tagRomanceJai and Valini

Jai and Valini


"Happy anniversary, my beautiful darling!" Jai leaned over in bed to kiss his wife. "I have something for you!" he said fishing out a small jewellery box from under his pillow.

Valini reached over to cuddle him, and Jai's efforts to give her the gift that he had picked out to celebrate their first year of marriage were lost to their usual morning romp. They were both morning people and so they usually started the day with some love-making or a morning cuddle. This morning they both seemed to be in the mood for a cuddle-fest, and so Jai nibbled Valini all over, tickling her sensitive spots and generally made himself a nuisance.

"You really didn't have to, you know," Valini murmured, when she finally caught her breath again. "The fact that we're staying home together today is all that I need."

"But that is soooooo much less than you deserve, my love!" he said, dancing the box before her face playfully. I'm so lucky to have a good woman like you with me. I don't take that for granted. I will never take that for granted. You've been great! I appreciate the way that you always help me with whatever comes up with my daily life. You are warm and cuddly; your tits, a nice pillow for my head at night! I love it that you serve me a drink naked from time-to-time and give me long massages and lots of kisses and all night hugs. I appreciate that you comfort me while giving me the privilege of comforting you in bed. And speaking about that! God, you were great last night! You're fucking sexy, that's what you are! You make me feel like all the right things in the world are happening as they should be. I absolutely adore you, Valini Mehta!" he said allowing her to capture the little box from his hand.

Valini didn't respond to this pretty little speech or open the box. She couldn't. She was engulfed in another deluge of kisses and nibbles that Jai rained down on her as he eased himself to sprawl between her spread legs so that he could worry her breasts at his leisure. He raised himself up like the cobra that she had seen in the basket in a rural village in India when, as a child, she was taken to visit her grandparents. Jai smiled at her. He stroked her skin gently, and sipped at her hard nipples, still warm from the lazy snooze from which he had awakened her.

"And here I was thinking that you loved me for my mind!" she quipped when Jai allowed her to come up for air.

Of all the things that he did for her, nibbling her body while massaging or fucking her and leaving little love bites on it were among her favourites. She rewarded Jai by planting her right leg firmly on the bed and then hoisting him over bodily so that she could lie on top of him and nibble him in return.

She captured his hands above his head and held them in one of hers. She wiggled playfully on him, a novice surfer steadying herself on her surfboard before riding a wave. Her swaying pelvis awakened the sleeping giant between his legs fully and she smiled knowingly at him. She attacked his mouth with hers, kissing and nibbling at his neck and jaw and lips before pushing her tongue in.

"I was getting to that!" Jai protested, weakly when he was able to draw breath again. "You do great work! May I say that I am so proud to be able to have my head between the firm thighs of such a great writer! Your slick pussy and your mind work so well together!"

"Try again!" Valini poked him in his side, one of his sensitive spots.

"You really are a great writer, and I am very proud of you, my love," Jai said seriously. "A gold Musgrave Medal last month! Who knows what's in store for you now? A Man Booker Prize? A Nobel Prize? I really am a fan! You've given Asian women living in the Caribbean a serious voice. That is very impressive, and I am here to support you in whatever way that I can with that mission. I see you conquering the world, and I want that for you. Can you see it now? You delivering your Nobel acceptance speech, and me and the children in the audience watching you?"

"The children?"

"Okay, I'll be in the audience, and they'll be watching you on tv at home in Jamaica."

They giggled. Jai ran his hand over her slight baby bump. She was just beginning to show.

"Do you remember our first date?"

"How could I forget it? It was hardly an auspicious start to our relationship. I remember that I had invited you to dinner, but I got to your house late because it was raining. I was soaked because the car had broken down. You were angry, but you softened up when you saw me looking like a nearly-drowned cat, and saw that I really would go through water to get to you. I thought it was quite romantic. I especially liked the way you brought me chicken soup when I caught that cold after."

"Behave yourself, Jai! That wasn't our first date and I will always look after you when you're ill, so don't try to change the subject. Our first date was the one in which you took me to that construction site after dinner."

"I didn't do that!"

"Yes you did! And it was what hooked me; well, it was one of the things that hooked me. I remember sitting in the car for over half an hour and thinking that you were so socially inept that I just had to give you a chance and get to know you better. I thought that you were a man who wasn't about pretence and trying to impress me. I realised that I liked you as a person," Valini said, laughing.

Jai grinned.

"Oh yes, we missed the movie and ended up by the pool at the Hilton. That was what hooked me! I already knew that you were smart and beautiful, but it was that night that I realised exactly how brilliant you are. We chatted for over six hours that night; didn't we?"

"Yes we did."

"I really couldn't remember when I'd enjoyed myself more."

"We'll try again tonight? I'll do my best to make you lose lots of sleep with my scintillating conversation!"

"I remember I kissed you. You were so surprised. I cursed myself all the way home. I thought that I'd messed up, and scared you away."

"You are so sexy. Don't you know that? That kiss just capped of what was a surreal evening. I couldn't stop thinking about you the next day."

