byFast Jack©

I'd been unhappy with my second wife for a long time, for a lot of reasons, when I got to know Kathleen, a beautiful black Jamaican girl who worked in another department. I'd never have done anything about my powerful attraction to her, I'm sure, if I hadn't found out from some of my wife's co-workers that my bride of three years was blowing and/or fucking several of them on a regular basis. I'm not the cheating kind of guy, but when I learned my wife was a whoring slut - and that she'd told her co-workers that I didn't care whom she fucked - I figured there were no holds barred anymore. So, out of hurt and a need to feel loved, I began gently coming on to Kathleen. She was a real lady, and I treated her like one, despite having a tremendous case of the hots for her.

Somewhat surprisingly, to me, Kathleen was completely receptive to my subtle early advances. We began having lunch together, away from the office. During one of these noon rendezvous, we shared our first kiss. Kissing Kathleen was a heavenly experience! And she said the same of me. It was like we'd been kissing each other for years. Her attraction to this white man was based partially upon her disgust with all the black men she'd known, because of their macho attitudes and lack of concern for her feelings. However, I also was very attractive, she said. So that first kiss was a beginning that we both pursued. She knew I was married; I'd been completely up-front about my situation. And she was honest, as well, telling me she would take me away from my slut wife. By then, I was sufficiently enthralled by her sweet personality, incredibly provocative sexuality and exotic good looks that I told her she was certainly welcome to try. I'd offer no resistance.

As the relationship grew, a time came when we both knew we were going to make love at the first opportunity. At lunch, sitting in her car, we'd kissed and indulged in some serious heavy petting. Her pussy was sweet and creamy, as I learned from sucking her juices from my fingers. And she was hot for my eight-plus inches of thick meat, which she'd had in her hands several times, and in her mouth for a few minutes once (it's pretty difficult to give good head in broad daylight in the front seat of a car). We eagerly awaited a chance to be together in real privacy.

The funny thing was, my wife was just as horny and willing at home as if she wasn't getting laid a dozen or more times a week, before, during and after work, by her co-workers. I later found out she also was getting it on with one female co-worker. Like I said, she was a slut, and an extremely horny one. There wasn't a faithful bone in her body, nor a faithful thought in her head. My upcoming liaisons with Kathleen paled by comparison!

At last, it happened. My wife left for Las Vegas with her mother for a week. The night she left, I called Kathleen and informed her we had a full week in which we could be together every night. Kathleen's response was straightforward: "What you waitin' on, Baby? Get your ass over here, white boy!" I jumped on my Harley and went.

She met me at her front door with a kiss that made all the previous ones seem sisterly, then drew me inside. Strategically placed candles dimly lighted her living room. Soft R&B music provided a romantic background. She wore a translucent blue negligee, and nothing else. There was no foreplay; my clothes immediately started raining onto the floor, but I made her keep the negligee on for the moment. It added a certain quality to my enjoyment. It was my first look at her entire body, and I was extremely pleased. She had B-cup tits that were firm and round, capped by thick, dark nipples that I already knew were highly responsive. Her belly was flat, her ass small and very firm, and her legs were a sculptor's dream. Evidently she liked what she saw, as well, as I stood nude before her, but soon she had eyes only for my fully erect, throbbing cock. She went to her knees, and used both hands to bring it to her lips. Kissing its wide, thick head, she looked up at me and whispered, "I've been waiting so long for this, Baby!" Looking at my cock as she stroked it, she said softly, "This is the first time I've seen your whole cock - and it's beautiful! Soooo beautiful, Baby! I love your big cockhead! I love how long and thick you are! Ooooh, I hope it doesn't choke me...but even if it does...I'm gonna suck the hell outta this big motherfucker!"

