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Jamaica Bi-Way


This story takes place in 1976 at a time when it was acceptable to be living together and sleeping together without being married. Sleeping around with different partners was commonplace and the threat of aids wasn't an issue at the time. The story is fictional and all characters are at least 18 years old. The story includes bi-sexual encounters between men so if that is not to your liking, I suggest that you not read this story.


I was looking out the window of the plane as it made its final approach to the Jamaica airport. The seat next to me was intended for my current girl friend but it was empty. A week before our planned vacation to Jamaica we had a big fight and then she blew off the trip. I decided to go without her since it was already paid for and it was too late to get a refund. We had planned to spend a week at an all inclusive couples resort on the island. The resort was accommodating and reduced my rate by 25% but I was still out the other 25% and the airfare which was non-refundable.

I had not dated anyone else in the past year so there was no one to ask in my girl friend's place. She thought that I would just cancel the trip and be out the money but I surprised her when I decided to go without her. I gave her another chance to reconsider but she still refused and then I told her I wanted out of my condo by the time I returned. She was shocked by my reaction and told me to think about it while I was in Jamaica but I told her that I had thought about it and I wanted her gone when I returned.

The plane touched down and taxied to the gate area. I deplaned and went through customs and then took the shuttle bus to the resort. The driver made a stop along the way and every one got off the bus and drank a couple of Red Stripe beers before getting back on the bus. There were guys trying to sell pot to the guests as well and a few people did buy some. I got a kick out of the setup between the driver and the roadside stand. It was one way to put some money into the local business.

The bus then proceeded to the resort. I checked in and then I was shown to my room. The cool thing about all inclusive resorts is that everything is included in one fee; the room, the meals, the drinks, the tips, the entertainment and the activities. It didn't take me long to unpack and then I walked around the resort to get acclimated with the property.

The resort was right on the water and it had a great beach separated into two sections. One of the sections was the clothing optional beach. I later learned that just about everyone sunbathed nude at that beach. There was a large swimming pool, and a number of Jacuzzis one of them was in the clothing optional area. There were tennis courts, a basketball court, sand volleyball and a fitness area.

I went back to my room and looked over the activities schedule. There would be plenty of things to do and many organized activities; snorkeling, SCUBA diving, tennis tournament and so on. I had planned to read a couple of good books on the beach and then I decided why not get an all over tan. I had never been to a nude beach and I found it intriguing. I put on a pair of nylon shorts and went commando to the nude beach.

There were quite a few couples on the beach and all of them were nude. Most of them sat in groups of four or six and they obviously knew each other. I found a cozy spot and grabbed a beach chair. I was still a little apprehensive about being naked but it was more because of my than lines than my body. At 25 years old, I was a fit 6'2" and 190 pounds as I worked out all the time and played a lot of tennis. I was also very blessed with a decent size cock that when hard was close to 8" long and a little over 5" around. My former girlfriend had actually measured it one time.

I dropped my bathing suit, put on some sum block and kicked back in the beach chair. I drew a few stares from other people as they were probably trying to figure out why I was by myself. They probably thought that my partner hadn't joined me yet or that she was not feeling well. I was reading one of the books I brought with me when a sweet voice interrupted me.

"Pardon me but do you mind if we sit here," a sweet voice with a French accent asked.

I looked up and saw a very cute naked couple standing just a couple of feet from me. They looked like brother and sister. They were both about 5'6" tall with blonde hair and slender bodies. The woman had a cute figure with tiny breasts, shapely legs and a very nice ass. The man looked just like her except that he had a cock and he didn't have tits.

"Of course, please join me," I replied and smiled at them.

They set out their beach chairs next to each other and sat facing me. The man then spoke, "I'm Paul and this is my wife Bridget," he said also in a French accent.

"I'm Phil, pleased to meet you," I replied.

"Where is your wife?" Bridget asked.

"Oh I'm not married and my girlfriend canceled at the last minute. So I decided to come by myself and enjoy the sun and a few books."

Bridget said something in French to Paul and they both giggled. The Paul said, "Forgive us for laughing Phil but when you said come by yourself it sounded funny."

I got the insinuation and laughed too. "Yes that must have sounded odd. Where are you from? I detect a French accent."

