tagLoving WivesJade's Special Day

Jade's Special Day


Today was going to be very special indeed.

My girlfriend Jade had agreed to be my sex slave, and my mind was buzzing with ideas to make it 24 hours to remember. We always had fun sexually and the longer we grew together as lovers, the more exciting and adventurous we became.

Jade and I have been together for a couple of years. This is the part when I describe her as blonde with big tits, but let me be honest. Jade is 29 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches in height and has brown hair and green eyes. She has nice b-cup tits and keeps herself in shape doing yoga. One thing that really stands out is her hips. She has big, round hips which means her fit body comes with a really nice, full peachy ass.

I say that's the one thing that stands out, but she also has a really nice pussy. I know that sounds clumsy, but hopefully you will understand what I mean when I say it almost has a life of its own. When I am inside her, it's like entering an oven, and when I make it cum with my tongue, it trembles and pulsates and spurts... it's simply the sexiest thing about her.

I began the day by catching up with my work emails so I could concentrate fully on my girlfriend for the day. I made her brew me some coffee in just a pair of white, lacy panties, and told her to stay that way as she disappeared upstairs to do some stuff in her office.

The sacrifice was worth it. I drove a four hundred mile round trip to a wedding a couple of weekends ago and managed to exchange my mileage for this special arrangement. So many ideas, and only one day to do it...

Once I had made sure I had settled any work issues, I emailed Jade upstairs, telling her to go online and find a 15 minute porn scene. Once she had settled on it, I ordered her to bring it down, connect it through the television, press play, then come over to the sofa and give me as dirty a blowjob as she could manage.

God, Jade was great with her mouth. It's all about enthusiasm and she loved sucking my cock. I remember the first time she did it and I thought she must have had a lot of experience. In reality, she hadn't, but she eventually admitted to a short relationship she had with a guy who had such a big cock that she couldn't fuck him, so she used to take great pleasure in stretching her mouth over his fat dick and making it spurt. They were together for about three months, and she said she had mastered it during this time. Quite a way to learn your trade!

I spent the next ten minutes sitting in my boxers awaiting the arrival of my slave girlfriend. When she eventually swayed into the room, she simply plugged in the laptop to the TV, pressed play, and walked to the sofa, falling to her knees and immediately burying her head between my legs, beginning by licking every inch of my cock and balls.

On the screen was a simple scene, which saw a brown haired girl on her knees, doing her best to master a massive cock with her mouth. The girl had bigger tits and was much more 'Hollywood' than my Jade, but it was obvious why she chose it. Still, I thought I'd better ask.

"Well," she purred in between licks, "I can relate to this little scenario. Or should I say big."

With that, Jade slipped lower and began to lap at the area between my ass and my balls, while reaching up and wanking my length. She wasn't rimming me. She always stops just before there, and calls me all sort of dirty names for liking it. As I said, she's enthusiastic.

While I can't compete with my onscreen buddy, or her ex boyfriend, I have a nice sized penis... about eight inches and just the right thickness. I have had quite a few girls tell me it's "beautiful". I always find that weird, but it's been said enough for me to repeat it.

My entire rod was wet thanks to Jade's eager licks and slurps now, as she moved up my shaft and took the tip into her mouth, sucking it until it started to twitch. She had such knowledge of my cock.

In a second, four inches disappeared into her mouth, and out again, repeatedly as she built up a perfect rhythm. Then, she stopped, looking at me and gently stroking my full shaft.

"So, would you like to cum at the same time as the big cock on the TV, honey?"

I nodded.

"It's such a big, big dick baby. I could handle that, you know. Of course you know. Silly me. He is going to cum on that sluts face. You want to cum on my face, baby."

She didn't need an answer, just a groan.

"Stand up baby."

I did, as Jade kept a grip of my erection, knowing that she had me on the edge, slowly jerking it to keep me where she wanted me.

"I am a good slave. I want you to use me today as you want. My pussy is so wet, baby. Look at that big cock getting sucked. "

She slowly sank her mouth back over mine. I knew there was only a minute or so left on the porno, but it seems like a lifetime.

She withdrew her mouth and began to pull at my dick.

"You little whore."

Her words, not mine. She loved calling me that.

"Cum over me you little dirty boy. Cum over your slut."

She was spitting out the words, staring at my dick, opening her mouth and extending her tongue between her x-rated words.

"Here it is, baby. He's cumming, so hurry up and give it to me. Give it to me, you dirty fucker."

The first shot hit her hard on her cheek, followed by a splash that she half caught in her mouth, before a few remaining spurts hit her tongue, her chin and dripped onto her cute little breasts.

In a flash she stuck my cock back in her mouth, which was almost too sensitive for me but she had me in a vice like grip and, in a few seconds, I managed to keep it in there as she sucked all the cum she could, cleaning my dick up as I caught sight of the now empty TV screen.

Wow. If that's just the start of my day, goodness knows what the rest of it would be like.

Jade smiled, stood up and strutted back out of the door.

"When you need me, I will be upstairs."

As she disappeared I calmly stated, "don't touch yourself."

I heard her footsteps stop. I had an idea she was going to do exactly that, but now she had been told otherwise, she would keep her word to do as I say for the entire day.

And to think... it was only 11.30am.


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