tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJade's Weekend Away Ch. 01

Jade's Weekend Away Ch. 01


* Sorry it has taken so long to continue this series but time flies. I am not sure what category to put this in, so I hope Non-Consent/Reluctance is a better choice, although it could go in BDSM or Loving Wives maybe.

It's about two couples, and one female in particular who has discovered her submissive side, which the others are happy to embrace. If you don't like sex outside of a monogamous relationship, then don't read it. It's not for you.

For those that do enjoy this type of content, thanks for reading and any thoughts welcome for sure. Cheers.

Since our night with Paul and Adele, Jade and I have not looked back, and most of our sexual exploits have centred around the domination of my beautiful brunette girlfriend.

Some nights, I would tease her to the point of insanity, on others we would go on adventures, with Jade wearing outfits I had picked out for her. I would text her at work and make her find a private spot to take sordid photos, and she would be often forced to answer the front door or walk through public areas in the skimpiest of outfits. We hardly had a night off in the fortnight following our night at the hotel with our best friends, with Jade almost begging for me to replay all of the elements of our four-way frolics, from spanking to humiliation and everything in between.

However, what fuelled things the most, was the fact that we had accepted that there was no going back from our new found sexual freedom, and that our next liaison with Paul and Adele would be a new high in our fully fledged fantasy life together.

We had agreed to not meet for a few weeks in order to keep things special, but we all talked a lot on the phone, and Paul and I had hatched a plan that both girls agreed to in a flash...

This coming weekend, Jade would be the property of Paul and Adele, to do with as they pleased. I would stay at home, and she would be their 'special lodger' - their toy - and given that I had already witnessed them turn Jade into an eager whore, I knew that this adventure would rewrite the rulebook to our special relationship.

She was to leave home on friday for work, and not return until monday evening, after her first day of the working week. And unlike all other times we had experimented together, we agreed to set no boundaries, but instead trust each other to 'get it right'. Looking back, I think this was understood by all four of us to be a 'green light'.

In the days running up, Jade and I seemed to be always up to something deviant, and our pillow talk was as filthy as usual, as I quized Jade about what she expected might happen. Always the temptress, and revelling in her new submissive role, she had a theme to her replies.

''Whatever happens, happens. I must obey them.''

''I don't care. They can do anything they want to me.''

''I am sure they will do very nasty things Luke and I won't be able to stop them.''

On the thursday all four of us were like school children, texting each other all sorts of sexually charged messages, and it brought into focus just how crazy this weekend was destined to be. Paul was debauched, of course, but as I have written before, it was Adele who had the brains, and she was only kept on some sort of leash because I was there to control things.

It was agreed that Jade, every night, would spend an hour or two writing me a detailed email during her stay, revealing what had actually happened to her, therefore keeping me in the loop and easing any fears, however unlikely, that might arise. By this stage, it almost felt like our buddies were a part-time extension to our own relationship, rather than any form of cheating or extracurricular activity. Although, as yet, we hadn't gone all the way.

The fun and games began as soon as I opened my eyes on friday morning, as I turned off my phone alarm and was greeted with a text from Paul.

''She's all mine buddy. No touching this morning and tell the ho to send me a naked picture to start my day. Make it x-rated. In fact, you take it.''

Jade was already in the bathroom, showering ahead of the lustful 72 hours that lay ahead. We kissed, and I explained to her that her gratifying torment had already begun.

''Fucking pervert,'' she said with a smile, before sitting back on the toilet, placing one leg on the neighbouring sink, and the other one on the edge of the towel rack, spreading open for her impromptu photo-shoot.

''He said x-rated,'' I reminded my exhibitionist.

With that she reached her hand between her legs and parted her pink lips as wide as she could. The devilish picture was sent, and Paul's reply was swift.

''Thats the last you will see of that cunt for a while my friend! I have the day off work to prepare. Tell the slave to leave her underwear at home today, and not to bother bringing any clothes with her this weekend.''

