tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJade's Weekend Away Ch. 03

Jade's Weekend Away Ch. 03


* Once again, this falls into BDSM as well, but certainly this category too. Just like chapters 1 and 2, if you only like monogamous relationships, do not read. Thanks.

Sunday began with a text exchange between myself and Paul.

'Morning. Everything okay so far?'

'Yes mate,' I replied immediately.


A one word message that got straight to the point, and deserved a one word reply.


Thankfully, I had a round of golf to look forward to today, ironically with my dad! So, I was able to concentrate on something else for the afternoon, rather than being consumed with thoughts of Jade's last day with our best friends Paul and Adele. I even stayed behind in the clubhouse afterwards, enjoying a beer before heading to my car. I turned my phone on for the first time in hours, and was greeted by a picture message from Adele.

I was surprised at even more contact, as it was agreed I would only receive an email at the end of each day, but regardless I opened it to find a shot of Adele handcuffed to the bed, naked, and seemingly asleep. It wasn't particularly vulgar, although it was as sexy as hell. Still, I was more confused as to why this was the picture I was being sent, considering what smut they could have sent me! I decided not to reply, and to wait until I heard from Jade later in the evening, or in the early hours of tomorrow morning if yesterday was anything to go by.

I headed home via the local pizza parlour, returning to my couch for an evening of anticipation and impatience, as I awaited a final first-hand account of Jade's 72 hour ordeal, or maybe I should say pleasure ride!

The evening crawled slowly, as the sun set, the movie ended, my shirt pressed for work tomorrow, and I knew I could be in for another long wait. Jade's email arrived just after midnight. I went to the kitchen, popped open a beer, then walked back to the desk in the corner of the lounge. I was all eyes...

'Dear Luke,

My account of things may be a little less accurate. Well, at least at first, as I don't have much of a clue about what happened. Let me explain.

I woke up at noon, as agreed, to find Adele perched on the edge of the bed. I was a little frightened at first, inhaling quickly, but quickly realised, as my eyes focused, that it was a friendly face that greeted my final day of debauchery.

''Morning,'' she said, reaching out her right hand and offering me a small glass of water. ''Drink this, my little cum-slut, then rest a little more.''

My mouth was dry, as Paul grabbed me after my email last night, as I said he might, and brutally fucked my face, cumming into my mouth and sending me straight to bed without anything to wash away the taste.

I eagerly consumed the water, before closing my eyes again, happy to know I was being allowed to snooze for while. Naive is the word, Luke... I should have known better. I have no idea what happened for the next few hours, apart from the fact I woke up just after 3pm, with both my arms chained individually to the bed frame with two different sets of handcuffs. I felt a little groggy, and my body felt sore in more than one place. I thought of shouting out, but I had no intention of getting out of bed of my own accord, bound or not, but as I was still gathering my thoughts Adele entered the room, armed with the same friendly smile that greeted me hours before, only this time she was armed with brunch, coffee, and fresh orange juice, all on a tray. She set it down, undone my handcuffs, then told me to sit up.

''Jade, were you not told not to drink anything if you weren't sure were it came from? Silly girl.''

Ah, the water, but why? I didn't have to ask.

''We know you are an obedient little whore but Paul and I wanted to make a special photo album for Luke to mark the occasion, so we turned you into our rag-doll for a while. It's up to him whether he wants to show you what happened, but you can work some of it out for yourself. You have half an hour to eat and shower. No clothes.''

And with that, she was gone. I greedily attacked my meal, but as I moved I felt a tenderness in my tits, especially my nipples, which has obviously been tampered with. I stood up and surveyed my entire body, front and back, in the mirror. My pussy had been used, for sure. It was a little swollen from whatever it had been subjected to. Cock? Dildos? Random objects? Something else? Well, you will find out before me.

My ass had two massive strokes across it, maybe caused by a belt, or by a cane. One of them will no doubt still be there tomorrow when I return home from work. I tentatively reached between my cheeks and rubbed my asshole, which seemed unharmed, and certainly wasn't showing any signs of being penetrated, or least not in any serious manner.