"I was happy when you called. This thing about women waiting to be called is overrated. If you hadn't called I might have been too embarrassed to approach you again right away, and God alone knows what you would have thought then."

Jai hugged her tightly, as if the thought of what could have happened still scared him.

"You're right you know. That was a perfect evening and we could have lost it all right there because of a socially inept guy's inability to read the signs. Promise me that you'll continue to tell me whatever's on your mind, my love. If I screw up, please just tell me. I don't ever want to be the cause of pain for you. I will always tell you what is on my mind too. I don't want us to be like those couples who say that they don't communicate."

"I agree, my love, I promise to work at being even more open with you, and doing more of the things that you like to do. So, guess what I got for you to celebrate you being the best husband in the world!" she said, suddenly remembering that she hadn't opened her gift, or given him the one that she had got for him.

"Mmmmmmm," Jai beamed. "I have no idea!"

"Just guess nuh man, it's something that you've always wanted," Valini teased.

"Alright, a good racing bicycle. You have one hidden under the bed for me."

His smile broadened as he saw Valini look at him slyly, and turned away from him to reach under the bed to pull something out. It got stuck and so she had to roll over and tug hard. Jai's eyes opened wide.

"You're not serious! You don't really have a bicycle hidden under the bed, do you?" He rolled over on his side of the bed to peer under it to see what she was doing there.

Valini beat him to it and pulled out a large box and handed it to her husband. He looked at her suspiciously. It wasn't a bicycle, that was clear, but she had said that it was something that he'd always wanted, and so he was curious. He tore at the paper like a child at Christmas opening the first gifts of the day, and pulled out a helmet and a water bottle. He looked at them wondering for a few moments.

"You really did get me a bicycle, didn't you?" he said, awed.

"Your new Scott Addict RC is in the kitchen waiting for you," she smirked.

Jai looked at her, tears in his eyes.

"Good God! Thank you, baby!" he choked, reaching over to hug the amazing woman sitting and grinning at him.

"There's more," Valini said, pushing him away.

"What?" he whispered, shaking his head in disbelief.

"I got us two bicycles!"


"Well, I got you one, and my parents bought me the other one. They agree that I should try to get into sports more with you. They've been married for 45 years now, and they say that they have worked hard at improving their marriage daily, and that sharing in each other's interests, while giving each other space, has been a part of that. Daddy still likes to fly every once in a while, and Mummy loves doing her volunteer work at the church, but they say that they wouldn't miss walking with each other in the mornings so that they can just talk about life, and take in the beautiful dawn together, and they have breakfast with each other every single day."

"Amazing! I have to thank them. I mean it. I have to thank them for...everything," Jai said softly, wiping away a tear.

"You're welcome baby!" Valini said, kindly. "You'll love it even more when we go riding together."

"Wow, this makes my gift seem so pale in comparison now, so trite," he said, wryly.

"Nonsense! I'm just glad that you remembered the day without me having to drop any hints this morning."

They both chuckled. It was an old joke between them.

"I'm not my father," Jai quipped. "I still can't see how he missed the approach of Christmas Day last year!"

They both paused to look at each other contemplating that incident again, and how annoyed Jai's mother had been as she told them about it. Neither Jai nor Valini could suppress the mirth that they still felt at the memory of his father's gaffe, and the image on Jai's mother's face when they both erupted into uncontrollable laughter as she told them of it. They laughed again, loudly and long.

"Please open yours," Jai said, shyly.

Valini picked up the little jewellery box from the bed where she had laid it in order to get Jai's helmet and water bottle. She beamed at Jai, happily.

"What is it?" she asked. "A gadget for the kitchen?"


Valini giggled at his outrage that she could even suggest that he would buy something like that for her. She pulled the nice little bow off the box and opened it to find an exquisitely engraved star-shaped locket dangling from a gold chain. She opened the locket to find their faces in it.

"Oh Jai!"

"A star for my star!" he grinned, accepting her enthusiastic hug and the happy kisses all over his face.

"Thank you my darling!"

"Are you going to wear it later when I take you to dinner; and an evening of dancing and chatting by the Hilton pool? There won't be any detour to check out my work this time; I promise. This time we'll actually make it to see Titanic in 3D. I even booked the same table at the Dragon Court. We haven't been there since that first evening," he smirked.

"You did remember our first date!"

"Of course I remembered. It turned out to have been the best night of my life until the ones after I married you."

"There's more to my gift too. I had my mother teach me how to make pancakes and scrambled eggs. So, which would you like? I'm making breakfast for you this morning!"


"I know, I know. I'm improving. Growing on you, am I?"

He nuzzled his wife, and stole another little nibble on her neck.

"So, we are going to eat now or," he ran his hand lovingly along her side, and down toward her hip, leaving it lying suggestively near her mons, "later?"

Valini giggled.

"I was feeling a little peckish a little while ago, but I think I'm alright now," she said reaching for Jai's rapidly stiffening cock.

"So here's to our second year together as man and wife. I am even more in love with you now than I was a year ago, and I know that that feeling is only going to grow," Jai said kissing her again.

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