tagInterracial LoveJacqueline and Josh

Jacqueline and Josh


Jacqueline began closing the door to her apartment when a strong hand stopped it. Josh her longtime best friend walked through the door, with a bag from their favorite Tai restaurant Wakki. He began telling her a story about what happened at the gym that morning, and all she could do was examine the spectacular outcome of those hours he put in at the gym.

The muscles in his arms where visibly moving beneath the perfectly pressed button-down that he had on. It stretched nicely across his back, just tight enough to see the vague outline of his back and shoulder muscles. The pale green complemented his tan skin and the green flecks in his hazel eyes.

"Damn it," he was looking at the mess he had made while trying to make Jacqui a plate, he had Mongolian beef all over the ground. He was watching her deep in thought; lately she seemed sort of distant. It drove him crazy because from the first day they met in college they had been inseparable. He was two years ahead of her, and after graduation served in the army for 3 years. So they moved to New York at the same time and began their lives together. Almost like a couple except they didn't live together but for the first month, and they didn't have sex.

'Ahh Sex,' he thought, it had been a while for him. Josh looked down to see her on her hands and knees right in front of him cleaning up the mess, her 32DD boobs jiggling as she wiped the ground. He tried to keep his head clear of her body in the perfect position for him to take her thin yet curvy body. She was somewhere between a Victoria's secret model and Kim Kardashian, and his mind was falling into the gutter.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he went to the front closet of her studio, and grabbed one of his t-shirts, they each had a section in the other's closet.

Jacqui looked up at him unbuttoning then removing his shirt. His large and toned chest, nearly made her heart stop. She quickly turned away and pushed his body to the back of her mind.

That night while Jacqueline lay in her bed thinking about Josh's mouth, and all the dirty things he said to her all the time, she scolded herself for once again feeling this way about her best friend.

After dinner, Josh decided that a hook up would help him to stop fantasizing about his best friend. So two hours later, he was in the shower with this girl who worked at the closest Starbucks. Her long blond hair was wrapped around his fist while he pounded into her from behind. Her hair was long and soft, but it wasn't as much fun to play with as Jacqui's thick tightly waved hair. He turned her around so she was facing the back wall, spread her legs apart farther, then shoved himself back into her while gripping onto her tit for dear life. She was screaming, her pussy contracting around his length, but he couldn't help but have an image of Jacqui in his mind. He remembered the day they took a yoga class together, and the way her face looked when he smacked her butt while she was in downward dog. Her ass had looked to perfectly round and bubbly for him not to. For the rest of yoga, he imagined moving the tiny thong he could see through her yoga pants to the side, and spreading her lips apart. He would lick from her clit to her asshole, then quickly run his tongue back down. Slowly he would start to tongue fuck her, her juices would run down her thighs, and he would suck on her clit, rolling it between his lips. Then she would scream his name, he wanted to hear his name on her lips, her beautiful lips.

Later when they were at his apartment, she showed him the pink handprint she still had on her left ass cheek an hour later.

"You're such an ass!" she said half joking, half serious.

"You're lucky I didn't pull your yoga pants down and fuck you in front of everyone," he responded calmly. The look that crossed her face was one of shock, then a flash of something he assumed was anger, but also hoped might have been lust.

Trying to hide her reaction, she had retorted "I could have used a nice hard pounding," and walked away. The whole time she was in his shower, he replayed the comment in his head. She had a slightly dirty mouth, but not usually referring to herself and sex, and him. He couldn't help but wish he could go into the shower and give her that dicking.

Josh was finally getting close to release, the blond Ashleigh was screaming "yeah, yeah, yeah, Josh you fuck me soo good," and he exploded. After leaving the girls place, even though she insisted he stay, he called Jacqui just to hear her voice.

"Wad-up Home skillet?" she said, her voice groggy and the tiniest bit raspy. He laughed at her sad attempt at sounding ratchet, in her little suburban cheerleader voice.

"Hola Mami," was always his response. By the time they got off the phone two hour later he was dozing off, but he realized his cock was wide awake, turned on simply at her voice.

"How are you just friends?" Shelby one of Jacqui's coworkers asked the next day after Josh had stopped at the office to bring Jacqui a card to hard to his cousin's wedding.

Shelby flirted with him the entire time he waited for Jacqui to come from her meeting, and at Starbucks the barista had written her phone number on Jacquie's latte. How she thought that he drank nonfat, soy, sugar free vanilla, lattes with a pump of cinnamon dolce, and three Splendas, and not the Caramel Cappuccino was besides him, but hey, she was blond. He had a constant supply of women who wanted to fuck, date, marry him. His face was the perfect blend between sexy and adorable, his shaggy brown/black waves where perfectly disheveled, and his 6'2 240lb pure man body made him the sexiest looking man, every girl wanted to shack at least once, and his skills made them want to come back over and over. His high salary, wealthy family, and luxurious lifestyle made every girl want to marry him, and his gentleman ways made them actually fall in love.

Jacqui seemed indifferent to this; she only wanted his friendship, his personality. Not his body or last name (or so he thought), which made him want her even more, she actually liked him. He had always thought she was gorgeous, and loved her personality, they were best friends after all, but a few months ago she and her boyfriend had broken up, and she had become very distant. She had always grocery shopped for him, and fed him 6 meals a week, but she stopped rubbing his back and laughing at everything he said. She didn't call as much and separated at parties more. Josh thought maybe it had to do with the fact that he and her boyfriend hadn't liked each other. Truthfully it was because while Chase, her boyfriend was in love with her, she loved Josh. But he didn't know, and she wouldn't admit it to herself. Until...

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