I carried out his request, and Jade didn't as much as bat an eyelid, simply pulling on her above-knee black skirt and dark grey, fitted jumper which, while not see through, displayed her already erect nipples for anyone who looked closely enough.

We kissed, but my wandering hands were soon removed from her body.

''Sorry, Luke, my master told me no touching. I have to go.''

With a teasing wink and a twist of her hips she was out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out of the front door in seconds. Let the games begin.

It goes without saying, it was hard to concentrate at work on friday, and by the time I received my first email around midnight on friday evening, my cock had already jerked to explosion several times, my mind running wild with possibility, and my curiosity driving me to distraction. On another weekend, it may be Paul going through this, our even Adele, but this weekend was all about Jade and allowing her to be the submissive sexpot I had created.

I won't bore you with too much in terms of details of my day, but instead will just print the emails sent.

'Hi Luke,

I am upstairs in Paul and Adele's spare bedroom and, as agreed, I can take as long as I need to properly tell you about Day One.

Where do I start?

Well, work was eventful! In the morning, Paul ordered me to send him two pictures; one of my pussy and one of my tits, but they had to be taken in my workplace in a room with evidence of other people. My heart was racing but I managed to pull it off.

I was able to hook up my skirt under my desk, then push my chair out a little and snap a picture from low down, and in the background you could see that creep Jason walking with his back to me. The thought of that piece of shit seeing me disgusted me, yet that just made me even more wet.

It was more difficult to photograph my tits, so I just walked over to a corner window, and pulled my top up with my back to the office. I waited and waited but had to do it with three other people at their desks, but I think I got away with it. Paul was happy with the results!

At lunch I was ordered to go to the sex shop and buy three items, ones that we hadn't used before, and if they were not hardcore enough then I would be punished. I had to take them back into the office in the bag, and it anybody asked what was in it, I HAD to tell them.

I ended up picking out some anal beads, a red-ball gag and a devise I put on my clit and was activated via remote control.

Nobody mentioned the bag until after three when I had a meeting with my immediate boss, Dominic, the well built guy you met at his fiftieth birthday party last year. In his office he asked me had I been out shopping at lunchtime, and I said yes, hoping that would be it, but he responded, ''anything nice?'', so I told him i was having a naughty night and had been doing some special shopping. My little uncovered slit was so wet from embarrassment that I was so glad to be wearing a black skirt, otherwise a damp spot would have been visible.

He then asked me had I found what I had been looking for? I didn't want to answer but I had to. I told him I had bough some beads, a little gizmo for my panties plus a little restraint for some role play.

''Oh, the old handcuffs!''

I tried to be a little vague, but I had to obey my master.

''No, a gag actually.''

''Oh, a kinky weekend for you then. Luke must be waiting for you already. What are you planning to do with the beads?''

''They are for my ass, sir. Anyway, what do you need me for?''

My directness left him lost for words and he shuffled his papers as we regained our professional demeanor, but no doubt he would be telling his buddies about my confession that I liked to stick things inside my tight hole. As I left the office, he told me to ''have fun tonight'', and I just smiled back over my shoulder, feeling my pussy tighten as he said it.

Paul texted me in the afternoon with one last order... to call him and then flirt explicitly with someone in the office with the phone on speaker on my desk. Bastard.

I did as he asked, waiting for a quiet moment, then called Robert over to have a look at some numbers I was working on, knowing that he was as bashful a man I would find in my work. As he looked over my shoulder, I told him to be careful as his cock might poke me in the back.

He laughed, a little surprised, and said, ''that's a bit forward for you, isn't it?''

I acted shy, and said, ''Sorry, I am just a little horny today. Just the thought of sex is making me fidget.''

He moved a little closer, brushing my shoulder with his concealed dick. I was a little light-headed knowing that Paul was listening in, able to hear his slave carry out his demands.

