tagSci-Fi & FantasyJade's Desire

Jade's Desire

byHex Witch©

Jade sat alone in the small room of the mage tower surrounded by books and trinkets. The silence so late at night in the dark tower was eerie. She should be studying. She'd never become one of the great wizards if she didn't keep her mind focused. Her long red hair trailed over the pages of her book. The candlelight flickered as her mind began to wander once again.

He leaned in behind her, lightly brushing her hair with his fingertips. Even in her dreams he smelled so good. His warm flesh caressed up against her own sending a shiver of pleasure across her body. She leaned back against him; his rippling muscles evident even buried underneath the mages robes.

"Aydin" she sighed breathlessly.

"Yes, Jade?" She sat bolt right in her chair sending books and pages flying in all directions.

" Magus Aydin, I didn't hear you come in." She looked flustered and quickly bent to scoop up the shuffled mess on the floor. He squatted down to help her, a twinkle of amusement in his eye. They reached for the same paper at once and their hands met. Jade quickly jerked back as if she'd been burned.

Aydin softly chuckled to himself. Jade was a bright young woman. She wasn't his best student but certainly the one with the most potential. A rare beauty made this rough gem stand out from the rest. If only she'd see it for herself. Her red hair accented her fair skin perfectly. He couldn't help but admire her grace; her movements were smooth and fluent. She was average as elves go with her forest green robes and wire rim glasses but Aydin was sure there was something more to this apprentice.

As she stooped to reach for another paper he grabbed her hand, holding it tight before she had a chance to jerk away.

"Jade, there's no reason to react this way."

"I don't know what you're talking about Magus Aydin." She stared at the floor as if wishing it would swallow her whole. He cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look at him. Soft green eyes met his and her heart seemed to skip.

"Tonight its just Aydin." Jade opened her mouth to reply but no words would form. He took advantage of the opportunity and quickly grasps her in a passionate kiss. He felt her body stiffen at his surprise advance. As his tongue began to explore and caress her mouth she sighed and gave herself to the sensations. Her body relaxed against him He broke their kiss leaving her feeling dizzy.

His fingers caressed down her soft cheek.

"You are so beautiful." She was quick to deny it.

"No, I am not. I'm just plain Jade." She started to remove her glasses.

"No, leave them on. There's no such thing as plain Jade." She noticed how is eyes twinkled. He scooted himself closer. She could feel the warmth of him seeping through her robes. He leaned in again and kissed her. A tender kiss that sent shivers up her spine. She brought her hand up to rest upon his arm; afraid she'd be swallowed by the moment. He felt so good to touch she was sure this was still a dream. Aydin's hand came up to cup her breast; it fit so perfectly in his palm.

She couldn't help but moan at his touch. Her body started to ache and react, as she'd never felt before. She wanted him, her body told her so. His fingers kneed into her soft flesh through the robes. Their kiss broke and he moved to her side showering kisses down her neck. Her hands ran across his shoulders and back until her fingers caught the buttons to his robes. She hesitated there, unsure if she should continue. He leaned back, passion burned in his eyes.

"Is this what you want?" He questioned her. He'd not continue without her approval. She looked away for a second. With a renewed confidence she met his gaze.

"Yes Aydin, this is what I want."

"Then do it."

She boldly unfastened the first button. He grinned at her as she fiddled with the second.

"Here, allow me." With one quick movement his robe lay in a heap beside them. She couldn't tear her eyes away. Up until now she'd only imagined this. She lightly trailed her fingers across his hard chest. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed her touch.

"What you do to me..." his voice trailed off in a breathless whisper as her nails trailed across his darkened nipple. Aydin opened his eyes and took her hand in his, guiding it to his hardened manhood.

Her innocent eyes widened, a look of surprise at her hand met the cotton of his pantaloons. She flexed her fingers against him causing him to gasp in pleasure at her touch. Her teeth caught her bottom lip as she reveled in her newfound power. His hand drifted off hers as she began to rub him back and forth with her palm.

"You keep that up and this will be a short encounter, my dear."

She gave him a light squeeze before removing her hands.

