Jake's Sisters Ch. 01


He also happened to see Sandy throwing glances and little smiles at him. He felt a fear that she knew that he had seen Jessica topless. No, if she knew that she damn sure as hell wouldn't be smiling. Sarah must have called him something that he missed and Sarah was just laughing at him.

Amazingly Sandy and Sarah volunteered to do the dishes. Jessica went up stairs as Sandy began to gather the plates. Lindsey went into the living room. Jake decided he needed a shower so he said thank you to the twins and headed to his bathroom.

He went into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it before turning on the light. He turned around and gasped loudly.

Jessica was sitting on the edge of the bathtub crossed legged. She saw smiling brightly at the shock of Jake's face.

"Wha…What are you doing Jessica?" Jake stuttered keeping his voice low so no one passing by in the hallway would hear him.

"Well I figure that since you didn't get to see everything earlier, I might give you lesson number two." Jessica said standing and moving close to him.

Jake could smell her perfume as she put her hands on Jake's chest. "Jessica this is wrong we can't do this."

"Jake it's okay I want to do this for you. I want to make you feel good, I want to give you what you need." Jessica said.

"It's wrong though." He said.

Jessica shook her head. "It's only illegal if they find out about it." She smiled. "I won't tell if you won't."

Jake looked at the floor. "Jess, I…"

"Explore my body Jake. I want you to use your hands on my body; explore me Jake." Jessica lifted herself onto the counter. "I'm just going to sit here, you can do whatever you want to me."

Jake just looked at her perched on the counter. His mind was fighting his dick, a clash of morals versus the urge to expel a major load of sperm.

Jessica watched him in anticipation. Jake was clearly having a debate within his mind. To help him along Jessica ran her hands over her body up to her breasts and squeezed them to together.

Jake's eyes widened and seemed to glaze over. He moved directly in front of her. Jessica spread her legs and let Jake press close. She could feel his throbbing erection through their pants. She could feel his huge member throbbing for her.

He softly put his hands on her legs. Jessica could feel his hands shaking. She reached out and took his face in her hands.

"I know you're nervous just take your time. Undress me with your own hands." She said.

Jake took a deep breath and his hands steadied themselves on her thighs. She was wearing jean shorts so his hands rested on her soft smooth flesh.

Jessica relaxed into his touch. "That's it, use your hands, let them guide you."

Jake slid his hands up to her waistline. His hands gripped the seem of the T-shirt and he lifted it up over her breasts. Jake paused for a moment and looked at his sisters large firm breasts standing proudly before him.

It was like a revelation in his mind. He had often imagined how great his sister's breasts would be, but his imagination never did them justice. He could recall all the times he had beaten off to the mental pictures and now couldn't remember why. Her breasts were firm with faint tan lines, they were perfect.

He didn't care that it was wrong, Jessica's own words had pushed him beyond that point of caring. He cupped Jessica's tits lightly. Jessica gasped softly and nodded for him to continue. He gently squeezed her soft flesh. They were so supple and tender it was like he could just eat them up. He ran his hands over the flesh of her breasts and he brought his fingers to the flesh between them.

Jake shifted himself, aware of the painfully throbbing erection aching in his pants. Jessica saw him struggle to make himself comfortable.

"You can take it out if you want." Jessica said.

Jake pulled his hands away. "I don't know about that Jessica, that might be going to far."

"It's okay. Jake we are already into this, taking it a little further doesn't affect anything." Jessica said, sitting upright on the counter.

Jake looked at her, he saw a look of hunger in her eyes. It was one of those incredibly sexy looks; a look that told him she wanted him, a woman wanted him. He thought about it and couldn't think of a reason not to lose his virginity to Jessica.

Ok except for it being incest, but they were already sinning, going further would only be the same sin.

Seeing Jake in thought Jessica offered. "Would you like me to take it out for you?"

Jake looked at her again, she wanted him, he knew that now. She wasn't there to help her brother, it may have started out that way, but now she just wanted him the way any women could want a man.

When he didn't answer Jessica slid off the counter and got onto her knees before him. She took the bundled top off and dropped it to the floor. She shook her hair and then looked at the bulge in Jake's jeans. She pressed her palm against it and Jake gasped and flinched.

She pulled her hand back quickly. "Sorry, I didn't know you'd be so sensitive to your first touch from a girl." Jessica said.

Jake took a deep breath and nodded.

Jessica reached up and carefully undid his jeans peeling them down and away. His cock bounced out of the jeans so hard it slapped Jessica's cheek.

She pulled away and giggled.

"Sorry." Jake said.

Now exposed to the open air Jake could feel the tingling in his balls and his cock throb happily. He resisted the urge to grab himself and expel a big wad of cum all over Jessica's face. Unless she asked of course.

Jessica smiled. "It's okay I liked that. My word though your cock is gorgeous." She moved her head around to get a look at the thing that had been running through her mind since this morning. She had been right, he was large and flawless. He had no marks, no odd bends, no grossly bulging veins, just a slight upward bend. Jessica was actually taken aback, who could have known that the perfect cock would belong to her virgin brother.

"You think so?" Jake blushed.

"The more I look at it the more I want it." Jessica said, nodding but never taking her eyes off his cock. "Can I have it?" She asked finally looked at him. She looked at him in a way that he felt a huge shiver rack through his body and his knees almost buckled on him. "Jake can I have your wonderful cock inside me? I don't care where, I just want it inside me anywhere you want to put it."

"Jessica?" Sarah suddenly cried from downstairs. "Mom's home!"

Jessica and Jake jumped as if they had been slapped. Jessica scrambled for her top and threw it on. Jake jumped into the shower and turned on the water not even caring about the first blast of cold water that instantly dropped his cock into a limp mess.

"I'll try to see you tonight." Jessica whispered before sneaking out of the bathroom.

Jake's mind reeled with how close he had just gotten to actually having sex. As the hot water poured down his body he gripped his cock and brought himself quickly back into a throbbing erection. He beat himself into the first orgasm that ever brought him to his knees. He finished showering and went to play guitar for a little before going to bed.

The last thing he thought before falling asleep was; I almost got laid.

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