''Wouldn't want to make it worse for you Jade.''

I laughed, and told him that I hoped some lucky girl was getting her hands around his meat tonight, to which he said he had a date, but was always open to other ideas.

''Now, Robert, I am wet enough,'' I said, ''don't make it any worse.''

''Well, if it gets too much for you, you know where I sit.''

With that he walked away, not quite believing just how loose lipped I had been. I hung up the phone and Paul texted me straight away.

''Very good, tramp. Home by seven, or else I shall be texting Robert this mornings photo from YOUR phone tonight.''

Luke, I was so fucking randy on the way home, but the traffic was awful. I should have been there by 6.30, but instead I was running up their driveway with seconds to spare. I just made it, otherwise Robert would now be looking at my gaping cunt. Why does that actually turn me on?

Adele opened the door and made me immediately strip off in the hallway. She pushed me onto all fours, then onto my back, forcing me to spread my ass and pussy as she examined it, before making me go straight upstairs and shave off the little pubic hair I have.

I came down and they pounced on me straight away, making me lie across their coffee table and bring myself to the point of orgasm five times in a row without climaxing. Fuckers.

They then took me to their double shower, and made me wash them from head to toe as they kissed and touched each other. I thought Adele might have shaved as well, but she still had her little whisp of blonde hair. I then had to towel them dry, and when I had finished they said the only way to make sure I had done a good job was to use my tongue to check.

Paul bent over the bed and Adele spread his ass. I fell to my feet, resigned to my fate, and licked the entire length between his cheeks until she pulled my head away. Then they swapped positions and I had to do the same to Adele, although she was much more vocal and told me to push my tongue in as far as I could and bury my face until I had to pull away for air.

Afterwards, they asked me did i want to cum and I was already begging them, but they just laughed and called me names.

Everyone remained naked, and we went downstairs to their lounge, where they had fun inserting the anal beads into my asshole. I know we have played here before, but they didn't take their time, and only used my pussy juices for lubrication. They then laid me on my back, with the beads still inside me, and Paul worked his four fingers inside me up to the knuckle, then slowly opened me up, careful not to let me cum, even inserting his thumb just below my clitoris. They kept asking me did I want to cum and was I their little fuck-puppet.

Adele kept saying that I would do anything they asked. All I could do was beg and agree, as they removed the beads slowly from my ass, which made my almost cum without touching myself. As each one stretched me open I felt even more high, knowing that our friends where just inches from my puckered little hole. I moaned and swore, but they soon kept me quiet by making me lick and suck Paul's hand and the anal beads.

They then neglected me, making me go into the kitchen and clean for them, when all I wanted to do was be abused! When I had finished they made me sit in silence as they watched the TV, giggling mischievously to themselves.

The doorbell rang and they told me to collect the Chinese food, so I immediately obeyed and opened the door, completely naked, to some fucking student delivery boy. I have to admit I loved showing all of myself to this stranger. He was obviously just doing this part-time for pocket change, and was the type of jock I avoided at school. He wasn't shy in looking me all over, and when he eventually handed over the food and the money he said, ''have fun tonight''. That's the second person today to say that!

They made me eat my food with one of Adele's dildos buried inside me, with she inserted herself. I could hardly eat I was so weak with sexual appetite.

Soon after, they held my head back and poured beer into my mouth, telling me not to spill a drop. I managed half a bottle before I began to choke, so they turned me over and took turns and welting my ass, as the dildo slipped out onto the floor from my wetness. After so many slaps I stopped counting, but when they finally stopped they made me sit down again which caused me to wince in pain as my ass meet with the sofa. I'm sure the marks will still be there for you to see on Monday, along with the others.

They told me I had to drink four beers in half an hour or I would be sent home, so I chugged my way quickly through the alcohol, as you know I want to be here until Monday. I want to be used and abused by our friends. I want them to force me to do things I have never done.

