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Jake & Jackie


Hey everyone! Sorry it's been ages since I last wrote a story but I've been extremely busy. I finally got around to finishing this one. It's a sequel to my series "Abaonded" so if you haven't read that one then you might not understand this one. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

The taxicab pulled up the driveway and Jackie sprinted downstairs to greet her brother. Jake Jr. had been away in school in New York and she hadn't been able to see her brother for over a year. Her heart pounded, as it always did when she saw him. She flung the front door open and the siblings' eyes met. Jackie ran outside and threw her arms around her brother placing kisses all over his face.

"Hey, hey," Jake laughed holding his little sister close to him.

"I'm so glad you're home! Finally! It feels like it's been ages!"

She pulled away slowly and looked up at him. His dark brown hair was longer than the last time she'd seen him. His brown eyes danced as he looked at her. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to visit at all last year. Money has been tight but not to worry sis, I'm graduating by next spring."

Jackie smiled. "Good. I've missed you around. Besides, didn't you miss the beautiful California weather?"

Jake nodded. "I did."

Jake and Jackie had lived for several years in Nevada but soon moved to California because their father had gotten a good job there. As the years passed, Jake and Jackie had gotten very close. Jackie cried almost every night when Jake went away to school across the country to purse his dream in filmmaking.

"Well, you're here now, that's all that matters," Jackie whispered hugging her brother again.

Jake held her tight. He'd missed her so much. They often talked online or on the phone almost every night but it wasn't the same as seeing her in person. "Are mom and dad home?" Jake asked.

Jackie released herself from his hold. She tossed her long brown hair back. "No. Both are at work."

"Well, I guess it's just you and me then huh?" Jake asked.

Jackie blushed. "Yeah. Are you hungry? I could make you something."

"Oh yeah. I'm starved."

She giggled. "I bet the girls in college never offer to cook for you huh bro?"

Jake laughed. "Nah."

"Come on inside. Did you have any more luggage?"

"Nope this is it."

Both walked in the silent house.

* * *

"Mmm sis that was so good," Jake announced after eating the last of the spaghetti Jackie had cooked.

Jackie beamed with pride. She watched him wipe the red spaghetti sauce from the corner of his mouth. "I'm glad you liked. I really missed you."

Jake took a quick sip of water. "I missed you too.

Just then Lucinda, the sibling's mom walked in. She threw her purse down on the couch and hurried to the kitchen. Her face brightened when she saw that her son was home.

"J.J.!" She shrilled. Lucinda grew up calling him J.J since he shared the same name with his father.

Jake smiled. He got up and hugged his mother. Jake was so tall just like his father and Jackie was short like Lucinda. "Wow my baby!" Lucinda said in a muffled voice.

Jake stood back and looked at his mother. She was a lot older than most of his friends mother's but she was so beautiful. "Hey mom, so good to see you."

"I see you sister already fed you huh?" Lucinda winked at Jackie.

"I did. I'm sorry I beat you to it mom," Jackie teased.

Lucinda laughed softly. "That's ok sweetheart," she then looked at Jake, "When did you get here?"

"Ah about over an hour ago. It's good to be back and see you all. When is dad coming home?"

"He should be home soon. He's been busy working on several stories and traveling a lot."

"I've missed him. I've missed all of you."

"Well, we're just glad you're here. Now if your sister doesn't mind, since you've already had lunch how about I make you a nice dessert. I think you liked strawberry cheesecake if I'm not mistaken."

Jake licked his lips. "Oh yeah!"

Jackie clapped. "Yay! I love strawberry cheesecake too!"

Lucinda looked at Jackie. "What about that diet you're on young lady?"

Jake looked puzzled. "What diet? Jackie, you're dieting?"

Jackie shrugged. "Ah I can start on it tomorrow again."

Lucinda laughed. "I told your sister she does not need to diet, but she insists that she's fat."

Jake looked at his sister up and down. He was thankful that she wasn't all bones like most girls he went to school with, but she wasn't fat that was for sure. She had a nice curvy womanly body with a tight tummy and nice round buttocks.

"You don't need to diet sis. You look great," Jake assured.

Jackie blushed. "Thank you, but you're just saying that because you're my brother."

"I don't think that's true Jackie. What about all those boys that call to the house late at night?" Lucinda teased.

Jake frowned. "How many boys?"

Jackie giggled. "It's not a lot. Mom, you're exaggerating."

"Good. You don't need to be thinking about boys right now," Jake playfully scolded.

"Oh so now that you're here, you're going to really act like a big brother huh?"

