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Jade Keeps Rollin' with Deadman, Inc.


Jade lifted her head as she heard the beloved sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle pulling into the yard. She stood up and wiped her hands on the rag tucked in her pocket. She knew that Gary would ask her to work on it. She had a special way with Harleys. It was almost mystical. At least that’s how Gary put it. From the sound of the engine she could tell exactly what was wrong with it. It wouldn’t take her too long to fix it as long as they had the parts in stock. Knowing Gary as she did, she knew the parts probably weren’t here.

Mark Calloway, better known in the world of Sports Entertainment as the Undertaker, walked into the office of Gary’s Garage. Before he trusted these people with his baby, he wanted to meet the owner. He walked up to the desk and rang the bell. A short man in blue-gray coveralls came out of the office door located behind the desk.

“Good evening” he said pleasantly, “What can I do for you?”

“Are you Gary?” Mark said in his usual gruff voice.

“Yes, yes I am. I’m Gary Mac Elroy,”

Mark slowly reached up and pulled his black sunglasses off his face. He looked a Gary intently.

“Oh my god!” came Jimmy’s shocked voice, “It’s the Undertaker!”

“Who?” Gary asked,

“The Undertaker, one of the biggest, baddest, professional wrestlers in the sport today”

Mark gave a small smile as the young man stared at him. Jimmy continued to stare it awe.

“Jimmy don’t you have a Yamaha waiting for you?” Gary pointed out. He didn’t like people to feel at all uncomfortable in his shop. Jimmy nodded and scooted into the back.

“I need to have my ride checked out,” Mark said as he stared hard at Gary.

“What kind of motorcycle is it?” Gary asked as he made notes in his ledger.

“It’s a Harley Davidson.” Mark said.

“Well you’re in luck sir. I have THE best Harley Davidson mechanic in the entire United States working for me. We’ll have your ride up and purring like a kitten in no time at all.”

“I can’t hang out here and wait,” Mark pointed out.

“Well, if you can leave a number where you can be reached, I can give you a call when she’s fixed,” Gary said.

Mark looked at Gary carefully. He knew that he could trust this man and his people with his bike. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a scrap of paper. He wrote down the number to his hotel room and the arena.

“I’ll be in the area for the next 5 days. We’re doing a couple shows at the local arenas,” Mark said, “You let me know the second my ride is up and running.”

“Not a problem, Mr.?”

“Calloway. Mark Calloway”

“That won’t be a problem, Mr. Calloway” Gary smiled, “Jade works miracles with Harleys.”

Mark left Gary’s Garage with confidence that his bike was safe. Triple H and Stone Cold would not be able to say the same thing.

Jade spread the tarp down and began to work on the Harley Davidson that had come in that morning. It was one sweet machine. She had already figured out what the problem was and if she ever found out who had done this, she’d beat the shit out of him or her.

She had been right about the parts not being in stock. They would not be in until that afternoon at around 6:00 p.m. In the meantime she could work on the minor inconsistencies with the engine. When she was through with this baby, it was going to run better than new. This guy took care of his Harley and that was something that Jade could respect in a man. This Mark Calloway loved his Harley almost as much as she did.

Mark walked into Gary’s shortly before 7:00 p.m. that evening. It had only taken them the day to fix his bike. This Jade person was really good on time, but he’d have to postpone judgment until he saw the quality of his work.

Gary greeted him as he walked through the door.

“Good Evening Mr. Calloway,” Gary said.

“Evening” he said, “You said my bike was done?”

“Yup. Jade is just finishing up. Has a way with the paint. You’re not even going to be able to tell anything at all happened to her”

“Where is she?” Mark asked, “Go right through those doors. Jade is in the back lot with your bike. Likes to work on paint jobs and waxing in natural light,”

Mark walked through the doors and stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes first took in the long, thick brown braid and then down the slender arch of her back as she ran her hands, holding the chamois cloth, slowly up the curve of the gas tank. Her strong legs balanced the bike easily as she ran the clothe over the handlebars. There was something sensual about the way she stroked his bike. It was as if she were stroking him. The tension built in his lower belly. He heard footsteps behind him. Gary stopped once he reached Mark’s side. He watched Jade as she worked.