"Please do, my sweet," I whispered back, and returned her smile when she looked up at me. Then her eyes closed, she opened her mouth, brought it down over my cockhead, and closed her lips just behind its wide ridge. Immediately, her tongue went to work, slashing and slithering across the most sensitive part of my straining meat. I groaned, reaching to brush her hair back from her lovely face so I could watch. I was wordlessly enthralled when she slowly slid her lips down my thick shaft until they were in my pubic hair and my wide cockhead lodged in her throat. She gagged just slightly and, looking up at me with her huge, liquid brown eyes, moved forward a bit more, taking my cock fully into her throat. The sensation was exquisite as she started working her throat muscles, while her tongue did a rapid slashing dance back and forth across the underside of the thick shaft. "Oh, Kathleen," I breathed, and she somehow managed to smile around that mouthful of big, hard cock. She then closed her eyes, drew her lips back until only my cockhead remained behind them, and started back down again. In moments, she was mouth-fucking me with ever-increasing speed, taking my entire length each time she slid her lips downward, encouraging me to thrust to meet her mouth by pulling at my ass with both hands and making emphatic urging sounds deep in her throat. We fell into a smooth rhythm. When she was satisfied that I'd continue thrusting, her hands left my ass, her left going to her nipples, her right dipping between her thighs. In a moment, I could hear the wet, squishing sound of her finger-fucking herself. Now she was moaning constantly, rocking urgently against her hand, but when I tried to draw her to her feet, she gently shook her head.

Slurping my cockhead from her mouth, she looked up and whispered fiercely, "Just fuck my mouth, Baby! I've never had such a wonderful cock in my mouth, and I've certainly waited long enough to get you here. I want to enjoy it! So just fuck my mouth, okay?" I nodded, and she gave my cock a sliding French kiss that covered its entire surface, then slowly slipped her lips over its fat head before resuming the hot mouth-fuck she'd been administering. I moaned aloud, unable to restrain myself, and went back to fucking her lips in a smooth, steady rhythm. Saliva glistened all around her mouth, and her eyes - when they were open - had a wild, hot look in them. She obviously was enjoying herself, riding her fingers hard and steadily, tweaking her nipples as she sucked me. My knees were beginning to quake, and she noticed. Quickly slipping her lips away, she whispered urgently, "Sit on the couch!" I quickly backed up and fell onto the couch, Kathleen moving with me. As soon as my ass was on the cushions, my cock was in her mouth again, and she was going wild sucking me. Moving faster and faster, yet still taking my big cockhead into her throat with every downward slide of her lips, she was driving me quickly toward orgasm. But she knew it; just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, she jumped up and quickly straddled my thighs, guiding my cockhead into her open, thoroughly drenched pussy. The momentary respite of sensation was just sufficient to break the climb to orgasm. Now, I could fuck her without fear of coming too soon.

"Aaahh," she moaned, head thrown back and eyes closed, while she slid down my length, until I bottomed out in her. Then she looked down at me, with the softest, most loving smile imaginable, and whispered, "Now, Lover, fuck me!"

"Feed me your nipples," I whispered back, and as she arched her back and pressed a firm breast to my face, I attacked its stiff nipple with tongue, teeth and lips. "Mmm-hmmm," she moaned. Simultaneously, we began to move in a perfectly synchronized meeting of cock and cunt. Kathleen's long-nailed fingers clamped onto my shoulders, and she stepped up the speed of her movements. I did my part by slamming my cock up into her with all my strength as she drove down to meet it. On one such stroke, she froze, threw her head back and screamed as an orgasm of earth-shaking proportions swept through her.

"Oh my God, David, oh my God," she wailed, grinding her clit against my pubic bone in ferocious movements, digging furrows in my shoulders with her nails. Her pussy's walls clenched around my cock's thick shaft, then drenched it in hot come, and I relished the sight of her, the sounds she made as she came. I was simply stunned by her outrageous beauty in that moment. She made me want to bring her to thousands of orgasms, just so I could watch her and listen to her, and feel the wild sensations her pussy created in my cock when she came. She cried out over and over, shuddering hard and bucking just as hard against me, driving her hot, slick walls as far down my cock as she could go. And clawing the living shit out of my shoulders! (I was so into what was happening that I didn't notice those marks until much later, and then I had to arrange a business trip out of town before my wife returned, so they'd heal before she saw me. As it turned out, it didn't matter; we were divorced within a month.)

There was so much by which I was fascinated with Kathleen. The fine-grained texture of her skin, the liquid darkness and direct look into her soul that were her eyes, the taste of her pussy - so different from a white woman's. The throaty sound of her voice and delightful accent, her facile tongue's antics, the strength of her nubile body, her chip-on-the-shoulder attitude toward most men; all of these and more made her unique in my world. At that moment, when she was coming, I watched and listened, felt and smelled, tasted and sensed all that made her so beautiful and so immensely attractive to me. I could only try to please her, to give her the utmost pleasure possible. She was all woman; she was incredibly lovely and sexy, vulnerable and tough at the same time, and very, very special. She turned me on in every way.

