tagMind ControlJacob's Mind

Jacob's Mind


Jacob felt like a truck had hit him. Seeing his family standing around his bed, he realized that he was in a hospital bed. "What happened?"

Glenda, Jacob's mother gasped.

"It's normal to have some short term memory lost," the doctor said shinning a light into Jacob's eyes. "CAT scan shows no signs of brain damage, although there is an unusual amount of activity in the neocortex. He should be just fine."

Sasha, the youngest of Jacob's three older sister sighed.

"What happened?" Jacob repeated.

"You were hit by a truck," Nakita, Jacobs older sister said.

"You were very lucky," Jauanna, his other sister added.

They all agreed that Jacob had been very lucky that he was still alive.

Jacob grabbed his head and screamed out in pain. Jacob's family members gasped and were quickly ushered out of the room, while the doctor and nurses rushed to assist his. Jacob slipped into a comma.

In his unconscious state, Jacob could here the voices of the doctors and nurses that took care of him. The voices of his mother was worried, and his sister's voices sounded sorrowful. His sisters were saying things to him that he thought he would never here them say.

Jacob could feel the warm sponge as a nurse bathe him. Her touch was soft and gentle as she moved it over his face and neck. She took her time whipping over his shoulders and chest and then down his arms.

Her voice was soft and steady as she expressed how sexy his young body looked. She continued down his body and cradled his cock in her slender fingers. She said that it was good that no one could see her touch him like that. She said that she that she liked seeing how big and thick his cock got in her hand.

"Suck it," Jacob said. His voice sounded like hers. "Suck it" he repeated, but it still sounded like she was saying it.

The nurse closed her hot mouth over his cock and slowly pulled up to the head. She kept her lips closed around the head of his dick as she moved her tongue over it. She took it in sliding it in and out holding a tight grip with her lips.

Jacob's eyes opened for the first time in months as he shot thick cum in the mouth of the honey-colored nurse. "Keep sucking," he demanded but it was the sound of her voice. He realized that the sound was not coming from his mouth. He was speaking his thoughts to her mind, but in her own voice. "Swallow all of it."

The nurse looked directly at Jacob's smiling face as she gulped down his thick cum.

"Don't be afraid. Don't stop. Keep sucking." Jacob spoke to her mind. He realized that he was controlling the thoughts of the nurse. "Pull your top and bra over your boobs."

The nurse followed the instructions in her mind. She held her top and bra, so that her big tits swung under her while she sucked on Jacob's cock.

Jacob was enjoying the blowjob from the nurse until he heard the sounds of voices in his head approaching his room. "Stop. Someone is coming. Be calm," he spoke to the nurse's mind.

The nurse fixed Jacob's gown and covered him before the doctor and his nurse entered the room. The bath nurse left the room without a word.

The doctor immediately started reading Jacob's vital signs when he saw that Jacob was awake. The nurse excitedly followed the doctor's commands.

Jacob was amazed at how clear the doctor and nurse's thoughts sounded to him. He told the doctor to stand on one foot and to pop the nurse on the butt. He instructed the nurse to blow the doctor a kiss. The doctor and nurse continued their routine in between the instructions they were given. Neither one of them seem to have noticed what they were doing as they followed the instructions.

Jacob's recovery seemed remarkable. He was able to distinguish between his mother and sister's thoughts as they showered him with affection. When he had enough smothering, he spoke to their minds and had them to stand next to his bed and speak one at a time. He felt like he had complete control over them.

Jacob sister, Jauanna had her friend, Ashley with her. He thought about the times he had seen her sun bathing with his sister. He spoke to her mind and told her that she was unable to move. Her breast began to raise and fall in silent panic. He told her that her nipples were getting hard and her pussy was throbbing.

Ashley nipples pushed hard against her bra and tight sweater from her large chest. Her juices flooded the crotch of her panties and ran down her inner thighs from under her leather skirt into her boots.

Jacob instructed Ashley not to make a sound. He could see the suffering in her eyes as they filled with tears. He then told her to cum, and to release herself.

Ashley slumped down in a near by chair, squeezing her thighs together and cooed quietly.

Jacob could hardly wait to get out of the hospital. There were so many people he wanted to do, and things he wanted to see.

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