"We are from Montreal and we are meeting some friends here but they don't arrive for another two days," Paul replied.

"I am thirsty. Does anyone want anything? I am going to the bar," Bridget asked.

Paul and I both opted for vodka slushes which are what Bridget was getting. She got up and walked over to the bar and I could not help but watch her as she walked away from us. Her cute ass swayed and rolled as she walked on the sand. I was embarrassed when I realized that Paul was watching me as I watched his wife.

"Sorry, I am still not used to nudity on the beach," I offered.

"I understand and she is beautiful to watch isn't she?"

"Yes she is," I replied embarrassingly.

It was just as bad when she returned carrying the three drinks. I looked at Bridget and took in her shapely legs, luscious thighs and very pretty blond pussy. I was afraid that I was going to get an erection if I kept looking at her. She arrived and handed us the drinks. I took mine and casually held it in my lap for a few seconds to cool my jets before I raised my cup and toasted them.

"To a great week," Paul said as they both raised their cups.

The three of us chatted for quite sometime that afternoon and we got to know each other very well. I learned that they were both 28 years old even though they didn't even look 21. I shared the story about my girlfriend with them and they both applauded me for going on vacation without her. They suggested that I hang out with them since I was by myself and that I should sit with them at dinner and the evening entertainment. The next time we needed drinks, Paul went to the bar to get them. As he walked away from us I couldn't believe how much he resembled Bridget from behind. He was just as shapely and he had an ass that looked just like hers. With his blonde hair covering the nape of his neck he looked like a woman from the back.

Paul returned with the drinks and we talked some more and I really got very comfortable with the two of them. It was my turn to get the drinks next and as I stood up both Bridget's and Paul's eyes went right to my crotch. It was obvious that they were both checking out my package. I went and got the drinks and as I did I wondered if Paul and Bridget were swingers. I had heard that a lot of swingers came to Jamaica but I thought they mostly hung out at another resort. I returned with the drinks and handed them to Paul and Bridget. Bridget stared at my cock as I leaned over to hand the drink to her. I handed Paul his drink and then I sat back down.

When it was time to go and get ready for dinner, Paul told me that they would meet me at the restaurant and that we would sit together. Paul and Bridget walked ahead of me as we left the beach and again I marveled at Bridget's ass. I was also watching Paul as he walked along side his wife and it was hard to tell them apart from behind. I felt my loins stir as I watched this sexy pretty couple walk across the sand. I was thankful that I had put my shorts back on.

Later that evening we had a pleasant dinner and conversation. After dinner the entertainment was very good and I enjoyed the calypso music. The three of us walked back to our rooms and said goodnight. We agreed that we would see each other tomorrow. Bridget kissed me on both cheeks and Paul shook my hand as we departed. In my room that night I thought of Paul and Bridget and I imagined them making love in their room. I got an erection just thinking of them but I refrained from jerking off. I envisioned Bridget on all fours as Paul fucked her from behind and then I wondered if she took it in the ass. I went to sleep thinking about Bridget and her fine ass.


The next morning I got up and worked out before going to breakfast. I ran into Paul and Bridget at breakfast and after we ate we agreed to meet at the same spot on the beach. I was already there and I had put three chairs together when Bridget arrived by herself. She told me that Paul would be down shortly.

We chatted easily as we had done the day before and then Bridget decided that she wanted to get some sun on her back. She spread out her beach towel on the sand and then lay face down on it. I couldn't help but stare at her shapely ass. My trance was broken when she spoke.

"Phil would you please put some suntan lotion on my back," she asked.

"Sure, I'll be glad to," I answered.

I knelt down beside her and put the lotion on her back. I rubbed it into her shoulders and down her back to the area just above her ass. I looked at her ass and I felt my loins stir again. I was afraid that I was going to get an erection if I kept touching her.

"Put the lotion on my legs too, if you don't mind," she requested.

My hands trembled as I covered her legs with lotion and rubbed it in. My hands traveled up her legs to the back of her thighs but I stopped short of her buttocks. Now I was really getting turned on and I reminded myself that this was another man's wife. I was relieved when I was finished putting lotion on her. Then she requested that I cover her bottom as well.

"Phil, put some on my bottom too. I don't want my buns to get sunburned."

