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Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- Challenges: He challenges her to prove she can be uninhibited.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

Exhibitionist & Voyeur: this chapter begins the story of a young Jamaican woman's acceptance of the Seven Progressive Challenges and her accomplishment of the first two challenges: 1) buying and posing in revealing clothing at a downtown shop and 2) wearing revealing clothing to a public tourist spot and posing for pictures taken by a stranger.

Interracial Love: this chapter continues the developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman and a Caucasian American man.

Mature: the story's primary characters are a young (26-year-old) woman and her Internet friend, a middle-aged (41-year-old) man.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send your comments to the author. It is the author's desire to become a better writer, to that end, your comments will help the author correct any weaknesses and reinforce any strengths.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Justice Challenge

Four months earlier, immediately after her Belgium boyfriend broke up with her, Denise talked with her mother about that failed relationship. Annika, wanting a better understanding of what led to Denise's acceptance of Lars' rude and crude behavior, asked about their history together and specifically their time together when Denise toured Brussels. At the time, Denise had been reluctant to provide any details. Now that Denise was asking her mother to help her understand why her breakup with Lars had such a profound impact on her outlook on life and hampered her ability to have another relationship, Annika found Denise more forthcoming.

After taking several deep breaths, Denise explained, "Lars promised to arrange for my visit to Brussels and to give me a tour of the city. Instead, he left me on my own. I took it on myself to arrange transportation from the airport and for a hostel during my stay. I assumed that once I was there, we would meet up and Lars would take me on his promised tour. I didn't hear from or see him until my second day in Brussels. He emailed me directions and we met for lunch at a small sidewalk cafe. He gave me a map with markings and directions to various tourist sites in Brussels, along with corresponding bus and tram schedules, but he never took me on a tour himself."

Annika frowned, "So you were on your own while you were there?"

Denise nodded and continued, "We met for drinks later that second evening and he took me to a stylish nightclub. Lars told me he couldn't take me to one of the newer, trend-setting clubs because I wasn't properly dressed. He said it was expected that when a woman in the know went to a trendier nightclub they did not wear underwear and, if it was her first time at the club, she would strip while she danced."

Still frowning, Annika shook her head but remained silent.

"When we got to the club, we found a table and drank some wine. Later, as we danced, he told me that the following evening he would take me to one of the best nightclubs in town, but I should be dressed appropriately, meaning without a bra, underwear, or stockings and in revealing, easily removed clothing."

Although she continued to hold her tongue, Annika hissed.

Denise continued, "I reluctantly agreed. The next evening I dressed as Lars requested. We met at a hotel bar for drinks before we took a cab to a very nice, expensive, well-furnished nightclub. After the hostess seated us near the dance floor, Lars ordered a bottle of Champagne. When we got up to dance, he asked me to take off my jacket and leave it on my chair. I reminded myself that I was in a foreign country and didn't know the mores, so I did as he asked. As we danced, he continually requested that I undo one, then another button on my blouse. Each time he asked, I hesitantly obliged his requests until my blouse hung open.

Annika wanted to speak her mind, but when Denise looked to her she muttered, "Please continue."

Denise looked down to her folded hands lying in her lap as she continued her story, "That was when I noticed that only a few women wore clothing as revealing as mine and none had unbuttoned her blouses. I told Lars I needed to take a break went to the loo. Whilst I was there, I met a couple of girls that spoke English and inquired about the custom of removing your clothing in the finer nightclubs. They insisted they'd never heard of such a custom."

Annika, frozen in her hatred of Lars, simply nodded for her daughter to finish her story.

"When I confronted him, Lars dismissed my complaints telling me that the girls either didn't understand my question or weren't familiar with the customs at trend-setting nightclubs. He tried to convince me to remove my blouse and dance with him. When I refused, he insisted I not embarrass him and abide by the local customs by removing my blouse. I refused to do so until I saw another woman take off hers. After we finished our second glasses of Champagne, Lars, seemingly upset, took me outside, put me into a cab, gave the driver the address of my hostel, and sent the cab and me away, leaving me to pay the fare."

