tagGay MaleJail Bite Ch. 03

Jail Bite Ch. 03


Hello again. I'm slowly updating so be assured I will finish at least Golded in Gold (for those of you that came over from that story to here) one more chapter for this story to go.

Percy woke to the chipper tweets of birds heralding in a new day. Something was tickling his nose and there was something scratchy and warm along his cheek. He was laying on top of something hard but there was no roughness that he'd expect from the ground. Blinking rapidly to clear the haziness clouding his mind, Percy opened his eyes to see his surroundings. As soon as he saw what-or rather who he was sleeping on top of everything came back.

Prison. Sabre. Heartbreak. Full moon. Heat. Sabre. Mating. Sabre.

Sabre...his mate!

Percy gasped and jerked up, but the thick arm banded about his waist kept him from getting far. The sudden movement caused him to gasp in pain. He was sore all over. Blushing, he realized he had every reason to be sore. He had no idea how many days passed but heats usually lasted three to five days, sometimes going on into a full week if a mated couple had been through a trauma or gone too long without each other. It was their bodies way of ensuring the mates wouldn't be parted again for a long time and to increase the chance of a pregnancy.

Oh, god, a pregnancy?

Though most of his memory was clouded by his heat starting, he did remember a few werewolves attacking him and trying to rape him. He whimpered at the fuzzy memories. He might not remember the images with much clarity but he remember the terror knifing through his body as if it had happened minutes ago. Call him a coward but he was thankful he didn't remember who had attacked him or much of the how. But Sabre had saved him in time and for that he was endlessly thankful.

But he was also pissed. How dare the man leave him and then come back and mate him? Granted, he saved Percy but he also made him cry. Percy steepled his hands over Sabre's chest and frowned down at the sleeping were.

And now he might be pregnant with the weres babies and he didn't even know what creature his new mate was. Could different species even intermingle and procreate?

Percy sighed, the frown falling from his face. He had a mate. He was loved. It was everything he'd ever dared to hope for. Sighing in contentment, he smiled and snuggled down under Sabre's chin. He sniffed at his mates skin, trying to imprint that unique smell into his olfactory senses. He was never going to let go of this man.

"Percy?" Sabre groaned awake. His arms tightened around the smaller were as he came to consciousness.

"Hi," Percy demurred, suddenly shy. He'd spent the past who knew how many days naked and moaning under this man and yet he'd never felt as shy as he did right now. Being naked and pressed right over every inch of the man didn't help either.

Sabre's expression softened as he took in the blushing were on top of him. He curled a finger under his timid mates chin and tilted the flushed face up to take a kiss. Unlike their shared kisses of the past few days, this kiss was soft and sweet. Everything Percy was and everything Sabre was not. He coaxed Newts wet tongue out to his, entwining them and sliding slippery wet in a teasing dance. Percy moaned in sweet, wanton desire.

Sabre slid his hand down his mates back, circling his large hand over one of his adorable cheeks. His fingers slipped into the sweet, warm crevice to the hot and moist opening still loose from their repeated mating. Sweat, cum, and slick eased the way for Sabre's invading digits. Even so, Percy's opening was puffy and swollen red from too much use. Percy whimpering pain, the sound lost in their kiss. Sabre pulled away to let Percy breathe as he checked for internal and external tearing with the greatest of care. Percy was a werewolf, built to take knots, but still Sabre showed his concern, a frown growing on his face.

Oddly it was that concern that helped Percy over his embarrassment of being touched so intimately. He smoothed his thumbs over Sabre forehead and down his cheeks, resting them at the corner of his mates downturned lips.

"I'm okay," Percy whispered with a soft smile.

If anything, that reassurance only deepened Sabre's frown. "Are you sure? I was pretty rough and..." he trailed off, his voice gravelly in the most delicious of ways.

His heart was literally melting right now. "You were perfect for me," Percy assured. He emphasized his vow with a kiss, this time keeping it to just the warm press of his plush lips.

"I mated you." Sabre stated unnecessarily .

Percy nodded, wondering where his mate was going with this. Did he regret it already?

"I-did you want this? You were in heat so I can't expect you to be in your right mind when you said you loved me-"

Percy sunk his canines just under the sensitive part underneath Sabre's jaw. Now he was getting angry. "First of all, don't tell me that I was out of my mind when I said that. Second of all, I want my apology for you leaving me all alone!"

