tagLoving WivesJaime and Mike's Unexpected Cruise

Jaime and Mike's Unexpected Cruise


"Love, exciting and new . . ."

As Jaime and Mike Fisher stepped off the plane into the jet way in Ft. Lauderdale, they were enveloped by Florida's sweltering heat and sticky humidity. Only three hours earlier they had boarded a small commuter jet in Moline, Illinois. Before the plane could depart, it had to be deiced by spraying the leading edges of the wings and other critical areas with a pressurized foam. For the attractive, excited couple – who could have cared less about the weather they left behind in Iowa and Illinois – this would be an unimaginable adventure. They had abruptly flown to Florida to board Royal Caribbean's huge ship, "The Freedom of the Seas," for a 7-day tropical cruise; their very first.

Unlike all of the other passengers, this cruise wasn't something they had planned. The opportunity was presented to Mike just two days earlier when his co-worker, Andy Simpson, also an aviation mechanic, approached him at work in the big maintenance hanger. "Hey Mike, got a minute?"

"Sure, Andy, what's on your mind?"

"I want to talk with you about our cruise."

That sure didn't surprise Mike. It seemed as if they hadn't talked about hardly anything else lately but the cruise that Andy and his pretty wife, Judy, were leaving on in just two days. He couldn't imagine what more Andy had to tell him.

Andy sat down on a metal step of a movable work staircase. "We got a problem, Mike," Andy said as he looked up with big sad eyes. "Judy's dad was rushed to the hospital last night and she drove over to Des Moines this morning. He's going to be operated on tomorrow so, guess what? No cruise for us. I was a cheap, stupid ass and didn't buy cruise insurance."

"That's too bad Andy, sorry about Judy's dad and about your cruise, too."

"Look. I was thinking that this might be an opportunity for you and Jaime." He saw the quizzical expression on Mike's face, stood up, and explained. "You give me five hundred dollars and I'll call and transfer our cruise over to you, that way I won't lose everything and you guys get a fantastic deal. Hell, you can fly to Florida for free, just like we were going to. You've got the time coming, Mike. If Jaime can also take a week off from her call-center job and you can arrange for someone to take care of the kids, then you'll be set. What do you say?" He asked enthusiastically.

Mike couldn't believe what he was hearing. Most of their friends and family had taken cruises – many of them several times – and, without exception, they all loved them. Jaime and Mike had assumed that it wouldn't be possible for them to sail off in the blue Caribbean for years, now he was being presented with an opportunity that seemed too good to be true. "Two days isn't much time to prepare."

"It's a fucking cruise, Mike." Said Andy, obviously exasperated. He dropped his arms in front of him with palms up, as if to say, 'what's wrong with you?' But, he bit his tongue and said instead, "grab some cutoffs, trunks, an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny bikini and shorts for Jaime, a couple of sexy dresses for her at night and you're ready to sail."

"Let me call her."

Jaime Fisher – Wilson before she was married – had lived in Davenport, Iowa all of her thirty-four years of life. She and Mike had married right after high school, fifteen years ago. They had two children, Billy who was fourteen and Jane nine. The long, cold, gray winter days were getting harder and harder for Jaime to endure. She envied their friends like Andy and Judy Simpson – maybe not exactly friends but acquaintances for many years – who could somehow manage to take an annual break, in the dead of winter, and head south to warmth, sunshine and sapphire blue skies. Jaime was on her morning break in the canteen room when her cell phone rang. "Hi honey," she answered, when she saw that it was Mike calling.

"Are you sitting down?"

"As a matter of fact I am."

"Well, you won't believe this. Andy just told me that Judy's dad's in the hospital and they're not going on their cruise."

"That's too bad," said Jaime without much interest in what her husband had said.

"Too bad for them but maybe, just maybe, it's great for us."

"What are you talking about?" She asked as she sat up straighter in the metal chair.

"Baby, you won't believe it," he said with enthusiasm in his voice that she hadn't heard for sometime. "Andy has offered us their cabin for five hundred dollars . . . only five hundred dollars and we can, of course, fly to Florida for free."

"You've got to be kidding. Just, five hundred dollars for a week's cruise?" Mike was right. She couldn't believe it.