Now I was in trouble. I poured the lotion on her bottom and rubbed it in. My hands massaged her beautiful ass and I had no control over my desire at that point. I got an erection and it was clearly evident. Bridget looked right at my 8" standing tall as I ran my hands over her ass. She never said a word about my erection but she did tell me that I could stop rubbing in the lotion. I had been rubbing her ass longer than needed.

"I think that my bottom has enough lotion now, thank you," she cooed.

I eased back into my chair and threw a towel in my lap to conceal my erection from any onlookers. Bridget just smiled at me and then closed her eyes. As soon as my cock started to soften I headed for the sea. The water cooled me off in more ways than one as I washed the lotion from my hands. I headed back to my chair and sat back down just before Paul arrived several minutes later.

"Be careful you don't get sun burn," Paul said to his wife.

"Oh its okay, Phil put suntan lotion on me earlier," Bridget replied.

Paul looked at me and smiled, "Good then I won't have to get my hands greasy."

I was surprised how casual Paul was about me putting lotion on his wife. He sat down and the three of us chatted, drank vodka slushes and took occasional dips in the sea. Before lone it was time to get ready for dinner and we agreed to meet at the restaurant again. I took a shower and when I stepped out I checked myself in the mirror. I was really getting tan and my tan lines were already starting to disappear. I shaved, dressed and then headed to the restaurant.

Paul, Bridget and I dined together again and then we hung around for the entertainment. That night they had an Elvis impersonator who was quite good. I enjoyed listening to all the Elvis songs and then they opened the dance floor during his second set. Bridget wanted to dance to the slow songs but Paul said he wasn't in the mood. Bridget asked me to dance with her and we stayed on the dance floor for five straight slow songs.

During the third song Bridget moved her leg between mine and we danced so close that a ray of light couldn't have passed between us. I loved holding her close and I was tempted to hold her by her ass but once again I reminded myself that it was Paul's wife. Bridget rubbed her leg into my crotch and I could not help but get an erection. I knew she could feel it against her thigh and she drove me crazy as she pressed into me. During the fifth song she slipped her hand between us and rubbed my erect cock through my pants.

"Wow did I do this to you?" she teased.

"You know damn well you did," I whispered in her ear.

"I'm glad that I was able to turn you on," she whispered back.

We finished the dance and then returned to our table. Paul was smiling and sipping his drink when we sat back down. Bridget smiled and nodded at her husband as if giving him permission to do something. Then he blew me away.

"Phil, Bridget and I like you very much and we would like you to share our bed with us tonight," Paul bluntly offered.

"I don't know what to say," I replied somewhat stunned. I had never expected that from this cute couple.

"Say yes, I love to be with two men," Bridget coaxed me.

"I have to tell you that I am not interested in another man's cock, if that is what is on your mind," I stated firmly looking at Paul.

"That is not a problem, but have you ever let a man suck you or have you ever fucked a man?" Paul questioned.

"Yes when I was in the service and I was stationed in Italy," I admitted.

"Then you are perfect for us and we would like you to be with us," Bridget added.

"Let's go back to the room then," Paul invited me.

I followed Paul and Bridget to their room when once inside Paul and Bridget undressed and hung up their clothes. I stared at the two look alikes and I was still amazed how much they resembled one another. Except for Paul having a cock and Bridget having a pussy they were almost identical. They both had slim curvy bodies that were virtually hairless and they both had smooth unblemished skin. Bridget had very small tits and she was almost flat chested. They both had blonde pubic hair that looked more like peach fuzz.

"Phil, are you going to come to bed with your clothes on?" Paul mocked.

At that moment I felt a little foolish standing there fully clothed. I took my clothes off and folded them neatly in the nearby chair. Then it was Bridget and Paul turn to stare. They admired my body and complimented me on my fitness. Then they approached me and they both ran their hands over my body. They enjoyed feeling my muscular torso and they ran their hands over my abs. I was hard in an instant and then Bridget cooed.

"Oh Paul, look at his big cock. I told you it was beautiful," Bridget gasped as she took a hold of it.

