tagLoving WivesJade's Special Day Ch. 02

Jade's Special Day Ch. 02


I grabbed a bite to eat then headed to the shower.

As I enjoyed the hot water covering my body, I let my mind run a little wild, creating scenarios and possibilities for the rest of the day.

I could hear that Jade had moved back downstairs and was probably making herself an early lunch, so I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and headed into the bedroom, all the while pondering my next move.

We were no strangers to having fun together and we were both very creative, but today was different as I was in charge, and Jade was obviously getting off on being controlled, as she does from time to time in the bedroom, especially if she has had a drink or three.

Okay, I know what I want to do next...

I opened her cupboard, rummaging through her drawers to find underwear for her to wear for the next stage of my project, but then I realised that I knew exactly what bra and panties I wanted her to wear... none at all.

In fact, I decided on no clothes at all, instead laying out for her a pair of normal black heels, quite professional, and her knee length, fashionable business coat.

I waited until Jade returned to her upstairs office, singing to herself as she went, then I headed downstairs and emailed her.

"Jade, your 'clothes' are on the bed. Put them on, and meet me in the car in ten minutes."

Within thirty seconds she emailed back.

"On the bed? Did you forget something? Is it the dress on the floor?"

"No. What's on the bed, and ONLY what's on the bed. Eight minutes now."

I had dressed Jade before. I have some marvellous horny memories of nights out over the last couple of years, at home and on holiday, when I had played the role of fashion consultant. The skirts were often short and sometimes the underwear was left at home, but I had never dressed her in just heels and a knee- length coat.

As she closed the front door behind her and walked almost normally towards the passenger seat of the car, she shot me a nervous smile, trying her best not to act differently than usual. Truth is, as long as she didn't fall over or undo the belt and buttons of her coat, nobody would really know the difference. It was mid-April, with the day bright but breezy, and the temperature around 14 degrees, so a shorter skirt with this type of coat was about right for an attractive, curvy, young professional.

The coat pulled in at the waist with a belt, and the buttons went from a good four inches above her breasts, so even if she was wearing a blouse, it was extremely possible that the coat would cover it anyway.

That, of course, was not why I chose it. Follow the buttons down and you'll notice the last one is just an inch lower her cute little pussy, with the material below naturally closing but not fastened.

That's why she walked to the car with her hands buried deep in the waist height pockets, as she could hold it in place. However, if she was to take a big stride, her entire leg at the very least would be exposed.

This was confirmed when she had to open the car door and lower herself onto her seat. The entire coat split and no matter how hard she tried, I could see everything for about three seconds as she tried to fix herself. My cock was twitching in my jeans. I love being able to command Jade, and it turned me on even more than I could easily bring out her slutty side.

My original plan was to drive about fifteen miles out of the area we live in. I had no desire to see my girlfriend exposed to a nosy neighbour by accident, but as we past our local coffee shop I instinctively pulled over, directly outside the front door. I gave Jade my order.

She stared at me with a look that was half scolding but half smiling. She was way too proud not to fulfil her 24 hours, but she hated the girls who worked in the coffee shop. I knew them for years before Jade, and they still loved to flirt, even when we both went in together.

Jade placed her hand on the car handle, but stopped when she noticed a couple exiting with their coffees. They offered a warm glance, not knowing that just a few seconds later and they would have been enjoying much more than a friendly smile.

The coast was clear, and she quickly stepped out of the car, her coat opening for a second or so as she straightened into a standing position, with nobody in the right position to enjoy the view. From behind the coat was one solid piece of material with no slits, so her ass was safely covered.

Watching her through the window of the coffee shop, she stood up straight and ordered our drinks, with nobody looking at her strangely. Only Jade and I knew what was, or wasn't, below the coat.

As she was waiting at the counter, three builder type men entered the store, obviously on their lunch break from their day working on a house or the roads or something.

