tagNovels and NovellasJacob and MJ's Story Pt. 01

Jacob and MJ's Story Pt. 01


Chapter 1

Sara walks into the CEO's offices at J & J Enterprises and goes to Kathryn Sullivan's desk. "Hello, Kathryn. I know I don't have an appointment but I would like to see Jacob. He isn't in another appointment, is he?"

"No. He is sitting at his desk with a bunch of paperwork. Let me call him and see if he will take a few minutes to see you." Kathryn then calls Jacob to let him know that he has a visitor. Kathryn then turns to Sara saying; "Jacob asks that you please wait for a few minutes while he finishes a very important report that he is working on. Why don't you have a seat and I will let you know when he is ready to see you."

While Sara waited to be called into Jacob's office, she recalled her first meeting with him. Across the room from her stood her sister Dora who was a tall beautiful brunette and standing next to her was a tall, 6 foot 6 inch, hunk with brown hair to his shoulders. They looked liked the perfect couple and both were very successful business people with old money standing behind them. She had been so worried about her sister getting into the BDSM lifestyle that she wanted to hate him knowing that he would hurt Dora and not understanding how someone could like having such things done to them. It was several years after Jacob and Dora had been married that she went to their ranch and saw them in action. Although it still wasn't her cup of tea, she no longer was at odds about Jacob and Dora's relationship. Sara became the one person in the family that Dora would be able to speak to about what was going on in her life without any animosity or derision. She knew that although Jacob was the dominant in their life that while her sister was the submissive, Sara knew that Dora was a very strong person, which was, why she was now sitting and waiting for Jacob to realize that she was here. After about 15 minutes, Kathryn's telephone rang and then Sara was ushered into see her brother-in-law.

As Sara entered Jacob's office, she took notice of all the papers covering just about every surface in the room. She noticed that while still wearing his Brook Brothers suits that now they were wrinkled. Sara knew that it would take quite a bit to get her brother-in-law to start living again and hoped that her visit would somehow be a catalyst in helping that to happen.

Jacob walked over to Sara and gave her a peck on the cheek and asked her what had her out and about. Sara looked around and said, "If you could give me about a half hour of your time, I would like to talk to you. I am leaving the states for Japan at the end of the week and it will be the last time I will be able to see you for awhile."

Jacob quickly started moving a pile of documents off of a couple of stuffed chairs that were in his office and then offered Sara a place to sit and some coffee. While Jacob was getting her some coffee, Sara tried to figure out a way to start the conversation. She decided that the best way to handle this would be to tell Jacob what had happened and then leave the rest up to Jacob to handle. She only hoped that this would help him to heal enough to start living his life again.

"Do you remember the very long and dreary day that we spent at the lawyers office after Dora was pronounced dead?" she started. "I think that everyone was in shock but you had a look of being, well, shell-shocked. The lawyer went on and on about who was to get what and then he asked me to stay for a few minutes after everyone else had left. He told me that one of Dora's request was that the next part of the proceedings was just for me so that was why everyone else had left and I was alone in the room with him. He then went on to give me a few items. On top of a few items that Dora left to me, I was given a large manila envelope. Inside of that were two other envelopes, a key and a very long letter from Dora."

"I didn't realize that you were given an envelope. I guess I was still in shock and didn't really pay attention to what was happening. I knew that Dora was a very organized person and that she wanted to make sure that everyone got something. What was so special about this envelope that you are here now? I don't understand." Jacob commented.

"The letter explained that the key opened a safe deposit box and that the key that was in the envelope was the only key to the box. It went on to explain that depending on how you were doing would determine which envelope I was to open. Dora was worried that if something would happen to her that you would pull into yourself so tight that you would forget the outside world and the activities that make you so special. If you would allow me a few minutes, I would like to read part of the letter to you so that you will understand everything. "

"The letter read as follows: Sara, dear Sara, I am about to ask you a very big favor. In case you haven't realized it, the relationship of a dominant and submissive pairing is one of a power exchange. A submissive gives her dominant her power to him and then the dominant accepts that power and gives it back to the submissive. For example, I give Jacob the power of responsibilities in our relationship. He in exchange makes me feel loved, sheltered and protected. By making me feel these things, I do my best to be the person who loves him above all else which makes him feel loved. I want to make him happy so that he will in turn make me happy. I want to make sure that he has the foods he likes to eat, his house cleaned the way he likes it to be and that I keep my body and soul the way he likes it to be. In doing these things for him, he happily and willingly gives me a good place to live, food to eat, love for my soul and the discipline I crave only from him. I don't know if this makes much sense but in many ways it is like any couples relationship with the extra excitement of being able to let him control our marital life. If something should happen to me, I would like to ask as one last favor for you to do something for me. If after a year, Jacob has seemed to move on with his life I want you to always be his friend and let him know that you will be there as family for him and give him the envelope marked number one. If he is hiding himself in his work for more than 18 months then I want you to open the envelope marked number 2 and follow the instructions inside."