Annika growled, but rather than speaking her mind, she took a drink of her tea and waited for Denise to continue.

"I did not hear from him during the rest of my stay in Brussels," Denise continued.

"So why did you continue to communicate with him after you returned home?" Annika inquired with apparent ire.

"Lars contacted me immediately after I arrived home and apologized. He explained he had been extremely busy with several large projects in his office. He noted that with the many hours he'd been working he had no free time or energy to take me on a tour of Brussels."

Annika nodded for her daughter to continue her story.

"He said he really enjoyed our brief time together and he thought I was charming and beautiful. He added that he wished he had had more time to get to know me better. As we chatted, he inquired about Jamaica and we were soon talking about taking a tour of Jamaica. He told me he would like for me to show him the Jamaica that most tourists never see and I found that I was interested in showing him the real Jamaica."

Annika sipped her tea and waited.

Denise took a deep breath before continuing her tale, "As we prepared for our trip together, we grew closer. He continually flattered me, saying he thought I was the real beauty in Jamaica. He began telling me how much he liked, respected, and admired me. Finally, to my delight, he told me he loved me. You know how desperate I was to have someone, anyone besides you and father, tell me they loved me. I happily accepted every compliment and I forgave or forgot about his behavior in Brussels."

Annika noted, "I'm quite aware of your desire to have a tall, thin, gentleman sweep you up and take you away to his palace where he will spend hours making sweet but passionate love to you. Unfortunately, Lars was never that man."

Denise frowned and exclaimed, "I know that now, mother. Now, should I finish my story?"

Annika nodded.

"I researched and prepared a tour of my favorite spots in Jamaica. Partially at your insistence, I booked a bed and breakfast at each location. They were single rooms with a single bed, but at the time, I believed I was in love and Lars loved me in return. I thought that was what I wanted and what you wanted for me. I thought that Lars and I would share the beauty of Jamaica each day, and a bed and our love for one another each night. However, as I soon learned, that was not how Lars felt about me. It was not what he intended to do in Jamaica."

Annika interrupted, "Yes, when I first met him, I tried to point out that something was wrong, Lars wasn't the gentleman you'd described to me. There was something amiss with his accent, something insidious in his words, and something frightening about his demeanor and behavior. I couldn't determine exactly why, but I distrusted him within a minute of meeting him and I tried to share that with you, to warn you."

"Well, you were right. I wish I'd paid more attention to what you were telling me. As soon as we finished lunch and you left, his attitude changed. He wasn't my lover, nor was he a gentleman. He was a blighter, a cad who cheated on me and tried to rape me."

"How did it begin, what led up to the rape?" Annika asked, seething inside while trying to remain outwardly calm.

"He'd been drinking heavily, and because we had a long drive the next morning I decided to go to bed early. Despite my offer to give him the pleasure he'd been hinting he wanted all day, he stayed on the patio drinking."

"Do you know why he was drinking?"

"When I asked, he said it was none of my business."

"So you don't know why?"

"After Lars dumped me, I contacted everyone we'd met on the tour. From what I've learnt, he'd asked one of the waitresses at a nearby restaurant to meet him after her shift and she'd agreed to do so. However, when she learnt he was traveling with a woman, she cancelled. After she told me what happened she shared that he was vulgar and hostile when she cancelled the liaison."

"So Lars attempted to cheat on you?"

"Mother, he didn't just attempt to cheat on me, it's my understanding that he did! Several times!"

Annika leaned forward, hugged her daughter, and simply said, "I'm sorry dear. Do you still want to tell me the story?"

"Yes!" Denise answered and took a sip of her tea before continuing, "I went to bed. Lars stayed on the patio and drank the rest of his wine. When he came inside, he stood beside the bed and demanded that I, in his words, suck his cock and get it hard so he could fuck me. I thought he wanted to make love to me, so I unbuckled his pants. I was surprised to find he wasn't aroused. When I hesitated, he grabbed the back of my head, pulled my face to his groin, demanding I make him hard."