Jake nodded. "That's right. So be careful."

Lucinda laughed. "Just like old times huh?"

Just then, Jake, the sibling's father walked in. His heavy footsteps were heard and he too rushed to see his son. Jake Jr. rushed to hug his father. Jr. had so much to be thankful for. His father had worked hard to send him to college. He'd never judged him for making the decision to go into film instead of the medical field, like he had originally intended.

"I saw your truck parked outside and I knew my boy was home," Jake said holding his son.

"Hey dad, I've missed you so much."

Jake looked at his son. He couldn't believe how much he'd grown. Just yesterday he was four years old and meeting him for the first time, and now he was a grown college man. "We have a lot of catching up to do! Why don't we all go out for dinner?"

Lucinda eyed Jackie. "Um dad, I've already made J.J. dinner."

Jake sighed. "We're too late huh?" He asked Lucinda.

"Maybe, but I promised I'd make a cheesecake for him, or shall I say for both of them?"

Jackie smiled innocently. "What?"

Jake laughed. "Well then, how about you and I go out for dinner and let the kids have dessert?" He asked Lucinda.

Lucinda nodded. "Sounds good. Kids?"

"I'm ok with that," Jake Jr. replied.

Jackie agreed but deep down she wanted to spend more time alone with Jake.

* * *

After dinner the four got home. Lucinda and Jake went to bed while J.J. and Jackie decided to sit outside and talk more. They'd talked so much during dinner, that their parents hadn't been able to say much. The siblings sat outside the porch swing staring out into the starry sky. The night had gotten chilly. Jackie took a big fluffy blanket for them both to share.

"What kind of movies do you want to do?" Jackie asked.

Jake shrugged. "I'm not sure yet. I am leaning more towards documentaries though. I think they are so interesting."

Jackie's eyes lit up. "I love documentaries!"

"Yeah me too. If documentaries don't work for me, then I'd like to do independent films."

"No pornos though huh?" Jackie blurted and realized she found herself turning red.

Jake raised a brow. "Uh…no! You dirty minded girl."

Jackie giggled. "Sorry. I just had to say that."

"I've missed you so much," Jake said softly and put his hand over hers.

Jackie gulped. "I've missed you too. You need to hurry up and graduate so you can come back home."

"Yeah I know. Like I said, I'm almost done."


There was a brief silence. Jackie laid her had against his chest and felt her brother run his fingers through her hair. "It's such a nice night huh?" Jackie whispered.

"Yeah. I've missed cool California nights. New York nights are always noisy and hot, especially during this time of the year."



"You never talk to me about you know the girls you date. I mean I know you've said some things but you never go into detail."

"Why would you want to hear details?"

"Just in case I get a serious boyfriend I'll know how he should be treating me."

Jake laughed. "Like I said, you don't need to be thinking about any serious relationships right now. Hell, I'm not even thinking about serious relationships. I just want to get my career on track first."

Jackie raised her head and looked into his eyes. "You mean to tell me that if you met the most wonderful girl right now, you'd put off getting serious with her?"

Jake thought about that for a moment. "Hmm I guess so, yes."

"I don't buy that."

"Why not?"

"That's not you Jake. You're so sweet, smart and I know deep down you're a big romantic."

Jake laughed. "Me? Romantic?"

"Yes you! Remember that one Valentine's Day when Jimmy broke my heart?"

Jake frowned. "Yeah."

"You went out and bought me yellow roses and you said they stood for friendship? Now what brother would do that for his sister? And I also remember the love poems you used to write. You know the ones you wouldn't show anyone else but me?"

Jake blushed. "Yeah, but that doesn't prove anything."

"Don't be so modest Jake. It's nice for a guy to be romantic instead of a horn dog."

Jake raised a brow. "Who's been a horn dog with you?"

Jackie nodded. "No one, I mean you know how some guys are."

"Stay away from the horn dogs Jackie. They are nothing but trouble," Jake warned.

Jackie laid her head on his shoulder. She felt so secure when her brother was around. She loved spending time with him. She only wished she could meet a guy like him.

* * *

"Karla! Hey!" Jackie squealed into the phone the next day. Her best friend Karla had called her the next morning.

"Jackie, we're all going to the beach, you want to come?"

Jackie thought about it for a moment and then she remembered Jake. "Well, I'd love to but my brother's in town and-"

"Your brother? You mean Jake?" Karla interrupted.

Jackie giggled. "Yes, Jake."

"Oh my god! Jackie! Why didn't you call me as soon as he was in town? You know how big of a crush I've had on your brother ever since I laid eyes on him!"