Sabre looked up at the furious omega and for the first time since mating, smiled. "I love you." He said gruffly.

The heat went out of Percy and he pouted. Just when he was getting good and angry and Sabre just had to be the sweetest thing in the entire world. "I love you too, but I still want my apology," he muttered, although inwardly he was squealing in joy. Sabre said he loved him!

"Percy, I had to. I'm sorry but I was doing it for your own good."

Well, it was nice while it lasted. There Sabre went again deciding what was good for him without even a asking what his opinion was. "Why?" Percy complained plaintively. "What were you protecting me from? Sabre, I don't think you realize how much I suffered. I ached for you. I cried over you for days!"

"I know, princess, I know. And I'm sorry for that but you don't understand-"

"Then make me!" Percy pleaded.

Sabre sighed and brought up a hand to rub his eyes. "If I tell you, you'll want to break this mating. And even knowing all the dangers, I can't let you go. I'm sorry but I can't. And I don't want to see you hate me."

This was the first time Sabre was being so open with him. So instead of taking offense at his words, Percy took brushed away Sabre's hand and kissed his brow. "I'm your mate, for life. Nothing can change that."

They were silent for a while, Sabre seemingly in deep thought as Percy continue to brush random, soothing kisses along his face and jaw. Finally, the were came to a decision and gently pushed Percy away. He helped Percy sit up, wincing himself when Percy moaned as his sore limbs were forced to work. Sabre brought Percy flush against his chest as he sat the omega between his knees. Percy was just happy he was getting to cuddle up into his mate of a few days.

Sabre dropped his forehead to Newts shoulder, the same side where his mate bite laid. He wrapped his arms around Percy's waist, his forearms resting right over his abdomen. His heart skipped, wondering if even now he could be pregnant. He hoped Sabre wouldn't notice the sudden stiffening of his body. He wanted to hear what Sabre had to say before they tackled that dilemma. But thankfully, Sabre was too engrossed in his own thoughts to notice. Percy laced his own smaller hands over his mates forearms and waited patiently for the man to start.

"Im a reptile shifter."

Percy hummed, letting his mate know to continue. He knew that already, he just didn't know what species.

"Have you seen a lot of human movies?

Confused by that sudden tangent, Percy shook his head. He'd been in a pretty isolated pack who didn't like their members intermingling with humans or even other were species.

"Ah, shit." Percy frowning wanting to reprimand his mate for cursing, and in front of their potentially unborn litter too! But decided to let it slide just this once. He'd let his mate know later that cursing was a no no. "So, there's a movie the humans made after they used bombs on each other. The Japanese made it about a giant, reptilian creature who was a mutation of a dinosaur. It was used as a euphemism for those nuclear bombs the humans used."

Percy nodded again, not really understanding. "I saw that movie, about Godzilla."

Sabre went silent and still behind him. Percy twisted his body to look at his mate with concern. Had he said something wrong?

"You saw it?"

"Mhm, even though alpha kept the pack pretty isolated from the humans they still liked to see the movies they made about weres. They thought it was funny. One of the gammas got a movie called Godzilla and it was this huge monster that destroyed everything. It took on two flying dinosaurs and blew fire. The movie said something about it giving off dangerous radiation or something, I don't really know what that means."

Sabre grunted, staring down at Percy's mating bite. "And what did you think about Godzilla?"

Percy tilted his head to the side. "Godzilla? Well I thought he was pretty cool. He was so huge and powerful, but looked really lonely I think. He didn't have any of his kind and everyone was scared of him. Even the humans tried to kill him, not to mention the other creatures. But I think I'd be scared of him too! Imagine if something like that really existed, its more powerful than even a dragon. I have to say the humans have a really creative imagination. Um, Sabre?" During his explanation his mates face had gone oddly blank.

"What if I told you it wasn't the humans imaginations?"

"What do you mean?"

Sabre finally looked up and while looking into Percy with utter despair in his eyes, he admitted "I am Godzilla."

It took a few seconds to register. Percy smiled uneasily. He was unnerved about the look of despair present in his mates eyes. "That's very funny, Sabre. But please don't joke with me."