"I have tried to be here for you as I thought Dora would want me to be. I watched you grieve and then hide in your work as if that was the only thing left in this world. Some of our friends would come up to me and wonder how long it would take you to finish grieving. Two weeks ago, I remembered the envelope that Dora had given to me. I pulled out the letter again. I went through a period of grateful remembrance and then I opened the envelope which was marked number two and followed her instructions as well as I could."

"Inside of this box are four tapes with numbers on them. The first tape was one that Dora had placed in the safe deposit box and the other three was taken from your security cameras from several places on your ranch as per Dora's suggestion in her letter. As you know those security tapes cover what has happened in the last two weeks. Dora felt that if you pulled into yourself that one of the first things to go would be your desire to keep the servants/slaves in your house in the correct state of mind. She also felt that if you saw what was happening that it might help you to start living again. I have not looked at these tapes but I have delivered them as Dora wanted. I just ask that you take the rest of the day to figure out what you and Dora really wanted in life and then go for it. Staying in this stalemate that I see is not honoring the gorgeous sister that we both loved."

"Sara, I guess that Dora is correct about me hiding away in here and pushing myself into work so I won't be thinking. I guess it is time to take stock of everything that I have been putting off. I know that this has been hard for you to do and I do appreciate you doing this. When will you be getting back from your trip?"

"I will be gone for about three years but will be able to make short trips back to visit family during the holidays. If it is possible, maybe we can get together then. I do have to leave now so I can finish up all the last minute things I need to do." Sara left the office shortly after that leaving Jacob staring at the envelope that she had left and pictures of Dora.

After a few minutes, Jacob got up and told Kathryn that he was going to be using one of the small, private, conference rooms for a couple of hours. Upon entering the conference room he noticed that there was a small envelope with the tapes that Sara had given to him. He opened the envelope and read the following:

Dear Jacob,

You have been my lover, my husband and my master. If you are reading this letter it is because I am no longer around and that you have had a hard time dealing with my death. I want you to know that you have always been number one in my life and it is time to show you that even if I am no longer around that you can have another number one person in your life. I would be a poor slave to you if I didn't want your happiness even if I wasn't around. I prepared tape number one for you to watch. After you are done watching that tape, please watch the other tapes in the order that they are numbered. I think you will find that it is worth your time to do so.

The last thing that I want you to know is that I love you and they way we lived our life. I think that your time for grieving should be ended. Your health, mental and physical, will deteriorate until you become a shell of the person that I loved. If that happens then I feel that it is a failure on my part as it is my duty and pleasure in life and death to make sure that you are loved and happy. It would be a shame to see my sexy, loving Master stop doing the things he loves. My love will always be with you.

Your loving slave, Dorable

Jacob then got up and went over to the video player and put the first tape into the machine and started to watch. The first thing he saw on the tape was a copy of their wedding vows. He saw how beautiful that she was and how much her eyes sparkled as they took their vows. The next section of the tape was the first time that she really needed to be punished other than being spanked by his hand. He remembered her trying to be very brave but also noticing that her pussy was gleaming with her pussy cream. He watched the film in fascination while she took her smacks with a hairbrush, a ping-pong paddle and then a flogger. He hadn't been sure that she could take all of that but she did and it had made him so proud of her. The next section of the tape was of Dora taking her submissive and slave vows. He looked at her nervous smile and very excited smiling eyes while listening to her take her vows. He then watched all of the events which happened as a result of her taking those vows like asking for her first slave spanking to show she really wanted to be his slave, satisfying his friends needs who had been invited to the ceremony and finally him taking her hard in every orifice that she had.

There were scenes of them playing in the bedroom with bondage, playing on all of the equipment in the dungeon and then scenes of the horse stables, the ones for the animals and the ones that housed the human ponies. There was the first time that he had taken her to a BDSM club and she was exposed for the special guests who had been invited that night. Watching his dorable Dora stripping in front of everyone for the first time and then getting her first public spanking made his cock so hard. He remembered how much she begged for more spanks then her originally planned to give her and how he had a few of his friends help to pleasure her.

Oh yes, he remember how much fun she had and how she would look forward to going to the club when they had time. He sat there watching scenes of their love go by and realized that unless he was at work he seldom saw his friends anymore. He then paused the tape, went over to the phone and called his secretary.

"Kathryn, I would appreciate it if you could notify Victoria, Bill and Mark that I would like to have a conference in my office in 2 hours. I need to talk to the four of you for a bit."

After that he loaded up the tape marked number 2 and watched some of the scenes of his human pony stables and realized that each and every stall had been empty and unused the entire tape. In fact it looked like they hadn't been used in years. Loading tape number 3 into the tape machine, he noticed that it was the camera that took pictures of various places throughout the ranch house. It watched his slaves working and playing. Upon watching closer, he noticed that the slaves stopped and talked to each other a lot and that the cleaning of the house was done very sparingly. He then watched tape number 4 and he knew that this tape was one of the slave quarters. His slaves were fully clothed and they were all sleeping in one big pile as if they couldn't feel secure without another slave nearby.