Jackie felt a slight twinge of jealousy but shrugged it off. "I know. I'm sorry but I had to visit with my brother first. I'm selfish that way."

"You have to invite him to the beach! Please! Please!"

Jackie smiled. "If I invite him, you better behave."

Karla gasped. "When have I been immature around your brother?"

"Oh, let's see…all the time!"

Karla laughed. "I know. He makes me so nervous because he's such a hottie!"

"I know he is…err I-I mean I know he makes you nervous," Jackie stammered.

"So will you invite him?" Karla asked. "Besides, Chris Tomlin will be there."

Jackie's smile faded. "Chris Tomlin? Ugh! I don't like him!"

"Why not?"

"Karla! Have you forgotten how much of a jerk he is! He's always looking to get into a girl's pants. He keeps being nice to me because I'm the only girl who hasn't given it up to him."

"You're the only girl who hasn't given it up to anyone," Karla joked.

"Oh be quiet! I'm serious! He's such a jerk."

"Well, you don't have to hang with him then. You can just hang with me and…you're totally hot brother."

Jackie could hear the excitement in her friend's voice. She had to admit she wanted Jake to go to the beach just so she could be able to see him in his swim trunks, no shirt and the sun glistening off his hard chest…"Oh stop it!" Jackie said to herself.

"I'll let Jake know and call you back in a bit ok?"

"Sure," Karla replied.

* * *

Jackie walked downstairs and found her brother sitting on the couch watching TV. He looked up at her and smiled. "Hey you. I was wondering where you were. Do you always wake up at noon?"

Jackie smirked. "No. It is only 11:15, but then again it's 2:15 to you New Yorkers."

Jake winked at her sending a chill all over her body. "What are you up to today?" Jackie smiled deviously and sat next to him. She eyed him sweetly. Jake nodded. "Uh oh, I know you want something. Whenever you give me that look, I get nervous."

Jackie batted her eyelashes. "Jake, would you like to come to the beach with me and Karla?"

Jake sighed. "A day at the beach with two high school girls? Hmm I'll pass."

Jackie gasped. "Jake! That was so rude!"

Jake laughed. "I'm kidding! You know I'd go to the beach with you and your friend. Why do you even have to ask? You know I'd do flips for you."

Jackie's heart raced. "You would?"

"Yes! Now did you two want me to take you in dad's truck or is Karla picking us up?"

Jackie jumped up. "I don't know! I'm going to call her right now!" With that she ran upstairs and Jake laughed. He loved seeing her happy.

* * *

They decided to let Jake take them in the truck. It was a nice long ride to the beach. Karla sat in the back and Jackie was in the front with Jake.

"So how do you like New York?" Karla asked.

Jake looked at Karla through the rearview mirror. Her red hair was tied back in a braid and dark sunglasses covered her green eyes. "It's ok. It's loud, noisy and believe it or not, people in the east are actually nice folks."

"That's not what I heard," Karla shot back.

Jackie turned to look at her friend. "It's true Karla. I'm sure eastern folks think we are rude."

Karla shrugged. "Well, it's just good to know that rudeness had not rubbed off on Jake."

Jackie smiled. She looked at her brother who was concentrating on the road. "Jake would never be like that."

Jake took a quick glimpse at his sister and smiled at her. He had to admit she looked sexy with her brown hair in a ponytail and her dark blue shades on. He wondered what she looked like underneath the long white shirt and black shorts she wore.

* * *

Once at the beach, Jackie and Karla went off to meet their friends. Jake grabbed a book he had brought with him and a beach towel. He found himself a nice spot and laid down under the sun. He put on his shades and relaxed reading his book. As much as he tried to concentrate, he couldn't. He kept staring off to where Jackie was. She was still in her t-shirt and shorts. Karla had already stripped down to her green and white bikini. He had to admit she had a very nice body, but that didn't matter, he wanted to see Jackie.

Jackie kept turning to wave at her brother. She felt awful for leaving him alone but she knew he'd feel awkward hanging out with high school kids. She noticed him staring at her but she figured he was probably staring at Karla in her bikini.

"C'mon Jackie!"

Jackie turned to her friend. "Huh?"

"Take off your clothes! Don't you know these guys want to see you in your bikini?"

Jackie blushed. "No they don't. Besides, I'm not comfortable in this bikini."

Karla shook her head. "You look great in it. I saw you when you tried it on remember? Now don't be shy and take off your shirt," Karla demanded tugging on Jackie's t-shirt.

Jackie laughed. She backed away from her friend. "Ok! Ok! Jesus Christ!"

