tagGay MaleJake and Danny

Jake and Danny


This story is total fiction...

When I felt Jakes big cock slide into my hole, I knew two things! The first was that I had just lost my butthole cherry, which was something I NEVER intended to do, and the second was that this would probably not be a one-time thing.

I'm 23 and recently divorced. I've known Jake since I was about 12. Jake was always the popular jock, one of the best looking guys around, a big swinging dick in the showers. Now he never made a big deal out of it, but it seemed he took every opportunity to show it when he could, and I'm not criticizing as I'm sure I would too.

Don't get me wrong, I have a decently thick 7.5"er, but it's not a shower. Over the years under different circumstances I've seen Jake soft and hard, and he's a grower AND a shower. It's about 5" swinging and better than 8" hard. I know because not only have we worked out together and played sports together, a couple of times we've banged chicks together, that's mostly when I've seen it hard.

Jake is one of those guys that when he does something it's never half assed, he does everything balls out, that's why I knew if he fucked me once he'd do it again and again. I couldn't believe we had gotten to this place, but fuck we'd been buds forever. We'd been in drunken stupors before and a little grab ass had happened, but nothing like this!

Danny and I have known each other since we were kids! We hit it off right away, we liked and enjoy a lot of the same things. I have known for some time that Danny is into me, but not just me, he is really interested in my big cock. At one point a couple of years ago I decided to move on that. We were buzzed and watching porn one night and I convinced him that we should give each other a hand. I knew right then and there that he could be mine, hell I felt like he should be mine.

Sure we had banged chicks together and I fucked plenty of girls, I'm not really into guys, but Danny is different! The first time I saw his gorgeous blue eyes and long thick eyelashes I thought they belonged on a girl! I wanted a girl with eyes like that to look up at me while I was fucking. It was sometime later in a late night masturbation session that I thought about Danny's eyes and then I thought about Danny's body, especially his butt, I decided I could fuck a guy with an ass like that to be able to have those gorgeous eyes to look into. I also decided it didn't matter that much that he was a guy, especially since I was pretty sure, that Danny would be a guy who would worship me.

Not too long after the mutual masturbation session Danny got pretty tight with a girl, so I backed off, next thing I knew he was engaged and then married, hell I was his best man! But, now he was single again, and I had spent a lot of time planning to turn him into my bitch! Now I mean that in a good way, but I think I know more about what he wants than he does, I just have to show him and I'm pretty sure Danny will realize what he wants!

Tonight we weren't shitfaced, but did have a bit of a buzz going. We'd gone to an early happy hour and left when the prices went up since there really wasn't anyone around that we knew. At his place the drinks were free and he said he wanted to smoke a bowl. We were pretty light smokers and usual only fired up the 420 on weekends, but Jake said he had some killer weed he wanted me to try.

It was an unusually hot mid-June evening and as soon as we got to his place he stripped down to his boxer briefs and suggested I do the same. The a/c was doing an okay job, but since it had turned hot late in the day, it was a little warm in his house. I had no problem being in my underwear or even naked in front of Jake, we'd both seen everything, and although he is larger in stature we are both in great shape. Yes his cock is bigger than mine, but like I said, mine's pretty decent too, but since I was newly single I had decided to update my underwear, and had some pretty damn sexy low cut briefs on, I liked them so much I had bought them in several colors and I laughed to myself thinking what he would have to say about the bright pink color.

Danny's ass was just one of many reasons I am so attracted to him and wanted to make him mine! Two nice full round muscular dimpled cheeks as smooth as a baby's, but when he bent over and his cheeks spread a bit, there was a thick forest of dark hair in his deep crack that just made him look so fucking sexy I had a hard time not just staring!

I stepped out of my shorts, and heard a long low whistle..."Holy fuck bro, you have been working those glutes, your ass looks amazing, and those tight pink panties you're wearing just make it look better!" I know I blushed a bit, and turned around and flipped him off, and he laughed even harder!

We were watching a game and our team was getting stomped. Jake said, "Fire up that bong Danny its already loaded, I'm going to put on some porn!"

"Oh come on Jake, we've both seen all the porn you own at least five times, because you're too cheap to buy anything new!"