Once behind Jade, just a foot from her free, well trimmed wetness, they did what any three men would do when behind a girl showing leg, with all three of them taking their turns to look her up and down from behind. I am sure they didn't think anything of her outfit. Maybe they noticed she had no visible panty line, but there was no way they would have worked out the naked truth! Not yet, anyway...

Jade would have to carry both drinks to the car, meaning her hands could not stay in her pockets. I was struggling to sit still in the driver seat, as the sexy little Polish waitress set the two take-away cups on the counter.

Instead of lifting them, Jade said something to the girl, who then reached below the counter, resurfacing with a cup holder, placing them both into the slots... smart. She plunged her change into her right pocket, keep her hand inside, while collecting the holder with her left.

She turned and breezed past the strangers, so close to them that they couldn't have possibly noticed the sizeable part of her left leg that peaked out from below the material. She smiled as she returned to the car.

Yet again, as she sat down her cover fell open, only this time she slowly fixed it, her face flush with what seemed like a mixture of excitement and panic. She was breathing faster than usual.

"Oh God," she simply muttered purposefully.

"...looks like somebody is a little bit flustered. Enjoy?"

"Yes," she spat out immediately. "That was very hot. It made me light headed. And wet."

We smiled and drove off, heading towards the leafy destination that I had inputted into the navigation system.

Jade was finding it hard to sit still in her seat, still taken aback by how much she got off on nearly exposing herself.

I ordered her to lower the seat back, and to undo her coat. She didn't hesitate.

"Would you like to touch yourself?"

"Yes. Yes."

I glanced towards her, catching her wanton, cock-hungry gaze.

I gave her my blessing, but warned her that she must stop just before she felt she was going to cum. Once there, she must sit up and redo her coat.

Jade wasn't the type of girl who would orgasm from a stiff breeze. In fact, she said I was almost the only person how could regularly bring her off with my tongue.

Almost, was the operative word. When she dated the guy with the massive, fat dick I told you about in chapter one, she used to suck it off whilst on top, as he lapped at her clit, driving her on in her challenge to master his monster.

She told me that this made her feel dirtier than ever before, trying to satisfy his huge cock while, at the same time, pushing her open slit back into his face. He would stop licking only to call her names and goad her on. She said this experience, even for just a few months, really helped her to get in touch with her true sexual kinks, and to lose her inhibitions. I suppose I should thank him, if I ever meet him!

Now, she was spread naked in my car, spread as open as she could manage from her position, with both hands rubbing, frigging and fiddling between her legs. She didn't seem to give a single thought about the traffic that may be beside us, or the people that may look into the car when I pull up at a stop sign.

Now, this is the point I make up a cliché about some trucker pulling up alongside, with us eventually pulling into a truck stop and Jade taking his cock straight up her ass. Sorry, no dice!

Truth is, the roads were all single lane and our drive headed quickly onto country roads, so for the ten minutes or so she was abusing her wonderful pussy, nobody could have caught a lucky glimpse... apart from me, that is!

Every time I got onto a straight road, I would divert my eyes towards her sprawled body, but Jade was oblivious to anything and everything.

Eventually, her hand fell still as her body climbed down from its early shakes and relaxed. What an obedient little slave she was.

Jade let out a frustrated half-growl, snapped her seat back up and made herself respectable once again.

"My cunt is so swollen, baby. Fuck."

Jade loved the word 'cunt'. It shocked me when she first used it but she said it was like saying dick or cock. It was plain, basic and almost primal. I agree.

I told her to sit quietly and think about her day so far, knowing that this would keep her dirty mind in overdrive, and before long we pulled up at our destination, where my plan would properly come into effect... if she didn't drop out on me when she heard the 'order'.

We both knew the place well. It was a car park around a mile into a country park reserve in one of the sleepiest areas within a hundred miles of our village. We would often picnic here or go for long walks. We had even fucked in the trees on a few occasions after being affected by the heat of the day.

We sat, in silence, for ten more minutes, as Jade tried her best not to break her order, but eventually she couldn't resist it.

"Well? What now?"

I told her to be patient, and asked her would she like to rub her cunt again. A smile spread across her face again, but faded slightly when I told her she wasn't to cum.

