get Momma ready for the evening." She told him as she pulled up the skirt of her dress and moved her thong to the side.

Greg knew what she wanted. He dove into her hairy pussy and began devouring it. Jaclyn spread her legs a bit further and stood there enjoying the efforts of her husband's tongue. She was really enjoying it, pulling his head in firmly and rubbing her juices all over his face when they were interrupted by the doorbell.

"Oh one of our guests has arrived. Go let them in." She told him.

Greg stood up and headed for the door.

"Uh uh!" Jaclyn cleared her throat to get Greg's attention.

"Yes Dear?"

Jaclyn looked down at her panties as they were askew on her pussy. "Do you really think I need these tonight my little fuck toy?"

"Probably not, My Love."

"Well then take em off." She commanded.

Greg dropped to his knees again and pulled them down. Jaclyn stepped out of them and he placed them neatly on the bed before hurrying to the door as the doorbell rang out again. When he reached the door, he took a deep breath and pulled it open. The guy on the other side let out a chuckle as he took in Greg's attire.

"You must be the little fagot husband. Where is your slut wife?" The man asked.

Greg immediately slammed the door in his face.

"Gregory!" Jaclyn screamed at him. You open the door at once. That was very rude."

"But he called you a slut, My Dear." Greg said defending his actions.

"And?" Jaclyn inquired.

"And I don't like people calling my wife that." Greg said sternly.

"Open that door at once you wimpy little cock sucker!" Jaclyn demanded.

"Yes ma'am." Greg sheepishly retorted as he opened the door.

"Please forgive my husband's manners, Kevin." Jaclyn apologized as she brushed passed her dumbfounded husband. "Sometimes he likes to flex his man muscles and try and prove he is a real man."

"Yea, well I don't think he could pull it off in that outfit." Kevin said to Jaclyn as he leaned in to give her a kiss.

Turning to Greg Jaclyn bitch slapped him hard with her open palm across his cheek, "Do not, and I mean DO NOT even think about flexing your puny man muscle again." Jaclyn was seething with anger.

Jaclyn and Kevin both laughed for a moment before Kevin swept her into his strong arms. Jaclyn's anger dissolved as their tongues collided in a lustful kiss. Kevin ran his hands down her back and over her full round ass cheeks before he pulled her in tight and thrust his pelvis at her.

"Kevin!" Jaclyn teased, "Stop that. There will be plenty of time for that later."

Greg just stood there and watched this young guy manhandle his wife. He said nothing, just watched it all happen. Pangs of jealousy intermingled with shreds of envy swept through Greg's being as he watched his wife indulge herself with the young stud. As he often did, Greg found himself once again longing to be a real man with a real man's cock.

When the passionate couple ended their embrace, Jaclyn turned to Greg, "Now Pussyboy, apologize to Kevin immediately."

"But, Dear he called you..."

"I said apologize immediately wimp. That means now."

"But, I, but......." Greg stammered on.

"Alright, if you don't want to do as you are told, I will have no choice. Go get your punishment clips. Now!" Jaclyn's anger had returned unabated.

Greg did as he was told. He went to the bedroom and got the cruelest metal nipple clamps he had ever felt. He knew he was in for a night of constant pain. He should have just done as he was told. When he returned to the living room, the other two guests had arrived as well and everyone was standing in the center of the room chatting. Greg handed the clamps to Jaclyn and she applied one to each nipple. The pain was extreme and Greg winced accordingly. Jaclyn explained to the others why she was putting them on and then after applying them she ordered Greg to apologize to Kevin for being rude.

Swallowing the last of his pride Greg did as he was told.

"See you stupid little fucktoy, you had to apologize anyway, if you would have just obeyed Momma, there would not have had to be any pain right, Loverdoll?"

"Yes Ma'am" Greg replied.

"Now find out what everyone wants to drink and be a good boy and go make them." She ordered him.

Greg did that as well and then as the four of them all chatted amongst themselves; Greg put the finishing touches on dinner. When it was all on the table, he summoned them to the table. Jaclyn sat between Dave and Kevin while Zane found himself alone on the other side of the table.

