It was our first time at a sauna, my wife was a bit apprehensive at going but I talked her into it. I was hoping to ogle lots of naked girls.

My wife was getting a lot of admiring glances as she paraded around in a towel that looked like a very mini dress.

When in the Jacuzzi, lot's of men where watching her as she took off the towel and sank into the warm water. Some men joined us and I was sure that she was getting 'touched up' under the water, though she never complained or gave any indication that anything was amiss.

When we got out of the Jacuzzi we went to a lounge, she wanted a drink, so I went off to the bar. As I was about to return, I saw that she was being entertained by 3 of the guys from the Jacuzzi.

So I waited at the bar and watched what was happening. She had a guy sitting either side of her on a bench seat and the 3rd guy was standing in front of her. I saw her kiss the guy on her left then the guy on her right. I was stunned at what happened next, the guy standing, held open his towel and I could only guess that she was kissing his dick. I was absolutely astounded at my reaction, my cock was standing straight out in front of me, turning my towel into a tent. I just stood there dumbfounded as they led her to a private room. As the door closed, I came to my senses and rushed to the door, I tried the handle but the door was locked.

My heart was pounding.

I was angry.

I was annoyed.

I was Jealous.

But most of all, I was turned on. Turned on that much that my cock ached.

I didn't remember doing it but I had my cock out and was wanking myself furiously.

I noticed that people were watching me, so I went and sat in an armchair in a corner where I could watch the door. It seemed like an eternity. Eventually the door opened and the 3 guy's came out.

I rushed over to the room and as I passed the guys one of them said.

"Thanks for the use of your wife. That's one sexy little bitch you've got there."

I rushed into the room and my wife lay there with her legs wide open, sponk was oozing from her open cunt.

Her pubic hair was matted with sponk. She had her eyes closed and a wistful smile on her face. I stood looking down at her and as she opened her eyes, I said

"Are you all right my Darling?"

"Mmmmmmm! Yes, I'm just lovely. I'm just absolutely lovely. And fucked! Very well Fucked! Why don't you take a closer look."

She said as she reached up and pulled my head down between her sexy thighs.

"Lick me!" she demanded. "Lick me you bastard and make me cum! I've got to have more and more. More dicks, more orgasms, more and more."

I had never seen her like this, it was like she was a different person. A woman possessed. A cock happy slut. She had become a Gang Bang junky.

"Lick harder, suck my clit. Yes! Yes!

That's it yessssssssss!!!!!"

She screamed as another orgasm overwhelmed her lovely body. For myself, I was almost drowning in the sponk that the 3 guys had pumped into her cunt. Her hands on the back of my head wouldn't let me up to breath. It was only as I raised my head whilst licking her clit, that I could grab a little air.

My face was covered with sponk and I had licked most of it out of her sweet cunt when I was grabbed by the shoulder and pulled out of the way, as I heard a mans voice say.

"She should be clean enough by now."

I looked around and realised that I had forgotten to close the door, a group of men had been watching me drinking the sponk from my lovely wife's cunt and so they figured I wouldn't mind if they filled her up again. I didn't have much choice, they just rushed in and were all over her in seconds. She didn't seem to mind, already she was screaming around the cock in her mouth, in her sexual pleasure as the first dick shot a load of hot sponk up her delicious cunt. I crawled into the corner and watched as 10 guys used my sweet wife like she was a sex toy. They fucked her every which way. She just couldn't get enough.

The 10 guys were worn out before she was. I had to go to her assistance when there where no more cocks left to fuck her.

"Suck me!" she demanded again. Then in a little girl voice she said.

"Please! Don't leave me like this. I need more sex. Please make me cum some more. Please!"

How could I resist such a lovely wanton, well fucked slut. She lay there, naked, her legs wide open and sponk seeping out of her gaping, red raw cunt. I, like any dutiful, loving husband, came to my darling wife's assistance and sucked her cunt clean once again and in the process, gave her lots more cums.

When we got home, neither of us were in any state for more sex but the following night, she was back to her old self and wanted more fucking. I did it to her twice and to excite me to do it a third time, she told me what had happened at the sauna how the men had first come on to her.

"When you left me to go for the drinks, 3 guys approached me. They where chatting me up and I was enjoying the attention. They said it was Bobs birthday and would I give him a

birthday kiss. Then Jim said he felt left out, so I kissed him as well. When Tony asked for his kiss, he opened his towel and his cock was sticking out. Well, I just couldn't refuse, could I?"

She said coyly.

"I went to kiss it but he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. The suddenness of it caught me off guard and turned me on.

Bob said "Let's take her to a private room."

I pulled off Tony's cock and said "Oh no! I'm going nowhere with you guys!"

Then they started coaxing me and you know that 'turns me on', I love being coaxed and persuaded. They where saying things like,

"You know you really want to come with us, don't you."

And "You can't let Bob down on his birthday, now can you. Come to a private room, we're only going to fuck you!"

I protested that I was here with my husband and they said that if you didn't want me to be fucked by strangers, then you wouldn't have left me on my own. Which seemed to make sense, sort of. Anyway, as they were coaxing me, they where also propelling me to the private room. As soon as we where in there, they pulled my towel off, lay me down on the bed and set about fucking the life out of me. Bob was first, I was that turned on that I came before he did and when he shot his sponk into me, that triggered off multiple orgasms. I just kept cuming & cuming. I didn't even noticed when they changed round.

I didn't know who was fucking me and I didn't care so long as I had dicks going in and out of my pussy and giving me such wonderful climaxes."

Well that did it! I was certainly turned on but too exhausted to do anything about it.

"Get your coat, we're going back to the sauna."

"Oh Goody!" She squealed. "More cocks. Lot's more cocks!"

"And a lovely rest for me." I replied.

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