Jail Time


Long days and even longer nights. Stupid mistakes landed me here. I thought it was worth it, but it wasn't. I roll over on the cardboard they call a mattress and stared at the bottom of a metal empty bunk above me.

How did I get here? Funny you should ask. A little too much to drink and the wrong crowd equals a bad combination. I was with a group of friends that held up a gas station. I really don't remember anything but the video has me right there. I was convicted and now I only have to serve a year. No one was hurt, and I didn't have a weapon, and even in the video you can see how unsteady I am on my feet.

I pull the tiny sheet over my head and wish for sleep. I have been here for four months now and I have too much time left to even count. I have heard the other women, tending to each other and themselves at night. But I can't. I can wait. I am only here for a short time.

Yet even as I try and convince myself that, I can feel the burning desire. The soft moans echoing down the empty halls, the muffled cries of pleasure. The guards don't really bother them. As long as it's at night and consensual, the guards pretend to never hear it. My hand traces idlely over my soft belly, wishing that I had someone to touch me that way. Then with a groan I roll over and put the pillow over my head.

The days drag on, the nights even longer. I don't know how much longer I can wait. Every night it gets harder not to give into to join the ranks of those that seek the release. The momentary freedom, of not being confined within these walls, of being lost so completely in yourself that things aren't that bad.

I see these other women, I see how much easier it is for them to cope. I can only feel the stress building in me. My chest, my very core is so tight, that I am afraid if I take a deep breath I am going to snap.

I have been pretty lucky. Most of my cellmates only lingered for a few days before I would have a day or two alone and then more fresh meat. It was like they picked the short timers just for me. To see how far they could push me before I cracked. The guards may have feigned clueless on our activities, but they took time to torture me. Or at least it felt like it.

The few male guards seem to linger longer by my cell, taking a few moments to talk to me, their voices a constant reminder of what I miss. Sometimes wishing they would just come through the bars and have me. They must have known my desperation, my longing. Even my dreams were out to get me. I hit my rack out of frustration. Sex is taking over. If I even see a male, I can feel my body respond, its slick wetness begging to be entered...

"Grrrrr..." 6 long months down, I don't know if I can make the next six. This is just getting to be too much. I have noticed that I have started flirting with the male guards, even started noticing a few of the female inmates. But, I can't give in. I made it this far, I can make it.... I can make it.

Halfway through month six is when I finally gave in. Laying back in the small rack, the top one empty, I let my hands slowly explore my belly and chest. My nipples aching for touch as my gentle fingers pinch them lightly sending a small moan. Biting my lip my hands explore, teasing me. My chest full in my hands, I imagine a guy behind me, his hardness pressed against my lower back as his hands tantalize my skin. Slowly my right hand traces the trail to my sweet spot, the hot core that has been raging, begging, and slowly taking over every waking thought.

I whimper out as my right hand barely brushing my very tender button, electricity surging through me, desire becoming a haze. I never hear the footsteps approaching my cell; never feel the eyes watching me. Slowly I insert a single finger into my slickness. I long for more but happy for this small measure. Moaning softly as the finger slips in and out slowly, though my need screaming for faster and deeper. Pushing myself slowly to a peak I stop suddenly, a key clicked in my cell door and I freeze. My breath ragged as I try to feign sleep, the blanket barely covering my nude figure beneath.

"Lets go." His voice soft and husky with desire. The cuffs were already in is hands and all I wanted to do was scream. I pulled my hand from between my legs and began to reach to the bottom of the covers for my jumper.

"Don't move." As he draws his weapon. My heart sinks. Would figure. The one time I finally give in and indulge myself a guard catches me, not any guard a fucking male guard. And now he wants to shoot me, and not in that happy fun way.

I lay very still as he approaches me. I close my eyes and hold my breath. Quickly he tugs the sheet from my form revealing that I am naked. With an exasperated sigh I remain unmoving, honestly not wanting to be shot. His gun still pointing at me, he licks his lips, desire burning in him as fiercely as it had haunted me.

Letting out my breath slowly, I open my eyes. I feel so ashamed that not only did he catch the ONE time I decided to play, but also now I am naked before him with a gun drawn on me. The night air is cool on my skin as I try to keep myself from shivering.

"Stand up slowly and turn around placing your hands behind your head."

I get up and reach for my jumper.

"Stop! Don't make me shoot you. I said, stand up slowly and turn around placing your hands behind your head. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Sir." My voice now beginning to shake as I slide slowly from the bed, trying to remove the evidence that I had been touching myself by trailing it along the sheet. Then standing before him I turn slowly and place my hand behind my head. I can't believe I am in this. I can't believe I am standing here naked.

With a click and a quick twist I feel the handcuffs secured to my wrist and him pulling the other hand to my lower back and cuffing me. I lean my head forward with a slight thud on the side of the top bunk. I can't believe this. Naked and cuffed, caught in the middle of something that I didn't want to be caught at, and it's a male that caught me to top it off.

"Lets go." As he tugs roughly on my cuffed wrists.

"No, please..." my voice now at a whisper, "can I at least get some clothes on?"

"Lets go." As he tugs harder. My knees growing weak as I feel the shame of being naked and about to be walked down a long hallway. One never knows who could be awake and if they will see me, worse, what is this guard going to do to me?

"Please..." I whimper out to him, tears flooding my eyes. He picks up the sheet and tosses it over my naked form. Now I don't even know where he will take me.