Did I cum? Was I fucked? Did they do things to me I wouldn't have done had I been fully conscious? All these questions only served to make me horny and ready for more. Used and abused without even knowing what they did. As I looked at my body in the mirror, I couldn't help but imagining that they had done unthinkable things to me. I hope your photo album is depraved and shocking.

I wanted to touch myself, but Adele didn't offer me that option, so instead I showered, my tits and bald gash reacting to the water on first contact. As I towelled off, I thought about Adele, realising that she had been masterminding most of the weekend so far, even though it was Paul's orders on many occasions, and his cock buried inside me. Still, I am beginning to think that she is the brains behind their perversions.

I dried and went downstairs, as ordered, to find my domineering couple waiting for me on their sofa, as they beckoned me in between them. Paul talked, although it seemed a little rehearsed, which again made me think Adele was in charge. For years, as friends, we had swapped clothes, gossiped, shared secrets, went out dancing together... now, she was in control of my sexual destiny. She had already turned me into a pussy eater, and I greedily licked her pussy as she finished taking a piss. And, even though I am in love with Paul's dick, if anything, Adele sends me over the edge quicker. I suppose doing anything with her is more taboo and humiliating. Anyway, back to Paul...

''Luke is very happy with your progress so far, and he is fine with us pushing things a little further, but we are not in the business of pimping you out to a bunch of strangers, or doing things just for the sake of it, so listen carefully to this afternoon's rules.

''In a couple of hours three of my friends are coming around to watch the ball game. I have told them I have a surprise for them and that is you. The object of today is to make sure, when they leave, that you are so fucking horny that you will be crying with frustration.

During the game, you will be passed from knee to knee, moving every time possession changes from one team to the other. The guys will be told what they can and cannot do as the game progresses, and you must submit to their directions, but not anything else. You will wear a mask over your eyes in order to protect your identity a little, but all three are from my work and only one of them has any chance of seeing you again, and he is married so would never breath a word. Understand?''

''Yes. I understand.''

''Adele will go out as she needs to keep up her innocent appearances. I have told them that you are being punished for cheating on your boyfriend, and they are not to engage you in conversation and to stay within the rules. Any questions?''


''When they are here you will refer to me as Master. Okay?''

''Yes, master.''

''Good, now go get some beers for the fridge as I want you a little unsteady on your feet before they arrive. Bring one each for Adele and I, and two for yourself.''

As I stood up, both of them either side of my naked ass, Adele yelled, ''Stop!''

I froze, not knowing if I had down something wrong, or misheard their directions.

''Bend over where you stand now.''

In silence, I did as she said.

''Now, reach back and spread those cheeks, you kinky fucking tramp.''

Again, I didn't hesitate, opening myself up to my owners, only to feel a wet finger make contact with my dark, tight hole, then slide slowly inside me, then out again, then in, then out... five or six times. I let out a moan with each stroke, happy to be receiving attention so early in the day. At least while I was conscious, anyway. It was Adele who was leaning forward, and it was her finger that was opening my back door. She ordered me onto her knee, where she fed me her finger, which I sucked like it was her boyfriends dick.

''You would do anything I tell you, wouldn't you?''


''Good, remember that today. Go get the beers. Cold ones, or you will be spending the rest of the day tied back to your bed, alone.''

For the next hour or so, I was encouraged... no, I was told in no uncertain terms, to drink at a fast pace, making sure I was well lubricated for the arrival of our guests, although it soon became clear there was another motive.

I was just about to open my fifth beer when I was told to crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees, just like before, with both Paul and Adele groping me, pulling at me, inserting fingers, and slapping my ass as I went. I was guided into the bathroom, and once again made to pee in front of them. All weekend this made me so nervous, and so excited at the same time. It was so primal and forbidden. My gash was throbbing as it tried to manage the excitement while at the same time allowing me to flow as normal. I lifted myself up a little as I went, in order to give them a better view, and I knew I would soon be on my knees helping them relieve themselves as well, but this time was different.

As I finished, Paul told me to sit back on the seat as much as I could, which I did immediately, my head a little light from the alcohol. He then towered over me, grabbing his cock and aiming at the four or five inch gap between my pussy and the toilet seat.