As she returned to her whorish ways, I continued to watch the beaten path at the other side of the deserted car park, which started here and stretched upwards about 400 yards before disappearing over the brink of the hill and down into the forest.

An older couple appeared, returning from a walk and heading towards the road that leads to the nearest village. I was parked at the part of the car park that would only be used by those parking their cars, and not by anyone just walking through.

Five minutes later, a male jogger began the ascent, oblivious to the young lady to my left, mercilessly pummelling herself with both hands. Before long he was out of sight. Anyway, he didn't fit the bill.

Jade once again was forced to stop her self-abuse, sitting up and, this time, taking a tissue out of the side of the car door, wiping her hands dry from her juices.

"...So, what is going to... ."

I turned and ordered her to be quiet, and so began another fifteen minutes of nothing. Time was moving by and just as I was thinking of shelving the plan, a man appeared at the entrance and slowly began to walk up the path that lead to the top of the hill.

He was small of frame, average height, about forty, and pretty harmless looking. He was not unattractive, but not a beefcake or a health freak. He would do perfectly. It was time to reveal my sordid little project. I just hoped Jade was horny enough now to follow it through. I reached into the glove compartment and pulled out our small but powerful camera, handing it to her. She looked at me, understandably puzzled.

"Follow that gentleman up the hill. When he reaches the park bench just before the top of the hill, make sure you are right behind him. Stop him, and ask him would he mind taking a photo or two of you. Once he has taken a couple of you standing up, ask him would he take some more of you with fewer clothes on. It's up to you how far you go, if any further at all."

Jades eyes were as wide as saucers, but her devilish smile hadn't disappeared. She was speechless, so I continued.

"If anyone else comes along you can cover up easily if you want, although if you work quickly you will be alright. He is only the third sign of human life in 45 minutes. Phone me now, and carry the phone in your pocket. Any problems just shout and I will be there before you know it."

She just about managed to splutter out a response. "What if, you know, I don't know. He might say no!"

"Believe me, he will not say no, and you better hurry up otherwise your next challenge will not be as easy."

For the next five seconds she just looked at me, then sharply opened the car door and began to walk towards the path. Thankfully, the man was strolling slowly, and a fast walk would see Jade close enough before he got to the bench, just before the descent out of sight.

As Jade hustled up the hill, she fumbled with a phone in one hand and a camera in the other. I answered her call at the same time as I locked the car and headed towards the large hedges at the bottom of the path.

A couple of minutes later and Jade was jogging slightly, hands in pockets, as her voice attracted the attention of our stranger.

I could not make out what was being said through the muffles, as anyone who has ever received an accidental message from someone who has sat on their phone will know. And I couldn't see what was happening properly, but it wasn't so far away that I couldn't make out a slightly blurred image.

She handed him something, obviously the camera, and before long she was standing by the bench, and the man was obviously taking a picture. He then moved towards her with, assumingly returning the camera. Jade did not reach out. Twenty seconds he later, he seemed to take a few steps back. If it was possible, my eight inches seemed to stretch a little longer in my jeans than usual.

Jade was now standing by the bench, and he was presumably snapping away, moving from her left to her right, and even crouching down and shooting up the way.

The phone at my ear was more of a rustle, but I heard Jade giggle for sure, and within a minute or two, I was sure her coat was no longer over her shoulders as she sat down.

For the next three or four minutes she seemed to be moving around from what I could make out, and I could hear only a few noises... the odd laugh or a muffled human voice that was impossible to make out, other than when it was Jade or this unfamiliar new friend. My eyes were seeing flashes of her white skin, or her black coat, which I was sure she was adjusting time and time again.

Eventually, both bodies seemed to almost blend into one as he took a picture from what must have been inches away. It was my turn to feel my heart beat faster.

Just after this, Jade stood up and seemed to be doing up her jacket. Then, the phone lined cleared and her voice came into focus.

"...sure, let me just check if my work has called, but I should some more time."

