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Jacob's Little Sister


It was fall and I was starting my freshmen year in college, which was three hours from home and absolutely no one from my hometown was at the university. I thought that was the best part of the university but after my first day of orientation I started to think I made a big mistake going to a school where I didn't know anyone. After going to a few mixers thrown by the school I even felt even more out of place and my roommate wasn't much help either considering he was in the school band and had practice during his free time. As the second day progress and nothing change from first day, I decided to sneak down to the cafeteria and grab a bit to eat before the dinner crowd rushed in.

As usual I was at a table all by myself eating a slicing of pizza when I was approached by black male student with a shirt that had Greek letters on the front that I assume was of the fraternity that he was in. As the guy ask if the chair in front me was taken by anyone I started to notice how handsome the guy was. As I nodded my head no and offered the seat to him, I noticed he stood about 6'3" and was very physically fit with his biceps pushing the fabrics of his shirt to the limit. He had cute smile with brown eyes with short black hair. As he introduced himself to me I started to realize I might have physical attraction for a guy for the first time in my life. His named was Jacob and I quickly replied that my name was James.

As he talked I tried hard not stare at his body too much and tried to keep my attention at eye level while at the some time worrying about how my body was presented to him. Even though I never had the physical attributes that Jacob I had, I still had descent body on my 5'7" and 150 pound frame. I worked out constantly even though I was no longer playing sports and had decent six-pack abs and nice tan especially for a white guy that never went to a tanning bed. The two features that girls in high school always told me were my best feature were my nice butt and my green eyes which went great with my curly brown hair which when dry curl up on the top of my head like afro.

After talking for awhile and me half paying attention to the conversation due to the incredible looks of Jacob, he mention that there was party at his fraternity house tomorrow night and was wondering if I would be interested in attending. I promptly nodded my head with high pitch "Yeah!?" that sounded like it came from a teenage girl, which got Jacob to laugh a little. As he handed me a ticket to get me in the house he mention that the party started 8:00 and the doors would be lock at 8:30 to avoid anyone coming in later then that so make sure I got there before 8:30.

The next day was blur to me, as all I could keep on thinking about was Jacob and about going to my first college party. Also, I was thinking since Jacob was so attractive that the party would have a lot of attractive females. As 8 o'clock approached I went down to the showers in the middle of hallway in the dorm and started washing myself before realizing I was the only one in the shower room I started to jerk off in the hopes of easing my sexual tension before the party. This didn't help much considering all my thoughts return to how big and strapping Jacob was yesterday. As I came like I never came in my life I quickly finish showering before anyone could walk in. I dried myself off and handed back to dorm room as quickly as I could. I quickly threw on some jeans and t-shirt as I blow-dried my hair. I slipped on some socks and a pair shoes as I headed out the door.

I arrived at the door at the fraternity house, with the same Greek letters as on Jacob shirt yesterday, at 8:15. As I knocked on the door it was quickly open by another black male asking me if I had a ticket. I quickly reached into my pocket and pulled out the ticket that Jacob had given me yesterday and handed it to the guy. The guy motion me to come inside but once I was two steps inside the door the guy instructed to empty all personnel items into locked zip bag, which was similar to bank deposit bag. The guy explained to me that it was to prevent people at the party from getting items lost or stolen and only I would have the key to the bag. After sighing my name to the top of the bag I was given necklace that had the key to the bag and was told to have a good time.

As I walked through the house trying to find where to get some alcohol, I started to notice that there was not single girl in any of the rooms that I walked through and most where filled with a bunch of white and black guys. As I started to think I walked into a sausage fest, Jacob appeared out of nowhere with two cold beers in his hand. As he crack up the top on both bottles he offered to give me the tour of the downstairs since the upstairs contained bedrooms of the guys that lived at the house. As he grab my hand and started leading me through the different rooms I started to get really turned on being lead around by Jacob.

As the night progress and I was on my fourth beer trying to hang on every word of Jacob one of his friends named Kevin came up and asked if we would interesting going up stairs to smoke a joint. Since I was the type of person that never gave up an opportunity to smoke a joint I eagerly nodded my head. Jacob grabbed my hand quickly leading me up the stairs. As we were going up the stairs I quickly notice that Kevin, who was black, was also leading a white male up the stairs.