Thinking about this for a bit, he realized that Dorable was right. There was no happiness in any of the tapes, no security and no fun. Jacob gathered up the tapes and letters and then headed back to his office so that he could formulate a plan on what to deal with first and how to take care of this mess that his grief had created.

While waiting in his office for the vice-presidents of the various departments to arrive, Jacob tried to figure out the differences between the first tape that his dorable made for him and the ones which Sara had brought to him this morning. He saw unsatisfied and lost people, work done only halfway, selfish actions of his slaves and servants and in none of the security tapes did he see himself teaching or caring for his slaves. He realized that if he wasn't teaching and caring for his slaves then he could blame no one but himself for their past actions. Jacob also knew that he needed to change things around so that the people who counted on him would be happy again. With that small decision made, Jacob felt that he could formulate a plan and turn things around again.

Just as he made those decisions, there was a knock on his office door. He invited everyone in and then had each VP tell him if there was anything going on in his or her departments, which needed to be worked on immediately. He then moved into his opinions on various things that he felt could occur in the next few weeks. Then he made the following announcement, "I think that you understand how I want things to go for the next few weeks. A very dear relative of mine has made me realize that I need to start taking care of myself and to get some things taken care of. So I have decided that I need a three-week vacation. The first week I will be totally incommunicado. I will not be answering any phones but I will check my messages once a day. The only messages that I will answer are only those that are life and death for the company. If there is no life and death matter, I would appreciate it if you could handle things yourself. I may call in to Kathryn if I find something that needs everyone's attention but just consider that I have gone to the deepest rainforest and cannot get to a phone. The second and third week, again, I will not answer the phone but will go through any messages and leave any message I think important on your answering machines. If you don't here from me, deal with the situations as you think I would."

"I want you all to know that I appreciate the fact that you have all been there for me for the past two years and I do know of all the work that you have taken on so that I could use the extra time to hopefully start healing. I am hoping that the steps that I am about to take will lead to that healing. In that effort, I want to give you my thanks. Kathryn, I have realized that most of these files and reports that I have been working on has really been busy work. Get some people up here to help you straighten this out and get these files back where they belong. Is there anything else that we need to discuss before we leave?"

There was another 30-minute discussion of business opportunities and some problems that all felt needed to be discussed. Then Jacob called an end to the meeting. "Bill, please stay for another few minutes. I have some things that I wish to discuss with only you."

After everyone filed out and started to go about his or her business, Jacob said to Bill, "I want you to tell Belle that I am going to be all right. She talked to me a few weeks ago and was very worried. I want you to tell Belle that in three weeks, I am going to have over our friends and see what can be done about using my almost rusty dungeon. I do not plan it to be rusty by the then but if she could arrange for invitations and a meal plan for then I would appreciate it. If she has any questions have her call me. I would prefer that she handle the logistics and then call Hazel with the plans. I will tell her to expect a call from Belle about this. Hopefully by the time she calls, I will have things more under control."

"Of course I will have her take care of this for you. She will be extremely happy, as will all of your friends. Is there anything else that you need?"

"There is one more thing. I would appreciate it if you could call our head of security and tell him that I have a major project that I need to have done as soon as possible. Have him call me tonight around 7:00 and that I will fill him in on the details then. You might mention that it is very important and that you got the impression that I want it done by tomorrow and that you are sure that I won't complain about any extra help that he might need just that they are trustworthy.

Jacob arrived home about a half an hour later. He took the tapes home with him and headed into his home office. Loading one of the tapes into the viewer, he watched it and made notes on what he wanted to change and how he thought the best way to accomplish that would be. After watching two of the tapes the call came in from his head of security. He discussed his needs to him and they decided that with the aid of two trusted employees that all the work could be done in eight hours the next day. Jacob also called in the carpenter who worked on the grounds and told him that he had some things at the house that need to be done the next day. He was assured that it wouldn't take long to have the changes made that he wanted and they set up a time for that work to also be done. With that settled, Jacob headed to the kitchen and told Hazel that he was wanted pizza for dinner that night. After dinner, he gave Hazel a couple of instructions. "In the morning, I will be having breakfast at 8:00 and then I want Nicole, Grigori, Franz and you to report to the living room by 9:00. I expect everyone there with no exceptions. I have a few things to explain and do not want to have to do it more than once."

"Yes, sir and I will see that it is done. Is there anything else that you will be needing?"

"Franz and you have the night off for whatever you wish to do. See you in the morning."

After Jacob left the room, Hazel went to find Franz, Grigori and Nicole to give them the message that Jacob had given her. Franz and Grigori just nodded their heads and said that they would be there. Nicole on the other hand just shook her head and said, "We'll see." "I do believe that Master Jacob is coming out of his grieving and things will be as they were." Hazel told the others.

Nicole just shook her head and said, "I'm not sure that things will ever be okay again. I trusted him when he bought me from that abusive monster that was my last master but then I was just dumped here with nothing but people who didn't really know or care about me. Why should I just trust that Jacob has decided to be a Master again and that he will be any better than what I had? I will have to think about all of this and make my decisions on what I see and feel. I am tired and go now to bed. I will deal with tomorrow when it comes."

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