He broke his seal, managing to guide his flow to within a couple of inches of my cunt. Fuck, Luke, I was on fire. This was so dirty and depraved and I could do nothing about it. The part of me that thought this was disgusting was the very same part that was making me go insane with lust.

''Reach down and pull your lips apart, as tight as you can, then bring your tightened clit onto my piss.''

I was shaking a little, and just managed to slide my hands down to carry out the command, then I raised my hips and his stream shot straight against my most sensitive place. Oh my God.

From the minute its warmth touched me I was moaning and panting like some some of trailer park nymph. It felt like nothing else, Luke. His drinking made sure that his stream was also quite hard, so it was actually like some sort of liquid vibration, and he just kept going and going, as I begged him to never stop.

''Fuck, that feels amazing! Use me, Paul. I'll do anything! Piss on me, please...''

He just smiled, and began to move, his piss covering the part of me that had pubic hair on it until friday evening, as he ordered me to cup my cunt and rub it as the fountain rained down on my entire sex. I began to tremble, only to be told not to even dare think about cumming. I slowed, catching my breath, sticking two fingers inside me as Paul finished up and I naturally leant forward to take him in my mouth and make sure nothing was left. All the while, Adele just stood and watched, grinning like some sort of mastermind, surveying the results of her wicked plan.

I was then told to clean up and put on the outfit that was on the bed, as our guests would be arriving soon. I had ten minutes to prepare. Luke, I was almost disappointed as I expected Adele to use me just as Paul had, but instead they just left me.

I washed as fast as I could, drying off and slipping into the tiniest white cotton thong, a white tennis-style skirt and a strapless top that literally was held by the elastic at the top, and hung loose just at the bottom of my tits, if that. I stepped into the high-heels, then put on a small mask, like cat woman would wear, just covering the top part of my face while still allowing me to see. I have to say, I looked hot, but felt even hotter inside, my pussy already soaking the thong I had only just put on. I made my way downstairs, to find Adele gone and Paul on his chair holding yet another beer out to me. Ten minutes later, and the doorbell sounded.

''Go welcome your first guest.''

''Yes, master.''

I made my way through the hallway and opened the door to a guy, about thirty years old. He was average everything, unshaven, unwashed and wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. His skin was certainly not white, but not black either. I thought he was Greek, or maybe Spanish.

''Fucking hell,'' was all he muttered as I turned and walked in front of him and back towards the lounge, careful not to talk to him, while he didn't directly engage me as originally asked by Paul.

He hugged his friend, happily accepting a beer and immediately adapting to the situation. Paul welcomed him by his name, which turned out to be Jay, which could have been short for something.

''I can't fucking believe this, Paul. You are a legend. Thanks for inviting me. She is fucking hot. Can I have a taste?''

He was told to wait until kick-off, and as he was asking Paul to make me at least show him, and I quote, ''her dirty little cunt'', the doorbell rang for a second time.

I didn't need to be told, and seconds later I was face to face with a baby-faced student type, who looked all of about eighteen, and was finding it hard not to stare at his shoes.

We made our way inside and, again, there were hugs, but this time the young lad - Matt was his name - was a little more embarrassed by the whole thing.

I sat on the sofa with Matt, with Paul and Jay on chairs facing each other, the coffee table in between them. I was sent to fetch beers and snacks, and soon was opening the front door for a third and final time, just five minute before kick-off, this time to a sophisticated man in his fifties. Well toned, well dressed and very calm.

With not even a word, he brushed passed me, met with a shout of ''Boss!'' by Paul. That made sense. If ever there was a way to help with promotion, this was probably it. I was told to stand, as the boss took my seat, nearest to Paul.

More beers were delivered, as the sight of my barely covered ass was met with approval from the boss and crude Jay, who commented, ''If there is overtime I am fucking that ass!'' My assailants laughed.

I was loving the unwanted attention, and the more I didn't want it from these three strangers, the more my body cried out for it.

As I returned, Paul said, ''Okay guys, every time possession changes to the other team, you must pass her onto the next knee. I am not playing, so it's just the three of you. Each quarter, I will raise the stakes. First quarter, you can make use of her tits and tits only. Any stepping over the boundary and you are done, but enjoy yourselves, and don't worry about what she wants.''