As we enter one of the bedrooms upstairs the door was quickly closed and towel was placed between crack between the door and floor to keep smoke inside the room. As Kevin started to roll the joint I could tell he was rolling it in cigar paper and that the joint was going be a pretty big blunt. After Kevin was finished rolling the joint, he lit it up while we settle in square formation with me and other white guy setting across from each other while Jacob was to my right shoulder. After a couple puffs from the joint I started notice Jacob and Kevin weren't really smoking the joint and were allowing me and other guy to take most of the puffs.

After finishing the joint, Kevin started pulling the other guy closer to him gently kissing him. As the other two men started to get a little more intimate I was about to leave before Jacob pulled me closer to him. Before I could react Jacob's hand grab my crotch area and he started gently planting kisses on my right cheek. As he started to message my crotch with his hand I started to get extremely hard and soft moans started to escape my lips. Then Jacob leaned into my ear and asked if ever been with a guy before and I nodded no; he then proceeded to ask if I wanted to sleep with him. I slowly nodded yes during my soft moans from the message that Jacob was giving me. As Jacob stood up and pull me to the bed behind us, I started to get butterfly in my stomach realizing that he would be my first guy. As he laid me on the bed, Jacob removed his shirt and I was able to see the muscular body underneath that included a really solid set of abs. After removing his shirt Jacob proceeded to remove my shirt and then my shoes and socks. After removing my shoes and socks, Jacob then gently pushed me back on the bed started kissing my chest area. He was getting me beyond turn on at this point and my penis was pushing to be release from my pants. Jacob must have sense this since he stopped kissing and unbutton my pants started to pull them and my underwear off. As I lay there in bed naked I started to feel very vulnerable and turn on as I watched Jacob unbutton and unzip his pants.

As his pants slowly came off I saw for the first time Jacob's dick. He was about 8 inches long and two inches thick. I was even more worry and vulnerable since my dick was only six inches long and about 1 ½ inches thick. As I laid there in shock Jacob grab my neck started slowly moving my head towards his dick. As I open my mouth to take his dick inside, he pushed my head further down and told me to start licking his balls. As I complied with his request, Jacob slapped me twice in the face with his massive member as he told me to start getting ready for a night that I will never forget. After the second slap from his member Jacob reached into the night stand and grab a white object out. Then he positioned my ass to be closer to head and told me to give him some head while he prepared my ass for the night. As I wrapped my hand around his dick and started to fit my lips around his dick the first pictures of this huge dick going into my ass came into my mind. I started to lower my head inch by inch on his big black dick excited and horrified at every inch.

While I was attempting to give Jacob head he poured some lube in my ass crack and slowly started working his finger into my asshole. If I stopped even for a second on going down on him I got a swift slap across the ass and told to "put some hair on my chin!" After a couple of attempts to go all the way down on Jacob and only getting 6 ½ inches I decided to give him the best head I knew how and hope that I get no more slaps across the ass. I kept on going down on him as far as I could go and wrapped my hand around his bottom shaft and continue to go up and down on him as fast as I could.

After a few minutes Jacob was able to get my ass lube up enough to fit two fingers up it. He then instructed me to get on my hands and knees facing the headboard. As I did as I was told Jacob then position the two pillows by the headboard underneath my torso. While I waited for Jacob to put the lube on top of nightstand and get a black package condom from drawer, I looked over at the bed across the room and saw Kevin pounding the other white guy ass doggystyle. I realized in a couple minutes that would be me bent over getting a dick up my ass and moaning in enjoyment.

Jacob gave me a quick slap on the ass to wake my up from dream state and told me to relax my ass muscles because this was going to hurt for a little while before I can start to take it like a good "bitch". This was a first time I ever been called a bitch by another man and I was a little turn on by the prospect of being called a bitch. As Jacob slowly starting sticking his dick up my ass I leaped forward but Jacob strong hands around my waist stopped any forward progress and started to bring my ass back while also bringing his torso forward. I started to moan in pain and joy over every inch of his dick that entering my body. After awhile I started to fell the pubic hair from Jacob tickle my ass and realized I didn't have that much to go until Jacob was all the way inside me.