While not serving dinner Greg was made to kneel very near Jaclyn's chair. From time to time she would hand feed Greg a morsel of the delicious dinner he'd prepared. Following Jaclyn's lead, her guests began to follow suit. Soon Greg was crawling from one to the other accepting whatever food item they offered, much to the bemusement of all.

The conversation was normal for the first few minutes, but soon it turned a bit raw, as the other three men began comparing stories about Jaclyn and her escapades with each of them. Greg became mad, jealous and aroused all at the same time.

Kevin seemed to take an especial delight in referring to Jaclyn as a common slut. And each time he said it, Greg found Kevin staring directly at him.

Dave began telling a story of how Jaclyn had come to his office for lunch one day and during the meal, she had slipped under his desk and sucked him off as he ate his meal. As he told the story, Greg noticed Dave's hand sneak under the table. He then noticed Jaclyn become restless in her seat. He had a pretty good idea what was going on. He was right. Dave's hand had made its way up Jaclyn's thick nylon covered thigh and was tantalizing her fat little love button. Jaclyn was trying her best to stay focused on the conversation, but Dave had great hands, and he knew how to please a woman with them.

"So Greg, has Jackie ever done that for you? Has she ever sucked your cock while you ate a meal?" Dave asked.

This got Jaclyn attention.

"Are you kidding?' She chuckled. "Tell him, Wimpyboy. Tell him Momma never sucks your little pecker. Tell him Momma only sucks real cocks, not pathetic little needle dicks like yours."

Greg replied, "No Sir, Miss Fellows never sucks my little penis. It is not big enough for her. She only sucks real dicks, dicks that have the right to be called a cock. Mine is not nearly big enough to warrant her attention."

The entire group burst into laughter.

"Come on Jackie, you are a complete whore, you love sucking dick. Why wont you give the little fagot a blow job every once in a while?' Dave chastised her. As he said it he shoved two fingers up her dripping cunt.

Jaclyn moaned her appreciation, then replied, "Because he......" She was panting heavily. "..... doesn't have a cock....." She closed her eyes and rolled her head back enjoying the finger fucking Dave was administering. "....... in fact.........."She panted again deeply. "He doesn't even have a dick........ " Her panting turned to moaning. ".....wait 'til you see it. It is not much bigger that my clit" She was fast approaching her orgasm. "Is it my little Pussyboy?" Her legs were spread wide apart by now and she was gyrating her hips against Dave' hand.

"No Miss Fellows,, my penis is not much bigger than a clit." Greg replied, his pee-pee throbbing in its metal spiked tube the whole time from his arousal. Humiliation was what he craved, and Jaclyn knew just how to dish it out.

Jaclyn reluctantly shoved Dave's hand away. Pushing her dress down and composing herself she said, "Later baby, it's my little Loverboy's and my wedding anniversary. He gets first dibs on my cunt tonight." She told him.

Dave pulled his hand up from under the table and licked his fingers clean. "I look forward to watching that." He chuckled.

Kevin spoke next, "I've never had my cock sucked while I ate. I think that would be a nice experience. What do you say, Jackie?"

Jaclyn got an evil look in her eye and answered, "I think that could be arranged." Then she turned to Greg and motioned him toward Kevin.

Greg just stared blankly at his bride. He didn't mind sucking cock, but not that asshole. Not the one who had called his wife a slut, not the one that had caused him to bare these painful nipple clamps.

"Not from your fagot husband!" Kevin spat. "I was referring to you."

"Don't be so square baby; a blow job is a blow job. Besides, my little Pussyboy has become quite adept at them. He has even grown to enjoy giving them haven't you, Sweetums?" Jaclyn asked, turning again toward Greg.

"Yes Ma'am." Greg replied.

"Yes, what, Sugar," Jaclyn demanded.

Greg knew that Jaclyn meant to humiliate him to tears. He knew what she wanted to hear, "A ... yes, Dear, I enjoy giving blow jobs very much."

"What, Babydoll?" Jaclyn was relentless.

Swallowing the last of his manly pride Greg capitulated, "I love ... I love to suck big juicy dicks, Ma'am." Greg hoped the dirty words would satisfy Jaclyn.

"In fact, he likes them so much," Jaclyn giggled, "I'll bet he would even beg you to let him suck your cock. Wouldn't you, Babydoll?"