Sabre just shook his head and sighed in frustration. "I wasn't born like normal weres. I was created. Humans have made a lot of headway into genetic mutations and engineering. There's a human society that knows about us, all about us and they're not happy about it. They want to wipe us out."

Percy gasped at that. The number one cardinal rule of weres was to never reveal their existence to humans. Sure, some knew but he'd never imagined there would be a group of humans that were trying to kill off weres. "Who are they?" He whispered in horror.

"It doesn't matter. That particular group doesn't exhaust anymore. I've made sure of that."

Percy cupped Sabre's chin and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "What happened to you?" He whispered the question against his mates skin. The were crushed Percy to him and Percy let his body bring comfort to his mate. He still didn't believe that his mate was a Godzilla creature but something terrible had happen to Sabre, he just knew it.

"Like I said, I was created. Humans found out about weres and started hunting them off. But weres were strong and made use of human weapons to escape and defeat the humans. At the same time the humans were also warring with each other. So they began capturing live weres and experimenting on them. They took out their DNA and used that to create monsters. Monsters like me." Sabre took another deep breath before continuing. Percy noticed his arms had tightened around him, as if he were afraid Percy was going to run.

"They took reptilian DNA from the egg of a dinosaur, mixed it in with some other shit and incubated me inside a snake shifter. They told me I was giving off so much radiation I killed my mother by my six month by poisoning her. But the egg was developed enough that they were able to salvage me from the carcass of my mother's body and incubate me to full growth. They intended to use me as a weapon against their enemies and against the other weres. Those atomic bombs I was talking about? I came first. When they saw what I could do saw the chaos I caused, they used me as a weapon. But I got free and killed them all."

With sinking horror, Percy finally believed. Sabre was not the joking type and the waves of misery meaning off their moaning bond was more than enough proof for Percy. He pulled Sabre even closer than they were and brought Sabre to rest on his shoulder. The larger were huffed a breath over the mating bite, sending shivers down Newts spine.

Instead of meaningless apologies or supplications, Percy affirmed his love. It was the only thing he could do. "I love you. I love you. I love you." He affirmed the mantra over and over again, hoping to replace all his mate had lost with his love. It wasn't enough, it might never be enough but Percy would always try to fill in that hole created by loss with his love. His mate had lost his mother in the most horrific way possible and who knew how he'd been raised in captivity. He knew now wasn't the time to delve into that particular subject and he didn't want to press on an obviously painful subject. Whenever Sabre was ready, Percy would be there to listen.

"The humans who know about me are scared of me, the weres who know about me are scared of me. I don't have a place to call home. The closest I've gotten was prison."

Percy was shaking his head in the negative even before Sabre finished his sentence. "I'm your home now. I promise to make you feel at home no matter where we are, forever." He kissed whatever part of Sabre he could reach, which happened to be the shell of his ear.

Sabre didn't lift his face when he asked "Your not afraid me?"

"I love you," was his his simple answer.

But it was everything Sabre needed to hear. It had remained constant throughout everything.

"Why were you in prison?" Percy asked.

His mate shrugged. "You kill people, you go to jail."

Percy frowned. That wasn't much of answer. It was only then he realized they were not at the clearing where Percy remembering being claimed for the first time. They were sitting at the mouth of a cave, carved into the base of a mountain and hidden from view. "Where are we?"

Sabre finally lifted his head. "I had to hide you before they came looking for me. When I heard your howl I, ah, broke out of my cell to get to you. I wanted to take you someplace safer but with you in heat this was the safest I could find. We've been here for eight days."

That was a lot of information to take in all at once so Percy decided to get to the most pressing problem. "Sabre, how did you get out?"

"I transformed and destroyed the entire facility. The entire thing blew up. I, ah, have a hard time controlling the beast. Half the time I don't even know what I'm doing when I'm transformed. All I could think of was you."

Newts eyes widened. "So if it was so easy for you to escape, why didn't you escape before?" But he got no verbal answer. Percy reached deep into this bond and found swirling emotions of shame and guilt.

Atonement. Sabre had been in prison for atonement. Though the gruff man might not show it, he was was sorry for the lives he'd taken. He felt like he was a threat to the people around him and so he'd secluded himself in the prison. But his mate was wrong. He wasn't a danger to others. He'd just been used and abused by the humans and weres around him. Percy didn't see what Sabre had done as bad. The were had only been trying to defend himself.