"It's your turn." his voice was comforting and filled with desire as he reached for the front of her robes. His eyes were fixed upon hers as button after button was released. Her creamy flesh was hot to his touch as more and more was exposed. Her breasts seemed to burst forth in their want to be free. Slowly Aydin leaned in and pressed his lips to her neck. Her skin tingled at his touch. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back. His lips seared a path lower to the now exposed valley between her breasts. She moaned as his hand cupper her full breast in his palm. A passionate fire began to consume them. Before jade could react she found herself lying nude upon the stone floor. The cool air chilled her flesh. She yearned for something she couldn't explain.


"I'm here." He stood before her and slipped his pantaloons down his legs. She couldn't tear her eyes away as he stood proud and erect in front of her. He lowered himself to lie upon her. He trapped her between his arms, planting them firmly on either side of her luscious body. She gasps with pleasure as his lips took one pink nipple. His tongue massaged and tortured it to an erect bud. Jade began to squirm beneath him, exciting him even more. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her thigh and her body reacted. Her skin prickled wanting to be touched everywhere. The burning between her legs grew, her pussy dripping just waiting for Aydin to take her.

Her breast felt cold as it slipped out of his mouth. His tongue moved to the jealous twin. Her hands grabbed the sides of her breasts, holding them heavy in her palms. She jutted them forward, presenting them for his pleasure. Aydin quickly snatched the nipple between his teeth giving it a soft nibble. A low growl escaped her as the sensation took her. Her fingers kneaded into her flesh as Aydin nipped at her heaving bosom. She whimpered slightly as he let go and lie face to face with her. She parted her legs to him and felt him press between them. He nestled against her aching body, her breasts pressing against his chest. She cried out as his hand found it's way down to her dripping mound. His fingers parted her soft pink lips and hunted out her clit. He caressed down the sides of her hard button without touching it then slightly pinched it between his knuckles. He knew she was close already but this was going to last. His fingers flicked across the hardened bud and watched her jump beneath him. She grabbed a hold of his shoulders, digging her nails into his back as she tried to hang on reality. Her body arched against him thrusting against his hand. She could feel the aching mount and yearned for the release. Jade thought her body would burst into flames as his fingers made their way to her desire.

He rubbed against her hole, ignoring her thrust to have him inside her. Her nails clawed at him seemingly everywhere at once. She was wild beneath him and he could only imagine what it would be like to finally take her. He was holding back his screaming desire to bury himself deep inside her hot pussy, so dripping wet his hand was slick with her juices. Slowly he pressed a finger inside her. She was so tight he relished in the feeling. With a come here motion of his finger her body reacted as if a small explosion had gone off. Her breath came in sharp gasps as a wave of pleasure overtook her. He held his hand tight as she rode against it.

The feeling of her squeezing muscles upon his finger almost caused him to lose his own control. She was too innocent to take her quickly. He wanted her to know what it was like to be pushed over the edge of desire.

As her body started to settle back down he removed his hand and moved into position above her. Her eyes widened with fear as she felt his thick shaft press against her. Aydin eased himself inside her, fighting the urge to slam deep inside. He hesitated as he met her soft virginal barrier. He didn't want to hurt her but there was no gentle way to do it. He captured her lips in a passionate kiss as he thrust himself to the hilt inside her.

Jade cried out in pain, muffled against his lips. She broke the kiss and struggled against him as she stretched to accommodate his girth.

"Jade, Jade look at me." he tried to capture her attention. She stopped for a moment and he could see the confusion and hurt in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, that won't happen again. I promise. Relax, let me show you." She held perfectly still beneath him. Slowly he moved his hips against her. Her muscles contracted as if to test the sensation. He took it as his queue and began to move within her. His pace quickened as she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the rhythm. Her hips thrust up to meet his, drawing him in deeper. She gasps with pleasure at each thrust. Her teeth caught her lip, biting down as Aydin nipped at one of her hardened nipples, tormenting it between his lips. His pace picked up as her body squeezed against him. His desire mounted to match hers. She was so hot and tight beneath him. He couldn't get enough. He replaces his lips with his hands. Her firm breasts filled his palms, her hard nipples poked between his fingers He held onto them as he pumped within her. Her moans became more feverish echoing off the walls of the tower.