"I'm not kidding baby but we only have two days before we leave." He reminded his wife who seemed much more interested in the proposition than he had expected her to be.

Jaime was excited about something for the first time in days, maybe weeks, maybe even months. "I know I can get time off here and because Andy is your lead mechanic, well, he has obviously given you the time. I'm sure that my mom and dad would love to come over and take care of the kids," she said confidently. "Should I call them?"

With a few telephone calls it was arranged for Jaime and Mike to take time off and for her folks to stay at their house and watch the kids.

An hour later Mike told Andy, "I think we're all set." Mike smiled and handed Andy his check for five hundred dollars.

"That's fucking great man." Andy couldn't complete a sentence without saying 'fucking' this and 'fucking' that. "Okay, I'll call the agency right now and switch everything over to you guys. Do you have passports?"

"Yes we do but they've never been used."

"Pop home at lunch and get the numbers for me. Like I told you before, Lifestyles has pretty much taken over the ship, so most, if not all, of the passengers will be swingers."

Mike remembered that Andy had told him about the annual swinger's cruise months ago. It would be a huge problem if he told Jaime what kind of a cruise it was. Until now he had blocked the swinger issue from his mind. He knew she would think it was just another one of his crazy schemes to get her to open up and go along with some of the wild things he had been suggesting to her for more than a year.

"So Mike, is the swinger thing okay?" Andy asked him with real concern.

"Yeah, I guess so," he said, tentatively, knowing that it wasn't okay at all.

"Mike, have you told Jaime it's a swinger cruise?" He asked as if he were a prosecutor questioning a terrorist suspect.

"No. No, I haven't," he answered somewhat sheepishly.

"Oh, oh. Shit, that'll be trouble. I mean the pools are clothing optional on this cruise. Dancing will be unlike any dancing you two have ever seen. You sure you still want to go? I can give you your check back," Andy said as he held out Mike's check.

Mike didn't hesitate. He held his hands up in front of him, took a step back and shook his head. "You keep the check. We want to go." He thought that this would be the perfect place for his wholesome wife to remove many of her lifelong inhibitions.

"Pal, you better be sure about this. I'm warning you Mike . . ." he said almost ominously, "I mean if you get on that ship, Jaime will get fucked. Pardon my straight talk but if she's not menstruating, she'll get fucked. I know that's what you want but you've told me a thousand times that she doesn't."

"She won't be having her period," he said with certainty. "And, yes Andy, I want that to happen and, you're also right that she doesn't but . . . well, I just thought this might be the best place for it to happen."

"Oh it will happen all right," Andy said without equivocation. Then he cautioned, "you just better be sure that's what you want."

"That's what I want, like I said, but how can you be so sure that it will happen?" He asked with a tinge of scepticism.

"Trust me. You'll be away from home. Being on a cruise is one of the most romantic places in the world. Women just can't resist being seduced there. And, someone who looks like Jaime, I mean . . . well think about it Mike, she'll be the best looking and hottest woman on the ship, hands down. Let's face it. Some of the smoothest men in the world will be constantly hitting on her. By the time the ship gets back to Florida she'll have been fucked dozens, maybe even a hundred times," he declared with confidence.

"I don't see how that's even possible, I mean dozens of times, even a hundred times?" Before Andy could respond, Mike added, "and certainly not Jaime. Andy, you know she's never screwed anybody else and, guess what, I doubt that she will on this trip."

"Oh one hundred times is possible my friend. She will get fucked a lot, believe me," Andy said. "Look. The agency has made all the arrangements for everything. The people seated at your dinner table will all be seasoned swingers. The last couple of years, Judy's had a thing for . . . oh never mind, you'll figure it out soon enough. Every cabin on your deck, and probably all of the others too, will be occupied by couples that fuck around. Mike, I can guarantee that before you finish the first dinner some guy's going to hit on Jaime big time." Andy accepted the fact that Mike didn't want to hear more. He shrugged his shoulders, folded the check and placed it in the pocket of his work shirt knowing that he had told his friend, in good faith, almost everything there was to tell about the impending cruise. "Suit yourself but you can't say I didn't warn you."

