The door closes behind me and I walk over to the bars. You are sat in the Jail room and look up at me. I smile and reach my hands out to you through the bars. You take them into your hands and I can feel how cold they are.

"What an ending to a fantastic evening," I say. You look down and mumble something that sounds like sorry. I let my hand go up to your face and gently stroke across it. You have a cut on your lower lip and your eye is starting to turn a weird color. I let my mind wander back to what has just happened.

We were at a bar together and you had left me to go get something new to drink and when you returned some guy was trying to hit on me. He had been pretty straightforward and I had my problems blocking him off. You jumped at him like a wild beast and the two of you got into a fight. Now both of you were in a Jail. I am just glad that you aren't in the same one. That would have been terrible.

It took me alot of begging and pleading to be able to see you at all. The young Officer had tried to send me away, but when I started flirting and showing a bit of leg, he had turned soft and had let me in to you. But still there are the bars between us. I can't hug you and tell you how much I love you for what you just did.

"Kiss me," I whisper softly and your face comes closer to the bars. Our lips meet gently and I press my body closer to the bars. Your hand comes around and rests on my ass. I moan lightly and let my hand slide to your chest. The craziest thoughts shoot through my head and I start trembling.

Slowly I start undoing the buttons on your shirt and you moan into my mouth. I press harder into the bars, feel the cold steel against my body. Your hand slides down from my ass and along my leg, lifting it through the bar to rest against your hip. The bar is pressing against my hot pussy. I can feel the coldness of it through my wet panties. I have your shirt fully open now and let my hand go along your sides and then to your back. You shiver under my touch and I can feel the Goosebumps.

I break our kiss and start licking along your neck. You moan again and I can feel it against my tongue. I lick lower and lower till I reach your hard nipples. I gently take them between my teeth and nibble on them. You let go of my leg and I move it down. Slowly I lower my body, my tongue making a trail down to your bellybutton. I let my tongue tease a while and then my fingers start undoing your button and zipper. I am on my knees in front of you now and I can see the big bulge in your pants.

My breathing gets harder and I let my hand go over the hardness. I hear you suck in your breath. I enter your boxers and touch your cock. We both moan out as I do. Your pants slide of your hip and fall to the floor. I slowly lower your boxers. I want you naked for me. As soon as your boxers are low enough your cock spring up. I purr at it's beauty. I love your cock. The perfect shape of it, the way the veins pop out and the size of it.

I wrap my small fingers around it, knowing I have no chance of going around all the way. I let my tongue touch the base of it and lick up slowly. You hold onto the bars and growl. I take my time, knowing that I am driving you crazy. As I reach the head of it drops of pre-cum greet me. I lick them up, tasting you. Gently I let my mouth cover you and suck you in. You grab my face with your cold hands and start sliding into my mouth. I suck and tease with tongue. You slide in 4 inches and then back out again. Slowly you start sliding in again until you hit the back of my throat.

My hand grabs the base of your cock and starts jacking you into my mouth. My second hand goes up under your balls and starts squeezing. You love fucking my mouth and start moving in and out faster. I let go of your balls and move my hand between my legs. I slide the panties aside and slip into my soaking slit. I purr at the touch and start rubbing more. You can hear the wet sounds from between my legs. You pull your cock from my mouth and tell me to stand up. I move up your body and kiss you.

"Turn around and bend over Pet," you tell me. I do as told and you push my skirt up over my ass. The cold air meets my hot skin and I shiver. Your hand goes over my bare ass and down to my waiting pussy. Your fingers slide right into it and you moan out.

"Mmmmm. What a nice wet pussy you have Pet." You start moving your fingers in and out of me. My hands have gone up to my breasts and I am playing with my hard nipples. You get down on your knees and let your tongue touch my pussy. I purr and you start licking. My juices are running along my inner thigh. You start sucking and licking, trying to lap up my juices. I push my ass up higher and closer to the bars and you suck my hard waiting clit into your mouth. I moan loudly. You move back and I feel you stand up.

"I know what you need Pet," you say, "Want to have it????"

"Yes," I moan out. You laugh and slap my ass.

"That's all I get?" you ask. I start begging. Begging for your big hard cock. Begging for you to fuck me.

"Turn and come to me," you tell me. I turn around and press up to the bars again. Your hand goes to my ass and pulls me to you. The cold bar slams between my legs and my pussy wraps around it. I moan out. You move my leg back up to your hip and my pussy spreads further. I can feel your hard massive cock against my tummy. I start moving my hips, fucking against the bar.

"You wanna fuck that bar or my cock pet?" you ask grinning.

"You know that I want your cock Daniel," I answer quietly. You shift me slightly and your cock slides against my pussy. I can feel the hardness. Your hands go under my ass and you lift me up. I push my second leg through the bars and wrap my legs around you. You move me up more and your cock pops under me. Slowly, gently you ease me down.

Your cockheads enters my spread pussylips. Pushing it's way into my soft wetness. My head drops back as I get filled by your massive hardness. My hands are grabbing the bars in front of me and my knuckles are turning white. I feel like screaming, but bite my lips instead. I know that if I scream the officer will come back and either locks me up too or throw me out. Ever so gently you slide all the way into me. I sigh out with pure contentness. You start bouncing me up and down on your cock. I adore you fucking me. Everything feels so right when you are embedded deep within me.

Our breath is heavy and you start fucking me faster from below. You move back and then slam back into me. Little squeals escape me with every thrust. My hands leave the bars and run along your back. You start thrusting harder and I dig my claws into your flesh. Leaving my marks on your skin. My muscles grab you hard and I can feel every part of your cock in me. Your hands dig into my ass. I am so ready to cum. I start begging again. Begging you to let me cum on your cock.

"You are mine pet, don't ever forget that!!" you growl as you slam deeper into me and start cumming. I can feel your hot cum inside me as I release my own orgasm. It shoots out of me onto your cock and drips down onto the floor. We both ride the wave of our orgasm. With every slam you make into me more cum shoots into me, mixing with my own and dripping out of me. Slowly my orgasm ebbs away and I lean forward.

"I love you Daniel," I whisper. You lift me up and ease me off your cock. My legs unwrap themselves and you stand me down onto the floor. I still need to steady myself on the bars, because my whole body is still shaking. Your hand holds me at my hip and you kiss me softly…full of love. I tell you that I will be back in the morning to pick you up. Still on unsteady legs I leave the jail room.

As I enter the Office I see the young Officer looking at me. His face is flushed and his trousers are not buttoned. I look back and notice the little window in the door to the jail room. I smile and wave at him as I leave the Police Station.

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