Her nails dug deep into his arms. She'd never felt like this before; she was on fire but wanting more. Her body tingled screaming for release.

"Aydin" She gasped. Her body arched against him bucking wildly. She could feel it over take her, a wave of blinding pleasure. She could only hold on and ride it. It was too much for Aydin to resist. As her body bucked and squeezed against him he pushed harder inside her. Their bodies slammed together as their release came in unison. Jade couldn't hold back a scream of pleasure as Aydin's seed spilled within her. Their bodies collapsed together, chests heaving as they tried to catch their breath.

"Well my dear Aydin found yourself a new toy did we?" A woman's voice echoed through the tower from above them. They quickly broke apart, scrambling for clothes to cover themselves.

"Camille." Aydin spat out her name as something vile. Camille was a beautiful woman and as slithery as a snake. They watched as she made her way down the stairs to stand over them.

"Jade is no toy, Camille." He was angry at the intrusion. Jade cast her eyes down, embarrassed to be found in such a position. Magnus Camille was no one to trifle with. She controlled everything in the tower. Surely she'd lose her apprenticeship now.

"What were you thinking Aydin, consorting with an apprentice?" The tone in her voice changed to almost sensual. "I must compliment your taste though." Her eyes studied Jade over.

"Your done girl. I hope he was worth it."

"No." Jade cried as she rose to stand, grasping at her clothes to keep covered.

"Please Magnus Camille." The best experience of her life would cost her the future. Tears started to well in her eyes.

"Camille, you can't..." She interrupted Aydin's argument.

"Oh, but I can...unless..."

"Please Magnus, anything." Jade begged.

Camille brought her finger up and trailed it down the side of Jade's soft cheek. Trailing lower she caught the clothes Jade was hiding behind and pulled them away leaving her cold and nude before her. She quickly glanced at Aydin.

"Was she good?"

"Camille!" His sharp tongue did nothing to deter her.

"She must have been to risk your position." He got to his feet to confront her face to face. She reached out and jerked away his clothes and they fell to the floor with Jade's.

She planted her hand on Jade's shoulder, pushing her to the floor before him.

"Show me." She stated. "Show me what was worth it." Jade didn't move

"What's the matter girl? If you want to keep your place here you'll do as your told. Take him in your mouth, show me what your good for."

Aydin closed his eyes and looked away. He couldn't believe this was happening.

"Why are you doing this?" he demanded of her.

"Because I can."

His breath caught in his throat as he felt Jade's mouth take the tip of his cock in her mouth. Immediately his body came to attention again. His head fell back as she took him fully in then slowly withdrew leaving him cool and wet.

Camille gave her a menacing look and she continued. Even under the circumstances Aydin couldn't help but enjoy what she was doing to him. Her mouth grasped him just right between her lips. She followed her instinct to stroke him with her tongue as he pressed into the back of her throat. His hand came to rest on her head, fingers tangled through her red hair. His hips shifted forward with her rhythm. He looked down at her, watching her head bob back and forth upon him.

Camille looked on. Her eyes twinkled at the power she held to make them do what she wished. It excited her. She trailed her nails across his chest and down his body. In a graceful sweep of her robes she took up Jade's chair beside them. Slowly she unbuttoned her robes. Aydin caught her eye. She was an older woman than Jade but still held a mature beauty. Her once porcelain skin was slightly marred by age but looked soft and smooth to the touch. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun at the nape of her neck.

She pulled her robe aside, barring her naked body to the cool air. She spread her legs as he studied her. A clean trimmed bush covered her supple mound.

"You want it Aydin?"

He didn't say anything, not wanting to get into this any deeper than he already had.

"You know you do, come get it. Come, give it a taste."

For Jade's sake he didn't defy her. He pressed Jade's mouth away from him, her lips puffy and pink. She sat back as he left her to settle between Camille's knees.