Finally, the last spasm of Kathleen's orgasm died away, and she resumed the frantic, hard-driving fuck with which she'd begun. I let her ride me, sucking her nipples, massaging the firm cheeks of her tiny ass, kissing her whenever she desired it. Her pussy clenched and rippled up and down my cock's rigid shaft, and her enormous clit did a steady bump and grind against my pubic bone. She came about every minute or so, each orgasm producing a prodigious flow of hot come that soon had me drenched from mid-thigh to well up on my belly. I'd known a number of multi-orgasmic women, but none to compare with Kathleen. When we moved into missionary position, she threw her legs over my elbows and put her whole body into the act. Her fingers latched onto the backs of my thighs, and she pulled really hard as she drove her pussy up to meet my descending cock. My balls slapped on her ass, and she urged me on with fiercely, emphatically whispered demands for more. And still she came!

"Fuck me good, David," she groaned. "Sweet lover, fuck me till I can't walk! Fuck me all night, and fuck me hard! I love the way you fuck me, Baby! I've never had it so good, so powerful - I've never come so much! I love it! I love it! Fuck me! Oh God, Baby, fuck me!" I gave her what she demanded, willingly, gladly. She lifted her head and licked the sweat from my chest, then concentrated her tongue's attention on my nipples as I slammed into her repeatedly. My cockhead was banging into her cervix on every thrust, and the sound of our bodies slapping together was machine gun rapid. She grunted with the impacts, as did I, and urged me on heatedly. "Go, Baby! Fuck me! Oh yes, yes, yes! I can't believe how good this is, how many times I've dreamed about this! And you've already made me come so fuckin' much! It's never been like this before! Ohhhh, Baby, fuck me! Fuck me, David, fuck me! Yes, Baby, yes, fuck me!" she cried, pulling hard at me with legs and hands. I didn't really need urging; I loved every second of this sex act. She was indescribably good! Soon, holding back my own orgasm became my highest priority - I didn't want to come yet. When she called for a change of position, wanting me from behind, the move provided just the respite I needed to regain control of my need to come.

We effected the change quickly, and as I slid into her greedy, snug pussy, she put her head down, reached forward with both hands and clenched them tightly around a throw pillow. "Fuck me as hard as you can, Baby," she hissed. "I wanna feel that fuckin' huge cockhead in my throat!" So I arched my back, grasped her trim hips, and started pounding her as hard as I possibly could. I didn't move really fast, just really hard, throwing every iota of strength into every thrust. She screamed and screamed, repeating "Yes!" endlessly as I pounded her hot, tight pussy. "Oh God, my cunt, my fuckin' hot little cunt! You're making me crazy! I love it, oh God, how I love it! Fuck my cunt, fuck me hard, David!" she screamed just before she went off again. The wordless scream of pleasure that ripped from her throat must have rattled the living room windows! I stepped up my speed until I was going as hard and fast as possible, despite the fact that she was coming rivers of hot juices all over my balls and thighs, and her pussy was gripping me incredibly hard. I pounded my way through that orgasm and on into the next, never slowing, loving her screams and wails of pleasure. I'd long since lost count of the number of orgasms she'd had, but that was inconsequential. Between that violent orgasm and the next, she looked over her shoulder at me, her face dripping sweat, and exclaimed, "David, no one ever fucked me so good, or for so long! No one ever fucked me like this! No one ever gave me such incredible, intense pleasure! I can't believe how many times I've come! Please, please don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me all night like this!" I blew her a kiss and promised I'd try, but warned her that my own orgasm was close. "Oh God, yes, come for me, Baby," she whimpered, then apparently had a thought. "I want you to come in my mouth, David," she moaned. "I want to taste your hot come! I wanna drown in it! Will you come in my mouth for me, Baby? Oh, please say yes!"

"Yes, Lover, yes," I hissed, and she suddenly whipped around, pushed me onto my back and dove between my legs. In the same motion, she captured my cock in her hands and delivered its come-slick head to her lips. Immediately, she started jacking my thick throbbing shaft vigorously and sucking with greedy intensity. All the while, she made emphatic, low-pitched, encouraging sounds in her throat.