"What did you do?"

"I sucked his penis as well as I knew how until he was aroused. At that point, he pushed me back on the bed and tried to force himself on me. I begged him to help me get wet. He spread my legs and climb on top of me. I asked him to put on a condom. He tried to penetrate me with his aroused but not firm penis."

"What happened?"

"He passed out before he could penetrate me."

"Denise, he tried to rape you! What did you do?"

"Nothing. I believed it was my fault. I'd offered to have sex with him, I'd willingly performed fellatio to help get him aroused, and I didn't fight when he climbed on top of me and spread my legs."

"No Denise! That's not how it's supposed to be. You can always refuse to have sex; you can always change your mind. A gentleman abides your wishes. Lars did not abide your wishes. Lars tried to rape you. He did not intend nor attempt to provide you sexual satisfaction. He forced you to give him a blowjob when he grabbed your head. As you said, you technically assisted him by taking his penis in your mouth and sucking. Nevertheless, when you begged him to help get you wet, Lars ignored your pleas, spread your legs, and climbed on top of you. When you asked him to wear a condom, he tried to penetrate you, to violate you, to rape you."

"Well, to be fair, I would have allowed him to do it."

Annika snarled, "You were willing to let a drunken blighter fuck you without protection and risk getting an STD. What were you thinking? Were you even thinking?"

"I thought he loved me," Denise offered as she wiped away a tear.

Her anger apparent, Annika continued her lecture, "I pray that you've learned your lesson. I hope that the next time you remember all the things your father and I taught you about dealing with men."

"Yes, I remembered them, but I wasn't thinking at the time. I'm sorry."

"Denise, I'm not trying to make you feel sorry, I'm just trying to get you to remember your lessons, and to have you promise your father and me that you'll never be stupid like that again."

"I promise mother," Denise croaked as she wiped away another tear.

* * * * *

After their discussion about Lars' boorish behavior, Annika asked Denise to consider taking action against Lars, to report him or at least warn others of his offensive, inappropriate, and reprehensible actions so he wouldn't harm anyone else. Will agreed with Annika and he too urged Denise to take action.

Once Denise agreed to warn others about Lars' behavior, Will contacted two of his friends at his company. They had the necessary technical expertise to help Denise. He asked them to contact Denise and provide her the information and any software she would need to insure Lars could not remove her postings to his Travel profile nor hack her accounts and remove her postings.

With help from Will's friends, Denise posted information about Lars' behavior during her visit to Brussels and his visit to Jamaica on Lars' and her Travel website profiles and on her Facebook page. In those postings, she explained how Lars never took her on his promised tour of Brussels, and in fact, did not help her arrange for a hotel, transportation, or tours in Brussels. He had, other than taking her to lunch once and dancing at two nightclubs, left her on her own the rest of the time she was in Brussels. She noted that he had attempted to have her to dance topless at a nightclub. She explained that during his visit to Jamaica, he used her tour as a means to meet and have sex with other women and topped that despicable behavior by attempting to rape her.

* * * * *

Having confessed to her mother and taken action against Lars, Denise finally felt guiltless, relieved, and freed. She was soon using her three and a half days off every weekend to do the planning, research, and traveling necessary to design and develop tours for her tour company. She determined it would take her about three-weeks to research the numerous restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and tourist locations she'd identified and to prepare a tentative itinerary for her proposed one-on-one tours of the seldom seen beautiful locations in Jamaica.

Denise was surprised how quickly she identified what she needed, and how much information she already had in her files, and that in those cases where she didn't have the information, she usually had the name, phone number or email, and address of someone who did. She prepared three possible tours, four if you counted the weeklong tour she'd already prepared for Lars.

Sunday, at dinner with her parents, Denise asked her father how much he would charge her to prepare the legal documents she'd need to create and operate a tour agency.