“It is a shame” Gary said, “Such a passionate woman wastes her passion on machines”

“Perhaps she just hasn’t found someone worth spending that passion on”

Mark said as he watched her dismount the bike and lower the kickstand. She wiped her hands on her rag and studied the bike for anything she missed. When she was satisfied that everything was as it should be, she sighed. Jade tilted her face to the sun and heaved another sigh. She had been working on this particular bike all day. She loved her work, but it was hard work. She slowly unzipped the top of her coveralls and pushed the sleeves off. Tying it around her waist, she used another cloth to wipe the sweat from the back of her neck and chest. She turned towards the garage and stopped dead in her tracks. There was a man staring at her. He was at least seven feet tall and he was big. His hair was red and curling over his shoulders. Black sunglasses hid his eyes but his black leather vest revealed heavily tattooed arms and a broad chest. Tight jeans encased his long legs and hard thighs. Jade felt an aching in her lower stomach. He had an aura about him that sent her senses humming.

“Jade!” Gary called, motioning her over with his hand. She walked over to him, her eyes never leaving the huge man standing next to him.

“This is Mr. Calloway” Gary said with a smile as he noted the intense look in her eyes. She usually reserved that look for a Harley.

“Hi” she said. He nodded, not trusting his voice just yet.

“Mr. Calloway owns that Harley Davidson that you’ve been working on all day,” Gary said.

“It’s a beautiful machine,” Jade said.

“Yeah” Mark answered, “That’s my baby”

Jade laughed. She knew that feeling. She loved her Harley as if it were her child too. She reached out and offered her hand. Mark enveloped her hand with his and shook it. Mark returned her smile and then he walked over to his bike. Carefully he examined it, looking for any signs of the damage that had been done. He couldn’t find any.

“Damn” he whispered

“Were you hoping to find something I missed?” Jade said tightly.

“I’m impressed” Mark said, “They did a number on my ride and not one scratch shows”

“Yeah? Take me to them and I’ll teach them never to abuse a Harley like that again” Jade snarled.

“I told you she had this thing for Harleys”

“I’d rather push my Harley than mess with one of those foreign things that Jimmy’s always messing with,” Jade said.

“You did a great job,” Mark said, “Thanks”

“You’re welcome”

“What do I owe you?” Mark said as he straddled the bike. Jade gasped softly as she watched that strong machine being hugged by those hard thighs. That man was more than enough man for that machine. Jade felt her mouth go dry as his hands lovingly caressed the handlebars. Jade felt it as if it were on her own skin. Jade quickly went inside. She hadn’t felt these things since Randy. She wasn’t sure she wanted to feel desire, passion again. Not after the pain Randy put her through.

“That’s one hell of a mechanic you have there Gary” Mark said as he watched Jade walk away.

“Yeah” Gary agreed, “She’s one hell of a woman as well, Takes after her momma”

“Knew her family did you?”

“You could say that” Gary said, “She’s my niece”

“Is that a protective note I hear?” he asked

“I gave up trying to protect Jade a long time ago,” Gary laughed, “She does what she wants when she wants and does it especially if I tell her not to. Her parents died in a fire. She barely managed to get out. She’s a rebel and an angel all rolled into one. I love her as if she were my own child”

Mark simply nodded. He heard what Gary was saying beneath the words that he chose. Jade is special. Somehow Mark knew that already. He settled his account with Gary and figured he’d just have to appease this ache Jade caused some other way. He owed her a lot more for the extra work that she did on his bike.

Jade sat on the barstool with her best friend Jasmine. They were in their usual haunt. Jade was just reaching for her Kahlua when something on the TV caught her eye. It was Mark.

“Hey” Jade called to the bartender, “Turn that up”

“What is it Jade?” Jasmine asked.

“That’s the guy I was telling you about” she said.

“The guy who owned that sweet Harley you worked on today?”


“Hon do you know who that is?” Jasmine asked tossing her braids over her shoulder.

“No. Who is he?” Jade said.

“That… is the Undertaker. He is one of the biggest Bad Asses in the World Wrestling Federation. The guy in the mask is his baby brother Kane”

“No shit?”

“No shit. Every match he rides one of his motorcycles to the ring” Jasmine said, “Honey you just met a famous man,”

Undertaker rode down the ramp on his Harley. The machine purred like a kitten, a really big kitten… more like a lion. He took a turn around the ring and then parked it at the bottom of the ramp. Then he climbed into the ring to face his opponent.