I needed the bathroom and both of them made me crawl on my hands and knees upstairs. They told me to hover over the toilet and they videoed me taking a piss, directing me to spread wide and hold myself open for a better view. They ordered me to wipe my cunt with my hand and then lick my fingers, all caught on camera. I had to force myself but I did it and it made my snatch pulsate and drip again.

Adele then took a towel and wiped my pussy until it was dry, on the outside at least. She said I had to kneel down and hold Paul's cock as he pissed, then suck on it once he had finished but before he had given his pretty member a shake. If my pussy was dry afterwards, then I would not have to accompany them to the toilet again, but if it was wet then I would be a regular visitor.

Adele kept telling me to move closer to his stream, so my head was no more than two inches from his yellow flow, and once it had stopped, I opened my mouth, sucking his dick for the first time tonight and tasting a metallic tang on my tongue. I couldn't suck it enough, Luke. I wanted every inch of it as it hardened in my mouth, but Adele grabbed my hair and dragged me to my feet, taking my into their bedroom, where she wiped her hand along my slit, tutting in distain as she did. I was soaking, and she told me that I was going to pay for being such a cock-hungry slut this weekend, before making me lick her hand clean of my juices.

We went back downstairs and they made me drink some more cheap beer as they enjoyed their wine. Then they spread me open on the sofa, and Paul licked my clit as Adele twisted and slapped my tits, causing them to burn and send dizzying shockwaves deep into my body. I was ordered to scream 'I'm a fucking cheap cunt'' when I felt I was near to cumming. I was in agony, Luke. I would have done anything to orgasm.

They then dragged me back to their bedroom, throwing me on the bed, as Paul pulled my legs a par, positioning his dick just inches from my bald twat. Jade straddled my chest, her legs pinning my arms, her pussy inches from my face.

''Do you want to be fucked, slave?''

Luke, I begged them. I would have left anyone fuck me at that moment. You know what I get like when I am teased and tormented for hours. I become a different person. They had me on the edge for so long that I would have done anything, the more nasty the better.

Paul was rubbing his tip along the folds of my pussy, teasing me even more, and they just kept asking me if I wanted cock. Oh fuck, I was desperate.

Adele then said, ''If you want cock stick your tongue out and eat my pussy bitch.''

You know I have never done this but I would have done anything to orgasm - and to please them - so I just opened my mouth and she lurched forward, her little blonde pussy meeting with my tongue. Oh god, it was crazy but all I wanted to do is make her happy. The smell, the taste, I actually began to push into her. I felt so used, Luke, and every time she verbally insulted me I licked and sucked harder. I liked it. No, I loved it. I want to eat her pussy again as soon as she lets me. The more depraved, the hornier I get. I can hardly sit still as I type this.

She rode my face faster and faster, then exploded all over me, her clear juices running down either side of my cheek. As she fell off to the side in relief, Paul was standing between my legs, jerking his dick in his hand.

''Please,'' I said, ''make me cum.'' I am pretty sure a tear ran down my face. Instead, he just stood up on the bed, shaft in hand, and walked over me until he was just above my waist and below my tits. I know you are a little bit bigger, but he does have such a smooth, perfect dick. I needed filled up, but he just stood over me and shot his load with a massive groan, his first lashing of cum hitting my eye and the second my nose, before dripping the rest of his seed onto my tits and stomach.

I was then ordered my Adele to spoon it all up in my fingers and eat it, then lick Paul's shaft, balls and ass clean of cum and sweat, as he lay on his back and I climbed between his legs. Adele spanked me raw again as I eagerly sorted out the mess I had caused.

Luke, they then told me to write this email and go to bed in the spare room without touching myself. Paul says he will know in the morning if I have wanked myself off, as I will take longer to cum when they eventually let me. I wouldn't anyway as I am here to do what I am told.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get what I need, although if this was just day one, I dread to think what they have planned tomorrow.

J x'

To be continued...

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