Jackie slowly removed her t-shirt and then her beach shorts. She felt like covering herself up again when she realized all the guys were looking at her. Karla gave her a thumbs up. "There you go! Look at all them guys looking at you."

Jackie felt her face turned beet red. "They probably think I look fat and want me to put my clothes back on."

Karla playfully hit her arm. "Will you stop it? You are not fat! How many times do I have to tell you that?"

Jackie looked down. She could still feel all eyes on her. She stared at her blue two piece bikini and wanted to bury herself in the sand so no one would stare at her. It was the first time in her life that she ever wore a two piece.

Jake gulped. He couldn't stop staring at his baby sister. She'd really grown up. Her breasts were big, they had to be at least a 38c or bigger. Her tummy was flat and her legs were smooth. He waited until she turned to get a good look at her behind. It was voluptuous and so firm. "Damn you look so sexy," Jake said to himself. He quickly went back to his book when he realized Jackie looking at him.

"Was he staring at me?" Jackie thought to herself. Jake had never seen her in little clothing. She'd always been so insecure about her body until her mother had made her realize that she had a nice body.

"Hey Jackie."

Jackie turned to see Chris Tomlin standing in front of her. She almost cringed. "Hi Chris," she said weakly.

"You're looking really good. I mean you look so pretty."

Jackie looked at Karla and rolled her eyes. "Thanks."

"So you want to get in the water?"

Jackie nodded. "No thanks. I don't like to get in the water."

"Why not?"

"I can't swim," Jackie lied.

"Hmm this should be interesting," Chris said in a devious tone.

Jackie looked puzzled. "What should be interesting?"

"This!" Chris suddenly picked her up and was carrying her over to the water. Jackie kicked and screamed for him to stop. Karla rushed over to them and slapped Chris on the arm.

"Put her down!" Karla pleaded.

Chris snickered and continued to walk towards the water. It looked as if he was about to throw her in the water for fun.

"Put her down right now before I kick your ass."

Chris stopped and released Jackie. He crossed his arms. "And who are you?"

"I'm her brother."

Chris looked down in shame. "Sorry. I was just trying to have some fun."

"That's not fun. She told you to put her down, did you not hear her or are you deaf?"

Chris put his hands up as if he was surrendering. "Alright, sorry."

Jake frowned. "Don't apologize to me, apologize to Jackie."

Chris looked at Jackie. His face was flushed. "I'm sorry Jackie."

"Just leave me alone," Jackie said softly.

Chris nodded and walked away. Jackie's face showed anger. "Ugh! What an asshole!" She ranted.

Karla put her arms around her. "I'm sorry Jackie. I didn't think he'd be such a jerk to you. I could tell he'd been drinking."

"That's no excuse to treat a girl that way. Who was that guy anyway?" Jake asked Karla.

"He's just a guy that likes your sister. I thought he'd be good for her but now I know why Jackie never gave him the time of day."

"Are you ok sis?" Jake asked searching for Jackie's face.

She nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine. Let's get away from all these people. I'm not in the mood to be around them."

Karla smiled. "Ok. Let's go hang out with Jake."

"You are both more than welcome to join me in my corner of the beach. If you two don't mind hanging out with an old man."

Jackie smirked. "You're not old."

"Yeah, not one bit. I like mature men anyway," Karla chimed in.

The three walked back towards where Jake was. Jackie couldn't help but walk in between them. She wanted to walk next to her brother. In fact she wanted to do more than just walk with him.

* * *

"Mmm thanks for buying us these hotdogs!" Karla said as she devoured her hot dog.

Jake stared at her eat. He never knew a girl so skinny could eat so much. Jackie ate her hotdog slowly. She seemed to be in another place. Jake took a sip of soda he and Jackie were sharing.

"Sis? You ok?"

Jackie snapped out of her daydream. "Huh? Yeah. What did I miss?"

Karla giggled.

"Not much it's just that you are so quiet," Jake said.

Jackie smiled shyly. She couldn't dare tell Jake she'd been daydreaming about him. He was looking so cute in his black and white beach shorts. His body had developed nicely in college. She remembered him being skinny and now he had a nice body with hard abs and a muscular chest. Had he always had this affect on her? She began to wonder if she'd had a crush on her brother all of her life.

"I'm sorry I'm quiet. I guess I'm just tired."

"I think that jerk Chris brought her down," Karla chimed in.

Jackie shrugged. "Nah. I'm ok now. It's nice to be away from that entire crowd. I have to admit, I've always liked hanging out with my big brother," Jackie winked at her brother.

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