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Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 04


Chapter 4 -- Jambalaya: She must pose in a public bar without underwear.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

Exhibitionist & Voyeur: this chapter continues the story of a young Jamaican woman's adventures during a series of challenges, including going to a public bar wearing revealing clothing and exposing herself.

Interracial Love: this chapter continues the developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman and a Caucasian American man.

Mature: the story's primary characters are a young (26-year-old) woman and her Internet friend, a middle-aged (41-year-old) man.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send the author your comments. The author desires to become a better writer, to that end, your comments will help the author correct any weaknesses and reinforce any strengths.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Fourth Challenge

Friday morning, Denise awoke feeling exhausted and concupiscent. As she lay in bed deciding if she wanted to get up or to try to go back to sleep, she remembered her latest dream. She was in a small bar; dancing with two men, men she thought she knew. They were playing a game of strip dancing. She didn't know the rules, but whenever one of the guys pointed out that she was out of step, she had to remove a piece of clothing. She wore only a skirt, blouse, hold-up stockings, and high-heel sandals. Because she wasn't wearing underwear, after two missteps she was naked except for her stockings and heels.

The men decided the game was over and made her walk with them, as she was, to her apartment. She remembered how, in her dream, she felt excited as she walked with two fully dressed, good-looking men while she was essentially naked.

In her apartment, each man posed with her as the other took photographs. They gave her the camera and told her to photograph them as they stripped and had sex, with each other. She was begging them to look at her, to have sex with her, but they ignored her. She even masturbated in front of them in an effort to show them her need. Before she achieved an orgasm—she woke up.

"I have got to stop drinking so much," Denise told herself.

At that moment, Denise comprehended that she was naked. She'd evidently gone to bed naked, something she'd never done before. While trying to remember why she'd removed her cricket jersey before going to bed, she unconsciously put her hand between her legs. Wincing in pain, she said aloud, "Oh no, I can't believe it! I diddled my privates whilst dreaming about masturbating before two guys who didn't care."

Still half-asleep, she gingerly stepped out of bed, walked to the kitchen area, and prepared a cup of tea. Meanwhile, still partially in her dream, she sensed that two gorgeous men were in her bed, teasing one another to arousal as they watched her.

With her cup of tea in hand and her dream now a fading memory, Denise walked to her makeshift computer desk. Turning on her notebook computer, Denise sat on the desk chair and remembered she was naked only because she felt the cold chair on her bare butt. Rather than going back to her bedroom to dress, Denise sipped her tea and waited for her computer to boot up.

Will's email was waiting for her when she opened her account. Seeing the subject was "Bar sans Bra Challenge," Denise smiled to herself thinking it would be an easy challenge; after all, she'd just gone into the Jambalaya Bar with Andrew, braless under a sheer blouse. Heck, she'd even posed at the villa with Harold, the American tourist, with her breasts exposed.

She opened the email and saw Will had opened with a personal note, "I sense from your message and photos that you are enjoying the freedom of an uninhibited lifestyle. Please, keep up the good work! Additionally, I'm glad to see that you've found someone to be your photographer. He seems an intriguing individual. It appears he is quite open about his sexual preferences and is, undoubtedly, someone you will want to keep as a friend."

Denise, already accepting Will's opinion on most things, readily agreed she should continue her friendship with Andrew. After all, it was fun to go clubbing with him, having him as her personal photographer had been an enjoyable experience, and the quality of his photographs was undeniable.

Will's email explained, "Your fourth challenge has two levels. You will accomplish the challenge if you complete the first level. However, the REAL challenge is to complete both levels."

"That's intriguing'" Denise thought, "I wonder what his purpose is in allowing me to move on after completing only one half of a challenge?"

She continued reading, "Wearing your new clothes without a bra (Level 1) AND, if you dare, without underpants (Level 2), you are to go to an open and occupied bar or nightclub, preferably a bar, and have at least one drink."