"Lets go. And I am not going to say it again." With that he pulls me out of the cell and pushes me to the bars, his hip in my back as he shuts the door and locks it back up. I bite my lip and blindly follow where he leads me. I just want this to be over.

Wondering if this is what it is like for those on death row. The long walk to no where, not seeing not really knowing... the sheet and dark halls obscured my vision and any sense of direction I might have.

He pulled my wrists to him as I came to an abrupt stop, a buzz and a click he pushes me forward again. I don't care any more, I just want this over. I promise myself never to touch myself again. This isn't worth it.

Finally he brings me to a stop and shoves me down. With a thud I sit harshly on a bench. The sheet still crudely draped over me like a misshapen ghost costume.

"Please..." I begin to beg softly. I am answered with a sharp smack across my cheek. Seeing stars and hearing buzzing in my ears I can't help but to slump to the side. I can faintly hear whispering. After taking a few deep breaths and getting my mind focused I sit up again.

I hear movement but can't see past the sheet. My ankles are grabbed and secured with shackles. And not the easy ones, the ones that have chains, I can feel the metal bar between, I can't put my ankles together.

A whimper escapes as I am tugged to my feet and lead to another room. Trying not to cry I decide it best just to get this over with. My stomach touches a table and I stop, unable to go further.

"Bend over." a male voice instructs. I lean over the table with a thud of my forehead on the cool metal.

My hands are uncuffed only to be placed above me stretching me out more. The final clicks as I am locked into place. Thankful that the sheet not only protects me from the cool metal table but allows me to hide from my captors. Tears begin to silently stream down my cheeks as I await the nightmare to end. Rough finger plunge deep inside me and I try to pull away. The fingers then exiting I can't help but to gasp.

"Look, she's already soaking wet."

"I told you I caught her."

"Well let's show her how to finish..."

"Nooooo.... Please" I sobbed out from underneath the sheet. Which was only answered with the sting of what felt like a leather belt across my ass.

Then came the volley. Strike after strike I stammered and stuttered and just broke down in tears. The fire of my ass burning intensely through my body where it just became this numb throb. The whipping finally ceased and again rough fingers plunged into me.

"Damn, she soaking wet." The fingers thrust in rougher, again and again. I couldn't help the whimper that escaped me. I was hot enough before all this and now they were determined to drive me crazy.

Two fingers drove deeper and deeper inside of me, my back arching to them, wanting to have more and more. I wanted to beg them to fuck me, beg them to stop... I was just going to beg. Yet I bit down on my lip and endured the waves of pleasure that were building.

Then it stopped suddenly. I was sweating beneath the thin sheet, my weight now fully on the table, my breathing ragged as I tried to regain my composure. Then I felt the cool tip at my entrance, my mind immediately going to what it might be... a baton. Fuck.

Slowly they pushed it past my entrance and deep inside of me. They started out slow. The steady thrusts of the baton pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. Then their pace began to quicken. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. The once cold baton was now hot and slick with my juices.

I screamed out as I orgasmed, yet they pushed faster and harder. Wave after wave consumed me and soon... so did unconsciousness. I don't know how long I was out, but I awoke to be laying on my back. My hands and arms still chained down, the sheet covering only my face. I turned my head to the side and groaned as I tried to reorient myself.

"Welcome back" a gruff voice whispered in my ear. I sighed and looked up to the ceiling. The white sheet my only saving grace.

I felt hands on my thighs, on my breasts, across my stomach. Many hands clawing at me, touching me, exploring me. Fingers delved deep inside of me, another finger finding my ass and slowly pushing inside.

I groaned from the pain, from the pleasure, from the overwhelming amount of sexual stimulants happening at once. Soon my body was rocking in their rhythm, wanting to take all they would give. Hands abruptly stopped.

My ankles were unshackled, my hands uncuffed. Weakly they sat me up. Trembling and weak from all that had happened, I leaned on the shoulder before me. With no fit left, my body covered in perspiration my hands were again cuffed behind my back and I was lead to someone lap.

Forced to straddle him, I felt him enter. His thickness filling every inch of me and possibly more. He thrust were rapid and hungry. Taking me vigorously, my body bouncing on his lap, hands from behind me roughly fondling my breast.

I screamed out as I orgasmed yet again. My body being put through the paces. These unknown faces having their way with me. I felt his hot sperm splatter against my insides, his final thrust and I am lifted from him and placed on another.

I lost count to how many times my poor body was used. That fire that had burned in me for 6 months had finally been satiated. The men done with me a smaller gentler hand lead me stumbling to the showers.

The sheet was removed, but it was pitch black. Cold water showered over my abused and well used body. My hands still cuffed I could only stand there and enjoy the water. In my haze the female pushed me to the side and again down on a bench. Kneeling before me she opened my thighs and began inspecting.

"You will be just fine...." With that she leans in her tongue lapping over my delicate folds. My mind shattered at her gentleness, how her warm tongue probed deep inside my core. Swirling and tasting and healing all the damage the rough men had wrought upon my body.

I moaned as I began to climax again. Her breath warm against my skin she bit lightly on my swollen bud, my body instantly responding... flooding her with sweetness. She lapped up my juices and left me there.

I couldn't believe how well used I was. And surprisingly, I felt better. I slumped over and closed my eyes.

I vaguely remember the cuffs being removed, and a kiss being pressed to my lips as a strong male lifted me in his arms and carried me back to my cell. He laid me on the bed and covered me, my jumper next to the bed.

My body well used and satiated I gave into sleep wondering when I might get another midnight adventure...

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