Mike and Andy had worked together for nearly ten years and had become good friends even though they had little in common other than: their work, the fact that they lived in Davenport, Iowa and were each married to a beautiful woman. There, the similarities ended. Andy and Judy had no children. They were a few years older than the Fishers and they were major league party animals. Years before Andy had confessed to Mike that they had also become swingers. Andy took full advantage of his flying privileges and almost every month they were flying off to attend this party or visit that club. When they returned, Andy would regale Mike with tales of their adventures, mostly Judy's adventures, and Mike envied Andy. Mike never held what they were doing against them, in fact he was intrigued by it, but when he first told Jaime that the Simpsons were swinging, she about had a fit and didn't talk with either Andy or Judy for months. As time went by, she accepted what they did for recreation but that wasn't for her, and it never would be, she had told herself.

Chapter 2

"Come aboard we're expecting you . . ."

Jaime and Mike grabbed a cab at the airport and told the driver to take them to "The Freedom of the Seas." This would be the Haitian cabbies' seventh trip to the cruise ship that day. Like cabbies all over the world, he knew everything that was going on in his city, and he knew that most of the Freedom's passengers on this special cruise, were swingers. He could hardly believe that the beautiful woman in his back seat, laughing at nearly everything her husband said, was a swinger. She looked so innocent. Oh well, he thought enviously, lots of guys are going to have fun with her on this trip, wish I could be one of them.

Jaime and Mike were impressed with how smoothly everything went when they checked in. Each of them was struck with how much easier it had been for thousands of excited passengers to clear passport control, be processed and checked aboard the giant, gleaming white ship than it had been for fewer than a hundred passengers to clear security at the Quad-Cities Airport and board the small, crowded plane to Florida.

They were on the fifth deck in room 5227. Their compact interior cabin was okay with both of them; a double bed pushed into a corner, a bathroom with a small shower, not a tub. They were so excited to finally be on board the glistening, white ship – that they thought was more like a city than a ship – the location and size of their cabin was unimportant. Within minutes of their arrival, the two black roller bags were brought to their room by a porter. They quickly unpacked and settled into the room that would be home for the next seven nights and days.

Jaime and Mike both wore jeans and T-shirts for the flight. The jackets they were wearing when they boarded their plane were inadequate to warm them and protect them from the weather when they departed. But they were way too heavy to be used where they were going, so they were packed away for seven days. Jaime hadn't really brought much with her; what Andy had suggested to Mike almost become her packing list. Two brand-new dresses for night time. They were not dresses that she would have chosen but dresses that Mike thought were appropriate for tropical nights. One was black, fell to mid-thigh and was very low cut. The other was yellow, just as short as the black dress, with spaghetti straps over her bare shoulders and buttoned down the front. Two pairs of high heel sandals were purchased for the evenings that bared her painted toes. A couple of pairs of short shorts, one white and one khaki, two bikinis, one white and one black – which they talked about for a long time before purchasing because she had never worn anything but a one-piece bathing suit in her life. Flip flops and new white tennis shoes completed her wardrobe. She remembered that when she had taken out three bras and five sets of panties, Mike asked, "what are these for?"

"Well, duh, my underwear."

"And, why do you need those? We're going to the tropics."

"Mike. I don't care where we're going. I'm going to wear a bra and panties under everything but a swimming suit."

For more than a year he had been urging her to dispense with underwear. He wanted her to be freer, so he said, and sexier. Sometimes she did go without them just to make him happy and to put an end his begging. Finally, the underwear remained in her dresser drawer, not in her black canvas roller bag. She had to admit that it did feel very daring to go without them, especially being pantie-less. She could actually go braless without a problem – unless her nipples were on high beams as Mike called it – because they were still perky and nearly as firm as when they first met.

They were like two teenagers as they explored and discovered the huge vessel. There were enough elevator lobbies to move the huge population of passengers up and down the fifteen levels without having to wait very long. They were told that the casino was closed and wouldn't open until they were sailing in international waters. Shops, lounges and cafes were everywhere. They discovered where the dining room and the theater were at the opposite ends of the floating city. The enormous dining room was on two levels and occupied the rear – or to be nautically accurate, the stern – of the ship while the very large, tiered theater, that reminded them of pictures they had seen of Las Vegas casino theaters, was located forward or at the bow of the ship.