Bridget told me to get in bed and lay on my back. Then she knelt between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. Bridget sucked my cock and caressed my balls. She was a very accomplished cock sucker and she was able to take me deep in her mouth. I swear I could feel my cock at the back of her throat and she seemed to have the ability to massage my cock head with her throat muscles. She had me racing toward an orgasm and I held her head with my fingers in short blonde hair as I began to face fuck her.

I looked at Paul and his cock was average size at about six inches. Paul knelt behind Bridget and slipped his cock into her. Bridget never stopped working on my cock while her husband fucked her. Bridget reached under my scrotum and lightly touched my perineum which sent me over the edge and I blasted loads of cum in her mouth. Bridget rapidly swallowed all of my spunk and then she continued to suck and milk my cock and drain me totally.

I lay back on the bed as I recovered slowly from a fantastic blow job and watched Paul fuck Bridget until his body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. Bridget leaned back against Paul as he came in her which caused her small tits to stand out. She definitely had cute tits even though they were small. Her nipples stood out like little dicks they were so hard.

I was already starting to get hard again when Bridget asked if I would like to fuck her. My cock was now rock hard and I moved it toward her. Bridget lifted her legs and presented her pussy to me. I pushed my cock against her labia and it slid into her warm passage. Bridget gasped as my cock nestled into her vaginal passage.

Paul moved up to Bridget's head and stuck his dick in her mouth. I fucked Bridget slowly at first and then I picked up the pace. Bridget used her vaginal muscles to tighten her pussy and she massaged my cock by clenching and unclenching them. I felt my second orgasm travel from my balls up through my dick as I shot wads of cum deep into her pussy. I leaned over her body and grabbed her small firm tits and let the rock hard nipples slip between my fingers. Bridget continued to use her muscles to milk my cock dry of every drop of cum.

"Oh Paul, I'm going to cum," Bridget cried out.

Paul pulled his cock from her mouth and slid down Bridget's body to her pussy. Paul covered his wife's pussy with his mouth just in time to catch all her juice. Bridget's body thrashed around as she orgasmed and came in her husband's mouth. My softening cock slipped from Bridget's pussy with an audible pop and a trail of semen trickled out of her just before Paul got there and sucked my seed out of his wife's pussy. Bridget lifted her hips off the sofa as Paul sucked every drop of cum from his wife's pussy. Bridget had been fantastic as I had just received a world class blow job and fucked a very hot pussy. The three of us remained silent for a few minutes and then Bridget said she wanted two cocks in her at the same time.

Bridget worked on my cock until it was erect again and then she mounted me lowering her pussy onto my shaft. Bridget cooed as Paul worked his fingers in and out of her asshole lubricating it for his cock. Then he lined up his cock and slipped it right in Bridget's hot ass. That answered my earlier question about whether she took it in the ass or not. Bridget sighed as the hard cock entered her ass and Paul fucked her slowly. I could feel his smaller erect cock through her membrane and it seemed to turn him on. He didn't last long and he soon came in her ass.

"Your turn," Bridget whispered to me.

Obviously Bridget wanted me in her ass so she lifted off of me and got back on all fours. Paul handed me the lotion and I put an ample amount on my cock. I added my own saliva to my lotion coated cock making it as slippery as possible. I eased my cock into Bridget's ass and she tensed up when she felt my cock at the entrance. I held her hips and slowly pushed my cock in her rectum.

"Oh easy, go easy, let me get used to you. Not too deep at first, please," Bridget begged.

I didn't want to hurt her so I slowly fucked her ass with about half of my cock in her. Bridget loosened up gradually and as she did more of my cock slipped into her bottom. Soon with patience and steady strokes I was fully imbedded in her ass. Bridget grunted as I picked up the pace and drove my cock home with each stroke. I looked at her beautiful ass as I fucked her and I couldn't believe that I was really fucking her cute ass. I watched my cock slide in and out of her tight bung hole and I felt my orgasm building in my balls. I shoved my cock in as far as I could and unleashed a torrent of cum into her rectum. Bridget was surprised by the force of my ejaculation and the amount of semen that I shot into her ass. I kept fucking her slowly and her anal muscles contracted around my cock involuntarily milking every drop of cum from me. When I was drained I pulled my cock out slowly and it made an audible popping sound when it cleared Bridget's sphincter. I had just experienced one incredible ass fuck

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