My hips rose off the couch in an involuntary, powerful thrust. My cock swelled to steel-hard rigidity and erupted, spewing a huge first jet into her mouth. Kathleen gurgled, swallowed rapidly, and made a loud, joyous sound of discovery and pleasure before the next spurt blasted into her mouth. My hands clenched the couch cushions, my teeth ground together, and I drove my cock upward with a powerful thrust of my hips, shuddering all over. "Kathleen!" I cried, "Oh God, Baby, take it all! Oh Lover, there's never been anyone like you! Suck me dry, sweet Baby!" She made enthusiastic, gurgling sounds between swallows, accepting and downing every spurt until my cock at last began to deflate. She went on sucking and swallowing until there was nothing left, then cradled my spent meat in her palms and gently kissed and licked it, chuckling softly, joyfully. When she finally looked up at me, that joy was in her expression, but tears were shining in her eyes.

"You made me do something I never did before," she whispered, slowly rising over me. "I never even considered drinking a man's come before! But David, my David, my beautiful white boy, I wanted your come so bad, I couldn't help myself!" She studied me from directly above, and whispered, "Will you stay the night, and make love to me some more? Please? Please, Baby?" I pulled her down atop me and kissed her hard, holding her tight, and she returned my kiss with powerful, vehement emotion. Actually whimpering as we kissed, she soon was squirming against me, brushing her resurgent nipples back and forth on my chest and sliding her sparse bush up and down on my slowly reviving cock. Surprisingly, in the space of that single kiss, I became fully erect again, as if I was nineteen instead of forty. When Kathleen lifted her lips from mine, I softly suggested she take me back into her, and she quickly did so. Half an hour and dozens of orgasms later, she slowed to a halt and looked down at me with a soft smile.

"I want to taste my come on your cock," she whispered emphatically. "I was too busy, too involved in drinking yours to notice the taste of my own on you, before. But you seem to like eating my pussy, and you drank every drop of my come - which is what made me want to drink yours, I think. I think the taste of me in your mouth turns me on...so I'm gonna suck my come off your luscious big cock! Okay?" I merely nodded, smiling in appreciation of the idea and amusement at the little girl way she'd approached it. She was right; I did enjoy the taste of her come, and as she slid down my body and captured my strong erection in her soft hands, delivering it to her eager mouth, I grabbed a pillow and slipped it under my head so I could watch. And as soon as she got her first taste, Kathleen raised her head and looked at me with a new fire in her eyes. "Mmmmmm," she breathed, "I do taste good! No...I taste wonderful! No wonder you love eating my cunt!"

"No wonder, indeed," I murmured as she returned to sucking me. One of her hands stroked whatever portion of cock remained outside her lips, while the other cradled and gently rolled my heavy balls as she slurped and sucked. I couldn't restrain the gentle thrusts I made to meet her descending lips, and she encouraged it with emphatic sounds from deep in her throat. Quickly slurping my fat cockhed from her mouth, she begged me to fuck her lips as if they were her cuntlips, using those words, and I nodded as I made my own request. "Fuck me with your mouth, Sweet Thang," I whispered, using a term of endearment she'd previously used on me. "I'm gonna fuck your lips till you just gotta have my cock inside you again!" She nodded enthusiastic agreement, and "fuck" is the only appropriate one for what she then did to my cock with her lips and tongue. She swallowed often, and I knew her come was providing her with a marvelous taste sensation - and I should know. She was obviously enjoying the taste as well, which led me to believe she might be a willing participant in a three-way with another woman. As she sucked me, so lovingly and so lustfully, I quietly suggested that idea, and she went wild.

"Yes! Yes! Yes, David! I'd love to eat a hot, juicy cunt while you fuck me! And I'd love to suck another woman's come from your wonderful cock while you eat her cunt! Oh God, what a turn-on!" She slid my cock back into her mouth and ferociously sucked me until I was straining to keep from coming again. I guess she realized how close she'd brought me, because she slowed down, finally removing her mouth to speak, stroking my shaft firmly as she did so. "I know just the girl, too," she said, and at my raised eyebrows, she grinned and said, "My sister, Lydia!"

"Is she anywhere near as beautiful as you are?" I asked, and her emphatically affirmative nod led me to then ask, "So when will you set this up?" She asked for the phone, and as I handed the cordless to her, she rose over me and settled down onto my cock, guiding it into her with one hand. She started slowly riding it as she dialed. "Lydia? Hi! Hey, can you come over? I want you to meet someone...yeah, my lover. He's here, right now. We just had a very, very interesting idea and we want to know what you think about it. No, you just wait till you get here; then we'll tell you. Okay...mmm-hmmm...okay, bye!" She dropped the phone, placed both hands on my chest, and fell into a steady rhythm, riding my cock. "She'll be here in about five minutes," she told me.

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