Within a couple seconds I could feel Jacob all way inside me with his pubic hair pressed up against my ass. As Jacob paused he leaned over onto my back and whisper into my ear that I "had a great ass and he was going to have so much fun with me tonight." This instantly got dick hard hearing the words come from his mouth. As Jacob started to straighten back up he started slowly removing his cock from my ass before slamming it back in. This started with an inch or less being removed before ramming it back up my ass. Each time that Jacob slammed his cock back into my ass a light moan escaped my lips.

As Jacob continues ramming my ass, I heard the door open with a group of voices coming up behind me. One of the voices said " Jacob is just starting with this one so lets film this other little bitch getting fuck for now."

Jacob continued to slide his dick further and further from my ass before slamming it back it. This made me oblivious to my surroundings and started making me moan in pure joy. As I felt Jacob pull his dick to the tip of asshole before he slam it back in and I screamed out in pleasure. As he did this for second time, Jacob leans in and whispers in to my ear " Get ready for you close up beautiful." As he moves away from my ear he grabs a handful of my hair starts to pull backwards while at the same time he thrusts he cock deep into my ass. This causes my head to be tilted upward. As the words register in my mind a bright light is shoved in my face and the guys that came in earlier are asking me if I love getting my ass fuck. Other guys are adding comments like "this bitch likes getting fuck", "he is moaning like a bitch in heat", and "get picture of erect dick and tell me he doesn't like getting fuck." Jacob slowly releases his grip on my hair and head is allowed to go back to a normal position but he continues to give my ass a good slap every now and then between thrusts. All I can do is moan while he continues to fuck my ass. After a couple more minutes I hear one of the guys say, "Okay we got enough footage in this room. Let's go see how the other guys are doing."

As the door closed again all the sounds I can hear are the rhythmic slapping of skin and moans from me and the other white guy. Periodically between thrusts Jacob makes a point of slapping my ass with his hand as asks me how I like his dick in my ass. After each slap my ass wraps tight around his dick, which causes loud moans to come out of my mouth. The only response I can muster most times is "Yeah I love your dick!" as he continues to pound my ass.

After a couple of minutes Jacob abruptly stop pounding my ass and pulled his cock completely out. As I looked over my shoulder to see if I did anything wrong Jacob motions for me to roll over on to my back. As complied, Jacob starting tossing the pillows that were underneath me and were propping my ass up the air to the front of the bed towards the headboard. As I looked across the room I saw the other guys legs on Kevin's shoulder while he ass got pounded in a missionary style position.

As Jacob started positioning my legs on his shoulders, he muttered "To get initiated all bitches have to go missionary." He stated to lean forward and push my legs towards my head causing my ass to be lifted off the ground. He then guided his dick back into my ass. I started moaning immediately as Jacob continue to tell me I was all his for now on. As his dick pushes inside me I have to close my eyes for minute due the amount pleasure and pain going through my body. As Jacob got his pubic hairs to touch my ass again, I realized he was going be rougher in this position than he was first time. He pulled his cock further out before slamming it back into my ass. This caused loud moans to escape my lips.

Jacob continued to thrust in and out at a high pace and kept on telling me I was his bitch for now on. This continued until with one final thrust up my ass, Jacob let out a loud moan and collapsed on top my legs. This was painful on my legs holding Jacob up while he caught his breath. After catching his breath Jacob pulled his cock out of ass. As he was taking off his condom my legs slowly got to slip off his shoulders and back onto the bed. As Jacob started to crawl to the front of the bed, he grab me and pull me close his body and whisper in my ear that I was now "his little sister". As he rolled me over on to my side so that he could snuggle with me with my ass facing him, I could tell I was still extremely horny and that I didn't get my release from the sexual experience even though I enjoyed it as much as he did. As much as I wanted to jack off I waited until Jacob fell asleep before stroking my dick thinking of the events that just occurred. After cumming, I press my body as tight as I could to Jacob in hopes that this night wouldn't end.

