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Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 05


Chapter 5 -- Quad Club: She must dance naked in her favorite club.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

Exhibitionist & Voyeur: this chapter continues the story of a young Jamaican woman's acceptance of a series of challenges that include her exposing herself outside her favorite nightclub, while drinking at a bar inside, and while dancing naked on the nightclub's dance floor with a friend.

Interracial Love: this chapter continues the developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman and a Caucasian American man.

Lesbian Sex: this chapter includes a public sexual encounter between a young Jamaican woman and a Caucasian American woman.

Mature: the story's primary characters are a young (26-year-old) woman and her Internet friend, a middle-aged (41-year-old) man.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send the author your comments. The author desires to become a better writer, to that end, your comments will help the author correct any weaknesses and reinforce any strengths.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Fifth Challenge

Early Thursday morning, while enjoying her first cup of tea, Denise's computer dinged notifying her she had a new email message. She was excited as she walked to the computer and pulled up Will's message. The subject was uninformative yet intriguing, "Nightclub Dance Challenge."

She reflected, "Well, after getting naked on a dance floor in a bar last week, dancing in a nightclub should be easy."

Remembering how wrong her initial impression about the last challenge had been, she paused, sat down, and took a deep breath before opening the message and reading the first sentence, "Your fifth challenge, like the previous one, has two levels but it also comprises three tasks."

"That's not fair, he's making me complete multiple dares to accomplish a single challenge," Denise whined.

She read on, "As you probably have already guessed, you are to wear your new clothes, again with the top three buttons of the blouse unbuttoned and without a bra, AND, if you still dare, without panties or underpants."

Sipping her tea and talking to the heavens, Denise moaned, "No surprise there, the more I do to prove I'm not a prude, the more he's going to make me do in the next challenge. At this rate I'll be dancing on stage in a strip club before I complete the seventh challenge."

Turning back to the email, she read, "In general, the challenge is to go to an operating, open to the public, and occupied dance club or nightclub, preferably your favorite club, have at least one drink, and dance for at least one song, preferably three or more. As your proof for completing each task you will need to provide at least five photographs confirming you were braless or, if you dare and it is SAFE, at least five photographs proving you were BOTH braless AND not wearing panties."

Denise grumbled under her breath, "I've already done that, except I wasn't in the Quad. But again, my prior attempts to go above the standards he sets always result with him raising the requirement for completing the remaining challenges."

She read on, "In other words, to fully accomplish this challenge you must provide at least five photographs proving you were braless (Level 1) AND simultaneously without panties (Level 2). Let me iterate that each of the five photographs for Level 2 must show conclusively and inclusively that you were completely without undergarments. You will need to provide at least five pictures of you standing in front of the nightclub (Task1), at least five more of you having a drink with someone at a bar in the nightclub (Task 2), and at least five more of you dancing with someone, preferably a male you know, on a dance floor in the nightclub (Task 3)."

"Damn him," Denise swore aloud, "He's forcing me to dance naked in my favorite nightclub. If I take this challenge, it will mean I'll never be able to go to the Quad again,"

Cursing under her breath, she read the last of the email, "To allow you the time to appreciate your previous experiences and to contemplate your next challenge, you may make any necessary arrangements, but you may not accomplish any part of the challenge prior to next Tuesday. As before, the photographs should be accompanied by your usual narrative of the events of the night, traveling to the club, posing in public outside the club, asking someone to drink or dance with you, and/or to photograph you while you are drinking at the bar and then dancing with someone."

Denise thought about someone she knew seeing her and she started to worry, "If anyone I know is there when I do this challenge I'll never be able to face them again."

She wondered what people would say to her, and everyone else, if they spotted her dancing completely exposed, her breasts swinging and bouncing, her trimmed private bits visible to everyone, and, as she noticed after she'd danced naked in the Jambalaya and later when she posed for Andrew's portfolio photos outside Jerry's Jerky Joynt, with her juices flowing down her thighs. Denise started to worry that she may not have the emotional strength to accomplish this challenge.