"Ha, not true, first off, I'm not cheap just no sense in buying what you can find on the internet...but better than that a buddy of mine at work, told me he just figured out how to download a bunch of free porn and he burned me a few discs. I've only watched one of them, not all the way through, but its just clips, I like that better than the long drawn out thing where they try to make a story out of it!"

Jake and I had watched porn together a few times, but had mostly just rubbed ourselves through our shorts, but there was one time when we were pretty buzzed and we'd hauled cocks out and stroked them, and we ended up helping each other out. It was no big deal and neither of us had ever mentioned it again. I wondered if since we were getting high he wanted that to happen again, it seemed like he was setting it up. Normally I would not have been up for it again, but since I'd been single a few months and hadn't had much action, I already knew I'd be up for it if he brought it up.

He grabbed the remote and started the video; I grabbed the bong and fired it up.

In ten minutes we were both leaning back on his couch rubbing our cocks watching some girl on girl action. Normally this would turn me on like crazy, but these were some pretty skanky looking women, a little older than my type, but what the hell it was women eating each other's pussies. Jake commented that a lot of this video was homemade stuff his buddy had downloaded, and a lot of it was short clips. We both agreed that it wasn't doing much for us, so after fast forwarding through several similar scenes, Jake got up and ejected the disc and put in a different one.

He sat down and we finished the weed, and this video started with a gal about 30 who was wearing a school girl uniform trying to look underage, and was getting fucked by a man who had to be late 60's or early 70's. Jake didn't say anything, but after a few minutes I said, "Fuck Jake, this sucks, hell I'm losing my boner!"

"Yah Jake agreed, your turn to pick a disc, hey get us a beer while you're up, okay?"

I hit the eject button and while waiting for the disc to stop and slide out I went to the frig and got us each a beer. When I came back I handed Jake his, sat mine down and moved two discs aside and grabbed the bottom one and put it in the slot. Again Jake whistled at my ass and pink briefs!

I said, "Fuck off Jake, you've seen my ass for years, just bought some new sexier underwear since I'm single, it can't hurt!"

"Well buddy, it's hurting me, my cock is so hard it hurts!"

I laughed and said, "It's going to hurt a lot more after I slap it around for a while!"

"Fuck Danny, that's hot, I didn't know you were into kink!"

"Dammit Jake, is it ALL about sex for you?"

"Well fuck Danny, we're watching some disgusting porn, we should get kinky and disgusting too! We're buzzed and drinking, let down your guard a bit bro, let's get wild!" With that Jake stood up, peeled down his tight boxer briefs that were straining against his big hard cock. When he pulled them down his big cock slapped up against his tight hairy abs, he sheepishly smiled at me and sat back down.

I was buzzed and said, "Okay, let's do it...whatever the fuck this video is, we're going to watch it and get off, porn is porn, I need to bust a nut, and I haven't done anything wild since, well the last time we, well you know what we did, it was strange but it was kind of hot!"

Jake grinning said, "Fuck yeah bro; I'm glad you're thinking along those lines!"

I pushed the slide slot on the DVD player and with my back to him, slowly slid my hot pink (well actually raspberry) briefs down and let him have a "really" good look at my ass! And yes I had been working my glutes and quads! I knew they looked amazing, and he was the first one who had mentioned it, so why not show off my hard work!

I stepped out of my briefs, turned around and fairly proudly walked to the couch with my hard cock leading the way. My ex-wife had always encouraged me to trim and shave my body, saying it showed off my definition and I looked more muscular. I hated it, so as soon as we broke up, I stopped. This was the first time in a couple of years Jake who never trims or shaves, saw me with my natural body hair. Wow bro, you don't look like a manscaping freak anymore, good for you...let that man hair grow!

When I sat back down, I had probably moved about 6" closer to him, not overly noticeable, but I was a little closer. I don't know if I wanted him to notice or not, but I knew the liquor, the smoke, the disgusting porn, and yes being naked with Jake again, was turning me on! The last time was a turn on to actually touch another cock, but feeling the difference in size felt amazing. There was one other thing and I was noticing it again this time. It was Jake's scent.