Ken Johnson smiled and told his daughter, "I will give you a list of the information I will need and once you've provided that information I will take the required actions to incorporate your business. Don't worry about the costs, I'll charge you the discounted family and friends' hourly rate."

When Denise frowned, Ken added, "If you don't have the money, I will provide financing against a percentage of shares in your company. A company in which, having heard your concept, I'm willing to invest a good deal of money. Let's say twenty-five percent of your shares?"

"Father, I don't have a company, much less any shares to sell," Denise giggled.

"But you will, once I've prepared and filed your incorporation papers," Ken Johnson told his daughter without a trace of humor.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes Denise. I have faith in you, I think you will be a wonderful manager, and I think your company is a unique concept, with lots of potential and few negatives. So, unless you object, I will prepare the papers for you and I'll take my fees in the form of shares."

"It's a deal, as long as you're still offering your discounted family and friends' rate and the total costs will come to no more than the equivalent of five percent of the shares," Denise told her father sternly.

Ken laughed, "See, I was right! You're a good business manager and you'll make sure your company is successful."

* * * * *

Progressive Challenges

In October, after chatting online with her for five months, Will still teased Denise about her prudish attitude, especially her oft-stated objection to wearing revealing or exotic clothes—the clothes her mother wore. He tried many means to encourage, convince, and prod Denise to let go of her inhibitions, but without success. She was resolute in her belief that a proper lady would not dress like a "chippy" and that her father insisted his daughter always dress primly.

During their chats, Denise shared many stories about her father daring her to try different sports and activities. She explained how she accepted every one and attempted to accomplish them until her father finally declared her the winner of his dare. Based on those stories Will assumed it was unlikely she would pass on a dare, even a dare that called upon her to dress and behave like her mother. Thus, Will hoped that a series of dares might encourage and persuade her to be less prudish, to wear clothing that was more revealing, enjoy the thrill of exhibiting herself, and to appreciate the excitement of knowing others might see her while she was exposed. He wanted to give her an opportunity to enjoy the exhilaration of exhibition and to build on that until she could see the benefits of giving up her prim behavior and learn to be more open and uninhibited. Unfortunately, she was reluctant to accept his dares, knowing that he'd undoubtedly created them with the primary, if not only purpose of getting her to reveal more of her body.

In an effort to convince her to wear revealing outfits and behave in an uninhibited manner, Will offered her the Seven Progressive Challenges. Actually, it wasn't really an offer; he was, in effect, challenging her to prove that her, quote, proper behavior, end quote, wasn't just her justification for acting and behaving like a prude. He declared that if she wouldn't take the challenges—a program well known throughout the world and governed by an international committee—she was admitting she was a prude.

To egg her on, he disclosed that he'd taken the Seven Progressive Challenges. They were designed specifically for him, as were all the challenges, and he completed them without a problem. "In fact," he told her late one evening during an Internet chat, "I had a fantastic time during each of the challenges. Participants must provide proof of their successful accomplishment of each of the challenges. I found that selecting photographs or videos proving I had completed a challenge and writing about my feelings while completing it was frequently just as exciting as the execution of the challenge."

"How does it work and how do I know it isn't fixed, that I'll have to do something embarrassing to complete the challenges?"

Happy that he'd piqued her interest, Will explained, "First, it's overseen and certified by a world-wide organization, the Société Internationale de Défis Progressive."

"Really! How does it work?"

Will, sensing she was interested in taking the challenges, sent her the two messages he'd prepared earlier in the hope she might consider them.

"The society reviews and approves all the challenges issued by its members, certifies the satisfactory completion of each, and issues a certificate to those who successfully complete their challenges. The Seven Progressive Challenges is actually a series of tests, each one building on the previous and are thus, progressively more challenging. Each participant receives challenges designed specifically for them and subsequent challenges reflect and reinforce the activities and feelings documented by the participant upon completing their previous challenge."

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