"That's not much of a challenge; except for going without panties I've already done that. I'll just return to the Jambalaya Bar with Andrew and be careful about sitting on a bar stool," Denise muttered into her teacup as she sipped her hot tea.

Looking back at the message she read, "Your required proof will be your narrative of the events and your feelings as you executed the challenge, along with at least three photographs clearly demonstrating that you were at a specified location, (an operating and occupied bar or nightclub,) sans soutien-gorge, meaning, you will need to provide three or more photos showing you in a bar or nightclub with your breasts bared and exposed (Level 1)."

Denise opened another window on her computer and validated her belief that "sans soutien-gorge" was French for "no bra or without bra." She laughed to herself thinking, "I've pretty much already done that."

She read the rest of the email, "If you dare, but only if it is COMPLETELY SAFE, you should provide at least three additional photographs clearly demonstrating that you were at the specified location while sans soutien-gorge ou culottes, meaning the photos must show you inside a bar or nightclub with your breasts AND your pubic area bared and exposed (Level 2)."

After again switching windows, this time to confirm "ou culottes" meant "or panties," Denise suddenly realized what Will was doing and expressed her understanding aloud, "Oh! That's why he's offering me a two level challenge. He knows the first level will lure me into accepting the challenge, but he also knows I'll be compelled to accomplish the second level to prove conclusively that I'm not a prude. He's daring me to expose not only my breasts, but also my privates whilst Andrew takes photographs."

As she prepared another cup of tea, Denise wondered, "How will I find the will-power necessary to expose my private bits to someone I know, in a public bar whilst being photographed?"

She was so uncertain of her willingness to go through with the challenge that she temporarily contemplated giving up the challenges and letting Will publicly declare that she was a prude. Still naked and sitting at her computer desk, Denise sipped from her cup of tea and remembered she had promised her mother and herself that she would do anything and everything asked of her in order to complete the seven challenges. With that reminder, she determined she would take the challenge, but she would use the two levels of the challenge to her advantage by taking it on, one-step, or level, at a time.

"After all," she thought, "I've already been to the bar in a blouse that all but exposed my breasts and nipples. I've already posed bare-breasted whilst Andrew took photographs. How much harder could it be to open my blouse, let Andrew take a couple of photographs of what he has already seen and allow the rest of the bar patrons to see what they've all but seen under my transparent blouse?"

Remembering the poster and the photos Andrew took by the Cypress Grove at the Villa Ronai the day before, she reassured herself, "I know I can pose topless for photographs, I've done it, and I've already been bare-breasted in front of Harold's tour group!"

Denise called Andrew, and hoping he wouldn't have a class that afternoon, asked if he could meet her at 2:00 PM in the same bar where they'd gone the day before.

"Are we meeting for drinks, a talk, or another challenge?"

"It's for my next challenge."

"In that case, let me explain that the Jambalaya is usually crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. Perhaps you should consider waiting until next Thursday, when there won't be as many people around to complain," Andrew offered.

When she agreed, Andrew explained, "I have something I have to do Thursday afternoon, but I could meet you at the Jambalaya around five. Would that be alright with you?"

Denise agreed to meet him at the bar and reminded him, "Don't forget to bring your camera and be prepared for another photo shoot. She didn't let him know that she was planning to expose not only her breasts, but also her "privates" for the next set of photographs.

* * * * *

While she prepared her third cuppa, Denise saw it was time for her to call her mother. She picked up her cell phone from its charging stand on the makeshift computer desk, and curled up in her easy chair, only then remembering she was still naked.

"Good morning mother, what exciting thing did you do yesterday?" Denise asked when her mother answered her phone.

Expecting her daughter's latest pat question, Annika answered, "Your father and I went to dinner at Norma's, and whilst he was enjoying his after dinner coffee I went under the table and fellated him."

"Oh Mother, you're such a tease," Denise replied, not believing her mother's story.

"And what exciting things did you do yesterday?" Annika countered, expecting Denise to give her usual, "It was just another workday."

Instead, Denise told her, "I posed topless at the Villa Ronai."