It wasn't disgusting or offensive; actually it was intriguing and somewhat alluring. Jake had put his arm on the back of the couch behind me, there was a bit of the scent of soap or laundry detergent, but underneath that was a strong and full man scent!

I also knew that Danny was intrigued with my scent, he seemed drawn to it and didn't even know it. I was pretty certain that if I played my cards right I could get the man of my dreams to be mine always, and get him addicted to my cock and my scent.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jake move his arm, I thought he was going for my cock, or doing what he did the last time to start the action, just take my hand and place it on his cock. But this time was different, he drew me in closer to him, and my face ended up very close to his thickly haired armpit, and the scent was almost overwhelming!

Then he moved my hand to his big cock, I took a deep breath, which was full of his scent and wrapped my hand around his big cock! It felt amazing, just like the last time, but something was different, I was more turned on. I felt Jake slide his big hand down my back and rested it just above my butt, it was kind of reassuring to feel him touching me.

I felt his hand slide back up to my shoulder and then the back of my neck, and he started applying a gentle pressure pushing my face closer to his big amazing cock and full bush.

I looked up and asked what he was doing, he said, "Well I know you enjoy the scent of my pits, that's nothing compared to the scent of my bush and balls, buddy, dive in, check it out!"

"Jake, you're crazy!"

"No I'm not Danny, admit it, chicks love it and a lot of guys are attracted to my scent, check it out while you watch the video!"

Speaking of the video it was a bunch of different clips and there were all kinds of sex scenes going on, at the moment I looked at it, it appeared to be a bi-sex video of women with women, men and women and even a few men and men, I'd never really watched anything like that, and it was kind of hot!

His cock was damn near standing straight up it was so hard, so with a little help from Jake's hand I slowly slid my face down his washboard stomach and got my face very close to his bush, well and his cock. I kept watching the video and there was starting to be a lot more guy on guy action. Sometimes a 3rd would join a male/female couple and the guys would play with each other as much as with the female, but also there was now one group of three males kissing, licking and sucking, and a group of five males, and it looked like one of them was going to get fucked soon, as two guys were taking turns licking his butt!

I heard Jake groan and say, "Fuck this is one smoking hot video!" With that he grabbed his cock and when he did, he moved it across my face a bit. I moved back up his stomach a bit to give him room to do what he wanted to do with it, but that was a mistake, because the next time it brushed my face, it was the tip of his cock against my lips and it was leaking! This was also the first time I had smelled his crotch! It was a somewhat familiar smell from my own crotch and from locker rooms, women and some guys seemed to find it unpleasant, I was kind of enjoying it, and maybe it was kind of turning me on.

It really was reflex when I licked my lips with Jakes precum on them, I had already done it before I realized what I was doing, and it wasn't missed by Jake either! "Tastes great doesn't it?"

I was so embarrassed I couldn't answer!

"Don't worry buddy, I know it's good, I taste it all the time, why don't you suck it a little for me?"

"Fuck NO Jake, I'm not gay!"

"Fuck Danny, don't get upset, I know you're not gay, and I'm not either, but there's nothing wrong with buds helping each other out, we've already done some of it, and there are different levels of it, hell look up at the screen all those guys are getting into it, and their fucking chicks and eating pussy at the same time, we just don't have any pussy here right now! Just give it a try, start with a little kiss, you'll see it's not bad, and you may actually like it!"

I really didn't think that I would like it, but something was urging me on! I knew that a very small part of me wanted to try this, and I'm not certain if it's just because it was Jake's dick or not, but I looked up at the screen and saw a guy slide his lips over the end of a big cock head and then proceed, and that's just what I did.

Jake just moaned!

I was so happy when Danny let me convince him to try sucking my cock. I let out a loud moan to show him my approval. I wanted him to KNOW how much I liked what he was doing!

I also knew that this act held all kinds of implications, and it also showed me how much he cares about me, much more than it shows he might be into men. All I could think about was that this was a huge step towards my quest to make him my bitch!

Jake kept telling me how great it felt, and what a great job I was doing, and I have to admit even at that moment I knew that was fueling my fires to keep doing it "for" him.

Jake kind of stroked my head and said, "Wow buddy, that feels really great, but look what he's doing!" Jake was pointing at the screen and the guy in the video was moving his mouth up and down another guys cock and with each stroke he was taking more.