Remembering the positive experiences she'd enjoyed while completing each of the first four challenges, Denise reluctantly concluded she needed to continue on the path she'd started. "All or nothing," her mother had told her and that encouragement had led her to this point. Recalling her mother telling her how exciting the idea of the challenges sounded and considering Will's assurance that she would be safe while doing anything he asked of her, Denise repeated her mother's words aloud, "Why bother taking the challenge if you're not going to do everything necessary to complete and win it? How else will you prove you are not a prude?"

With those words hanging in the air for inspiration, and although it was early in the morning, Denise called Andrew's cell phone. When he answered, she excitedly told him, "For my next challenge I will need you to take photos of me posing without my bra and panties, or more accurately in just my heels. Oh, and I will need you to take those photographs while I'm standing in front of the Quad Night Club and having a drink with someone at one of the club's bars."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but after what you did at the Villa Ronai and last week in the Jambalaya, that doesn't really sound like much of a challenge. It should be easy enough for you to do."

"In addition to photos outside the club and at the bar, I will need photos of me repeating last week's performance, but this time I have to be photographed while I'm dancing WITH SOMEONE I KNOW," she emphasized the last four words.

Andrew just whistled his amazement at the challenge and her willingness to accept it.

Denise laughed and explained, "Actually, the challenge doesn't require me to take all my clothes off. I just have to show my breasts to accomplish the first level." However, she knew, after the exhilaration she felt dancing naked in the Jambalaya Bar the previous Thursday night and with her compulsion to win any dare, if she accepted the challenge she would end up dancing naked in front of a crowd.

She shook her head to clear her mind and asked Andrew, "You know everyone I know and what I have to do. Who do you think I should dance with for this challenge?"

She and Andrew went through a list of the half dozen guys that might be acceptable, but slowly ruled out each one. A couple would freak and run away, a couple would call security, one might even accost her, and the other was completely unpredictable.

"I know," Andrew offered, "Why not me? You know you can trust me. You won't actually be doing anything with me you haven't already done. Knowing what you're going to do, I'll be in a position to take any steps necessary to protect you while you're completing your strip show on the dance floor."

"But how will you take photographs of the two of us?"

Andrew thought for moment and answered, "I don't know why we didn't think of him before, but Jackson could do it! He's an experienced professional photographer; he works full-time as a realty photographer, is taking photography classes as a part-time student at Arts School, and he's even had a bunch of his Bacchanal photographs published in the Gleaner. I've seen his work and he's quite good. In addition, he won't freak or turn us into security. Finally, he likes you. I'm sure he'd be willing to help you."

Andrew did have to remind her that when the three of them had attended Arts School together, he and Jackson had become two of Denise's few close friends. Andrew also did not mention that Jackson would do anything for a chance to see Denise naked. Once, when Andrew couldn't make it, Jackson escorted Denise to a mutual friend's wedding. Afterwards, Jackson told Andrew, that although Denise tried to hide it, he was sure Denise had a fabulous body.

Denise considered both offers and thought they made sense, except that Jackson had been Andrew's lover until the two of them sort of split up a few months ago. To verify that one concern would not be a problem she asked, "The fact that you and Jackson broke up... will that be a problem?

"Hell no, like I told you at the Jambalaya, our decision was mutual, we both knew it wasn't working between us. We're still roommates and friends. It's all cool Denise, and it's an all-around good solution to your dilemma."

"I believe you're right. I know I'll be able to strip in front of you, and I can trust you to keep me from harm, or going too far," Denise giggled at her memory of her unintended strip show at the Jambalaya Bar, "Okay, would you mind asking Jackson if he can make it next Wednesday night?"

"Good choice, the club won't be crowded, in fact we'll probably have the dance floor to ourselves. Plus, without a crowd, the security guards won't be concerned about what we're doing, and if they do, they'll take their time getting around to us. Consider it done. I'll call you back in a few minutes to confirm Jackson's agreement."