"Pardon me; did you say you were topless? At the Villa Ronai?"


"Well don't stop talking now. Tell me everything!"

"I promise to tell you all about it tomorrow when I come over and we have more time, but in summary, Will's third challenge was that I wear my challenge outfit to a recognizable tourist spot, without a bra. I went to the Villa Ronai with Andrew, who took the photographs I needed for my proof."

"But I'm sure you said you were topless, not just braless."

"Oh yes," Denise replied as calmly as she could, "I met an American tourist who wanted a picture with the topless Jamaican Bacchanal float dancer on his grandson's poster, and because he was so nice and polite I decided to oblige his request."

After a pause, Annika asked, "So you know about the poster?"

"Yes mother. And I know that father knows about it and has kept it a secret."

"I'm sorry you were surprised by that information, but he and I had what we believed were valid reasons for not telling you about it. If you'd like, I will explain it all in our usual way. Do you remember the steps?"

Denise remembered her mother's method. First, without interruption from her mother, Denise would tell her what she knew and where she obtained her information. Second, her mother, without interruption from Denise, would explain everything she knew and, if she could, would explain any misinformation Denise had conveyed. Third, Denise would ask any questions and her mother would answer them.

"I'd like an explanation and I remember the steps," Denise answered.

"Okay dear, please begin."

Denise related the events at the Villa Ronai that lead to her learning about the Bacchanal poster. When she finished, Annika told her, "Your father and I are sorry you were surprised by the information about the Jamaican Bacchanal Road March poster that features you and Max topless."

Denise, violating the rules said, "Thank you and I believe you."

"When your father first learned about the photograph and the possibility of it being published he was very happy, thinking you'd finally overcome your inhibitions. Later, when he learned that the Jamaican Bacchanal Committee was going to use the photograph for a poster, he talked with me about how it might affect you. I pointed out that you were once again acting in an inhibited manner and calling yourself ugly and unloved, so we decided to keep it from you. Your father agreed to represent Max and you and went to the committee to negotiate a deal. Under the contract he negotiated, you and Max may remain anonymous as long as you wish and the committee places your royalties into trusts set up for each of you until you request them. However, if you do request the royalties you will undoubtedly have to give up your anonymity. Your father and Max the elder also asked everyone in the neighborhood to not reveal your names."

Denise contemplated what she'd just learned before again violating the rules and asking, "Why didn't you and father tell me about the poster afterwards?"

Annika answered calmly, "As I said, when the poster went public you were in a very negative frame of mind. We decided you were dealing with enough emotional issues at the time and didn't need any more. Afterwards, we never thought you were open and uninhibited enough to handle learning that you were pictured topless on a poster. Soon, because the few people in the neighborhood who knew about it never mentioned it, it was all just forgotten."

Denise wondered aloud, "But, how did father prove that Max and I were the dancers in the photo?"

Annika, after taking a minute to remember exactly what occurred, explained, "Max testified for herself, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Your father and I, as King and Queen of the float, vouched for you. The maids who danced on the front of the float agreed that you were the first to go topless and Max followed. However, in the end, it was your dad's pictures from the sail boat, when you and I posed in bikinis that finally swayed the panel that you were definitely the other girl in the poster."

Denise, somewhat upset over the memory of the photos her father had taken on his sailboat, paused for a second before angrily asking, "Father showed the committee pictures of me topless?"

Annika couldn't help herself and laughed before explaining, "Yes, but he was showing the photos of you posing topless only to prove to the committee that you were one of the two topless dancers in the proposed bacchanal poster."

Denise actually blushed when she realized how stupid her outrage and question had been. Regaining her composure, she said, "I'm sorry for my inappropriate outrage at father," and then asked, "What will I have to do if I want to collect the royalties?"

Her mother, understanding Denise was upset, calmly explained, "When you decide that you want it, you can go to the Jamaican Carnival committee, show that you are Denise Johnson, the girl on the right in their poster, and show them some proof—any government identification with your photograph should be sufficient."