I was wakening up in the morning, as the door to bedroom was busted open and two guys yelling "Here are the bitches clothes for today. Make sure they are downstairs in ten minutes to watch the movie from last night." As the guys turn to leave, Jacob and Kevin pushed me and other white guy off the beds and on to the floor. Jacob looks at me and says, "You heard the guy put on those clothes and go downstairs." In the dark I try to figure out what they wanted us wear. Also, I checked to make sure I still had the key around my neck for my personal items bag. After feeling the necklace and key around my neck, I turned my turned my attention to the clothes that were left for me. The first item of clothing was a short purple shirt with the greek letters of fraternity on the front and Jacob's little sister written on the back of the shirt. After putting on the shirt that went down to my belly button, I noticed the other item left for me was purple string laced panties. As I looked over to see if the other guy was going to wear his panties, Jacob had gotten out bed had put on some shorts and a t-shirt by this time. As saw me looking puzzle at the panties, Jacob walk over by me and started standing over me. In a very loud and forceful voice Jacob ordered me "To put on the panties or I would be drag downstairs with or without panties on!" This quickly changed my mind and I quickly put on the panties. Almost immediately Jacob grab my hand started leading me outside the bedroom. Out in the hallway I started to notice all the white guys from the party last night were all wearing the purple shirt and purple panties and being lead by a black male downstairs. As we enter the main room and had taken our seats by our black male counter parts a big projection was lowered in front of the room.

As the room got dark and the video started the first white male popped on the screen moaning with taunts that I have heard last night from when the guys had entered our room. While I didn't recognized the guy at first it was obvious who the guy was on the screen when the first guy started weeping. The other black audience members started cheering at the show of the white male enjoying getting fuck in the ass. As image of image of guys getting fucked were being shown on the screen the audience erupted in commotion. White guys would start crying and black guys would start cheering when new guy was shown on the screen I knew it was only a matter of time before I was shown on the screen. I started getting butterflies in stomach trying to figure out what was the point of the video and how many people they plan show the video.

As the screen turn to the guy that Kevin was fucking last night came up I knew I would be next be shown getting fuck. As the crowd erupted in taunts and cheers over the guy getting fuck, I lean in to Jacob to started to ask him how many people the video will be shown to which responded angrily "That depends on you now so shut up and let me watch the video!"

As the picture of the guy left the screen, a new picture of my face was shown on the screen. As the crowd erupted and guys gave Jacob high five, Jacob turned my face to watch the whole video. As I set there watching all the moans coming from my mouth and my erect dick slapping my belly with each thrust from Jacob, I realized that I would never be able to convince anyone that seen the video that I didn't like getting fuck by a man. It seemed like my face was up the screen longest of all the other videos and I started to cry realizing that every guy in the room saw me getting fuck. As the screen faded to black went to the next guy I kept on crying thinking of my humiliation. As the video finally turned black for the final time, one of the black males on the front stood up in front of the projector and lights came back on. As he congratulated all the guys for their great pieces of ass that they got their first week, he then offered all us white guys an ultimatum we could back next week in our new outfits and the video of us getting fuck will never be shown to anyone outside the fraternity but if we failed to come back by 8:30 next week our potion of the video would be uploaded on the internet. Then he instructed us to follow our instructions from our new "boyfriends" on what to do next.

As I lowered my head and turned it towards Jacob, he instructed to lay my torso across his lap, which I obediently complied. While lying across his lap I started to feel pen scribble on my ass cheek something. Before I could check, Jacob set me back up and told me to get my personal items and that he had written his number on my ass cheek. He instructed me call him later tonight to exchange any other items I might forgot at the house. As I approached the front of the room to get my personal items I felt very nervous. Also, I notice that the guys after claiming their personal items were being lead straight out the front door. After approaching the front of the room and giving the guy my name for personal bag another guy came along grabbed my arm. As I was handed my bag the guy started leading me towards the front door and instructed me to call the number on my ass for any other personal items that I might have left at the fraternity house and to not knock or try to re-enter the house right now or that they would post the video online. The front door was open and I was quickly pushed out onto the front porch.

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