I was surprised at how much watching a guy suck another guy was turning me on, and almost without thinking I started sliding my lips and mouth up and down Jakes big cock! His precum was really leaking now, and it did have a great taste and texture to it!

I was very happy that Danny was getting into this! I had dreamed of this moment for years! It was the real moment when I started changing him into what I REALLY wanted!

While watching a very hot man suck the big cock of another hot man, I was kind of imitating what was happening on the screen. I was slowly getting his cock wetter and wetter, and slowly sliding my mouth up and down more of his cock! Jake had one hand on my head stroking my hair, while slowly applying more and more pressure on each down stroke, causing me to take more and more of his large cock into my mouth. Jakes other hand was stroking up and down my back and occasionally stroking over my muscled butt! But there were other things, kind of bonuses!

The side of my face was against his tight hairy abs, his cock was almost pulsing in my mouth! I love the steely hardness of it along with the soft skin. I could feel the big veins and loved the flare of this head that was somewhat wider than the shaft. My face was also right in his full thick bush and the scent was rushing into my nostrils with every breath and seemed to be fueling something totally different inside of me. Jake was slightly moaning and that also turned me on more and more! My cock was hard as a post, and I realized that I was loving servicing Jake and his big cock!

Keeping Jakes cock in my mouth I heard louder moaning on the screen, and looked to see what was happening. The guy sucking cock had started licking it, from the base to the tip, then swirling his tongue around the extended head.

I started doing the same thing and almost immediately Jake started moaning louder than the guy on the screen. This was a huge turn on, and so was Jake's finger slowly stroking through my hairy crack! Once in a while it would glide across my butthole and that sent shivers through me and made me moan around Jake's cock!

"Wow buddy, when you moan like that, it REALLY feels great on my cock!"

I realized that Jake knew what was causing me to moan, it was him rubbing my butthole, so he started doing it more and more.

Almost the second that I touched Danny's butthole, he started reacting! He moaned, but also clenched it tight! I knew my job now was to get him to relax it, so I slide my fingers in my mouth to get them wet and started rubbing wet circles around the very edge of his tight little virgin butthole!

Very soon I noticed that Jake's finger was now wet against my tight little hole, and although it kind of scared me, it felt FUCKING AMAZING and I was moaning!

After I had licked all over Jake's cock, I did like the guy on the screen and took it back into my mouth. It felt much better all wet like this, and fuck so did Jake's finger against my hole! It was kind of hard to concentrate on his cock because he was making my hole feel so amazing! His fingers went away for a minute and came back even wetter this time. I was now sliding my mouth up and down his big shaft a little faster and a little farther, when I felt just the tip of Jake's finger start to penetrate my hole! FUCK! It scared me and felt amazing and only lasted for a split second.

Danny almost jerked when my finger just slightly penetrated his hole, but he didn't pull off of my cock, so I took that as kind of a green light that he liked what had happened. So I wet my fingers again!

I just didn't know what to think about Jake's finger going into my butt, but then on the screen another guy came up behind the guy sucking cock and started licking and fingering his butt, for a second I almost shot!

Jake's finger went away from my hole for a few seconds, and I kind of wanted it back, I wasn't sure I wanted it to go in again, but I fucking loved the way he was rubbing my hole!

When his finger returned it was wetter again and started rubbing the circles around the edges of my hole, I was almost shivering, I noticed an increase in the pressure Jake was putting on the back of my head pushing just a bit more cock into my mouth, and it touched the back of my throat at the same time Jake's finger slipped into my hole again!

Fuck this time felt better than the first, and it stayed in a few more seconds. Then he slid it out and slid it back again now fucking his cock in and out of my mouth a bit while holding my head firmer. Fuck there was something hot about feeling Jake more or less take control of me!

Wow! Things were heating up and progressing nicely with Danny! He had licked all over my cock and was now sucking it with a bit of enthusiasm, so I thought I'd help him along a bit. The attention to his gorgeous, tight virgin butt was turning him on a lot, and I was able to push my big cock into his mouth until I felt it hit the back of this throat, and he really didn't resist much!

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