A minute later, and I was perched on the knee of Paul's Boss, who was called Jeremy. The ball kicked off, his hands on my waist, and straight away a fumble not he return meant I was moved on to Matt before anything happened!

I could tell the young guy was nervous, like he was getting his first lap dance, his hands running up and cupping my tits over the top of the material, which was beyond polite, although by third down, thanks to lurid encouragement from Jay, he had moved underneath and was squeezing me tentatively. So far, I felt a little awkward, and was thinking for the first time that Paul and Adele might have judged this wrong. That opinion soon changed as a punt was sent into the air and Jay hollered for his turn...

As soon as I was on his knees, he yanked me top up and immediately began kneading at me, working his whole hands from the base of my tits, eventually using his thumb and forefinger to twist and pull at my nipples, causing me to flinch and yelp and moan and lift off his knee in reaction to his public unveiling of my chest, and his assault on it.

He laughed often, leaning forward and whispering insults into my ear, the television turned up loud enough to ease the situation and keep everyones focus split between the sport and the slave.

''You are in trouble tonight... you fucking love this, don't you? I am your worst nightmare, bitch.''

Paul had chosen well. The older man, the nervous kid and the dirty bastard.

First down after first down followed, as Jay turned me to face him, ordering me to rub back and forward against his groin, like a lap dancer. He was a fucking pig, and I loved it. Not in a million years would this guy ever get to touch me if it wasn't under Paul's authority, but here I was performing for him, as his loose dick in his tracksuit began to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow. Simply... fucking... huge. Shit, I think Greek might be right. It felt as thick as the width of my entire pussy as I gyrated my hips, as was his wish. This seemed to be within the rules, as he pulled me back and forth, using my breasts as handles, gripping them hard.

Touchdown, i think. I wasn't keeping track. Cheers all round, apart from Jay who now was alternating his mouth between my nipples, sucking a little, but mainly issuing me with short, sharp bites that made me jump every time, bouncing back onto his big pole.

Paul directed me to crawl across to Jeremy, my skirt way to short to stop them all seeing my ass and pussy, concealed only slightly by a patch of white material.

The boss made me lean back, so my head is against his shoulder, his dick pressed against the small of my back and also hardening with every moment. He touched me like a man of experience, circling my nipples, massaging me, and causing my body to react and move to his experienced hands. I closed my eyes and moaned deeply as he systematically caused my juices to soak into my skimpy panties. He stopped as the cheers went up, possession changing again, and I was passed back to Matt who, goaded by Jay, had a proper rub of my titties, making me face him, as he too licked my nipples, only without any of the force or expertise of my other two part-time captors. He was my least favourite. The nicest one... the one that had the youth and the looks... the one who was bashful and grateful... yet my body responded least to him, much preferring the experience of Jeremy or the humiliation at the hands of Jay. 40 seconds left of the first quarter, and a field goal was converted. Back I went, on my hands and knees, to Jay

Immediately, he pushed me straight back into the previous position, only this time grabbing my hand and placing it on my right tit. He leant forward, an inch from my ear.

''Pull at your own nipple. If you aren't hard enough, I will destroy your other one.''

I began to yank at my teet, pulling it out outwards, my actions naturally curtailed by my instinct to stop when it hurt, but straight away he twisted my other nipple 180 degrees in a split second, causing me to yelp, although my sounds were drowned out by a sudden cheer from the room, and in a flash I was crawling back across the room to the grey-haired Jeremy. I had never been touched by someone so old. It made it all so fucking sexy and distasteful. Something impressive happened in the game, a big hit or something, and the men's attention was briefly focused only on the game. End of first quarter.

After returning with more beers for my four masters, Paul spoke...

''Pussy now guys. Panties must stay on, and you can only use your hands. No mouths, and she mustn't cum. And don't touch her mask. Enjoy.''

Jeremy immediately pulled me onto his knee, facing him, my legs straddling him. He pulled me in close, telling me to rest my chin on his shoulder, as close as I could to his ear.

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