Denise ended the discussion about the Bacchanal poster saying, "I'm still a little narky about you and father not mentioning it to me, but I'll consider the merits of your reasons and decision."

"That's all we ask of you," Annika told her before asking, "Now; you said you'd tell me all about the challenge tomorrow, but I'm curious, what happened with the American tourist?"

"Another long story that I will share with you tomorrow, but, short version, he said his nineteen year old grandson had the poster of Max and me and asked if I would pose topless with him and I agreed to do it."

"So you agreed to be photographed topless with an American tourist?"

"Yes, and then he and Andrew convinced me to recreate the poster."

"And you acquiesced?"

"Yes, I removed my blouse, danced until I was sweaty and matched the poster's pose—Andrew had pulled up an image from the Internet—whilst I was standing alone and then with the tourist."

"How did you feel, knowingly being photographed topless?"

"I was excited. The American was very nice and made me feel beautiful. Afterwards, I pretended to be his lover and again exposed my breasts before everyone on his tour bus."


"Let's talk about it tomorrow. I'll tell you everything that happened at the Villa Ronai and later at the bar with Andrew. What I really need to talk about now is Will's fourth challenge."

"Alright, why don't you tell me about it?"

"The challenge has two levels. I can pass it by just doing the first level, which I've already done in a different environment, but I want to prove to Will, you, father, and everyone else that I'm no longer a prude."

"Yes, I remember, the "All or Nothing" approach. So, what are the two levels of the challenge?"

"The first level is that I go to a bar in my challenge outfit without a bra. I think that would be easy to accomplish. After the Villa Ronai photo shoot yesterday Andrew and I went to a bar for a couple of drinks."

"You went to a bar, braless under a sheer top?"

"Yes, but to win the challenge I will need photographs that prove that I'm not wearing a bra."

"Meaning a photograph of you bare-breasted?

"Actually, three or more photographs. Because of the pictures Andrew took at the Villa Ronai, I know I can do that part of the challenge, it's the second level that concerns me."

"What's the second level?"

"Same as the first, except with photographs that prove I'm also not wearing panties."

"I can understand why you're uncomfortable with the challenge, after all you've never done anything that lascivious before," her mother the psychologist explained.

"I'm wondering if I should just complete the first level of the challenge and move forward."

"You could, but you know Will, will just make you show your private parts in the next challenge. Why not just continue the "All or Nothing" approach and get past this obstacle to achieving your goal?"

"I'm just not sure I can expose my privates to Andrew, much less a bunch of people in a bar."

"Now Denise, is there anything about your quim that is so special or embarrassing that you couldn't show it to someone?"


"Then I suggest you trim it up and get it photographed so you can win the challenge."

Somehow, her mother's crude bluntness made it easier for Denise to accept and follow her suggestion, "Okay! I'll do it. I'll prove to Will and everyone else that I'm not a prude."

"Very good decision. I think you'll enjoy the excitement of public exposure and the satisfaction of overcoming your inhibitions and accomplishing the challenge."

"Sometimes mother, I wonder if you and Will are in this together."

"We just have the same goal, to get you to loosen up and enjoy life."

"Okay mother. I love you and I will tell you all about my Villa Ronai adventure when I see you tomorrow."

"Have fun with the challenge. I love you too. "

As soon as she ended her phone call to her mother, Denise prepared and sent her email to Will confirming her acceptance of his fourth Progressive Challenge. With that decision made, she dressed and headed to the gym for her usual weekend morning workout.

Later that afternoon, as she thought through her mother's suggestion and her options Denise decided that she would not wear panties to the bar, or at least she hoped she would have the willpower to go without them. However, she would accomplish the first level of the challenge before deciding if she would accept the second level. After all, even if she left the bar without exposing her pubes and labia to Andrew and the rest of the bar she would, after she opened her blouse and exposed her breasts in the bar, have proof that she'd accomplished the first half of the challenge, and Will's email clearly stated that she could pass the challenge by completing the first level.

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