“NO!” Jade practically screamed as she watched the steel chair come down on the Harley after it had been tipped over. She snarled under her breath and stormed out of the bar. She was going to kill that bald-headed bitch. She hopped on her bike and roared off toward the arena. Jasmine stared after her in shock.

Undertaker sat in his dressing room nursing a nasty ass headache. God he hated sledgehammers. Next time he saw Triple H, he was going to ram that sledgehammer straight up his ass.

“What?” he snarled as a knock came on his door. Hesitantly it opened and one of the backstage crew came in. “Undertaker?”


“There’s some strange woman taking apart your ride,” the man said hesitantly.

“WHAT?” Undertaker snarled.

He practically threw the poor crewmember out of the way as he charged out of his dressing room. He charged down the hallway. Most people were quick enough to move out of his way. Those that weren’t, were forcibly moved. He charged into the garage where they’d taken his bike and stopped dead in his tracks. That curved back and long brown hair was somehow familiar to him. Beneath his bike, a tarp had been spread out. Tools were laid out in a rather haphazard manner as Jade examined the Harley. She was muttering angrily underneath her breath.

‘I’m going to find that bald-headed bitch and clean his clock from the inside” she muttered, “I did NOT spend all day working on this baby to have it trashed by some Neanderthal in camouflage and daisy dukes”

“Jade what in the hell are you doing here?” he demanded from the edge of the tarp. She didn’t even spare him a glance.

“I’m repairing the damage done by that dildo with ears,” she muttered as she began to put the Harley back together. Mark laughed. She then wrapped up her tools and slid them into the saddlebags on her bike. She turned to face him as she cleaned her hands off. She gasped as the heat of desire hit her hard in the lower belly. God this man sent her blood racing.

“How did you know?”

“They were watching this at the bar” Jade said hesitantly, “I saw them trash her. Now, excuse me while I show a particular redneck how to properly treat a Harley”

“Jade you can’t” Mark said as he took hold of her arm. Heat zinged through both of them, “Tell you what… lets take her for a test ride?”

“You just don’t want me to embarrass him by kicking his ass” she muttered.

Nevertheless, she waited as Mark went back to his dressing room and changed his clothes. She was pacing back and forth when he returned. Then he lifted his bike and straddled it. Jade felt a clenching in her gut. He motioned her over. She moved to slide behind him, but he stopped her. Then he directed her to climb up in front of him. Jade’s pulse rate sped up as she settled herself between his thighs. She felt his heat through his jeans and an answering heat began inside her.

Mark reached around her to grasp the handlebars. Jade’s hands rested on her thighs and she balanced perfectly with the bike. They went roaring off into the night. Jade inhaled deeply as they raced through the city streets. She loved the feeling of hurtling along the pavement. There was nothing quite like it.

About an hour later, Jade gave him directions to a secluded spot that overlooked the city. He brought the bike to a stop and killed the engine. Then he too took a deep breath. The night air was refreshing and he hoped it would cool the heat pooling in his lower stomach. The feel of her sweetly curved buttocks pressed against him and the vibration of the engine had his blood humming with desire. He wanted her badly. He tensed slightly when she leaned back against his chest with a sigh. Her skin was warm beneath her shirt.

“You are a dangerous woman,” he muttered softly as he tried to keep control

“Me?” she said in surprise, “There’s nothing dangerous about me”

“Yes there is,” Mark laughed huskily.

He looked over her shoulder at his bike and her thighs straddling it. His groin tightened. He wanted those legs wrapped around his waist.

“Oh yeah? What is so dangerous about me?” she said as she looked over her shoulder at him. His eyes were dark with desire.

“The way you looked when you were waxing my bike. The way your thighs look straddling my bike. The way your body feels pressed against me.” He said gruffly.

He placed his hands on her knees. Jade gasped softly as the heat of his touch seared her. Slowly his hands slid up her thighs, caressing the bare skin revealed by her short skirt. Her fingers dug into his thighs as the desire built inside her. Her breath quickened as his fingers moved closer and closer to the apex of her thighs. She wanted his touch, craved it.

“I’m… not the only dangerous one,” she whispered as she squirmed against him, “The very sight of you sends my blood racing”

“There is nothing I want more than to take you, right here. Right now on my bike” he growled as he captured her mouth.