She held her phone up to her ear, pretending to check, as I listened on confused.

"Yeah, everything is fine. Let's do it, although I don't have long."

The phone once again turned to rustles. Clever girl. She wanted to tell me everything was okay. Why?

I got my answer seconds later, as they both walked away from the bench, up the last twenty yards of the hill, and disappeared.

Wow. I had no idea what to do. For a few minutes, I stared at the empty scene, my only connection to Jade being the same unintelligible fuzz coming from the phone.

I decided to return to the car, with my phone automatically diverting to Bluetooth and through the speakers. Again I heard the odd laugh, and some male and female words being uttered, my thoughts interrupted only by the reappearance of the young jogger, who purposefully bounced through the gate and out of the park. What did he see? I couldn't take much more of this. Then, the phone went dead.

My mind raced, but thirty seconds later Jade appeared alone over the brink of the hill, and was jogging briskly back towards the car park. I had decided to give it a few seconds in case she had knocked the phone off by accident, but she had obviously done it on purpose, the devious little...

I should probably make it clear, to anyone who didn't read part one of this story, that I am not some small dick cuckold looking to flog his girlfriend out to anyone that wants her, but both Jade and I are as kinky and adventurous as we are in love. This gives us total trust to explore our fantasies, and to blur the lines from time to time!

She fell into the car, catching her breath and handing me the camera with an enthusiastic, pleased look on her face. Rather than fix her coat, she instead seemed to be brushing it down a little with her hands.

I wanted to know everything but instead, I surprised myself by barking, "Don't talk. Touch yourself again without Cumming."

I hardly got the words out before her hand disappeared, her other reaching for her tits, as she devoured herself.

I started the car and before I even managed 500 yards, she had forced herself to stop. I had never known Jade to get herself to the brink so quickly. She remained in the position, lazily playing with her hard nipples, desperate, I could tell, to go all the way.

"When you calm down a bit, bring yourself back to the edge again, then stop, then start again."

Over the next ten miles Jade must have stopped and started five or six times, marking each strained, compulsory retreat with guttural, wound up groans. I told her to straighten up and, not long after, we were pulling back into our driveway, and into our house.

I took her by the hand, lead her up the stairs and into her office, plugging the camera into her computer and downloading the pictures. The magic number was 26.

I stood up and removed her coat. She groaned, expecting to finally be relieved, but instead I just kissed her for a few minutes, teasing her body with my hands, brushing against her pussy once or twice at best. I instructed her onto her hands and knees and told her to crawl below the computer desk, while at the same time removing my own clothes and sitting down.

I opened the first picture, which was simply her standing innocently by the bench in her coat.

"Tell me everything, and in between talking, keep my cock happy."

Her lips enveloped my head, and we both moaned deeply. She pulled back.

"He was surprised that I asked but very friendly and mild mannered. He took that picture quickly, and then I asked him would he mind taking a few more of me. He said yes, but then I added that I would like to maybe wear a bit less clothing.

"I am not sure he even said anything but just nodded willingly in shock as I undone the top button of my coat. Then another, then another. That's the next six pictures."

I flicked through them as Jade returned to her favourite pastime.

With each picture, her coat fell open, but even with the first four buttons undone, you could tell she was topless, but couldn't really see her pert little tits. Then came the last button and her exposed, well trimmed pussy was revealed to the stranger. I flicked again, only this time she had pulled the coat back and the entire front of her body was captured in the photograph. She looked beyond sexy, her body revealed proudly and her perverted gaze at the camera speaking more than a thousand words. What next, I asked.

"Baby, I was so wet. When I pulled that coat back and showed him everything, I thought I was going to actually cum. He tried to say the odd kind word. He was a real gentleman. I told him to relax. He was more nervous than me."

Lucky our camera had shock resistance, I thought! Next..

"Then I sat on the bench and lowered the top half of the coat. I didn't even think about what would happen if other people walked by. The next lot of pictures he took of me in different positions baby. The last one is a little more close-up than the others, so stop there"

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