Denise opted to take a quick shower while she waited for Andrew's call. In the shower, she again assessed her options and after going through the names of everyone she knew, she again concluded that Andrew's plan was the best option available. She could trust Andrew and she knew she could dance naked before him—after all, she'd already done it. Moreover, Andrew said that Jackson would do a good job taking the photographs, so she was confident he was a good choice. Besides, all she needed him to do was take at least five clear, focused photos for each task to prove she'd accomplished the fifth challenge.

Fifteen minutes after Denise agreed to Andrew's offer, he called back and announced, "We are set for seven next Wednesday night. Jackson and I will meet you in front of the club."

"That's fantastic, thank you. Did you explain everything to him?"

"Let's see, photos of you exposed in front of the club, photos of you exposed at the club's bar, and, oh yes, photographs of you exposed while dancing with me on the club's dance floor."

Denise couldn't help but laugh. But she also wanted to be sure that Jackson wouldn't be surprised if she went all the way to win the challenge and stripped off her blouse and skirt again, so she asked, "Did you tell him about the last challenge and explain that I might get undressed Wednesday night outside the club and at the bar?"

"I thought you might, so just in case, I told him how you stripped and danced naked on the Jambalaya dance floor last week. I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to be sure that he was aware of that possibility. I also told him that he had to be sure to get the photographs you want or you would never forgive him." Andrew did not tell her that knowing she might get naked was the incentive that ensured Jackson would go along with their request.

"I don't mind. I trust Jackson, but more importantly, I trust your judgment. Okay, thank you. I'll see you both outside the club Wednesday night at seven."

* * * * *

While taking a tea break at work, Denise reminded herself that she had taken the progressive challenges with the intent of doing everything necessary to win it and to prove she was no longer a prude. To that end, she committed herself to accomplishing Level 2 for all three tasks. It was going to be all or nothing. To ensure her efforts would not be wasted she decided to let Andrew and Jackson know what she planned to do and what they would need to do to help her accomplish her goal.

That afternoon when Denise got home from her after work workout at the gym she undressed, poured herself a glass of wine, and prepared and sent an email to Andrew explaining what she planned to do to accomplish the challenge and exactly what he and Jackson needed to do to help her do that.


From: Denise Johnson

To: Andrew Bailey

Date: Thursday November 18

Subject: Explanation and Expectations for Wednesday Night.

Andrew, please share this email with Jackson.

I wish to make sure you both are aware of what I expect to do and what I need you two to do next Wednesday night. So that you both are aware, my challenge includes three tasks, and each of the three tasks has two levels. The three specific tasks I expect to accomplish on Wednesday evening are that Jackson take three sets of at least five photographs showing me (1) standing in front of the Quad, (2) drinking at a bar in the Quad, and (3) dancing with Andrew on a dance floor in the Quad.

The five photographs (and preferably many more) in each of the three sets MUST clearly show that I conclusively and inclusively met all of the requirements for Level 2 of that task.

To be sure you both understand what I intend to do, let me explain the specifics of my challenge. The requirements for meeting Level 2 of each of the three tasks are the same. I must complete each task whilst braless, (i.e., with my breasts, tits, boobs, etc. exposed or bared) and simultaneously whilst I am clearly, conclusively and inclusively ALSO NOT wearing panties, underpants, undershorts, thong, G-string, etc., (i.e., with my privates, pubic area, labia, etc., bared, exposed, or visible.)

It is my desire and expectation to accomplish all of the requirements for Level 2 in each of the three tasks.

Your Committed Model,



Denise sat in her easy chair with a glass of wine as she contemplated the challenge. She soon reconfirmed that she desired to "win it all," in order to complete this obstacle to proving she was no longer a prude. To that end, she reaffirmed her commitment to herself to do everything necessary to finish all seven challenges.