"Well, I'm glad you stayed or else we'd have never met," Percy chirped, wanting to lighten the mood.

Sabre laughed and nodded. "I'm glad too."

Their foreheads meet as they rested in peace with each other. They knew this quiet wouldn't last. There was so much uncertainty. Of course were officials were looking for them. Percy couldn't quite grasp the gravity of being mated to Sabre and he didn't quite know what it entailed but he didn't care. Sabre would take care of him and he in turn would take care of Sabre.

"What do we do now?" Percy finally broke their peace, albeit with great reluctance.

"We run. Fuck, princess, I'm so sorry. I'm putting you in so much danger but I don't know if I'm strong enough to break this bond."

For that stupid comment, Percy pinched his mates ear viciously. "Good. I don't need a stupid, strong self sacrificing mate. I just need you to be be here, with me, loving me. That's all I need."

"You're so easy to please," Sabre teased.

Percy giggled. "Only by you." Their small moment was interrupted when Percy's belly grumbled and they both broke out into laughter.

"I should probably get you something o eat."

"Grave, I can hunt my self!" Percy protested. He was not a damsel in distress. He'd killed one of his attackers so Sabre knew he could the fight.

"I want to, no I need to do this. I've made things so much harder for you but at least I can do this," Sabre said, his expression serious again. Percy wanted to protest but he nodded. This wasn't him being weak, no Sabre just needed to be useful. Percy wanted to assure that he don't need to be useful or try to make up for anything but if this made him happy than Percy was more than willing to lay back and let Sabre get him food.

With a last kiss, Sabre loped off out of the cave and Percy was left to his thoughts. They were scary and numerous. Percy touched tentative fingers to his mating bite and shivered when the sensitive skin tingled. Yes, their future was uncertain and certainly dangerous but they had each other. They would be okay.

It didn't take a long time before Sabre came back carrying his bloody bounty. Percy fell onto the food with a grateful shout. The appearance of food made him realize just how hungry he'd really been. Sabre had gone overboard and brought him six plump bunnies. His inner omega preened, liking that his mate was providing so generously for him. Only after Percy had started in on his second bunny did he realize Sabre must be hungry too. So with an abashed smile, he pushed two bunnies Sabre's way. The were shook his head. Up that that point, he'd been content to just sit and watch his mate eat. Percy frowned and Sabre instantly broke down to eat a bunny too.

Percy liked this new power he had over Sabre. Maybe it was the mate-bond, maybe it was because of how much they'd shared with each other but Sabre was finally listening to him. To an extent.

After they were finished, Sabre took Percy outside. They were near a small lake, where Sabre washed away the dried bits of blood still on them both. The cool water felt divine over his skin and Percy basked in the attention. Sabre ran his large hands over a few bruises and cuts. Percy knew what he was thinking of.

"I'm okay now."

"I know, but those bastards should have never even looked at you, let alone touched you." He growled menacingly.

Percy pushed away the trauma of what had happened to him. He wasn't ready to face it right now and would rather not think about it. "Bu you saved me and that's all that matters right now."

Sabre grunted, then smiled proudly. "Princess, you didn't need saving. I saw the way you took out that werewolf and it was amazing. You're not as much of a light weight as I thought."

Percy pouted, flinging water into Sabre face with a flick of a wrist. He wasn't sure if he liked that his mate had fallen back on the old habits of teasing him. The were grinned feraly before tackling him and toppling them both back into the lake.

"Sabre! Be gentle with me, I might be pregnant!"

At that, Sabre instantly pulled Percy out of the water and carried him to shore, treating him very much like delicate China.

"You're pregnant?" Sabre croaked, looking so terrified it made Percy want to laugh.

"Maybe, I don't know. Are you mad?" Maybe Sabre didn't want children with him. Percy bit his lip in worry.

Sabre must have felt the sudden sadness through their bond. He hurriedly shook his head. "No, no, i- fuck Godzilla babies can you imagine? I'm hunted as it is so they'll be hunted too. Son of a bitch!" Sabre whirled away from him and began to pace in front of him. Percy too worried about that, now that Sabre had brought it up. He splayed a hand over his stomach but when he imagined cute little mini Sabre blowing toxic smoke, there was no space for fear or doubt. Percy would protect his babies with his life.

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