"Yes My Love." Greg replied submissively as he looked down at the ground.

"Well then...." Jaclyn said.

Turning to Kevin, Greg said, "May I please suck your cock?"

"Not like that wimp!" Jaclyn snapped. "Crawl over there like a good little Pussyboy and beg him properly."

Greg went from kneeling to crawling and disappeared under the table. When he arrived at Kevin's chair, he looked up at him, "May I please suck your cock?"

"We can't hear you up here." Jaclyn said loudly. "And show some fucking respect."

"Please may I suck your cock?" Greg repeated louder.

"Please may I suck your cock what?" Jaclyn asked.

"Please may I suck your cock, Sir?" Greg replied.

"I don't believe you." Jaclyn told him.

Greg had done this with her many times before. He knew what she wanted, and he gave it to her. "Please Sir, may this little pussy boy fagot suck your man sized dick? Please, I need it. And, I'm really good. As good as any whore. I want to feel your hard dick on my pussy boy lips. I want to taste your cum. Please may I please, please, please, Sir?"

Everyone above the table burst into laughter.

"Ok, you fuckin' fagot go ahead." Kevin gave in.

Greg reached up and unzipped his slacks. When he reached in and grabbed Kevin's manhood he was quite surprised. Kevin was not much bigger than Greg. They both stood about 6 foot, and Kevin only had about 10 pounds on Greg, but from what Greg could feel right now, it appeared to be all in his dick. When it came into view, he was sure of it. Even limp, Kevin's cock was enormous. Greg was not sure if he could even get it in his mouth, especially when it grew hard. Greg knew exactly why his wife liked Kevin. He opened his mouth and slid the head of Kevin's cock inside. He began to stroke it as he sucked the head. It got harder and harder by the second.

Within a few moments, the silence was replaced by idle chatter above the table. Greg continued his blow job and everyone just ignored him. There was laughter and serious talk as well as moments of silence as everyone continued to eat.

Greg sucked and stroked the monster cock. It did not grow as much as Greg expected, and soon he was trying with all his might to suck it as deep as he could. His hand stroked harder and faster as he gagged himself on the meaty dick. He fondled Kevin's balls with his other hand. Suddenly without warning, Kevin grunted and a thick burst of cum blasted the back of Greg's throat. He sucked as much as he could, and stroked the cock in his mouth to illicit more, but some escaped his mouth and dripped down his cheek. He sucked and stroked until Kevin reached down and pushed him away from his cock.

Greg crawled from under the table and knelt next to his wife. She looked down and saw the drops of cum on his cheeks and scooped them up with her fingers. She fed them to Greg.

"How was that, Loverboy? Did Momma's little man enjoy Kevin's big fat dick?" She asked.

Greg just nodded.

"I asked you a question, you dickless wonder" Jaclyn hissed.

Quickly Greg responded, "Yes, yes, My Love, I enjoyed Kevin's thick dick very much."

"Kevin's cum is yummy isn't it" She asked.

"Yes, Miss Fellows." Greg replied.

"I want you to tell Kevin how much you enjoyed his dick." She ordered him.

"Thank you, Sir. I really enjoyed sucking your cock, Sir. You have very tasty cum, Sir. I hope I can suck your cock again real soon." Greg said.

Jaclyn just giggled, "Of course you do my little dick sucker. Momma knows how much you have grown to love that."

The other two guests just sat there in awe. Jaclyn had told them what a wimp her husband was, but they didn't know to what degree.

"Well, don't be rude, Sweetcheeks, we have two other guests." Jaclyn told Greg.

He didn't need anymore instruction, he knew what she meant. He crawled under the table and did as he was told. Now Dave, he had a very long dick, probably 3 inches longer than Kevin's, but it was not nearly as thick as his. Zane was right in between, longer than Kevin, not as long as Zane, but thicker than Zane, but not as thick as Kevin. Greg sucked both men off in about 20 minutes. He swallowed all their cum and after each one Jaclyn made him thank the men for letting him service them.

By now everyone had finished dinner, and Greg was ordered to make the guests an after dinner drink before cleaning up the table. Jaclyn and her lovers all waited in the living room for Greg to finish. When he had finished, he returned to the living room. Jaclyn threw him the key to his chastity device.

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