Jade gasped and Mark took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into her mouth. She whimpered and fisted her fingers in his hair. Mark grasped her hips and pulled her tightly against him. His arousal pressed against her buttocks. He felt her quiver along the entire length of her body. Slowly, one hand slid up beneath her shirt. Mark filled his hand with her full breast and captured her nipple. He flicked his fingers across the taut bud sending bolts of pleasure throughout her body. He growled at the feel of her bare skin beneath his fingers.

“Mark” she whimpered as his other hand slid between her thighs.

He groaned as he felt her heat. Slowly he pulled up the material of her skirt. He stroked her gently and felt her response throughout her body. He gently pushed aside her panties and stroked her again.

“You are so wet,” he whispered against her mouth.

“And whose fault is that?” she asked as she arched into his stroking fingers.

One finger slide into her just barely and her body quivered again. Jade slid her hand up his thigh, scratching him lightly,

“I want…”

“What?” he growled against her skin as he gently bit down on the curve of her shoulder, “What do you want?”

“I want you,” she whispered.

His arm wrapped around her waist. He lifted her slightly and Jade grasped the handlebars of the bike, bracing herself.

“Are you sure?” he growled.

“Yes” she whispered

“Thank god” he growled.

He continued to stroke her, raising her desire as he released his aching arousal. Jade gasped as she felt him brush against her between her thighs. The shockwave raced all the way down to her toes. She pressed back against him. He pushed aside her panties and gently parted her damp folds. Slowly he pushed into her heat, growling as her wetness eased his entry.

Jade moaned at the feel of him. He took her slowly, letting her body adjust to his size. Jade quivered around him. She wanted him deep inside her and she wasn’t sure she could take more of his slow entry. It was driving her crazy.

“Faster” she moaned.

“Oh no” he laughed huskily, “We’re both going to enjoy this”

Jade felt him brace his feet against the ground. He grasped her hips and drew her down onto him, filling her completely. Jade bit back a scream of pure pleasure. Then gasped as he lifted her almost completely free of him.

“No” she whispered, “Jade, I am far from finished and I know you’re not either” he whispered against her ear teasing her with his breath against sensitive flesh, “I’m not going anywhere for a while”

“Mark” she whispered, “You’re driving me crazy”

“That’s the idea”

He slid back into her, deep and hot. She felt so good around him, hot and tight. Her muscles clenched around him and he had to bite his lip to keep control. Otherwise he’d take her as he wanted to, hard and fast. He wanted this to be perfect for her

Jade couldn’t take it anymore. She pushed back against him, taking things in her own hands so to speak. She heard him growl and his grip on her hips tightened. She could feel the tension in his body, but her mind only wanted to concentrate on the feel of him moving deep within her.

“Please Mark,” she whispered as she braced her hands against the gas tank, “I… please”

“Jade” he growled.

Then he began to thrust into her. She moaned her approval… loudly. Mark wrapped his arm around her waist again and pulled her up against him. He gripped her tightly as he thrust upward. His other hand slid down her body to stroke her as she took his entire length deep within her. His fingers slid easily into her folds to stroke the hypersensitive bud.


“Yes” he growled as he felt her body tighten and clench around him. He could feel her orgasm beginning.

“Yeah that’s it. Jade” he growled as he thrust faster, the pleasure tightening at the base of his spine.

She reached over her shoulder and pulled his mouth to hers. The passion inside her was carried in her kiss. Then her body exploded around him, quivering and rippling along his hard length. Mark growled against her mouth, the vibration adding to her pleasure. He felt her pulse around him and the sensation battered his control. He let go and strove for his own peak. He tried not to take her roughly. She felt so good.

Jade gasped as he picked up the pace. He thrust into her repeatedly, sending pleasure racing through her, taking her higher and higher.

“Oh god Mark!” she panted, gripping his hair.

She gasped as the pleasure splintered around her for a second time. Never before had she experienced more than one… hell, she hadn’t experienced more than the beginnings of one with anyone else. He continued to thrust into her, their bodies humming in unison. Jade could feel it building in her spine. It clawed its way up her spine, she felt the tightening in Mark as he began to pulsate inside her, making her peak more intense.

“Oh… GOD” she screamed as the pleasure shattered around her.

Her vision went dark around the edges. Coherent thought fell to the power of her pleasure. Mark felt her shaking violently around him, her body milking his. He roared as his body exploded, spilling his seed deep inside her.


His arms tightened around her pulling her against him as they both quivered in the aftermath. Her head fell back on his shoulder as he buried his face in the curve of her neck.

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