Jaime was so caught up in discovery that she didn't notice that this group of passengers was much less inhibited – in both apparel and behavior – than a more traditional group would have been. How was she to know that almost everyone she saw was a swinger? She couldn't have known, because her husband hadn't told her, that most of the men and women she saw were there primarily to have sex with people to whom they weren't married. She didn't notice hands on asses as couples strolled by, or even couples passionately making out in the lounges at five in the afternoon.

They were thrilled as they stood at the rail on a top deck and watched as the 160,000 ton ship – that seemed so large to them as to be immovable – pulled away from the dock and out into the channel. They had been watching as the lines that held the ship to the dock were released. The giant ship was no longer tethered, it was free, it was on its own. At that moment Jaime felt that she too was freer than she had ever been. With each foot they moved away from land she felt less constrained than she could remember. Did all of the rules she had been taught still apply to this new, floating world. She wondered. They watched until the people turned into specks and then disappeared. Even though they were moving slowly, they kept looking until the buildings and the land from which they had left vanished from their sight.

Maybe Andy was right, Mike thought, when they returned to their room. Jaime stripped off her clothes, leaned against the door and pulled him to her. She was kissing him more intently – desperately even – than he could ever remember, urging him on with her tongue, her hands, her thighs and pelvis. She unbuckled his belt, pulled down his jeans and along with them his boxers, dropped to her knees and took his tumescent penis between her moist lips and sucked him inside her mouth until her nose was buried in the cushion of his crinkly pubic hair. Her tongue and cheeks went to work. It didn't take long for him to warn her as he always did, "stop baby I'm . . . I'm about to cum."

She took his hard wet cock out of her mouth, nearly choking it in her hands, looked up at him with pleading, hooded eyes and begged him, for the very first time, "please, please come in my mouth," then she opened her mouth again, engulfed him and sucked him while cupping his swollen balls until he couldn't hold off any longer. He emptied his warm semen into her oral cavity as she swallowed voraciously.

"What was that all about?"

She seemed almost shy, a dribble of his sticky ejaculate seeped from the corner of her mouth. "Just wanted to do something nice for my husband that I've never done before. Thanks for this cruise baby. Maybe I can come up with a few more ideas," she said lewdly.

"Oh baby, there are a lot of things . . . a lot of things that I can think of for you to do to be nice to me."

"Yes, honey, I know all of the things you want me to do . . . "


She didn't answer him.

After a few minutes he said, "turn about is fair play," then he carried her to the bed and buried his face between her legs. This time his tongue and his lips danced with her nether lips and un-hooded nubbin until she screamed out, "I'm coming."

He stood at the end of the bed and looked at her supine form in amazement, even though he had seen her naked and freshly satisfied thousands of times before. She truly was magnificent. Andy was right. She would be the most beautiful woman on the ship; she always was anywhere. She was four inches shorter than his height and stood at 5'6," but when she was wearing her highest heels they were about the same. And, while he had gained more than thirty pounds during their marriage and now weighed nearly 200 pounds, she weighed the same as she had the day they married, 120 pounds.

Her boobs were B cups which was just fine with him. She wondered, like most women, if she wasn't on the small side but he reassured her that she was really perfect. Her legs were long, her high waist narrow and her tummy flat. For the last six months, at his urging, she had kept her pussy bare except for a small, shaped brunette tuft above her cleft.

As perfect as her figure was, her face was her best feature: Big, deep-blue eyes that could smile even when her full lips – that were made to be kissed – didn't even move. Lustrous brown hair fell to a couple of inches below her creamy shoulders and framed her movie-star beautiful face. The total package was breathtaking and made to be starred at.

They had discovered sex together but the Iowa girl was still an Iowa girl. He had tried everything to add a new spark to their lovemaking and, finally, concluded that he needed more than just the two of them to take their sex to a forbidden place that had been his fantasy for years. For some reason, he wanted to watch her get fucked by other men and had told her so. She was furious with him when he first mentioned it to her. She was sure that he must be having an affair and needed to assuage his guilt by offering her the freedom to do what, she assumed, he had already done. Eventually, she came to accept the fact that he hadn't strayed and for some strange reason he really did want her to reach a level of sexual satisfaction that couldn't be experienced with only one very familiar partner.

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