Camille didn't waste any time and grabbed the back of his head, drawing him towards her. She couldn't wait to feel his lips upon her sex, his tongue ravishing her clit. As he descended upon her she almost squealed with delight. It was as good as she expected. His lips were warm; his tongue flicked and caressed her quivering clit. She rubbed the back of his head, pushing him deeper into her.

"Your fingers, use your fingers Aydin." She breathed between tiny moans. Aydin brought his fingers up and circled them around her dark hole. Even sitting she managed to buck her hips forward pressing him inside her. Aydin was surprised to find how wet she was. This had turned more than power. Camille had a desire that demanded to be met.

She reached with her free hand and caressed her breast. As if just noticing Jade looking on, she called her forward. She grasped her wrist, placing her palm upon her cool skin. The warmth of Jade's hand seeped into her flesh. She pressed her fingers into her hand causing Jade to kneed her bosom. Lost in the moment Jade didn't need more prompting. She grasped a hold of Camille's nipple, pinching it lightly between her fingers. Sensing her eagerness Camille grabbed a hold of Jade's breast, holding it firm in her hand as they dangled in front of her. She leaned in, bringing one rosy nipple to her lips. Her tongue darted out, teasing it, making it wet to the cool air. Jade gasp as it hardened to a pink bud. Camille's teeth lightly grasped it as her tongue did its work. Her hand left Aydin's head to find it's way between Jade's legs. Her sex was still hot from the passionate encounter she'd had just moments before. Without warning Camille filled Jade's pussy with her fingers causing her to cry out. As her mouth ravished her breast her fingers pushed their way in and out of her body. Jade was soaking wet and tight as she caressed her from the inside. Camille could feel her passion mounting as Aydin stroked her.

With a nip she released the breast and lay her head back in the chair. Her fingers continued to torment Jade's pussy as she felt her knees start to buckle. Jade was close as well. She could feel her muscles starting to grasp at her fingers, squeezing them. Jade let out a whimper as Camille pulled her fingers from her body leaving her feeling empty.

Camille grabbed a hold of Aydin's shoulders pulling him up to face her. Her lips met his in a passionate kiss. She could taste herself still dripping from his lips. An evil twinkle came to her eyes as she looked at Jade. So young, so beautiful, needing to be taught a lesson. She could feel Aydin's hard cock against her leg. She knew what she wanted.

"Jade, guide him into me." She stared directly at Jade, waiting to hear her refuse. Jade bit her lip and took a deep breath. With a shaky hand she grasped on Aydin's shaft gently pulling him forward. His hand rest on the chair arm to steady himself as he came down on her. Her pussy was as hot and wet as Jade's had been. His cock demanded release, not caring if it was Jade or Camille he was pounding into. There was no reason to be gentle this time. He slammed himself into Camille causing her body to bounce in the chair. She cried out at his forcefulness. He quickly drew back and pumped into her again. With each pounding Camille cried out, her pussy screaming it's desire. Her muscles grasped and pulled at him. Her legs came up to lock around his hips as she bucked against him. Jade stood close by her body also demanding release. His free hand came up filled the void Camille had left. As he pushed in and out of Camille his fingers did the same magic on Jade. He pulled his fingers forward, rubbing the side of her tunnel. Jade made a throaty moan as her orgasm started to take her. She bounced her body on his hand, digging him deeper into her as she quaked against him.

Her body squeezed his fingers, sending him over the edge. He thrust into Camille faster. Her cries matched Jade's as her body betrayed her as well. Her nails dug into Aydin's shoulders as her orgasm overwhelmed her. With two woman releasing themselves upon him Aydin could no longer hold back his seed. With a deep thrust he spilled inside Camille.

The cries quieted to heavy breathing as all three tried to catch their breath. Aydin wasted no time pulling himself free from Camille's body. He quickly reached down and picked up their robes, handing Jade hers. It only took a few seconds for them to slip them on, covering their well used bodies. Jade looked flushed and timid but Aydin was furious.

"Well Camille, I hope you got what you wanted. Now leave Jade alone. She's done as you demanded."

"That she has. Your internship is safe for now, my dear. I'd be a little more careful in the future." She made a big show of standing up and rebuttoning her robes. Jade and Aydin could do nothing but stare as Camille sauntered from the room.

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