tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJake's Vacation in India

Jake's Vacation in India


Jake was anxiously waiting in his room for his guest to arrive. He has paid a huge amount of money to arrange the appointment. Ever since he laid his eyes on the girl, he could not stop fantasising about her. She had everything that Jake wanted for his fetish dream to come true. It was her long her.

It has been 7 days since Jake came to Goa, a wonderful place for taking a vacation in India. The place had several beaches and every one of them had a special attractive quality to it. Jake was staying at a resort on one of the popular beaches and that is where he saw her.

She was an amazing Indian beauty and she had the most amazing hair which was very long that came to her knees. But, the excitement started only when Jake found that she was a popular bar dancer at a club and also that she did escort services for top paying clients. And that was all Jake needed to hear. He contacted the required persons which needed very little research to find out and booked her for a night.

Jake started to read a magazine when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." Jake said.

The Indian Beauty entered the room. She wore her long hair in two separate braids which she kept on either side of her. They were both thick and they fell over her Luscious breasts. This instantly made Jake's dick rise.

"What is your name?"

"Why do you want to know my name?" The girl asked with a smirk. She had a light tan on her skin even though she was not dark or very fair. She looked like a perfect oriental beauty with a sculpted face with a daring expression.

"Well, you look amazing and I was curious."

She smiled. "My name is Gopika."

"Well, hello Gopika. I am Jake. I heard that you were available for only clients of very high status. Is that true?"

"Umm... Not really. See, I sometimes accept deals for normal clients also. I accepted your deal na?" Gopika said with a wink.

Shit! This bitch is quiet arrogant, thought Jake. But that only turned him on more.

"You were very costly to say the truth and I did put on a huge amount from my savings for you. Will you make me happy tonight?"

"That is why I am here and I never disappoint my clients." Again she smiled.

She was wearing a saree which added to her sexy looks with her twin braids hanging on either side of her body.

"Come and sit on my lap." Jake said.

Jake was sitting on the edge of the bed. Gopika went to him and turned and sat on his laps. Her plump buttocks exactly on his penis made his dick erect. Her head was exactly in line with his head.

Jake brought his hands on either side of Gopika and hugged her. He dug his face in her hair and started kissing her head exactly on the spot where she had parted her hair into two braids. The fragrance of her hair was intoxicating.

He pressed his whole body against her and she gave a moan. Then he started kissing her nape with small pecks and continued kissing her neck all the while hugging her and crushing her body with his strong muscular arms. He also pressed his throbbing cock against her ass and hugged her lower body with his two legs.

Then Jake placed his two hands on her two braids held them and started kissing her hair starting from the crown of her head as well as inhaling her scent of her hair. It was an amazing feeling that he experienced from her hair. Still on his lap with her lower body entwined with his legs, she placed her hands over his head and pushed his head to her face and started kissing him.

As their two lips joined together, Jake's grip on her two braids tightened and he pulled them down and this increased Gopika's excitement and she kissed him more passionately. Jake was crushing her body and pulling her hair and she seemed to enjoy both.

Leaving his grip on her braids, Jake grabbed her two breasts and started kneading them and pressing them. Each time, he pressed tighter than before. Then he got hold of her thighs and lifted her by standing up himself. Then he threw her on the bed and started removing his pants and t shirt.

He was fully naked in a matter of seconds and Gopika was still staring at his naked body tired from his crushing. Jake's cock was standing fully erect ready for Gopika's mouth.

"Let's take it a bit slow and smooth." Gopika said with a smile.

"Sure. If you say so." Jake smiled back and reached towards Gopika.

He caught hold of her head by grabbing her two braids nearer to scalp and gripped them tight which made Gopika wince with a sign of fear in her eyes. He pulled them outwards once which made Gopika give a short cry of pain and then pulled her off the bed with her hair. Then, he started undressing her by removing her saree.

Now she was standing with her plump breasts tightly held by her blouse and a look of bewilderment.

"You are crossing the limits. I do not do rough sex. This wasn't what I agreed to." Gopika said in vain.

"I paid a lot of money for you and I am getting exactly what I want."

With that Jake caught hold of her face and then started kissing her with intense passion. Gopika tried to resist by not opening her lips but Jake's grip on either side of her face was very strong and he hammered her lips and cheeks with very rapid kisses. He paused for a second and Gopika used this chance and slapped him hard on his face.

"You son of a bitch! You are going to pay for this." Gopika screamed and started to walk away.

Just as Gopika reached the door, Jake caught hold of one of her braids and pulled her towards him. Gopika shrieked with pain and kicked him on his stomach this time. This made Jake angry and he cursed her and caught hold of her neck choking her and slamming her on the bed instantly.

Jake dived into the bed landing on her and locked her body tightly with his hands by hugging her. Gopika was not able to move her body as her legs were also held tightly between his legs. His groin directly placed on her vagina. Jake looked directly into her eyes as they faces were in line with each other.

"Please let me go." Gopika pleaded.

"You look beautiful, darling."

With that, he again started raining kisses all over her face to which she responded by closing her eyes and not opening her lips for his tongue. Jake responded by licking her lips and then her cheek without letting go of her body. Then he bit her earlobes and sucked on them for a while before using his tongue to tickle her inner part of her ears.

Gopika started to cry and Jake used this moment to enter her lips. He was enjoying this experience intensely covered completely with her body heat. He used his tongue to explore Gopika's mouth and each time he felt her tongue which did not respond back to his feel, the sensation gave him sublime pleasure.

She finally submitted to him and kissed him back by giving in her tongue to him and this time Jake let her tongue explore his mouth. The pleasure doubled and Jake relaxed his hold on her body and used his arms to caress her hair. Jake won as he successfully dominated her.

Then, Jake rolled on the bed letting her on top of him and held her in position with a grip on her braids and kissed her. His cock had been rock steady all this time waiting for her mouth or her cunt ready to be serviced.

Then his arms started moving toward her ass feeling her back on the way. Pressing her Buttocks, he pushed it into him. The intense heat from their bodies heightened the pleasure for both of them. Then he caught hold of her and got up placing her on the floor down on her knees with her head facing his cock which was at pointing at her forehead in full erection.

Jake placed both of his hands on top of her head and brought her towards his cock. She opened her mouth and slowly started sucking his cock. The pleasure was smooth and high. With each thrust he felt her soft hair which intensified the pleasure. Slowly his hands moved from to either side of her head and grabbed her twin braids.

"Remove your hands." ordered Jake. "Place them behind your back."

With his cock still in her mouth, Gopika obeyed.

Now, Jake increased his hold on Gopika's braids and started fucking her mouth increasing the rhythm slowly. His hands while gripping her braids on either side, he started feeling them from the start to the end of the braids and then he coiled them around his wrists tightly to their full length. With this hold, he started ramming his cock inside Gopika's mouth. He was in a state of high which was difficult to express.

When the moment of his climax came, he deep throated her by pulling her two braids coiled in his arms towards him with a much stronger grip. Tears from her eyes flowed down her cheeks at the exact moment he loaded her with his sperm which ejaculated like a series of bullets ramming her oesophagus.

Jake relaxed his grip and released her hair.

To be continued...

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