tagGay MaleJake Ch. 02

Jake Ch. 02


The feelings that swept over me were overwhelming. It was the first time another man had every touched me and that was making this that much more complicated. And face it, I weigh 300 pounds and am a hulk of a man. No one dares ever push me around. Something in my mind clicked and my hormones were running rampant. I didn't know what to expect. My only exposure to sex was porn and my hand.

He owned me and he knew it. There was a look of satisfaction on his face that was probably like the one I have on my face when I crush my opponent on the field. I couldn't wait to suck on his giant dick. The huge cock on that small body was so hot. I felt like I had been set free and now knew my purpose in life. Here I am the All-American football player with arms bigger than Sean's head feeling inferior next to him. He instructed me to pull off his shorts and start sucking his cock. I complied without even knowing what I was doing. I was instructed to put the head in my mouth and take it slow. I would need to get accustomed to his size. Since he was still soft and probably 8 inches long, I can only imagine how big he gets. He had balls the size of tennis balls. I caught myself staring at him in amazement. There was absolutely no hair on his body. I can only assume he had shaved any hair in his crotch. Even though he was small, his body was very firm. He sported a hot 6 pack abs. He had fair skin and deep blue eyes. His arrogance turned me on and matched my arrogance around everyone else.

My little dick was hard again. It was so hard that it hurt. Sean commanded me to not touch my little puny pathetic cock. Those words made me want to shoot another load. I held back the best I could. I got on my knees and positioned myself between his wide spread legs. I'm so big he had to spread his legs wide. I slowly grabbed his cock in my big hands. It seemed to fit perfectly in my hands like this is the size cock I should have. Slowly, I put the head in my mouth. I had to open wide. My little cock throbbed and ached. Sean commanded, "Look up at me while you suck on my big cock." I complied and looked directly into those steel blue eyes. I was under his control and he knew it.

As I started to suck on his uncut head, I realized his cock head is bigger than my entire cock. All of this was making me so hot. It's also the first time I ever sucked a cock and I pick the one that is bigger than anything I have ever seen even in porn movies. I feel his cock getting bigger in my mouth. I was determined to please him and continued to suck down more of his cock. It kept growing and I was looking up into those hot blue eyes as I sucked him. He was enjoying it. You could tell by the look on his face that not many guys can handle his size. I was determined to suck him expertly.

We repositioned so that his legs were over my shoulders. This way I could get deeper on his cock which kept growing. He had one huge damn cock. At some point, I came again without realizing it but Sean knew. He laughed at me and pointed out how pathetically small I am. This only made me hard again and made me more determined to give him the best blowjob he's ever had. Now he was verbally taunting me. Telling me how pathetic I was and asked me how it was see a real man's cock. He called me a pussy boy and kept telling me he owned me. This only made me want to suck even more. Then he said, "How in the fuck do you survive the locker room with something that puny? All your buddies must giggle at how pathetic and small you are." I stopped sucking for a moment to answer rather sheepishly, "No one ever sees me naked. I make sure that I don't shower around them." He started to laugh insanely hard and pushed my head back on his cock.

I sucked him until he was hard. It was a hot time. I was sweating and so was Sean. His cock was hard as a rock now. I pulled my mouth off it and admired it. I told him much I loved his cock and that I would do anything to please him. By this time, I was trying to calculate just how big it was. Not only was it long, it was very thick. I had to open so wide to get it in my mouth. It looked to me like it was almost as thick as a beer can. He looked at me again and said, "Trying to figure out just how big it is?" I nodded and then he said, "What do you think?" Still trying to calculate in my head I just shrugged my shoulders. He looked at me and said, "The last time I measured it came in at 12 inches exactly. You are servicing a foot of cock. And how big is your pathetic cock like 3 inches." He was laughing at me when he said that. Then he said, "I have the cock that fits your body. You were short-changed and now you are destined to be my pussy boy. I'm exacting revenge for being tormented through school as being the puny little gay feminine boy. You see anything feminine about me?" Then he slammed my face further onto his pole.

I wanted so badly to please him. I'm not sure why I felt this way. It just seemed natural that he would be the dominant one since he had the man's cock. I felt like I had the little boy cock. I have always felt that way. I felt subservient to him. It was so hard to believe that I felt like he owned me. I did everything I could to open my mouth wide and get that cock down deep in my throat. I wanted to swallow the whole thing. I opened and he pushed and pushed. I took about three quarters of it but couldn't get it much deeper. He stood up abruptly and said, "On your knees boy." I obeyed.

Due to our size difference, it worked out better if he stood on the bed. That made it easier for me to suck that huge cock. He held my head and started to fuck my face. Those big balls swinging with every thrust. He ordered me to flex my arms. I complied and gave him a double biceps pose showing off my 23 inch guns. He was impressed as he felt them up. My puny little cock was aching. I needed to cum again. I was afraid that he would make fun of me. He was fucking my face for a long time. It seemed like an hour but it was probably about 20 minutes. Finally, I saw those big balls start to tighten up. A few more thrusts and he pulled out and sprayed cum all over my hairy chest. Gobs and gobs of white cum dripping from my nipples and pecs. Without even touching my pussy boy dick, I came again.

Having all his blood pumping into that huge cock must have worn him out. When he came, he collapsed in my arms. We started kissing passionately. Then he whispered, "I want your ass before the day is over."

To be continued...

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