tagGay MaleJake Ch. 05

Jake Ch. 05


As I was washing the cum off me, I realized he was right. Sean opened me up to something very new. I am the pussy boy that he says and it makes me feel whole. While I was doing this it also occurred to me that I hadn't eaten in a very long time. When you are as big as I am, you are used to eating every couple of hours. I can't lose any size and would prefer to gain some more mass. I went to the refrigerator and found one of my weight gain shakes and downed it in two seconds flat. I was still starving and decided to head off to the mess to eat. Sean was asleep on the bed now so I slipped out in my shorts and flip flops with a tight tank top on.

On my trip across campus to the mess hall, I went through the day's events in my head. It had been one hell of a day. I was a virgin until about 6 hours ago. Now I've been fucked by one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen and sucked on another one. This is very fun. Look what I've missed all these years. Even though my ass is sore, it feels great. I feel fulfilled when there is a cock inside me. It's like I know what my purpose is. I'm here to please big cocks.

The mess hall was more crowded now that all the regular students were there. I piled my tray to the brim. I was ravenous and couldn't wait to eat. I found the jock tables and went and joined them. I don't feel so bad with this much food around them. Plus, I can get by with seconds too as I know I will still be hungry. Everyone was chatting about their classes tomorrow and how the jocks get the easy schedules.

After I polished off my first tray, I decided to get seconds. I was still hungry. One of the workers caught my eye. He was taller than most guys and very thin. He probably was about 6'2" or so and skinny as can be. His tight skinny jeans were hot as hell and he was packing some sizable meat in there. I must have been looking at his crotch a little too intently as when I looked up at his face he was smiling. He leaned over the counter and said meet me in room 223 in this building in 20 minutes. I smiled and said I would.

I'm shoveling in my second tray of food and my stomach has finally stopped growling. Being this size I can eat as much as I want. I want to gain weight. For me to be successful I need to put on some more size. These guys are huge and quick. I finished my tray and sat back in my chair and rubbed my full belly. Damn it felt good. It even made my little dick hard. No one can tell since it's so fucking small.

As I looked at the clock, I realized it was time to meet the hot dude upstairs. I got up and dumped my tray and went looking for this room. I practically ran up the flight of stairs I was so excited. I went wandering down the hall. I found it and opened the door and walked in. It was like a small storage room. There was a small desk and a bunch of shelves. Sitting at the desk was the hot guy from downstairs. As I walked in, he said, "Hi. I'm Nate. I think you want this?" He was holding his crotch. I must have a big sign on my head that says I will suck cock. Or, you can fuck me. This was blowing my mind.

I just nodded my head and said, "I'm Jake." So, Nate said, "You want to flex those big arms for me?" I smiled and said, "You like these 23 inch arms?" I was grinning while I bent over so he could feel them. My little cock was hard as a rock. This attention was getting to me. I wanted his cock bad. I reached down and squeezed his bulge with my big hands. I heard him gasp when I did that. His jeans were so tight I knew that big cock between his legs wanted out. He looked at me and said, "What are you waiting for?" With that I unzipped his jeans and felt inside. He wasn't wearing any briefs. It was all meat. He thrust his hips up so I could wrangle him out of those tight ass jeans.

I slid them down a little and he helped with the rest. They were in a puddle at his ankles. Oh, man was his cock big. Not as big as Sean's cock, but it was big and fat. The balls were giant sized. I still don't know how he fit all that meat inside those jeans. I could smell the aroma of sweaty manly cock. It was like a drug to me. He was uncut and thick. The foreskin covered his cock like a fat salami. His crotch and balls were completely shaved. It was sexy with a cock that big. It didn't take me long until I was sucking him like there was no tomorrow.

I swallowed him all the way. I wanted him to grow in my throat. That made him lay back and moan. He commanded me to flex while I sucked him. I complied. I like showing off my guns. His head is back and he is moaning like crazy. Suddenly he grabs my crotch and said, "Yep. Just as I thought. A puny dicked jock. You guys all try to get big to hide the fact you have a puny cock. You can be my pussy boy." I was sucking like crazy. His cock kept growing and growing. By the time he was fully hard, it was probably 9" long and fat. Of course, he's like 3 times my size. His dick, that is. I'm probably almost double his weight. His body is lean and hot though.

At that moment, he said, "I need to fuck you." He stood up and had me get on all fours. The room was small but we figured it out and he was inside me in no time. He didn't hold back. He went right to work. He was thrusting in all the way and back out. He commented that it was nice that I had a shaved pussy for him. It turned me on when guys referred to me as a pussy. I just seems like my place now. He was pounding away on my pussy ass and pounding away. His big fat balls were slapping on my ass as he was pounding. It felt very good. He wanted to feel my guns again so I raised up a little and flexed for him. These skinny dudes with giant dicks turned me on. I wanted to do anything for him.

He pounded me harder and harder. I could tell it was almost time for him. Those huge balls slapping on my ass started to tighten up. His fucking was getting harder. Then there was one long thrust and he collapsed on my back. He was totally spent and just laid there for a few minutes. Finally, his dick started to get soft and he pulled out. He went around to the front of me and told me to clean it off with my tongue. I did as I was told. Damn, that tasted good. Again, I realized that I had cum during this encounter.

I was still on my knees and he started to pull up his jeans. His did was partially soft, but not completely. He was struggling to pull up the jeans. They were so tight and yet very sexy. He said, "How big are those guns?" I said, "23 inches and growing." He said, "I like that. And I love growing boys. I'm totally into muscle size and mass and you have mass." He finally got the jeans on and turned to walk out the door and said, "Same time tomorrow!" With that he left.

I was sitting there with my ass still dripping cum. I looked around and found some rags in the corner. I wiped up and headed out the door with the biggest smile on my face. What a day this had been. And yet it's still early.

To be continued...

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Great series!

I love this series and I hope the next chapter comes out soon!

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by hungbottom11/09/17

Loving Big Cocks

Love your hot story. I'm one of those skinny guys with a big cock, 8+". I also love huge cocks but for me it's about sucking and getting royally fucked by them.

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