"Why take on the challenge if I'm not willing to do everything I must to win it?" She asked herself.

That was when she concluded, "And to win it I will have to prove to Will that I was without any undergarments. Okay, well I'll prove that! He won't be able to deny that I accomplished both levels of the tasks if I have photographs showing Andrew pinching my bared nipples whilst fingering my exposed private parts, my, what does mother call it? Oh yes, my quim."

Raising her wine glass Denise toasted, "To the absolute abandonment of my inhibitions."

Noticing she hadn't thought to put on any clothes after undressing earlier, Denise considered, "Does this mean I'm becoming just like my mother? Is that what I want?"

Taking a sip from her glass to complete her toast, she answered her question, "If giving up inhibitions means that is what I'll become, then I'll become just like my mother."

* * * * *

Each evening the rest of that week, Denise sat in her easy chair, with a glass of wine, and naked, as she contemplated the exhilaration of taking on and completing each task of this fifth challenge. She thought of the joy of accomplishing another step toward her goal of proving she was no longer a prude. She then raised her glass and toasted, "To the complete abandonment of any and all of my inhibitions."

Denise realized she was looking forward to the challenge. She wanted to prove to Will that she was no longer a prude. She was looking forward to posing naked with Andrew while Jackson took photographs. She was looking forward to being an exhibitionist, to becoming more like her mother.

Every night that week, she had dreams of going to the club, drinking at the bar, and dancing naked with Andrew. In every dream, the crowds at the club applauded and praised her uninhibited behavior and attitude. Every morning she awoke excited, with sodden thighs, and soreness from diddling herself.

Wednesday after what seemed a very long day, Denise skipped her regular workout and drove straight to her apartment. She immediately stripped off her clothes before she showered, shaved her legs, trimmed pubic hair, and shaved her labia. As she shaved, she reminded herself that her goal was to prove she wasn't wearing panties, and to that, she needed her quim to be visible in the photographs. After she dried off, she put on her makeup, and laid out her clothes.

Knowing she was ready for the challenge and knowing she would have a lot of wine at the club, she sat naked in her easy chair and enjoyed a cuppa as she waited until it was time to get dressed and walk to the Quad Club. As she waited, Denise reread her journal entry prior to taking the challenges. She smiled at her opening line, "I believe I will be able to force myself to accomplish any challenge that involves exposing my body..." and added aloud, "and I still believe that!"

She continued reading until she came to her entry that read, "I've decided not to worry about continuing with the challenges until, and if, a challenge requires me to engage in a sexual activity. Then, and only then, will I consider, and make a decision about quitting."

She put the journal away and thought, "And Will still hasn't made me face that decision. Until he does, I will continue to accept and accomplish every challenge as completely as possible. I will prove to him that I can be uninhibited, that I'm no longer a prude."

Then she remembered her earlier promise, the reason she had shaved away so much of her pubic hair, and vowed, "I will not allow Will to have any excuse to not accept my accomplishment of both levels of this challenge. I will make sure that I have photographs showing Andrew, or someone else if necessary, fondling my bared breasts and touching my exposed quim. After tonight, I will have accomplished five of the seven challenges. I will be seventy percent of the way to achieving my goal."

* * * * *

Club Entrance (Task #1)

Denise walked the six blocks from her apartment to the Quad Night Club on Trinidad Terrace in the heart of New Kingston. As with her walk to and from the Jambalaya Bar she walked proudly and with purpose, and other than numerous polite and a few off-color compliments, the walk was uneventful. She was glad she'd decided to make the walk, it allowed her to recommit to accomplishing the second level of all three tasks and coming another step closer to completing the Seven Progressive Challenges. She remembered her toast every night of the previous week. She knew she hadn't changed her mind, she would be uninhibited tonight, and she would accomplish all levels of all tasks and satisfy all of Will's conditions for successfully completing and accomplishing the fifth challenge.

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